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THE CREATURE WITHIN 11: SEARCH & RESCUECHAPTER 11: SEARCH & RESCUEI was on the back lawn, again. With my boys, again. It was another of the days when both the house and yard crews were not working and we could be as we wanted, where we wanted. When I could manage days at home and not running around with Sylvia or Adrian, I tried to make them these days; days when we would be in the house and yard by ourselves.I was underneath Wolf. I was on my hands and knees and he was d****d over me, providing that feeling of warm security and comfort, his furry, strong body over my naked back. His cock was buried deep inside my pussy and he was pumping into me with that ‘jackhammer’ action that seems only a canine can do. At least, so far in my experience of a****ls, that has been true. I was braced underneath him, holding my body rigid and allowing him to do the work. It isn’t exactly like a woman has much choice in the matter; that fast fucking motion is impossible to match.We had just started, his cock hard and large, sliding along my pussy sleeve, squeezing and holding it as much as possible as it flew in and out, but never quite all the way out. His secretions were flowing, adding lubrication to my own naturally flowing juices, the combination creating a slick, contracting sleeve for him to work into. I felt his cock growing, expanding as he continued to fuck into me. God! I was in heaven … AGAIN!Bare feet appeared in front of my drooping face. I knew immediately, though, whose they were: Sylvia.“Is this a private party or can three play?”I tried to glance up with a smile. If I was successful or not, she dropped onto the lawn on her back and shimmied under me so our heads could make contact. She was naked. I loved these days we were alone!After essentially necking for a few minutes, she slithered further under me until she was under my swinging breasts. She captured one in her hand and raised her mouth to the other, clamping onto the nipple and holding on with suction power. The added stimulation at my breasts gave me a jolt. And there is front of me were her breasts spread across her chest, shifting with her breathing and movements. I engulf the nipple of her left breast in the same way she had mine in her mouth.My focus was split between the cock pounding into my pussy from behind and the breast and nipple at my mouth. But her body shifted, not a major change in position, but a move. At first, I didn’t understand it, it is as if her hips are rising, causing a shift in her angle to me. As a shadow moves before my eyes, I break my mouth-grip on the nipple and look. I smile up at him. Adrian. Adrian has now arrived, too. And, not to be left out of the fun, he has taken a position between Sylvia’s spread legs, has lifted her hips and penetrating her pussy with his marvelous cock.Sylvia’s groans are now matching mine. Her breasts are moving in a similar motion as mine, though mine are hanging and swinging, while hers are spread across her chest and bouncing from one side to the other like waves in a small pool being raised and dropped.I have recaptured one of her breasts with my mouth after repeated attempts to anticipate the motion. She has begun to simply fondle both of my breasts and nipples with her hands and fingers.I moan out as the Wolf’s knot presses firmly, stretching my opening wider and wider. When it passes into me, I cry out my pleasure to again being filled with not only cock, but the ball attached to it. My pussy is full and the movements constricted, but the feeling is intense and a****listic. I am mounted by this a****l. I am tied to this a****l by his cock. I will be bred by him in only moments. Once fully and completely inside me, tied to me, his cock and knot expand deliciously, larger and fuller than when entering me. Then, I feel him jerk inside, I feel his cock spasm and twitch and I know it is only moments, if that long, before he fills me with his seed, before he washes my womb with his doggy seed. And that, the action and thoughts, are all I need to join him in my own climax.I move to the side, knotted to Wolf, but wanting to rest at least my upper body on the ground. To do so, I move a few feet to the side of Sylvia and lower myself to my elbows and then to the ground, my face resting on my forearms. I am looking at Sylvia as they are continuing their fucking. She turns her head, her eyes absently focusing on me. She smiles and I smile back, shifting my head to free up my right arm to move to her. I stroke her arm and shoulder, only able to graze the side of her breast. Her hand moved toward mine, searching blindly until we are holding hands as Adrian brings her to climax and he strains his body against hers, as deeply into her as he can, grunting his own release into her.The three of us are relaxed on the lawn, slowly coming out of orgasmic bliss. Wolf has retreated a little way from us, contentedly licking his cock clean, a