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Subject: The Crack in the Bathroom Door (Chapter 1) (Incest, watersports) ::This story is one of my fantasy’s, and after reading through hundreds of fty stories, I decided to give writing it a shot. If you have any feedback on the story, please feel free to email it ail. I’d love to hear what you have to say! Enjoy!:: The Crack in the Bathroom Door Chapter: 1 “Hey sport! You gotta wake up or you’re gonna miss the bus!” Dad yelled upstairs to my bedroom. “On it!” I groggily shouted back downstairs. I crawled out of my bed completely oblivious to my raging morning wood. As I stretched though, I became blissfully aware of my inflamed dick. I reached down and gave it a couple strokes, and thought about the sexiest man I could think of… the guy downstairs. When I was young, I remember getting a feeling of butterflies in my stomach when my dad would come home. I loved the big hugs he would give me when he came home from his long day of construction work. He was always super sweaty, and now that I look back on it, I know that’s why I loved it so much. My dad has always been attractive to me. I didn’t realize it as a kid, but I definitely had the biggest crush on him. And even at 14, that crush is still there. But what can I say? The man is handsome, strong, and has a body to die for. Plus he’s the funniest and most sweetest guy I know. He’s the whole package. Speaking of packages, did I mention he’s hung as a horse? I only remember glimpses of his dick when we would shower together in my youth, but my father isn’t exactly a modest man. A lot of the time he’ll walk around the house in his boxers, much to my approval. One time his head even slipped out the opening in the front when he was asleep on the couch, it took everything in my body not to get down and put my mouth around it. As I was thinking back to that time and stroking my cock, dad tapped into my door and opened it just a crack. “Trev, come on I’m not taking you in tod-” He cut off his sentence as he saw what was going on. “Oh shit sorry man,” he chuckled and shut the door. “But there’s a time and a place for that and it’s not now!” Dad shouted as he headed back downstairs. I was so embarrassed! He hadn’t seen my dick in years, let alone me jacking off! I quickly pulled on a pair of jeans, tucked my lil’ guy down, and put on a shirt. As I walked downstairs I felt a little nauseous. “I can’t face my dad now” I thought to myself, “not after that.” But I knew I had no other choice and I walked into the kitchen making awkward eye contact for just a second. “Hurry up Bud, you’ve got 10 minutes to eat and get your ass on the bus” He stated in between sips of coffee. “Yea yea I’ll make it” I said condescendingly back to him. “Not if I hadn’t interrupted your little whack off session you were having” he laughed to himself. I winced and ignored his comment. Even though I was super embarrassed, hearing my dad say that instantly brought my cock to life. I just hoped he wouldn’t see it. I ate some cereal pretty quickly, brushed my teeth, and made it out to the bus stop with a minute to spare. “Damn” I thought “I can’t believe that all just happened.” I was still in a state of shock. It wasn’t even much but damn if dad had known what I was beating off to, well I’d probably pack my shit and leave the country. I walked into first period Biology and noticed today was a Friday. Friday’s were my favorite days, because ever since mom died dad would come home early on Fridays to spend more time with me. Or at least that’s how it started years ago, now he uses it as his personal time. Which is no problem with me, because he takes a shower at home instead of work, and I get to watch the show he puts on… more on that later. I begrudgingly make it through the school day. After the bell rings and I’m free from the Hell known as high school I run to my bus. The faster I get home the more time I get to see dad. Thankfully I’m one of the first stops, and in no time I’m full on sprinting to my house. “Hey!” I shout as I open the front door. “Hey Trev!” Dad yells back from the kitchen with a mouth full of food. “Yes!” I think to myself “I haven’t missed anything yet.” As I walk toward the kitchen dad intercepts me on his way upstairs. He was still in his dirty work clothes, he still had his “Jack” name tag on. “How was school today, kid?” He asks “Oh you know, just as boring as it usually is.” I replied back. “I feel you kid, the only thing I liked in school was gym. Everything else was uninteresting as shit. But you better keep them grades up, don’t wanna end up like your old man.” He joked. The funny thing is, I’d do anything to end up like him. He was my idol, my rock, the guy who I always looked up to. “Old? You’re 39 dad.” I said back to him. “Oh god don’t mention it,” He said dramatically, “I wanna be young and ripped and sexy again. I wanna party and drink until I fall over again.” He said reminiscently. I looked up at him not knowing what to say. “You’ll understand one day, but in the meantime make sure you enjoy your youth.” Dad lectured to me, “Anyway I’m gonna head up to the shower.” “Oh alright,” I said back as if he didn’t take one every Friday when I came back from school. And with that he stomped up the stairs and into the bathroom. Now let me elaborate escort bayan on