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The Curious Trainee

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As Emma walked along the street feeling self-conscious about being in her old school green and white check gingham dress, short-sleeved with a white belt, she thought back towards the conversation she had had with Mrs Mason.Emma was twenty-three and a trainee teacher at the girls’ school where Mrs Mason was the headmistress. Three days ago, Emma had her first annual review with Mrs Mason, just like all the teachers had. Everyone knew it was teacher annual review time, even the Eastern European cleaning staff, one of whom had said, “Nervous, Miss?” when Emma emerged from a toilet cubicle just before her scheduled meeting with the headmistress.”I’m just fine, thank you,” Emma had retorted, affronted that a mere cleaner should speak to her with such familiarity.The girls were just as bad. As Emma was sitting primly on one of the chairs in the corridor outside Mrs Mason’s Study, one of the lower sixth girls, passing by, remarked, “Lucky they don’t cane teachers eh, Miss Tomkinson?”Emma managed to respond, “Don’t be so cheeky, Patricia, or you will be sitting here tomorrow morning!” She was pleased when Patricia realised how cheeky she had been to a teacher and scuttled off.All in all, Emma was pleased that her review had been mainly good, although Mrs Mason had also indicated two of three areas in which there was room for improvement. Near the end of the review meeting, Mrs Mason had asked Emma, in a helpful tone, “Is there anything I can do to help you with your work here?”As it happened, Emma had quite a crush on Mrs Mason. When at the same school a number of years earlier as a student she had friends who had been caned by Mrs Mason and who had shown off their marks in the changing rooms. Emma had been fascinated by the fierce red lines across their bottoms and how some of the girls even seemed proud of their stripes as some sort of mark of honour. One of her friends had remarked, “Better six strokes of Mrs Mason’s cane than three hours of boring detention!”Emma had often imagined herself being caned by Mrs Mason, but, as one of the better-behaved and hard-working students that had never happened. It had not stopped her from fantasising about it though, even once she had started working as a trainee teacher at the school.In line with the school’s safeguarding requirements, a witness was required to be present at canings, presumably to make sure that the caning was at a reasonable level of severity, although not overly severe. Emma had been asked several times to be the witness to girls being caned. She loved watching as the girl in question dropped her regulation school knickers to her knees, bent over Mrs Mason’s desk, tucked up her grey skirt so that it rested on her lower back exposing her bottom and clasped the far side of the desk for stability. Emma loved, even more, watching as one by one the pink lines slowly began to appear and redden across the girl’s pale skin as the girl gasped and sometimes sobbed.When it was all over, Mrs Mason would say, ‘That is all Patricia, or whatever the girl’s name was, please rearrange your clothing and then you may go.’ The girl would do as she was told and then on leaving would say, ever so politely, ‘Thank you for my punishment, Miss.’Emma had even been thinking about the canings during the review meeting, and when asked the question she replied, “I’m wondering how the girls feel when they get the cane Headmistress, and how many strokes are needed for it to be an effective punishment?” Emma blushed as she realised how personal her question was, and added, “If you d-don’t m-mind me asking your opinion on the subject Headmistress? I m-mean I was a g-good girl at school and so I don’t know what it’s like, how much it hurts and so on.”Mrs Mason smiled both at the request and at Emma’s reaction to it. She reckoned Emma hadn’t properly thought things through and so, deciding to have some fun herself, replied, “You know, Emma, those are very good questions. You’ve seen me cane a number of girls here and I know from the punishment records that you were never caned when you were a girl at the school. You might be interested to know that I’ve never been caned myself because I was a good girl at school too, but from what I’ve observed caning affects different girls in different ways. I am sure that the firm crack of my cane on a girl’s bottom is sharply painful because the girls usually gasp, but the naughtier girls try very hard to give the impression that it doesn’t really hurt, while the less naughty girls seem to feel the pain and the shame more and often finish up crying. As for how many strokes, bursa escort I decide that based on the girl’s past punishment record and whether previous canings have produced any improvement in behaviour. Also, it’s not only girls who get caned Emma, on occasion teachers have requested to be caned by me for breaches of staff rules instead of suffering a reduction in pay for example or being dismissed.”Mrs Mason smiled to herself knowing most of what she had just said was untrue, especially regarding the caning of the teachers. However, she was having fun winding Emma up.Emma was taken aback by what Mrs Mason had just told her, and asked, “S-so who witnesses those canings, Headmistress?”Mrs Mason replied with a straight face, “Oh, there’s usually somebody appropriate around for the witnessing role. On one occasion I remember there was a policewoman visiting the school to give a talk to the girls and I asked her to be the witness. She was delighted to be asked, and after seeing the trainee teacher pulling her knickers back up while sobbing with shame remarked that she wished the police were allowed to give young criminals a good caning. Another time, I asked one of the students’ mothers’ who happened to be in the school to be witness to a teacher’s caning and the poor teacher was doubly humiliated because she taught the lady’s daughter and knew she was bound to tell her daughter about it. I’ve found that the shame involved in having such people witness their caning is highly effective in avoiding future breaches of staff