May 25

The Cruise Day 02

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Christy and I had dated in high school and college, but had married other people after college. We had started dating again just recently, and had decided to go on a cruise with our kids. When we first planned the cruise, we had no idea that our children were dating each other.

Although it was not our first plan at all, Christy had moved into my room, and my son John (Jr.) had moved into the cabin with Lisa, Christy’s daughter. Christy and I were a little worried about how that might work out, but it had been their idea, and they were both old enough to make decisions for themselves.

The first stop on the cruise was the cruise ship’s “private island”. When the ship pulled into port that morning, Christy and I watched from our private balcony. I had gone ahead and spent the money on one of the bigger rooms, and one of the benefits was a private balcony.

As the ship neared the port, it was obvious that the island was way too big to be owned by a single cruise line. In fact, we found out later that the part they called their “island” was really just a part of Hispaniola that had been fenced off for the exclusive use of cruise ships.

The island was stunning, with mountains setting the backdrop for white sand beaches. The cruise line had invested a lot of money in the area, and offered a wide range of things to do, from the ordinary horseback riding and hiking to zip lines and roller coasters.

After thinking about it only a few minutes, Christy and I decided to rent one of the beach cabanas, and decide from there whether we wanted to try what they claimed was the world’s longest zip line.

We met the kids at breakfast to make sure they were still getting along, and to judge whether letting them room together was a wise choice. When we found them, they were already prepared for a day at the beach. John was wearing a Tesla t-shirt (the scientist, not the car), and board shorts, while Lisa wore a white lace beach wrap over a bikini top and running shorts.

They made a cute couple, but mostly because of Lisa, who was amazingly hot. When I had first met Christy’s daughter, she had struck me more as the girl-next-door type. She had blonde hair, an easy smile, and an athletic build. She was almost as tall as my son, which means she was several inches taller than Christy. Her breasts were tanned and perfectly shaped, and Christy almost caught me staring at Lisa’s skin.

“We already reserved a cabana on the beach, do you guys want to join us?” Christy made the offer, but it was clear to everyone that we really didn’t want company.

Lisa smiled, as if she knew exactly what we had in mind. Her smile was dazzling, and I noticed that John was entranced. “Nah, I think we are going to try the zip line. We will give you guys some time alone, and maybe we can meet for lunch.”

There was a BBQ planned on the beach, so that all the cruise ship passengers could eat themselves into a stupor without having to walk back to the ship. Our phones didn’t work on the island, so we made plans where to meet, and headed off our separate ways.

When we got to the beach, the cabanas were even better than we expected. They were two-story wooden lofts, with deck chairs in the shade on the first floor, and a small bed and lounge chairs upstairs. The cabana was designed to be open-air, and the lounge chairs were designed for tanning, while the bed was in the shade.

The railing was a perfect height for nude sunbathing. You could see the beach just by raising your head, but the people on the beach could not see you unless you wanted them to. Their view was blocked by the wicker designs woven into the railing.

There were showers outdoors between the cabanas, so after a quick swim in the ocean, we showered off and headed upstairs. Christy removed her bikini and laid it on the table to dry, and stretched out completely nude on the Adirondack chair to get some sun.

I stood by the railing and looked out at the people on the beach, and once I was sure they couldn’t see us, I took my suit off as well, and turned my attention to Christy.

Christy was about 5’5″, or about 165cm, and I was a little over bahis firmaları 6 feet (maybe 185 cm or so). I had been working out to get in shape for the cruise, but Christy had clearly been working out a long time. Her body was thin and firm, and her features were just as striking as when we had dated in college.

Christy had applied sunscreen earlier, but now she was re-applying to the areas that had been covered by the bikini.

“Here, let me help you with that.” I said.

First, I rubbed lotion on her breasts, making an extra effort to massage the nipples until they became erect and hard. Her breasts were maybe a B or a small C, but they matched well with her tiny body. The small size of her breasts had one other advantage: Even though she was the same age as me, her breasts still had the shape and firmness of a much younger woman. In fact, she must have been careful with sunscreen all her life, because her skin looked much younger than mine.

As I finished with her breasts, I turned my attention to the tiny area that had been covered by her bikini. First I rubbed sunscreen into the tan lines on her hips and then gradually started rubbing closer and closer to her vagina.

Her mons area had fairly close cropped hair, but the rest of her vagina was completely shaved. Once I had rubbed the sunscreen in appropriately, I switched hands and started rubbing the outer lips of her pussy, and occasionally using my finger inside her.