why I love this time of the week. About a year ago I was walking past the bathroom and dropped my phone. When I reached down to pick it up, I noticed a crack in the door frame, where if you were in the right position, you had a direct view of most of the bathroom. That moment was life changing, for the good. I could use it to spy on dad. And that’s what I did every Friday when he would take his showers. I waited about 30 seconds before quickly, but quietly sprinting up the stairs and getting in position to watch my father. When I peered through the crack I could see he had only started to undress. First he pulled off his stained and ripped undershirt. You could tell it had been through a lot. He revealed his hot and sweaty upper body. The man had pecs made of iron and his biceps were the size of baseballs. His big pink nips really sealed the deal. As I reached down and squeezed my young dick, I thought about how much I’d love to suck on them until they were purple. Next he opened up a cabinet and exposed his muscular hairy armpit. I loved looking at his armpits because I knew just how much they’d stink, it would take me back to those big sweaty hugs I used to get as a kid. God I wish he’d hug me like that again. I snapped out of my trance to watch the main event. He fingered his thumbs into the waistband of his torn up jeans and pulled down his pants as well as his jock. Dad certainly was no tease. From the way he was standing I could only see his firm and hairy ass. Again I thought about just how good it smelled. I’d love to bury my face in his ass so bad. I closed my eyes and jerked off harder, licking my lips at the thought of him sitting on my face. Luckily I opened my eyes at the perfect moment. My dad swung himself the perfect amount my way and finally, after a whole week of waiting. I could lay my eyes upon his girthy cock again. When I say my father is hung, I mean he is HUNG. I’ve never seen him at full mass but even when he’s soft you can tell how much of a monster it is. It looks about as thick as a cucumber, and is maybe 4 inches… FLACCID. It’s truly the best cock I’ve ever seen, and I’ve watched a lot of porn. I continued to stare at the tool between his two gargantuan thighs. It gently swayed side to side as dad did whatever he was doing at the sink. To be honest, I didn’t care what he was doing, I just wanted to look at his jock body. His cock head is very pronounced, and his two balls hanging below were truly a sight to behold. They looked about the size of golf balls, covered in a light dusting of hair. This always surprised me as dad was a particularly hairy man, with scruff on his face, hair up and down his torso, very hairy arms, a forest on his legs, and a lot of particularly well groomed pubes. Dad’s hairiness has always been a major turn on, along with every other part of his hot body. My gaze followed my father as he made his way over to the toilet, where I had a perfect straight on view of whatever he was doing. Dad always took a shit before he showered and this part always bored me. I could barely see his dick and all I would watch was him hunched over on his phone. But this time, this time was different. I was relatively zoned out until I saw dad lean back and grab his dick with his right hand. I almost yelped when I realized what was happening. He slowly began rubbing his hand back and forth over his soft, but hardening, cock. I realized he had his phone in his other hand, definitely watching porn of some sort. I could even hear some of the feminine moaning coming from whatever video he was watching. I knew my father was straight. There was no doubt about it. And I knew he would never be into what I was into, but a boy can dream. And dream I did. I watched as his dick slowly began to harden in his hand. I couldn’t believe he was doing this, he had never done it before. He kept stroking up and down in a rhythm I soon began to sync to. We were jacking off in time together, even though he didn’t know it. Soon enough he was fully erect, and damn it was massive, just as I had thought. It was at least 8 inches, but could definitely be more, I didn’t have the best vantage point to judge. But I could tell it was big enough for me, with his inflamed cockhead, and his huge red balls bouncing up and down. And as if I wasn’t turned on enough I watched my dad spit down onto his cock for some natural lube. “Fuck,” I whispered. I knew I was close, who wouldn’t be in this situation. But watching his spit slowly ooze out of his mouth onto his dick really did something for me. I closed my eyes and began to imagine he was spitting into my mouth as I sucked on his giant cock. I kept jerking faster and faster, I truly was in my own little world of pleasure. I imagined breathing in his the smell of his ass as I sucked on his balls. I imagined sticking my face into his sweaty armpit and breathing deep. I imagined sucking on his big red nipples like a newborn. And I imagined him slowly pushing his big, fat, dick into my asshole. That’s what did it for me. Before I could try and do anything I was cumming in my shorts. Loads and loads of my hot fresh jizz spat out of my dick, all over my hand, and all over the floor. As I came down from my high, I slowly kocaeli escort bayan came back to reality. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes to look back into the bathroom. What I saw shocked me. Dad wasn’t on the toilet anymore! And he wasn’t in the shower either! I couldn’t see him at all! And the only way I wouldn’t be able to see him is if he was right by th- My world came crashing down around me as I watched the door open slowly, and my father, covering himself with a towel, looked down at me. I was visibly sweating, had a Jizz stained groin, and the reddest face you’ve ever seen. Time stood still when we made eye contact. There was no questioning what I was doing, he knew, and by the look of angered confusion on his face, I knew he wasn’t happy about it. “Go to your room,” he told me in a disappointed soft tone. “Wha-what?” I replied, incapable of comprehension. “GO TO YOUR GODDAMN ROOM RIGHT NOW TRAVIS!” Dad forcefully shouted down at me. I quickly stood up, tears in my eyes, and ran to my room. Once inside I locked the door and sank to the ground again. I couldn’t believe I had just ruined my relationship with my father. I didn’t think there was anyway to come back from this. Eventually I brought myself to clean up my jizz and change into some clean sweats. And with that I crawled into bed and cried myself to sleep at 5:30pm. … “Uh huh buddy, just like that. Oh damn you feel so good.” A familiar voice echoed lightly. “Oh fuck, you like that don’t ya boy. Yea you do, you’re a little fag.” The voice continued as I slowly woke back up. “Fuckkkk yea kid, you take it so good. Oh yea Trev, take it all inside you. You make daddy feel so good.” My dad moaned. I pried my eyes open once I heard the voice confess their identity. I looked up and saw my dad slowly thrusting back and forth above me in the moonlight. His eyes closed, moaning loudly. I looked down and realized he was fucking me. My father was inside of me. All I had ever wanted. He began to pick up speed and I knew what was coming… him. I thrust back on his cock to his rhythm, trying to make the man of my dreams reach climax. He began to moan louder and louder until- I shot up in a cold sweat, panting vigorously. I tossed my bed sheets off of me to see the mess I had made. I’d had wet dreams about dad before, but this one was the most realistic by far. Then it dawned on me. Yesterday. The bathroom. Dad shouting. “Maybe that was all a dream too?” I hoped. But the pile of jizz stained clothes on my floor told otherwise. I had been caught spying on my own father jerking off. I was still in shock. And I was still in tears as well. As I grabbed a tissue to clean up my most recent mess, I wiped my eyes as well. The moon shown through my window, and looking out at the stars, I wished that this had never happened. Slowly I turned over and fell asleep again. When I woke up for the second time there was no cummy mess to greet me (thank god). It was 10:00 and I knew dad had to be awake by now. I started to think of ways I could stay in my room for the entire weekend. I had a bag of chips, some stale cereal, and a half drunk bottle of water. “That could last me.” I thought, truly knowing it couldn’t. I decided I would try and stay in my room for as long as possible. There was no way I could talk to dad so soon. So I grabbed my phone and began aimlessly scrolling online. By the time my phone notified me it was almost dead it was 1:30. I thought about what I could do next. My stomach decided for me by letting out the biggest growl I had ever heard. That was right! I skipped dinner last night, and my only breakfast was some month old cereal. I begrudgingly got up from my bed and took a look out my window, and noticed something peculiar, Dad’s truck was nowhere to be found. “Damn,” I said out loud, “how long had I kept myself unnecessarily locked up in here?” I quickly ran down to the kitchen to get myself some much needed food. About half way through preparing a giant Turkey and Swiss my bladder reminded me I hadn’t used the bathroom at all today either. And with that I began walking up the stairs to the only bathroom in the house. I paused at the top step, having flashbacks to the previous night. “Maybe I should piss outside?” I said to myself. But then I remembered our backyard offered little to no privacy, and any one of my neighbors could look out their windows and see me peeing. “Fuck it,” I groaned, and headed into the bathroom. Nothing was unusual or out of place so I closed my eyes and began to take a relaxing and very well needed piss. Another one of my turn ons? You guessed it. Piss. Dad normally didn’t shut the door when he had to take one, so I loved to walk by and “accidentally” peak my head in. I couldn’t see his dick from that angle, but I could see his yellow-tinged stream fall into the toilet bowl between his legs. And fuck that always gave me a stiffy. My stream began to let up and soon I was shaking off the last drops. I walked right by the sink and was headed out the door when I saw it. At the base of the door was a small bottle of rubber cement. And when I reached down to pick it up. I saw what dad had done. He sealed up the crack. The crack that once gave me so much joy. It supplied my desire for my father kocaeli escort in ways nothing else could. But it was gone now. “FUCK” I barked as I stood up and kicked the wall. I couldn’t believe I had ruined so much, just by getting a little too into whacking off. My stomach growled again reminding