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The Darkened Alley

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Carol awoke, stretched, and greeted the morning. It was Friday, her favorite day of the week. She had Friday’s off while her husband had to work. So, this day was hers alone. No one to answer to, no responsibilities… well one anyway… feeding the animals but that was it, after the animals were fed, she could spend the remainder of the day chasing whatever trouble came into her mind.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee tantalized her nose and greedily she reached for it, thinking to herself how lucky she was to be loved by someone who, as they left for work, cared enough to leave behind a steamy cup just for her. The hot brew eased away the sleep and its warming caress helped her greet the day. Lying there she wondered how she was going to spend her time. Playing on the computer? Shaking her head, she dismissed that thought… Maybe a pedicure? No, she was feeling too active to sit in one place for too long. Shopping! Yup, that was it. The thought of wandering the mall for hours was perfect for this Friday.

Distractedly thinking of the shops, she would visit she took a shower, applied her makeup, did her hair and then looking into the mirror she knew this was going to be a good day, because her reflection said she looked scrumptious!

Off to the closet, she wanted something comfortable yet sexy to blend well with how she was feeling, ah yes, a blouse that showed just a touch to much of her cleavage, a pair of her long-legged jeans and a pair of naughty shoes. Not the most comfortable choice in footwear but she admired how they accentuate her legs and ass. Besides they made her feel sexy… sexy on the wicked side of sexy. A little dab of her perfume and off she went.

In and out of the stores she bounced, happy and light hearted feeling more than one masculine head turn as she passed. Yes, indeed this was a good day. Knowing that she looked tasty she passed another guy and smiled inwardly as she caught him doing a double take but this time a brief spark of familiarity caused Carol to slow her pace. Coyly, she looked back over her shoulder but he had already disappeared and not being able to place the face she dismissing the feeling returning to her jaunt through the mall.

A new store loomed ahead of her with a provocative name…” The Darkened Alley”. Intrigued she strolled in. This was something new and different. It was perfect for the mood she was in. It was like a Victoria ‘s Secrets but with a dose of sinister wickedness added into the mix.

Carol looked around finding the place far more risqué than Vickie’s. The racks of blouses and dresses were more reveling. The lingerie was dark, sexy, and just this side of trashy. Hell, even the manikins added to the ambiance of the place. Looking up at one of them Carol’s eyes traveled over how they had dressed it.

The manikin wore a black skirt, which was so short that if a real live woman wore it the cheeks of her ass would flash with each step she took. The skirt was belted with a heavy chrome chain with its ends suggestively dangling past the hem. The life-sized figure wore leather cuffs highlighted by metal bars and studs on its wrists. A hinged metal collar with a loop for a leash surrounded its neck. Its breasts were covered by a sinfully sheer top that was nothing more than a scarf knotted at the neck and waist. What parts of the plastic models breasts that could not be seen through the open sides lay exposed by the diaphanous fabric of the scarf. The topper to the whole display was a black velvet blindfold… this was a dark, dark Vickie’s.

The whole image was a bit over the top but the scarf was interesting. Not that she would wear a scarf this way in public but still it might be fun to see how it looked on her. She picked up a few items including a couple of scarves one of the too long, too heavy metal belts, a dress and a couple blouses. Looking along the walls she saw the sign pointing to the dressing rooms and off she headed.

The entrance to the dressing rooms was cave like. A dark entryway into an equally dark changing area. Looking up she could see several spotlights shooting columns of light from the high ceiling into each changing booth. None of the booths had ceilings. An interesting effect and yet Carol noted that even these spots failed to disperse the shadows.

Carol moved to one of the rooms pushed the drape kurtköy olgun escort aside and snorted, the dark mood was sustained, as the room was just four walls painted black, open at the top to allow two columns of light to enter and a pair of full-length mirrors, an interesting effect as the room remained dark save for the columns of light. To see yourself in one of the mirrors you would have to walk into one of the bands of light. The hooks for your garments were medieval, oversized and battered. Interestingly they were not attached to the walls instead they too hung into the room from the ceiling. They dangled there a little over a foot above her head. Whoever had designed this store worked hard to keep the mood.

Carol stepped in and pulled the heavy black drape closed, she looped her purse and items over one of the hooks and then froze, as movement of air on the back of her neck told her she was not alone. Ready to scream she heard a male voice say, ‘Please don’t scream Red.”

Terror was seasoned with curiosity as she wondered how this person could possibly know that name. She only used it online as her secret persona. Then in an instant of recall she knew. The image of that rugged head doing a double take returned to her. No wonder she couldn’t place it as she had only seen that face as a picture on Snapchat. They had connected and switched to Snapchat when their message became flirty. Then over a couple of months their chat became a steamy.