“Oh my God,” she moaned. “Don’t stop.”

Instead of slowing down, though, I climbed out of my chair onto the floor, and positioned myself between her legs. The chair offered just enough room for her to hang her legs over my shoulders and give me perfect access to her pussy. I teased her with my tongue for along time, until she finally started begging me to fuck her.

Instead, I started sucking on her clit, and rubbing it with my fingers. Almost immediately, I felt the contractions of her orgasm, and did my best to keep it going. She wrapped her legs around my back, and held my head in place with her hands as she enjoyed a nice slow orgasm.

Although we were in the “open air” part of the cabana, she was relatively quiet about her orgasm, so I was sure that no one could hear us. As soon as she was finished though, and told me to “stand up”, I realized how close people were to our cabana.

Although the cabana was nearly 50 yards from the beach, the area between the beach and the cabanas was shaded by palm trees, and many people were laying on blankets under the trees. When I stood up to face Christy, I was worried that people could tell what we were doing. But if anyone noticed, they didn’t care.

Christy laid on her side on the chair, and pulled me closer, rubbing the rock-hard erection I had maintained while eating her out. When she finally took my dick in her mouth, I felt like I would explode immediately.

In fact, the excitement of being semi-public was a huge turn-on, and my dick was already as soaked with pre-cum as with the juices rom her mouth.

Christy never allowed me to jerk myself off in her mouth, and insisted on being in control of the entire process. Sometimes she would take most of my dick in her mouth, but today she took only the first few inches, and jerked off the rest of my shaft, first with one hand, then the other.

As soon as she built up her pace, I felt myself about to come, and I told her so. Instead of switching to sex, she started pumping even faster, and was rewarded with my dick pumping hot cum into her mouth. Because of the angle, she couldn’t swallow it all, and ended up with quite a bit of semen on her tits, on her face, and on her arms.

Instead of wiping it off with the towels, she put her bikini back on, and walked downstairs to the public shower between the cabanas. I got hard again watching her walk out in public with the evidence of my orgasm on her face. As she showered it off, she looked up at me and smiled, and I could tell she was enjoying showing off a little as well.

After her shower, she came back upstairs, took her bikini of again, and we napped until it was time for lunch.

At lunch, we kaçak iddaa met the kids, and they told us about how much fun the roller coaster had been. Apparently it was an “island style” roller coaster, where the motor raises your car to the top of the mountain, and then you control the brake as your car descends several hundred feet down the side of the mountain. You can opt for “slow and scenic” or “”fast and scary”, depending on your mood. If you go too fast, of course, the ride will slow to keep you from bumping the cart in front of you. If you go too slow, traffic will back up behind you.

The roller coaster sounded like a blast, and we decided to switch places with the kids and let them use the cabana.

The line to the roller coaster was over an hour, but it was worth the wait. We decided to alternate the speed, slowing down when the view was good, and speeding up through the turns. It was a little expensive for a single ride, but it was definitely thrilling.

Afterward we walked through a few of the shops that lined the beach as we made our way back to the ship. We walked by the cabana, but we didn’t see anyone, and we didn’t want to interrupt them anyway.

As we approached the port, there was a spot where we had an amazing view of the ship, and we stopped to take pictures. The ship was still hundreds of feet away, but Christy started giggling, and said she figured out where the kids were.

Without my glasses, I could not make out the shapes on the balconies, and at that distance, I am kind of surprised that anyone could, but Christy whispered to me that she could see our kids having sex on our balcony.

The balconies were protected by a glass railing, which you could see through pretty easily, but a couple of the railings were covered by beach towels. As I squinted and looked at where our stateroom would be, I could tell that there was a couple standing behind the towel.

Although I didn’t have my glasses, I did have my camera. I took the long telephoto lens out of the bag, mounted it on the camera, and adjusted the viewfinder so that I could see clearly. As I zoomed in, I got a pretty good view of Lisa leaning over a deck chair, and John standing directly behind her.

They were back from the railing by a few feet, so the people on the ground below had no view of what they were doing. In fact, because of the wide lagoon between us and the ship, the only view of their actions was where we were standing.

I offered to let Christy look and she said “No, just don’t take any pictures. I don’t need that getting around.”

I told Christy that I couldn’t see much, and so we resumed our walk back to the ship. In fact, though, I had gotten a pretty good view of Lisa wearing the bathrobe with nothing underneath. The bathrobe had been open in front, allowing her breasts to be exposed in the afternoon sun. I had also been able to tell that the bottom of the robe was hiked up around her waist, and John had been holding her hips as he pounded her from behind.