ritual that seems true for all canines. Preta, however, is still attentive and nearby. He is expectant, but patient. Like Wolf, he is comfortable in the relationship that I am not his for the taking, but that I am his when I allow it. But, I am also aware of the subtleties of male and female dynamics and harmony. Fair is fair, regardless of who is in control.I roll onto my side and up to my knees, my hands on my thighs, arching my back, stretching and sighing at the feel of the sun on my nakedness. I look to the other two and smile. “You don’t mind if I take care of Preta now, do you?”It was almost a rhetorical question in my mind. They had previously assured me that they approved of my enjoying the boys when I wanted and where I wanted on the days we were alone on the estate grounds. They had also been closely present on other occasions when I would be under one of the a****ls. So, I wasn’t expecting a response.“Actually … we’ve been talking …”So, I was surprised. I stopped at the mid-point of rising and settled back to the ground and looked at Sylvia who was now looking at Adrian. I saw him nodding, which caused me to wonder even more what this was about.She was still watching Adrian, but she was clearly talking to me. “We talked. After watching you with Preta, he asked me if I had ever been mounted by him. I told him that I hadn’t and he could tell by the way I watched and how excited I became in the process that I would like to someday. He encouraged me.” I saw him nodding back to her. She turned her head to me. “Would it be okay, Annie, if that ‘someday’ was now?”I crawled the short distance between us, took her in my arms and whispered into her ear, “You remember about the barbs?” She nodded. So, we proceeded.She looked at me, but I just laughed. “Don’t look at me. You know the position. This is the same as for Wolf, although there is no knot, there is something else, but you know about that.” I looked at Adrian, his softened cock, and back to her. I think he should have you opened and ‘lubricated’ well enough.” She blushed. She got onto her hands and knees, but I found I did need to provide some assistance. Preta has only been with me. The idea of mating with another woman was something he hadn’t experienced and was unsure what he should do with this female presenting herself the way I had.I crawled to her side and smacked her ass cheek a couple times. Getting his attention and to her backside, he sniffed the air, finding his way to her ass and pussy. He looked at me as if still unsure. I rubbed his head and gently applied a little encouraging pressure for him toward her. He licked her ass several times. I could see on Sylvia’s face when he found her pussy. The raspy, rough tongue was different from a dog’s or human’s. After numerous licks, her eyes rolled back as a long moan escaped her throat.I put my hand between her and the cat’s snout, breaking his focus on licking. I patted her backside, again. This time he responded, jumping onto her back, instantly covering her body with his blackness. I reminded her about her hand and she responded by slipping her hand between her legs. Then, her mouth fell open and she groaned. I smiled at Adrian. My older friend was penetrated by her first large feline.“You want to be able to watch her?” He nodded. “Me, too”, I said.I turned on my hands and knees and presented my ass to Adrian like I would to one of the a****ls. It was the best way for us to be close to her and both of us to watch. For a moment, I forgot that he had just come inside Sylvia and might need some coaxing, but when I felt his stiff cock slide into my pussy, I knew all of this was exciting him as much as the rest of us. When he began pumping into me, I could match his rhythm and sarıyer escort I did. I pushed back against him as he pressed into me. He leaned over me and captured one of my swinging breast in his large hands and mashed it in his grip. He was a powerful lover, but within that power was a caring that was intoxicating to feel. All that power and strength, but he provided a security in the effort.Silvia was a sight to be seen. On her hands and knees, a huge black cat on her back, covering her, his hips pumping vigorously into her. Her face showed signs of stunned sensations of both pleasure and irritation, both mixing inside her pussy and radiating out through her body. Her back would periodically arch high into the air, almost like a cat stretching, but it was a physical reaction to the barbs pulling at her tender flesh inside, her body moving, search, trying for a combination of just a little more comfort. I knew … I knew very well. I also learned after the first few times that I wasn’t going to have the tender, sensitive flesh of my pussy ripped and torn by those barbs. It was irritating, yes, but not damaging.I watched her as she experienced her first feline mating, watched her go through the mix of emotions and physical reactions. I watched as that mix of sensations