Until now it seemed harmless enough. Even though the luck of the draw had them living in the same large city she fended off Colin’s hints to meet “in real life” as an impossible joke between them. They were both married. Warm breath tickled the fine hair on the nape of her neck

“If you tell me to leave then I will” he whispered as his kiss sent her spinning. Sliding his arm around her he continued, “Red if you tell me to stop, I will”.

Red however, remained silent. With confident, deft hands he reached up and filled them with her breasts. Leaning forward he kissed her neck and hair letting his hands roam over her. Thoughts of running still darted through her but his hands strummed her body making it vibrate to his touch and she decided she still had time to bolt should this become too scary.

His hands slipped down he took hold of her blouse and raised it. Carol, no she reminded herself she was now Red, and as Red she felt excitedly sinful. She raised her arms up to allow the blouse to be pulled completely off her body. She shook violently as she felt the clasp of her bra open and wondered if she could really let this happen. Torn between desire and fidelity she hesitated and felt cool dark air caress her nipples as her bra glided away from her breasts.

Kisses to her ears and neck kept her glued to the floor she was caught between the two worlds and then just when this was becoming too real, she saw a hand reach up and tug one of the scarves from a hanger. Tenderly but with determined force her lover bound the scarf around her wrists and then looped her wrists over the hook, her feet just touching the ground.

She no longer had a choice she was helpless to his lust. At least this is what she said to herself. This meant she wasn’t unfaithful. She was being taken against her will, was being forced to do something she would not willingly do.

She felt hands caress her exposed flesh, kisses rained upon the back of her neck, then her ears. She turned her head and as Colin’s lips met hers, she kissed back. The kisses ignited her need and untouched she felt her hard nipples tingle. Hands she imagined but had never felt brushed her belly and then loosen her belt. Shamelessly they unbuckled her denims and lowered its zipper.

Kisses continued to be traced along her neck as her lover swung her around to face him. Colin wanted to watch her face as he stripped her bare.

Red gasped and involuntarily stepped back when she saw the raw intensity of Colin’s lust. He smiled as her hooked wrists brought her to an abrupt stop. They had kept her from moving too far away and then in surprise he watched as Red boldly returned to him pushing her naked breasts into him. She lifted her head to him and they melted back into a sensual kiss… He wasn’t disappointed by her reaction.

They kissed as first-time tuzla escort lovers, wet, insistent. They bathed themselves in their building desire for each other. Their lips parted and he took a step back, Red filled her eyes with him, really seeing him for the first time. She quivered when with burning eyes he came back to her. His lips teased her bare shoulder as he slid his thumbs into the waistband of both her jeans and panties.

With her arms bound above her, his kisses grazed her neck, breasts, and bellybutton as he lowered them. A soft mewl escaped her lips when he kissed her mons as it was gradually exposed. Then when her clothes were all the way down, he softly removed first one shoe, then the other leaving her on tiptoes. Brazenly she stepped free of her jeans. Safety was just a word or a shout away but a gasp was all she mastered when his manly hands put her feet back into her heels.

New sparks of sexual hunger pounded through her as the mental picture of what she must look like buffeted her. Naked, bound, arms raised above her, breasts uncovered, her round bottom pushed out by the stilettos and that was all she was wearing. She had never in her whole life felt this vulnerable. Then her lover moved himself into one of the columns of light.

Slowly he began to remove his clothes. First his shirt, showing off a strong chest speckled with a fine light brown down, then his shoes and socks. Now lewdly, he looked Red over, hard eyes drilled into her nakedness and unbidden she felt her body blush. Her reaction was to cover herself from this invading gaze but with hands tied above her she could do nothing and her level of arousal was rocketed higher. Her pussy had become so wet that in the cool air of the dressing room she felt moisture on her thigh. It hadn’t been since high school that she had felt her wetness ooze down her leg and she loved it.

He freed the buckle of his belt opened his pants and smoothly removed his remaining garments. Red was transfixed by his erection. The only hair visible was the same light brown down that was on his chest and it only sparsely covered the area above his prick, his cock was already rigid and its mass pulled it downward. His balls smooth and inviting lay shielded behind his thickened member. This was the image that she burned into her memory.

She ran her eyes from his face to the floor etching the light color of his hair, the color of his eyes, the tilt of his broad shoulders, the strength of his arms, the smooth muscles of his belly, the bend in his masculine legs and of course his beautiful firm cock into her mind. A movement brought her back and she watched in rapture as standing there flat-footed he took himself into his hand and began to stroke the shaft.