me of just how hungry I still was, and I walked down the stairs, head hung. After eating, I decided I needed to stock up on some food in my room. If the only time I could come out was when dad was out, then I was gonna need some snacks. I grabbed a bunch of water bottles, cookies, crackers, pretty much whatever I could find. And all the time I couldn’t stop thinking about how I had lost dad’s trust. I just hoped he would actually come home tonight. Once I had enough food and water stockpiled for the apocalypse, I went downstairs to watch some TV while dad was still out. Luckily there was a pretty cool documentary on about aliens, and I distracted myself with that until it got dark. I was slumped down on the sofa not really paying attention to anything when I heard keys in the front door. “Shit, I didn’t hear him pull up.” I exclaimed. Dad walked in the front door with plenty of bags in his hands. I assumed he didn’t want to be in the house so he killed time shopping. When he shut the door behind him he didn’t say a word, he didn’t even look in my direction. Just dropped a few bags in the kitchen and headed upstairs. I slouched back into the couch. Wanting to disappear entirely. “I really screwed up this time,” I chastised myself, “I’m sure he’ll come around though” That was a lie. To be honest, although I loved my dad and he had a big heart. Sometimes he could be a hardass. And I’m sure this is no exception. But it’s not like I could even do anything about it either. I just had to hope he’d talk to me, one day. The weekend passed without a single word being spoken between the two of us. I woke up Monday to my own alarm, went downstairs to an empty kitchen, and boarded the bus without talking to anyone. When I came home it was the same thing. Dad had never really cooked much, so I’d been used to relying on myself for dinner, but now I was completely self reliant. My father fully stepped out of his position as caretaker. I would only see him when we were walking to different rooms. He never sat in the same room as me, he wouldn’t even make eye contact anymore, sometimes he would leave the room if I entered. I really fucked things up. This routine continued the whole rest of the week. And on Friday, he didn’t even come home early. That one hurt. And I cried over it for a good five hours. Finally on Saturday, I woke up and headed downstairs. Much to my surprise, dad was in the living room and he didn’t leave when I entered. There was so much tension in the air, you could cut it with a knife. Not to mention the awkward silence between us. But I had had enough of what was going on . I wanted to talk to my father again. I knew things couldn’t go back to normal immediately, but we could at least try and talk through things. I inhaled, “D-” he cut me off “Don’t.” He ordered, not looking up from the morning newspaper he was reading. I sat there with my mouth wide open not knowing what to do now. I didn’t plan on being shut down this quickly. “Huh?” Softly escaped from my lips. Dad slammed down his newspaper and looked me dead in the eyes. “Well there’s some improvement,” I thought. I was wrong. “WHAT IS WITH YOU AND NOT HEARING ME THE FIRST TIME!?” Dad roared at me. “I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU! I DON’T WANT TO BE IN THE SAME HOUSE AS YOU! I CAN’T EVEN TRUST YOU ANYMORE TRAVIS!” He looked back down at his newspaper and let what he just said sink in. Of course my dad had yelled at me before, but never like this. I could tell by the tone of his voice just how much I had hurt him, how much I had hurt us. I sat there, feeling tears well into my eyes, but I pushed them back. I had to be strong if I wanted things to get better. Dad swallowed and looked up again. “Listen Travis, I just don’t understand what you were doing that night. I-It’s fine if you’re gay,” he stuttered “But I just can’t wrap my head around why you were watching me that night.” Dad muttered “Because dad, you’re the sexiest guy I know, and I’ve always found you hot, ever since I was old enough to know what that meant. You’re the ideal man, and I have a hunger for you. I love you so much you don’t even know. And all I’ve ever wanted was for you to fuck me!” I beamed. Too bad it was all in my head. In reality I sat there not knowing what to say. Do I tell dad how I truly feel about him? How I’ve dreamt of him for years. Or do I try and make up some bullshit lie about how I was just curious. I chose the latter. “I-I was c-c-curious.” I managed to stutter out. “Bullshit” dad replied easily rebuking my lie. “Tell me the truth Travis. Lying isn’t gonna help you out here.” “Fine,” I thought to myself “if that’s what he wants.” I took a deep breath “Well dad, t-to be honest, I’ve always found you quite attractive.” I stammered, “and I’ve always thought you were super hot, and when I found the crack I just couldn’t help myself and I’m super sorry and I never should’ve done it and I should’ve never violated you like tha-” dad cut off my rambling “What do you want Travis?” He blatantly stated. “What do you want from me?” Instead of making him repeat himself I thought for a moment. And I knew what I had to tell him. “W-well,” I gulped, “I guess I want you to fuck me.” I revealed. To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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