slowly, but steadily drove her body ever higher in ecstasy and pleasure. I watched, and knew that Adrian was seeing the same thing, as her body began shaking and quaking. First her arms, then her breasts swaying with more wide abandon as her quaking added to the thrusts from the big cat. The flesh on her thighs twitched and shimmied. When her head began rising and falling, her shoulders twitching, and her mouth uttering sounds never before heard from her, I knew she was going to have a magnificent climax.Adrian stopped pumping into me, holding his cock deep inside my pussy, watching as the woman he had recent committed himself to was shaking and convulsing into an orgasm he knew he could never duplicate for her.It was a wonderful experience. An experience that for each of us would help make our interesting relationship very memorable. * * * * *I was in Sylvia’s study at home going over some reports she received from each of the charity organizations her foundation sponsored. I found the tedious task of reviewing cleverly written prose about all the good they had accomplished combined with the summary of incoming and outgoing funds just that … tedious. I was learning from Sylvia, though, by her steady and patient guidance how to pick through the bullshit (this woman could be very blunt when appropriate, at least privately) and interpret the truth. Or, enough of the truth to ask pointed questions and request additional financial data to unravel the true picture. As with almost anything in this world, good and bad, some charitable groups functioned for the good of others while others functioned for the good of those managing it. The trick, it appeared, was to determine quickly which was which and minimize the waste of time, resources, and money that she could detour somewhere better managed.It was a day when others were around the estate. Sylvia rarely wore shorts and pull-over shirts, anymore. That apparently was something she did at the resort to fit in with the staff and guests. Here, she was usually in a dress or skirt of some kind. As a result, she had me dressing the same when we were in view of others or in public. This day, I was in a light summer dress. Spaghetti straps with a skirt that stopped well above the knees … and no underwear. I had to look the part. What people couldn’t see shouldn’t bother them. It was my little rebellion.Adrian strode into the room without his customary knock on the door jamb as he passed it. Sylvia and I both looked from the computer screens with a measure of surprise, but our surprise grew immediately on seeing his face. He was showing worry about something. He strode up to the desk, searched, picked up the remote for the TV mounted on the far wall, and turned it on. We both looked at him as if he had lost his mind. There were TV systems throughout the house, why pick this one?He switched through all the local cable news channels, then blurted out, “See! Nothing!”Sylvia leaned back in her chair staring at him. “Adrian, what is the matter?”He turned off the set and paced back and forth in front of the desk. “We have a problem.” We both looked at him bewildered. What on earth could be causing such a reaction from him? “Remember that k** that went missing in mountains behind us in the Preserve?” We both nodded. It had been on all the channels. It was about all that could be found for the better part of the day he went missing. “The police were mobilized with dogs and trackers. I think they even had a helicopter up there, I know at least one local station did.”I stood up and stopped his pacing by getting in his way. I put my hands on his large biceps to keep him in one place. “They responded, so what? That’s their job, isn’t it?”He poked an index finger into my chest, “Exactly! It’s their job!”Sylvia stood up, her chair rolling backward. “Adrian, stop! Make sense.”He took a deep breath and apologized before continuing. “Today, three little k**s nine to eleven … they went missing in the hills. And they can’t be found.”“Adrian, they will. The same thing will be done and they will find them. Why is this our problem?”“Because, these k**s weren’t rich k**s lost in the preserve. These k**s are from Petare. Annie, for your benefit, Petare is the largest slum district in Caracas on the east side of the city.”I touched his arm, “Isn’t that where you grew up?” He nodded.