“I don’t know how they got into our stateroom,” I said. “We changed his key so that it opens your room instead of ours.” This was completely true. Christy and Lisa had booked a smaller room with no balcony, and John and I had originally booked the big suite. When Christy switched rooms with John, we had effectively locked them out of our room.

“Should we give them some time, or is he like you?” Christy laughed. When Christy and I had dated in high school, I had never been able to last more than a few minutes. There was something about the shape and feel of her body that I always found wildly sexy. During my marriage to Susan, I had been able to last as long in bed as I wanted, but when I started dating Christy again, I was frequently coming in less than a minute or two. Christy would make jokes about this from time to time, but I think she was secretly pleased that I could have an orgasm practically just by looking at her.

“How the hell would I know?” I replied. “But if your daughter is anything like you, then they will be finished and back at the pool before we even get dry.

When we got back to the ship, though, we went kaçak bahis up to the pool rather than straight to the room, because we wanted to give them every opportunity not to have parents around. When we got to the pool, though, they were, in fact, already in the hot tub, sipping on rum drinks.

Christy and I got in the hot tub with them, and Christy leaned over to take a sip of Lisa’s drink. The drinking age on the ship was 18, since both Christy and I had signed consent forms, but clearly the bartenders had a policy of making the drinks pretty weak for anyone who appeared to be under 21.

After Christy took the sip, she said in kind of a stage whisper: “We watched your little show on the balcony…” Lisa blushed and giggled, which made her look even more adorable.

“Sorry about that,” Lisa replied. “The room steward recognized John and let us in. That balcony is the sexiest thing I have ever seen. It is private enough that you feel like you have the whole ship to yourself, and public enough that it feels like we might get caught. “

“You did get caught, as I recall.”

Lisa blushed even harder. “Not every time.”

As she spoke, Lisa had moved her hand to the bulge in John’s swimsuit. She was being casual about it, and the other couple in the hot tub didn’t notice, but Christy and I both did.

“Well, as long as you guys are out by the time Jack and I need it…” Christy had started calling me Jack around the kids to distinguish me from John Junior, but it was hardly necessary. As she spoke, Christy moved up, and then slid back onto my lap, placing her butt cheeks up against my dick, which had already started to swell.

Christy’s ass was still as amazing as I remembered, and I had to adjust my swimsuit so my dick would rub against the crack in her ass. After that, I started rubbing her shoulders so that my hands would be visible, and it wouldn’t look like we were fucking in the hot tub.

The other couple got up and left, although I got the feeling that the guy wanted to stay and watch the hot mother and daughter making moves on their boyfriends.

“We are going to go get ready for dinner,” Lisa announced. And after John adjusted his erection, he got up and followed her away.

In fact, it was approaching dinner time, and the crowd at the pool was thinning out. Christy leaned back against me, and carefully moved my hands from her shoulders to her breasts. I looked around, and no one had a clear view of what we were doing. Even someone walking up to the hot tub would have a hard time telling what was going on, because the bubbles covered most of what we were doing. The people at the pool were trying to get the last bit of afternoon sun, or playing with their kids, so we were basically undisturbed.

Rather than stay with her breasts, I slipped one hand inside her bikini bottom and started rubbing her pussy lips. I could feel her natural lubrication almost immediately. “Oh my God,” she whispered. When we had dated in college, she had never been much into exhibitionism, but since we had started dating again, almost every encounter had involved a certain risk of getting caught.

I couldn’t tell if she had planned the semi-public encounters, or if she had realized afterward what a turn-on they were, but it clearly had the same effect on me. Just the thought of her enjoying a public fingering had me rock hard.

I adjusted her so that she was sitting on top of one of the bible jets, and adjusted our position so it looked like I was leaning over her shoulder and hugging her while we talked. No one else was in the hot tub, so no one could tell she was pushing her ass back against my dick to increase her stimulation. Her body felt small and thin in my arms, and I easily moved her back over the bubble jets every time she drifted away.

Within seconds, the bubbles overwhelmed her, and I could feel her using her own fingers to push mine deeper into her pussy. She was gasping for air quietly, but attracting no attention. When her orgasm came, I could feel her contractions around my fingers, and I could feel her whole body tense up for what seemed like a long time.

When she finally relaxed, she whispered: “I will pay you back after dinner.”

In fact, she had already made her plans to pay me back, and it really set the tone for our future exhibitionism. But that is another chapter…

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