May 16

The Curse of 100 Bottoms Ch. 02

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Note: This story contains themes of mind control, magic, fantasy, and body modification. All characters in it are 18+.


Willem was having a terrible fucking weekend.

When he woke up Saturday morning, he felt a little hornier than usual, but nothing too drastic. The buzzing underneath his skin only got louder as the weekend went on, however. By Sunday evening, he was having to stop himself from reaching for anything in the vague shape of a penis to shove up his ass.

Smoking pot did nothing to alleviate the buzzing. He tried to jerk off to porn that night, but to his dismay, he found himself entirely uninterested in the videos on his computer. Even his favorite video of two girls scissoring each other on a tractor did nothing for him.

He switched over to a video of a guy and a girl fucking doggystyle and was relieved to find that this was at least somewhat better. But the longer the video went on, the more he noticed that he was staring at the guy in the video. He watched as he fucked the blonde bimbo on her chaise lounge, staring wide-eyed at the man’s giant cock as it slid in and out of her pussy.

Before Willem knew what was going on, he had taken his right hand and slid it underneath his ass. He moaned as he slipped his middle finger inside himself, closing his eyes and imagining himself being fucked by the man with the giant cock. He wiggled his finger around, jerking himself off with his other hand as he grew closer to orgasm. His finger was helping to relieve the craving he felt inside his asshole, but the buzzing was still pervading his body.

He heard a loud high-pitched moan. His eyes snapped open as he realized the sound came from him. What the fuck was he doing? He pulled his finger out of himself, slammed his laptop closed, and put his head in his hands. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. He wasn’t fucking gay! Yet here he was, fingering himself like a bimbo as he imagined getting fucked by another dude.

He rolled over and pulled the covers over him, trying to ignore his raging hard-on and throbbing asshole as he fell asleep.

By the time he walked into school Monday morning, he felt absolutely miserable. Much as he tried to deny it, he needed to get fucked and he needed to get fucked NOW. He had told himself he would never bottom again, no matter how bad the buzzing got. But now that he was practically crawling the walls with lust, he knew that he would have to fuck whoever the curse told him to. He just hoped it would reveal the guy to him soon.

Willem walked into his biology class and stopped suddenly when he saw Jake sitting at the back of the room. They locked eyes immediately as Jake stared at him with a look on his face that Willem couldn’t quite read–embarrassment, perhaps? Willem’s face turned red as he hurried to take a seat as far away from Jake as possible. He stared down at his desk, trying to focus on anything besides the buzzing underneath his skin.

“All right, class,” said Mr. Schratweiser as he walked in. “I know it’s the last week of school, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something left I can still teach you.”

Willem looked up to see Mr. Schratweiser leaning back against his desk. Mr. Schratweiser was one of the cooler teachers in school, albeit a little religious for Willem’s taste. For the most part, though, he was a down-to-earth guy who let the kids call him Mr. Schrat. After Jake ratted out Willem for ditching out on their bio project, Mr. Schrat let him make it up with enough extra credit to keep him from failing.

Willem had never noticed before, but Mr. Schrat was kind of a stud. He had to be about mid-40s, but he definitely kept in shape. He had a buzzcut and a short beard with a bit of grey in it that made Willem’s mouth water. Today he wore a polo shirt that was tight against his biceps.

Suddenly a haze began to appear around Mr. Schrat. It started out slowly, then radiated out from him as he became surrounded by a light pink glow.

“Oh, fuck,” said Willem.

Everyone in the class turned to stare at him.

“Excuse me, Willem?” asked Mr. Schrat. “Tell me you didn’t just say what I think you said.”

“Uh, sorry,” said Willem.

“That kind of language is not acceptable in a classroom. If you think that’s going to fly in college, you’ve got another thing coming. See me after class.”

Willem nodded, his cheeks turning red.

Willem spent the rest of class in a state of hell, trying his best to avoid looking at Mr. Schrat but completely unable to stop checking him out. As Mr. Schrat explained to them the theory of evolution (following it up with, “you know, if you believe all that”), Willem was imagining what Mr. Schrat’s cock would feel like in his mouth. Willem had found the taste of Jake’s precum intoxicating and he wondered if Mr. Schrat’s would taste the same.

By the time the class was over, Willem had a small wet spot staining the front of his shorts. As the other kids got up to leave, Willem covered his crotch with his backpack and approached Mr. Schrat’s desk.

“You güvenilir bahis wanted to see me, Mr. Schrat?”