“I just heard from one of your drivers. You saw that there is no news coverage, but there also is no police coverage. Those k**s are up in those hills behind the slums somewhere and it is going to be dark in a couple hours, shorter if it gets cloudy like the forecast.” We looked at each other. He continued, “Sylvia, you have made tremendous in-roads up there in getting at least some of the people to open up and trust someone from the city. If something happens to those k**s … I know … I know how they will react.” He looked her right in the eyes. “I know how I would have reacted. Everything that has been said will look like just another set of lies from the rich and powerful.”Sylvia walked to the window. It faced South, opposite of the mountains to the North that made up the Preserve. She craned her neck to look as far East as she could. She wasn’t going to see anything, anyway. The trees blocked any view to the horizon.Absently, she muttered it, “Everything we’ve worked for?”He came up behind her, his large hands on her sagging shoulders. “Everything you have worked so hard for. Nearly by yourself, Sylvia. When others said it was hopeless, you said there was always hope and set out to prove them wrong, both the people in the city and the people in the slums who didn’t believe anyone really cared.”She turned around and looked up at him. “There has to be something. It’s still light for a little while. Maybe if we can mobilize the police or army or …” He was shaking his head. She turned back to the window, she knew he was right. It was too late for that. If they were inclined to mobilize, they would have. “There has to be something …”Adrian turned around and looked at me, but still spoke to her. “I think there is, but you have to trust me. You both have to trust me.”I looked down at the floor. He means me … he means that I can still help those k**s. My mouth opened and closed without anything coming out, then open, again. Sylvia beat me to a response, though.“I can’t ask you to do this, Annie. Adrian can’t. The dark, the wild a****ls are used to feeding on the garbage from the slums. The worst wild a****ls are those that have become used to the presence of humans, they lose their natural fear and instinctive reaction to avoid us. I can’t ask you. I don’t want you to.”“You’re right, you can’t ask me. But, you should. Don’t you see? Adrian is right. Jenna and Mary and Steve are right. Sam is right. Don’t you see? It’s time for me. I thought I had accepted what has happened to me, but I continue to play a game of understanding and intellectualizing. It is time that I accept it and do something. Even before these … gifts, if that’s what they are … even before they were really developed, they helped me get out of the jungle. And, there is something that I have tried to ignore, to pretend isn’t there, but I know deep down is real … somehow real. Wolf and Preta found me in the jungle. How? How could they do that? esenyurt escort There has been other happenings, too. There is something else there besides the physical.” They looked at each other. “We have to try. Besides”, I laughed, “if I am up against some coyotes, I have my boys …”* * * * *The clouds did roll in from the ocean. The weather service was predicting a storm with maybe half an inch of rain. If this didn’t sound like a good idea before, it just became less so.Sylvia was scanning the stations on the radio hoping for information on the k**s, but it seemed void of any knowledge that the k**s were even missing. Adrian was driving us in the SUV through the slums. The going was difficult and slow and the three of us were very nervous. Adrian’s information from the driver gave us a location but finding it was another matter. The lack of good street maintenance and winding streets made the process feel strange compared to the city proper where a simple GPS system could direct you to a location.The headlights were already needed and when we found the location at the top of the slums near the start of the wild, we were quickly surrounded by people as Adrian edged the vehicle into the mob. He left the headlights on and took a large flashlight. With about half the street lights not working, it felt instantly as dangerous as it probably was. Adrian was seen talking to some men who point further ahead. He disappeared into the crowd and Sylvia and I were suddenly more nervous than before. After some long minutes, Adrian could be seen causing the milling people to part as he approached. He went to the back, opened it and took both a****ls by their leashes, handing them to me. Sylvia was moved between us.Adrian filled us in as we worked out way through the crowd. The a****ls assisted in getting a wider path created for us. I suppressed a smile. My nervousness had evaporated. I remembered what I was capable of and what Wolf and Preta were capable of. The two families were up ahead. The men had managed to search the front face of the hills but darkness had caught them before they were able to move over the ridge. Beyond the ridge was wild country. He introduced Sylvia to the families, then pointed to me. “This woman has skills in the wild. She wants to continue to search with her a****ls.” I was dressed in black. Exercise leggings, boots, and tank top over sports bra. My appearing before them in black alongside my black a****ls seemed to intimidate them. It was a good start. Sylvia and Adrian would remain with the families.I asked them to show me on a map where they had searched. I listened to them and watch them point to areas on the map, picking out landmarks and