Again locking into Red’s eyes he saw her flush as he slowly approached her. After talking with her for months he knew what she liked and he planned to replay many of the things they had done, only this time in real life. Taking her into his manly arms he ground his cock against her nakedness while kissing her deeply, their tongues darting. She sighed and attempted to struggle away but he held her tight. Something above his head glinted and he looked up to see the heavy chrome steel belt and he reached up and brought it down. Red jumped as he wrapped it around her waist because it was down right cold. He hooked it and then let the loose end dangle.

Standing back, it was his turn to lock an image into his mind. There was Red, completely naked, hands tied above her, round breasts pulled upwards by her raised arms, her tits punctuated by erect brown nipples, a vulnerable torso, beautifully proportioned legs ending in high heels with that nasty chain as her only other garment. Its links were pulled into a gentle arc by its weight with the loose end falling between her legs. It was off center just enough to leave her smooth naked slit exposed for his view.

The whole image so intoxicating that he wanted just to stroke himself to orgasm, shooting all over her as he came but as erotic as that image was he had other plans for her.

He moved behind her forcing her legs apart. Red bit her lip to keep from squealing her desperate need to be fucked. She melted as he reached under her brushing against her inflamed lips and took the dangling chain and gently maneuvered pendik escort it into the valley of her pussy.

Cold steel crashed against her hot clit as he wiggled the loose end of the chain through her crease from clit to the top of her ass. Then she felt him spread her pussy lips open and seat the chain between them. Kneeling he wickedly lifted the chain making Red rise to her toes. She moaned when he pulled the chain aside and began to tease her ass with his tongue. Whimpers escaped Red’s lips as he rimmed her leaving a wet trail. Explosions rang within her as she felt his finger trace the line of the chain from one end of her bifurcated body to the other.

After a few minutes of this torture he pulled back and with and evil grin he centered the chain and using a finger pushed at it watching it fold itself over as it sunk into her now lubricated ass. With the chain pushed finger deep into her ass he came around in front of her, his dick moist with his pre cum and lifted Red’s legs, first one leg onto his shoulder and then the other. Standing he had Red suspended with her chained pussy right in front of his face bringing the sight of her lips spread around the chain to his eyes. Supporting her cheeks with his hands he danced his tongue over the links of the chain right above her clit causing the chain to roll and rock against it. Desperate to taste the woman he had fucked with words he pushed at the chain again and again with his tongue finally feeling her moisture coat the chain and as it crept to his tongue, he savored her sweetness.

Red squirmed and moaned at each movement of the chain against her. She frantically bucked against his face wildly trying to make that chain penetrate her. Red couldn’t believe it; this was the nastiest thing she had ever done and she convinced herself that she was powerless to fight against this wicked theater. She kept telling herself that she was forced to be her lover’s sex toy, forced to play her role in this sultry encounter simply because she was bound and helpless but as she wiggled and twisted, she found that she was held defenseless not by the scarf tied to her wrists but by her own animal lust

Her clandestine lover had overpowered her and was making her pussy electric with his teasing but it was she that willingly surrendered her body to her lover. Every time the chain rolled against her clit new jolts shot through her body. Each motion of his tongue caused the chain to pull at her and she responded to the shear thrill of how she was being taken.

This chance meeting coupled with the lewd nature of what they were doing created earthquakes within her. And, just as she thought she was going to burst he forced the chain out of the center of her pussy and began to lower her down.

Her legs spread wife over his arms he watched her pussy as it met his cock. Holding his own cock in one hand he let gravity bring Red down on top of it. The intensity of the feeling was multiplied a hundred times by watching Red’s hot cunt settle onto his shaft. Colin’s arms shifted to support her weight and she wrapped her luscious legs around his waist pulling him deeper into her.

Now imbedded in her he began a long slow rhythm of strokes supporting Red’s behind in his entwined hands, the chain pushed to the side added a new dimension to the fucking as it rolled to its own oblique motion and as they fucked Red rolled her head feeling the chain move within her. Her lover passionately pushed his organ deep into her and then pulled back till the tip of his cock became visible. In this way, they screwed, starting with a slow gentle pace then gradually picking up speed as their orgasms approached.

The two of them moaned and ground themselves against each other, Red hoisting her own weight up using the hook for leverage and then slammed herself down onto his rod over and over. The chain rolled against her labia, and with her pussy stretched wide she found on some penetrations her clit would rub itself down her lover’s shaft. She shook violently in blind sexual hunger. In staccato squeals they pulled and separated and thrust. And in a massive wet eruption they came.

He reached up released her from the hook and brought her arms down and around his head with her wrists still tied. Together like this they kissed, still coupled, still moving against one another they continued their loving. Slow strokes as they ground themselves together wet, intoxicated and refusing to let the moment end.

Red knew this was the most erotic moment of her life but she also knew that she would have to tell her husband about this…but how to do it.


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