rules by teachers.””Gosh, I never knew about that,” said Emma, looking rather alarmed.”Probably because it doesn’t happen very often,” responded Mrs Mason, “but don’t worry Emma, you haven’t broken any staff rules as far as I’m aware, so you’re not likely to face that consequence.””Thank you, Headmistress,” responded Emma, with relief.After a few moments of silence and seeing that Emma was still deep in thought, and blushing, Mrs Mason added, “However, thinking more about your question as to how the girls ‘feel,’ caning is an important part of the school’s disciplinary process and the better it is understood by the staff the better for the school. You are still a trainee teacher and I could, if you wish, arrange from a training point of view for you to be caned and then you could write me a report on how the experience feels and how many strokes you think are needed to be effective based on your own experience. It could be very useful research and help inform how many punishment strokes need to be used for various offences in the future. We could even share such a report with the board of governors and senior staff. What do you think?”Emma blushed the deepest red she had ever blushed, “W-well, Headmistress, if it might be useful to the school, perhaps that might be a w-worthwhile initiative to consider, b-but who would do the caning?””I would be happy to help out with that,” replied Mrs Mason. “What do you think if we say you come to my house on Saturday afternoon and I deal with you then, rather than cause you possible embarrassment by caning you here in my study with my PA listening in the outer office?”Emma was thinking a thousand thoughts at the same time, but none of them said, “No.” Anyway, it would tick so many boxes for her, and if Mrs Mason didn’t mean it, then she would withdraw the offer in any case. So, Emma replied eagerly, “Saturday? Yes, Headmistress, I could certainly come to you then.”Mrs Mason was surprised that Emma was so positive about this idea, but, then, she was quite used to caning the girls at the school and Emma wasn’t so much older as five years wasn’t very much, and she also had a schoolgirl figure, except for slightly firmer breasts. So, she replied with a straight face, “Shall we say two o’clock?”Emma swallowed with nervousness, but replied, “Yes, that works very well for me, Mrs Mason.”The meeting had ended soon afterwards and both Emma and Mrs Mason got on with their jobs. Emma couldn’t stop thinking about the coming weekend though, and whenever she saw Mrs Mason her pussy pulsed on the inside, just like it did when she was getting turned on. What Emma didn’t know was that Mrs Mason was fascinated by Emma’s interest in getting caned and could not help wondering herself what it would be like to be caned. After all, she had caned so many girls’ bottoms, it did not seem fair that she had never experienced it herself. In a moment, though, Mrs Mason pulled herself together and reminded herself that she was the headmistress and such thoughts were entirely out of the question.When bursa escort bayan Saturday morning came Emma just couldn’t settle properly and decided to mark some student papers to calm herself down. It still didn’t stop her from thinking about what was going to happen in the afternoon and she knew that she needed to get into the right mindset. Of course, she didn’t know whether Mrs Mason would tell her it was all just a joke, but then what if it wasn’t and she really was going to cane her?To get into the right frame of mind Emma decided she would wear her old school dress. She had worn it just a few weeks ago at a fancy-dress party and had had to let it out just a little bit, but it fitted very well. So, with her house being a fifteen-minute walk from Mrs Mason’s she used that time to think of herself as a naughty schoolgirl, and even enjoyed the glances she got suggesting some of the people she passed thought she really was a schoolgirl.As Emma walked up the path to Mrs Mason’s front door she felt the same suppressed panic that the school girls would have felt when entering the outer office of Mrs Masons study. She smiled to herself as she wondered whether any of the school girls felt as equally turned on as she did, and was pretty sure that whilst most just saw it as a painful punishment, there would have been those who were as turned on as she was right then. Whether she would still be feeling turned on afterwards she would have to wait to see, all, of course, assuming that Mrs Mason would actually discipline her.As it got closer to two o’clock Mrs Mason was wondering how the afternoon would go. She had invited Emma to her house with the promise of being caned and had already decided that she would leave it up to Emma to decide whether she wanted that to happen or not. However, still maintaining the joke, she did wear her office clothes for a school day, being a short-sleeved white blouse and dark blue skirt. She decided that her legs could stay bare because there was no reason to wear tights in the warm weather.As Mrs Mason stood by her front window as two o’clock arrived and saw that Emma was wearing a school dress, so she knew the answer to the main question straight away.Mrs Mason waited for Emma to ring the doorbell before opening it, and, as she stepped back, she moved into full headmistress mode and said in her stern headmistress voice, “Go through, Miss Tomkinson.”Mrs Mason’s firm tone told Emma the answer to her question as to whether Mrs Mason would see this through which was that she very much would, and she was dressed and ready for it. So, whilst feeling even more tense at the prospect of being caned for the first time ever she also felt the same excitement she felt when privately and guiltily watching spanking videos on the internet, and fingering herself to tremendous orgasms as she did so. Emma was frightened of what was going to happen but still wanted it to happen and, whilst her clitoris was tingling her bottom was feeling suddenly intensely vulnerable.Still thinking those thoughts Emma replied, “Yes, Ma’am,” and then walked through into the living room, looked around, and saw that the dining area was at the far end and a chair was already