terrain features. There were trails up there but on the other side of the ridge, the trails were nearly non-existent.I turned to Adrian and Sylvia and asked in English, “What do you think will happen if I can’t find them?”Adrian sighed heavily, “Find them and we won’t have to find out.”I smiled. My confidence surprised me. I fist-bumped him, unclipped the leashes and handed them to Sylvia. I turned and ran into the darkness, followed closely by Wolf and Preta. I didn’t stop until we reached the ridge. We had been given an old tee shirt of the youngest boy but if it started raining, the odds of any scent assisting us would be lost. Time was not on our side. In the distance to the East, somewhere still over the ocean, was lightning. And it was coming our way.* * * * *A woman came up to Sylvia as she stood staring into the darkness. “Senora, you let her go by herself? Aren’t you worried?”Sylvia diverted her eyes to the question and found a small older woman. “Do you know the c***dren?”“Si, I am grandmother to one. Is she yours?” In the light of the headlights and flashlights, the woman looked old. Her face was a road map of deep creases. She might not have been much older than Sylvia herself, but her appearance showed the struggle and hardship of her life.Sylvia touch the woman on the arm, “No, she is not mine. I think, though, I wish she was.” She gave the woman a sad smile. “Yes, I am worried, but I can’t be more worried that you or the families of the c***dren. There are young c***dren alone in the wild, in the dark, and in fear. Somebody has to help them. She thinks she can be that somebody.”A man next to Adrian turned to him and asked softly, “Who is she, senor, to go rushing into the dark like that?”Without turning, he responded just as softly, “Just a woman who wants to help.”“No, senor. No … not just a woman. She must be more to move in the dark without a light …” Adrian let the comment die on the breeze. Anything he might add would just generate more questions.* * * * *On the ridge, after nervously gaging the coming storm, I tried to come up with a reasonable plan for proceeding with the search. I hadn’t given the actual search effort much thought until this moment. Now, standing on the ridge and scanning into the darkness to the east, away from the city, all there was to see was blackness. That’s all that might normally be seen. However, in my case, and Preta’s, images of varying shades of grey were visible. I trusted that Wolf was also able to find some images by the way he had handled the run to this point.Lacking anything remotely approaching a reasonable plan, I went with my gut. I pointed downhill to the right and encouraged Wolf in that direction. I then did the same to the left for Preta. I moved straight down. The slope was steep but the footing was still stable.I had nothing to approximate time passage except the approaching storm, which was the most critical factor in this effort. I had thought there had been a scent like the tee shirt at the top of the ridge, but I was not picking up anything like it any longer. I hoped that Wolf was having better luck. Or, Peta with his sharper senses. I was realizing something significant. If my senses have changed to being enhanced, I was not in-tune with them to understand what it was I was picking up. It was important, then, for me to be aware of Wolf and Preta. But, then, I thought how stupid could I be to separate us.At that point of self-doubt, I heard fierce barking and yelping cries. I stopped, turned to the right and focused my attention on the sounds. The barking sounded like Wolf’s warning call. The yelping growls had the sound of coyotes that I had heard from the hills to the back of the property at night. I gave a sharp whistle for Preta, then repeated it twice more before jogging to the right in the direction of the sounds. I angled up hill. If there was to be a confrontation with wild coyotes, I wanted the high ground advantage. In minutes, Preta appeared alongside me, his head and eyes focused into the darkness as mine were.I slowed to a walk and Preta matched me as the barking and growls became closer. When it happened, I was surprised and confused. Wolf was nearly lost in the dark but the five coyotes were clearer. I heard some rocks shifting behind me as I came up behind Wolf. Turning, I found the three c***dren pressed up again a boulder, their eyes wide in fear, their faces streaked with dirt and tears that appeared to have dried on their cheeks. I put out my hand to them indicating for them to stay where they were. It must have been even more frightening not being able to see through the darkness at what was happening beyond the sounds of barking and growling.I tried verbalizing my confidence and calm to them, “It’s alright, k**s. We’ll have you out of here and back to your family soon.”I turned my attention back to the coyotes. I stepped between Wolf and Preta, both were in attack positions and giving their natural warning