Mr. Schrat leaned against his desk and folded his arms. “You’re a bright kid, Willem. Now I had hoped that after our talk earlier this year you would have shaped up your act a little bit. I know that school might not seem like the most important thing in the world at this time in your life, but it’s what’s going to get you to where you want to go.”

Willem could barely hear anything Mr. Schrat was saying, as he was too distracted by the bulge in his pants. Was Mr. Schrat thick, long, or both? Willem hoped it was both. Ooh, maybe he was curved…

“Willem? Are you listening to me?”

Willem shook his head, looking up at Mr. Schrat.

“Yes, I’m sorry. I hear what you’re saying, I guess I’m just a little distracted lately.”

Mr. Schrat nodded. He put his hand on Willem’s arm. “I get it. But you just have one more week and then you get to spend the whole summer blowing off steam. One week is all I ask.”

Willem’s asshole was practically throbbing at the feeling of Mr. Schrat’s hand on his arm. He was overwhelmed with a sudden desire to drop to his knees.

But he couldn’t fuck his teacher. No matter what Bussy had said, there was no way he could fuck Mr. Schrat.

Before he could give in to his desire, he turned and bolted.

“Sorry Mr. Schrat… gonna be late for my next class!” he called out as he ran towards the door.

He raced down the hallway, his hands desperately trying to conceal his hard-on.

A dozen cold showers did nothing to quell the lust in Willem that night. Something within him was broken, and he needed relief. He threw open his computer and pulled up his favorite porn site. As he scanned the list of videos, he groaned at the pictures of naked women that did nothing for him anymore.

Finally he clicked on the search bar and typed in “Gay Porn”. His eyes gleamed at the different pictures of naked men that presented themselves in front of him. He clicked on the first one, a video of an older man fucking a younger twink in the shower. He shoved two fingers inside his asshole and began to jerk his cock, moaning at the temporary relief that it provided.

Willem watched as the older man plunged his cock in and out of the younger man’s asshole, fucking him under the cascade of water. He was in a frenzy at this point, trying to fuck himself deeper and deeper as the lust became too much for him to handle. After only 30 seconds of jerking himself off, Willem started to cum. His load dribbled out over his fingers, pouring out in a continuous stream as he cried out.

He laid back on his bed exhausted, his fingers still buried deep within his asshole. He rested his face against the pillow, closing his eyes as he enjoyed the relief from the buzzing. After a minute, however, he felt a pit form in his stomach as the familiar buzzing began to return. Within minutes, it was as strong as it had been before.

Willem grabbed a pillow and buried his face in it to silence his scream. Was there no way out of this madness?

After hours of falling in and out of tortured sleep, Willem finally awoke to the sound of his alarm. He got up out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He felt heavier than normal, like his legs were made of lead.

He grabbed his toothbrush and began to brush his teeth, staring at himself in the mirror. What the fuck was he going to do?

Something caught his eye in the mirror. He looked down to his boxers. Were they more puffed out than normal?

Willem turned to look at himself in the mirror. His heart stopped. His ass was sticking out like a shelf, having nearly doubled in size overnight. What the fuck?

He pulled down his boxers, examining his fleshy globes in the mirror. They were humongous! He looked like he’d gotten ass implants. He poked them with a finger, watching as the flesh jiggled.

He grabbed his cheeks, squeezing them in his hands as if to prove to himself that they were real. Sadly for him, his ass had indeed grown. He squeezed and kneaded his cheeks, moaning as the action sent a shiver of pleasure throughout his body.

Willem slapped himself in the face once to snap out of it, then twice for good measure.

He put on his loosest pair of pants, hoping to hide this new monstrosity. They just barely fit over his new ass, stretching out the material to the point of almost splitting. He grabbed his keys and hopped in his car.


Jake woke up to the sound of the doorbell ringing. He sat up groggily, rubbing his head. Who would be at the house this early? Maybe his parents had decided to come back from Palm Springs early and forgotten their key.

He tossed on a pair of shorts and headed downstairs as the doorbell continued to ring. He opened the door to see Willem standing on his front porch with a look of terror in his eyes.

“Willem? What are you-“

“She fucking did something to me, man,” said Willem as he pushed türkçe bahis past Jake into the house. Jake turned, his eyes going wide as he caught sight of Willem’s giant ass.

“Jesus Christ,” he said. “What did you do?”

“What did I do?” asked Willem frantically. “Nothing! That she-witch must have done something to me while I was asleep last night.”

“Slow down. Tell me everything that happened since I last saw you.”

Willem wrung his hands. “I don’t know, I mean I’ve been just fucking horny as hell the last few days. Nothing works.”