turned around into the room, ready for its victim. She caught her breath though when she saw a senior hook-ended cane placed on the dining table. However, she waited in the living room area for further instructions.As Mrs Mason came into the room, she asked, “Is that your actual school dress, Miss Tomkinson?”Emma was pleased that Mrs Mason had noticed and replied, “Yes, Ma’am, although I have let it out slightly,” she admitted, feeling as though she had to tell the truth about everything.Mrs Mason then ordered, “Follow me, Miss Tomkinson,” as she walked towards the dining area, went to the turned-around chair, and sat down. She pointed to the floor in front of her and ordered, “Stand there, girl.”Emma did still find it strange to be addressed by her surname and the more derogatory, ‘girl,’ but she knew it was intended to put her in her place as though she was one of the students and a disobedient one at that. She had to admit it worked and she was in the right frame of mind to go through with the punishment, and she was pleased that she had decided to wear her old school dress. Acting as obediently as she expected the students to be, she went and stood on exactly the spot that Mrs Mason had pointed to.Mrs Mason was now well into headmistress mode and, deciding to push some more buttons, instructed, “Put your hands on your head whilst we discuss your behaviour, escort bursa girl.”Emma continued to behave obediently and put her hands on her head, as instructed, with her fingers intertwined, and found she still had the feeling of arousal. The action of putting her hands on her head had the effect of causing her dress to ride up so that she was revealing more of her upper thighs than intended. As she stood there in such a naughty girl pose she was getting both excited and deeply scared at the prospect of the caning, which she knew was going to hurt but, for her, it was going to be all about whether that pain intensified her feelings of sexual arousal or whether the pain would drive away such feelings and leave her a sobbing wreck.Mrs Mason was now sure that Emma was of the mindset to be disciplined, and she knew that her own knickers were getting damp in a way that they never did when dealing with the students. This was very different from everyday school discipline because Emma was an adult playing the role of the schoolgirl and it was more like an office affair than a teacher-student affair which was totally forbidden.”Now Miss Tomkinson,” began Mrs Mason, holding a piece of paper in her hand, “for the protection of both of us I have prepared a letter from you to me which I think it would be a good idea for you to read and sign.”Emma took the proffered letter and read it, with a slightly trembling hand.’Dear Headmistress,Private and ConfidentialThis is to confirm that in connection with developing my position as a trainee teacher at the school, I respectfully request you to give me a punishment caning on my bare bottom as if you were punishing a badly-behaved girl at school so that I can better appreciate how the school’s corporal punishment system operates and how the recipients feel and react when punished. I also confirm that if you request I will write a report on my experience for the benefit of other members of the education community. As agreed, I am happy for the punishment to take place at your private residence so as to avoid the embarrassment which may arise if this punishment were to be carried out at school. To ensure maximum benefit from the experience, please cane me severely, using as many strokes as you consider appropriate and ignore any requests from me to stop or use less force.I understand that for good order you may require my punishment to be witnessed by an appropriate third person of your choosing and that such person may assist me to prepare for and recover from the punishment.Thank you very much Ma’am for acceding to my request.Respectfully yours,Emma Tomkinson”W-witnessed by an appropriate third person Ma’am? I thought this was to be in p-private?” stammered Emma, trembling more now.”It’s more appropriate if witnessed Miss Tomkinson, just as all punishments at school need to be witnessed,” replied Mrs Mason, “and fortunately my cleaning lady, Beata, is still in the house and says she would be happy to be the witness. You know her of course, as she works at the school too.”Emma’s heart sank at this news, to have her naked bottom caned in front of the school’s toilet cleaner. How could that be allowed to happen? She saw her every day at school and she would be so humiliated when she saw her next. Beata would be bound to tell the other cleaners too, and they would all know, including that Emma was wearing her old school uniform. She might even tell her daughter who was at the school already.”Oh, Beata, Headmistress, yes of course I know who she is,” replied Emma, “she cleans the toilets and the corridors and so on, and she’s got a daughter at the school too.””Yes, exactly,” said Mrs Mason, “and her daughter Elzbieta’s a bit of a minx if you ask me. I haven’t had to cane her yet, but I am sure I will have to in the future.””But Ma’am,” exclaimed Emma, “do you really think it’s appropriate for a school cleaner to witness my punishment? She’s a mother at the school as well, so I may find myself teaching her daughter one day … “”Don’t give it a second thought, Miss Tomkinson,” asserted Mrs Mason, “I’ve explained the circumstances fully to Beata that you have requested this as part of your teacher training experience, and she agreed that it seems strange that teachers can impose punishments on girls when they have no idea how such a punishment feels in real life. She told me that in Poland corporal punishment is imposed at schools much more frequently than in Britain and she says that pupil behaviour there is much better than here. She told me that when she was at school in Poland she used to be caned quite often until she learned to pull her socks up. She said that a caning is not really effective unless the girl finishes up in tears and is truly ashamed and repentant. She even canes her own daughters at home whenever they misbehave.”

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