sounds back to the coyotes. I calmed both a****ls with a hand on each of their heads. If not calmed, I managed to quiet them. I then decided to go for broke and try something that we had only joked about.I could make out five adult coyotes ranging in a loose arc in front of the k**s. It seemed that the k**s may have been herded by the coyotes and Wolf interrupted the encounter. Coyotes are known to be pack a****ls when it suits them. Another thing about them came to my mind at the same time. Normally, they will hunt in the day, hunting at night generally indicates a greater need for food, perhaps for young. Every pack has its leader, the one a****l more dominant than the others, the alpha male. If I was going to try to connect with one of them to leave us alone, it had to be the alpha.As reason would have it, he was right in front of me, in the center of the arc. With Wolf and Preta protecting my sides, I took several steps forward. avrupa yakası escort “Okay, now. We want no trouble; we just want to take these young with us. You back away and we’ll leave, too.” I was initially hopeful. He lowered his head and inched backward. Then, he seemed to consider those on either side of him, stiffened his back and rose into a challenging position. I guess it’s hard to get anything that used to being in charge to back down …He lowered his head, issuing his growling, snarling warning before springing at me, covering the 15 feet separating us in a flash. In my peripheral, I saw the others feint in, too, but both Preta and Wolf charged halfway driving the others back. The one coyote coming for me was now in the air. I was unarmed. We never expected a reason for me to bring a knife or my batons, either of which would have been handy given the training Adrian has been pushing on me. Instead, I only had myself, my bare hands against a charging clawed, fanged b**st.Exactly what happened next was going to remain something of a mystery. What I do remember was realizing my right hand was holding the coyote by the throat, my fingertips pressed into the throat. My left hand slicing into and up the stomach until I hit the ribcage, then pulling my left hand free and driving it into the chest of the a****l. That was accompanied by deafening silence for a minute as I stood holding the convulsing a****l in that position. Then, a crack of lightning shook the ground and lit the area.“Aaaiiiaaeeeeeeeee!!” The cry came from behind me. I turned my head and rotated my body, dropping the a****l to the ground, readying myself to attack what was threatening the c***dren. But, there wasn’t anything. She was screeching at the vision of me, her finger pointing at me. I looked down at my hands and forearms … covered in blood from the a****l. At the ends of my hands, though, the ends of my fingers … claws.Claws that I could discern, but it was still darker than dark under the approaching storm cloud cover on the opposite side of the mountain from the city. Think … think … what just happened? No … no, she couldn’t have seen them. I turned away from the c***dren and brought my hands to my face. Even with my enhanced night vision I wanted the best view of my hands possible. They had retreated. It was just my fingertips. What would she see have seen? The blood. My fingers were still in the a****l, holding the a****l when the lightning flashed for that instant. When I dropped the a****l, it was again black. She was shocked by the attack, the invisible conflict, and the blood. She may even have been shocked at the sight of my a****ls, black as me, so close to them suddenly.I pulled the tee-shirt from my waist band to wipe my arms and hands before discarding it down the slope. I moved with a soft voice to the c***dren. “It’s okay, okay. The black a****ls are my friends; they will protect us.” I was looking at them, seeing them, but their eyes were wide and nearly unseeing. I got closer and they saw. I smiled, putting my hands on each of them. “Should be go see your families?”“Si … si!” It was a chorus of three young, terrified, and relieved voices.I sent Preta to lead with his better night eyes. I had Wolf follow in case the coyotes decided to revisit their lost opportunity, though I seriously doubted it. They are opportunistic and are not known to fight stronger competition. I carried the smallest and had the other two in front of me where I could keep an eye on them.