“Well, Bussy did say that you had to get fucked to break the curse. Have you been getting fucked?”

“Of course not!” said Willem.

“Why not?” asked Jake.

“Are you kidding me right now?”

“I mean, you have to get fucked. Otherwise, it’s just going to keep getting worse like she said. Why fight it?”

Willem grabbed Jake’s arm. “I still have my dignity, fuckwad.”

Grabbing Jake’s arm was a mistake. Being so close to Jake’s shirtless torso, Willem felt a sudden surge of lust through his body. He pulled Jake into his body, thrusting his pelvis against the taller boy.

“Ughhh fuck,” he moaned, rubbing up against Jake like a dog in heat. He reached down to grab Jake’s cock when Jake pushed him away.

“Okay, we’re going to see Bussy. NOW.” Jake grabbed Willem’s arm and pulled him after him, the curly blond boy whimpering in lust as he trailed behind him.

“How are we gonna find her?” asked Willem as he rubbed his fat new ass back and forth against Jake’s car seat.

“I think she works at the bar we were at,” said Jake. He smacked Willem on the arm. “Stop that.”

They pulled up outside the bar a few minutes later. It was only 8 am, so there were no customers around as they walked in.

“Hey guys, we don’t open for another hour,” said the pocket gay wiping down the table near the entrance.

“We’re looking for a drag queen,” said Jake. “Bussy Scarlett?”

The pocket gay rolled his eyes. “That bitch went to work at Hamburger Mary’s. She said they had better tips.”

Willem groaned. “I’m never gonna get rid of this fucking ass!”

The pocket gay stared at Willem’s ass. “Honey, why would you want to? That thing is a fucking weapon of mass destruction right there.”

Jake grabbed Willem’s arm and pulled him out of the bar.

“Where is this place?” whined Willem as they got back into the car.

“It’s a drag restaurant not far from here. Just a couple of blocks.”

“What do we do if she’s not there?”

Jake shrugged. “Then I guess you gotta get used to all that junk.”

Willem rolled his eyes. “This is not funny.”

As they walked into Hamburger Mary’s, Willem spotted Bussy sitting by the back counting the cash in the register.

“You bitch!” he shouted as he stormed over to her. “Don’t think I don’t recognize you just because you’re wearing a different wig. You did something last night to my ass!”

Bussy stood up, her bright green Marie Antoinette wig perched precariously on her head.

“Don’t take that tone with me, straight boy. I did no such thing. I was binge-watching Emily in Paris all night.”

“You fucking liar!” shouted Willem.

Jake put a hand on Willem’s chest, holding him back. “Something’s happened, Bussy.”

“It’s Ophelia Balzac now,” she said. “Bussy was just something I was trying on.”

Willem scoffed. Jake nodded as though this were perfectly understandable.

“We need your help, Ophelia. Willem’s ass has doubled in size overnight. Can you tell us why?”

Ophelia leaned over to look at Willem’s ass bulging out of his pants. “Oh, dear. You’ve been much too long with a dick up there, haven’t you?”

“Can you undo it?” asked Willem.

“Sorry hun,” she said. “It’s irreversible, at least until the curse is broken.”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” groaned Willem.

“It’s only going to keep growing if you don’t get fucked soon. This is what happens when you try to resist. Just give in, honey. Listen to what your body is telling you. You’re a bottom, remember?”

Willem shot her a murderous look. Jake stepped in between them. “Thank you for your time, Ophelia,” he said.

“Oh, anything for you, dear,” she said, winking at him. “You’re such a doll. Do join us for the lunch special, it’s half-priced margaritas between 1 and 3.”

Willem was pouting by the time they got back in the car. They sat there in silence for a moment.

“Why don’t you just do it?” asked Jake. “Just put your head down, fuck the 100 guys, and this will all be over.”

“It’s not that easy,” said Willem. “You don’t get it, I feel like… like I’m betraying myself by doing this. When you fucked me… it was the best thing I’ve ever felt in my life.”

Jake raised his eyebrows.

“But that just made it all the worse when it was over,” Willem continued. “I’m not gay, okay?”

“If you say so,” sighed Jake as he turned the car on. He drove them to school, pulling in a few minutes before first period was supposed to start.

“Do you know güvenilir bahis siteleri who you’re supposed to bottom for next?” asked Jake as they walked to class.

“None of your fucking business,” said Willem as he hurried on ahead.

Jake rolled his eyes. “You’re welcome for the ride, by the way.”