* * * * *The crowd had grown with the news spreading through the area of the young woman and her a****ls going into the night to find the missing c***dren. The mood had changed from menacing and angry to hopeful, prayerful anticipation.When the angry a****l sounds drifted over the hill like an ominous fog, the entire crowd suddenly fell quiet. Slowly, bits of questions and speculation from small groups mixed with the dying sounds from the mountain. The mood of the crowd shifted yet again, this time from hope to anxious fear.Sylvia grabbed Adrian’s arm with more strength than he expected she had. “What … what was that? What does that mean? What’s happening?” Adrian pulled her into his arms to soothe her. People turned their way, their looks turning to sympathy and understanding. A sense went through the crowd that it wasn’t only the families who could suffer loss that night.A man next to Adrian touched his shoulder, “Coyotes, senor. I heard coyotes, but … something else, too.”Adrian put his lips to Sylvia’s ear, “Something else … Preta and Wolf … they are with her.” He separated them to focus on her face. “Preta, Wolf, and Annie. We know what they are, what they have survived together. Those three against a coyote pack?” He laughed causing some to turn toward him. “What do you think?”“Oh, Adrian, I know … I know. I just hope we’re right.” She looked up at him, “How many lives does this girl have?” They both laughed, partially for tension relief, but mostly for the inside joke about their girl.The tension mounted as the silence from the mountain continued. Good news or not? Hopeful anticipation mixing steadily with fearful apprehension. A woman near the front of the waiting crowd shouted out, “QUIET! Everyone … did anyone hear something?”Indeed, the crowd became instantly quiet, the sound of the storm filling the air around them. As everyone seemed to turn their hearing to the mountain hoping to have suddenly attained fine-tuned antenna. Instead, the storm broke over the ridge, filling the air with thunder and rain. But, nobody moved … not a step for shelter. All ears and eyes were tuned to the mountain slope. Lightning flashed and thunder boomed. At first it seemed impossible to focus either hearing or sight.Again, someone shouted, someone screamed, women and more than a few men had hands at their faces as tears fell from eyes. Fingers pointed up the mountain and arms waved frantically. * * * * *I had just encouraged the c***dren to yell in unison to their families when the storm unloaded on us, instantly covering their voices and soaking us and the path we were following. Then, the lightning appeared to shine light on us as the crowd below started shouting and pointing. I called Preta back behind the c***dren and put down the one I had been carrying. They stopped and waved back, shouting without effect because of the storm.I encouraged the k**s to move carefully on the muddy trail, but as we got closer and closer to the crowd there was no holding them back from running headlong into the arms of their mothers, fathers and friends crowding around them. I quietly melted into the shadows of cars and moved around the throng of people, happy to keep Preta and Wolf away from the chaos after the trouble on the mountain. A strong hand grabbed my arm and pulled me to the side. I looked up to find Adrian pulling me into Sylvia’s waiting arms. Lost in the noise of the storm and the celebration around us was the crying of Sylvia. When I managed to pull myself away, I assured her I was okay but wanted to put Preta and Wolf safely in the SUV. They followed me to the back of the SUV, both covering the a****ls in happy, relieved pets.As I closed the back of the SUV, a young woman stood directly behind me. She had a smart-phone in front of her.“Who are you? Why did you do this? What made you think you even could? What …”I put my hand up to stop her. “Who are you?”“Oh, right …” She stuck her hand out, “Rosa Lopez. I’m a blogger. Here, here’s my card.” I took it but Sylvia took it from my hands and looked at.“Rosa’s World. You write Rosa’s World?” The woman nodded. “You’re good. I follow your blog.”I looked at the two of them, “Rosa’s World?”Rosa smiled proudly at the compliment from Sylvia, “Thank you, Senora Contreras.”“You know me?”“Of course! Everyone here knew who you were when you came.” She looked back at me. “Rosa’s World is a blog about the plight of the people living here in the slums. I figured nobody seemed to care so I would try to ‘enlighten’ some of them.”I smiled, “Is it working?”She frowned, “Not so much.” I laughed. She continued with renewed excitement. “But some might if I can get some words from you. Also, I think I have video of you bring the k**s down to their families. Can I use it in the blog?”I put my hand out for a shake, “I admire you. Quietly trying to change the world, or this part of it, anyway. Yes, we will talk. And, yes to the video, but ask the parents, first. They might not what pictures of their c***dren on the internet.”She hugged me excitedly and started off toward the families. I called after her causing her to stop. “Rosa, I changed my mind about the talk. I’ll give you the full exclusive story, for what it is worth.” She jumped up and down, smiling as she headed for the families.I put my hands on the backs of Adrian and Sylvia, pushing them to the car. “Home. I need a shower and, after this night, the boys need a hearty treat.”* * * CHAPTER 12: GIRL TIME will follow * * * Thanks for reading

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