Willem took his seat at the front of the classroom again. His heart was pounding in his chest, knowing that at any minute Mr. Schrat would walk in again with that goddamn pink glow around him. Willem knew that if he didn’t suck it up and let Mr. Schrat rail him, he was going to lose what little of his mind he had left.

Mr. Schrat walked in, somehow looking even hotter than the day before. Willem practically jizzed right then and there as the older man took his place at the head of the classroom, his package only a few feet away from Willem’s face.

Willem tapped his fingers impatiently on his desk the whole class, barely listening as Mr. Schrat talked about fertilization, zygotes, and how a fetus was DEFINITELY a human life (no matter what some people believed).

As soon as the bell rang, Willem marched right up to his desk. “Can I talk to you for a minute, Mr. Schrat?” he asked.

Mr. Schrat stared at him, taken aback by his aggressive energy. “Uh, sure Willem. Let me just shoot off a quick email.”

Willem stood there by the desk, waiting nervously as the other students filed out of the room. He locked eyes with Jake, who looked from him to Mr. Schrat with wide eyes. Willem glared at Jake as he left, his face turning red with embarrassment.

Finally it was just the two of them left alone in the classroom.

“What’s going on, Willem?” asked Mr. Schrat, leaning back in his chair.

Willem walked over to the door and shut it. He took a deep breath. The buzzing underneath his skin was like adrenaline, filling him with nervous energy.

“I was thinking about what you said yesterday after class,” said Willem as he sauntered over to Mr. Schrat. “And I think I know why I’ve been so distracted lately.”

Mr. Schrat raised an eyebrow. “Oh? And why is that?”

Willem leaned over and whispered in his ear. “How am I supposed to focus when all I can think about is your thick daddy cock?”

Mr. Schrat’s face turned white. He pushed Willem away.

“Willem, this is highly inappropriate…”

“Oh?” said Willem, putting his hands against the desk and sticking his ass out for Mr. Schrat to examine. “You mean I’m the only one imagining you fucking me against your desk?”

Mr. Schrat gulped, staring at Willem’s ass. “Has… has your butt gotten bigger?”

Willem grinned. “You noticed, huh?”

Mr. Schrat’s eyes went wide. “No. I mean, not because I was looking or anything…”

His eyes flicked down to Willem’s ass again. Willem could see the look of hunger in them. He knew Mr. Schrat wanted it just as badly as he did.

“How about this?” asked Willem as he sat on Mr. Schrat’s lap. “We lock the door, you fuck me up the ass, and nobody needs to find out. Deal?

Mr. Schrat rubbed his mouth with his hand, trying to ignore the erection in his pants that was digging into Willem’s ass. “I shouldn’t do this. You’re my student…” he said softly.

Willem reached down and grabbed Mr. Schrat’s cock through his pants. “Like I said. Nobody needs to find out. Besides, it’s not like you’re going to be my teacher for very much longer. Think of it like a graduation present.”

Mr. Schrat moaned at the feeling of Willem’s touch. Willem could see him wrestling with his lust. He was balancing on the edge, and all he needed was a little push.

Willem stood up, pulled his pants down underneath his cheeks and spread them, exposing his pink hole to Mr. Schrat.

“Fuck…” said Mr. Schrat, staring at the entrance to Willem’s ass. He reached out and ran his finger across Willem’s hole, pressing it in slowly.

Willem moaned as Mr. Schrat’s finger disappeared inside him.

“Oh shit. It’s like your hole is sucking it in,” Mr. Schrat said.

“I need you to fuck me, daddy,” said Willem.

Mr. Schrat pulled his finger out of Willem and spanked him on the ass. “It’s sir to you, boy.”

He walked over to the door and locked it, shutting the blinds before turning back to Willem who was still bent over on the desk.

“Spread that pussy for me,” said Mr. Schrat.

Willem obeyed, spreading his cheeks apart as Mr. Schrat got down on his knees behind him. Willem moaned as he felt Mr. Schrat’s tongue on his hole, kissing and licking the sensitive area.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” moaned Willem as he felt Mr. Schrat’s beard on his hole.

He yelped as he felt a sharp spank on his ass cheek.

“Don’t you ever take the Lord’s name in vain again. You got that, boy?” growled Mr. Schrat.

Willem nodded profusely. “Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now get on your knees.”

Willem turned and dropped to his knees in front of Mr. Schrat, reaching for his pants. Mr. Schrat slapped his hand away.

“No hands, boy.” He unbuckled his belt, then unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper. Willem gasped as Mr. Schrat pulled out his hard dick. It was thicker than he would have guessed, with a big mushroom head that Willem could never in a million years imagine would fit inside him.

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