May 26

The Delights of Becoming a Cuckold

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My descent into the delights of becoming a cuckold started a couple of years after marrying Ruby. She was a Registered Nurse on the IC Ward at our local hospital, often on night duty, seven days on (twelve-hour shifts) then seven days off, but it worked for us.

One of the doctor’s she worked with seemed to like the look of her, openly flirting with her, just playful stuff at first to see how she might react. Ruby was only twenty three at the time, twenty years or so younger than him, so he didn’t fancy his chances with a conventional approach.

They’d often work night shift together taking their break in the staff room at the same time, the doctor would sit one side of the table, Ruby would sit opposite him. At first, she thought that the occasional footsie touch was just accidental, but he always looked straight at her when it happened.

Ruby noticed how he spent much of his break reading a book, the book had been wrapped so that no one could see the title. Maybe that’s why it had been wrapped, chances are the doctor knew there’s no surer way to make a woman curious than to hide something from her.

This went on for a couple of nights, until one night in the middle of their break the doctor was called to another ward. Ruby couldn’t resist looking what book was all about. She picked the book up, the title page of the book was “The Art of Seduction & Cuckolding”.

I don’t think Ruby had even heard what cuckolding was at the time, but glancing through a couple of paragraphs opened her eyes in more ways than one.

It wasn’t long before she heard the doctor coming back on the ward so she hurriedly put the book down just as the doctor entered the staff room. She immediately noticed that in rushing to put the book down she hadn’t placed it back on his side of the table. It was the first thing the doctor noticed, his eyes flashed straight from the book to Ruby, she couldn’t help blushing.

The next night Ruby went into the staff room for their 2am break, Ruby was in her usual place but she soon noticed the book wasn’t wrapped any more. The doctor was sat right opposite her holding the book at an angle where the title and the graphic of a couple “entwined” was clearly on display. It was obvious that he was letting her see what the book was all about.

Although Ruby wasn’t familiar with what a cuckold or a cuckoldress was, she had asked one of the slightly more worldly nurses that she travelled to work with what cuckolding was all about.

Within twenty minutes on the ride home, there wasn’t much, that Ruby didn’t know about cuckolding. She found it hard to believe that a man would be turned on by thinking of his wife having sex with another man, or how a wife can get a feeling of power and pleasure by teasing / tormenting her husband by just talking about having sex with another man.

This seemed odd to Ruby at the time, she wasn’t sure if this was just a fantasy fetish or if it was something she might be tempted to play with, the topic certainly intrigued her.

It took a couple of nights in the staff room before Ruby wasn’t blushing any more even though the doctor was by now looking at her quite often as he turned the pages of the book, looking straight at Ruby for more than a casual moment or two. The next thing Ruby knew he’d closed the book, pushed it towards her and said “would you like to read it, you could let me have it back when you’ve finished with it.”

Ruby just smiled, finished her coffee, she left the book on the table and went back to the ward, she wasn’t going to be that easy. Nothing more was said, at 7:30 Ruby finished her shift and was on her way home when she noticed her bag seemed to be bit heavier than usual. It didn’t take long to find out why, the book had been dropped into her bag.

By the time Ruby is home from night shift I would have left for work, this was a chance Ruby had to flip through a chapter of two.

It was certainly hot stuff, even though she was on her own, reading it she could feel her face (at least) getting a rush of blood. Surely the things she was reading were just soft porn fantasies, the stuff that men like to read, the things that turn men on. It took Ruby four or five days to read the whole book, then a couple of days reviewing some of the really erotic chapters again.

When Ruby returned to work the following week the first thing the doctor asked, was “how’s the book going,” Ruby just smiled, she didn’t say anything, but she was at the point where their little secret was starting to turn her on, the doctor could see that.

When Ruby took the book back to work, she waited until it was break time when the two of them were alone, brazen as hell she pushed the book across the table and said “thanks, it was an interesting read.” The doctor smiled and said “glad you liked it, I have a little collection güvenilir bahis in my room that I’m sure you’d be interested in.”

Ruby recognised that for what is was, a “come on” to see if she dared to take up on his offer, being propositioned by an older and probably more experienced man did give her a tingle. “You could come and take a look to see if there’s anything you like the look of when we finish our shift.” The thought of doing that built up in Ruby’s mind for the rest of her shift. By 7:30 it wasn’t a thought any more, temptation had been taking hold of her mind, making her body flinch at the thought of what might happen.

Ruby had to hand off to the day shift so she was a few minutes late leaving the ward, but she knew he would be in the doctor’s quarters of the hospital annex. As Ruby walked across the car park her feet didn’t seem to be touching the ground, she was in a dreamlike, aroused, excited haze. It seemed like she was on auto pilot as she entered the doctor’s quarters, heading down the corridor to room 217.

The hardest part was standing in front of the door, gathering up the courage to knock, he would know why she had come to him. She faltered for a moment but quickly plucked up the courage to knock on the door, she couldn’t risk being seen standing there during a shift change, although it wasn’t unknown for nurses to “visit” doctor’s in their quarters it had to be done discreetly, especially if the nurse was a married woman.

Her knock was quickly answered, he was already in a bath robe, he’d just stepped out of the shower. Ruby stepped in, taking off her raincoat, he immediately started to kiss her, he kept her close as they kissed, he wasn’t going to let her back out of this.

Ruby could feel herself going limp, falling under the influence of his kisses, her face burning as he started to unbutton her uniform, she couldn’t resist. It took less than a minute of kissing and unbuttoning before her nurses uniform fell to the floor, she felt ashamed but also aroused as she stepped out of it.

She was almost naked, embarrassed, but too excited to resist, worse still she could feel she was getting wet, this was the first time she had been at the mercy of “another man.”

Ruby stood there in her bra and panties, he looked at her, taking it all in, she wasn’t a nurse any more, she was now his willing victim, he had seduced her, she was at his mercy. He pushed her forcefully onto his bed, doing that excited her even more.

He laid her in the middle of the bed, as he dropped his robe Ruby could see what no married woman wants to see, he was bigger in every way, much bigger than what she had at home. Not just longer, at least 8 inches compared to my 5 inches, her eyes widened as she noticed his penis was thicker than her wrist.

He held her down as he slipped nakedly between her legs, kissing her for a while to subdue any resistance she might have. He unhooked her bra and started kissing her nipples, moving down across her silky soft belly, licking and flicking skilfully with his tongue as he teased her.

In one swift move he had her panties off, kneeling between her thighs he started going to work on her. He was still holding her down but she didn’t have any fight in her, she was his for the taking, and he knew it.

She felt his tongue flicking her clitoris, all she could do was close her eyes and arch her back, she could feel how wet he had made her, even though she’d been wet an hour ago thinking what he might do to her if she’d dare go to him.

By now she was eagerly waiting for him to enter her. He took his time doing that, gently rubbing her with the tip of his penis, she could feel the silkiness of his precum on her lips.

He knew what he was doing, he was a much more experienced than what she had at home. He was teasing her, entering no more than the head of his penis, then just half way into her, then rubbing her clit as he brought his rock hard shaft out of her.

He started to go deeper inside her, Ruby had never felt anything this hard. He slid into her slowly going deeper and deeper. Ruby arched her back to take all he could offer her, she couldn’t help moaning with delight as he slowly and expertly slid in and out of her, he was BIG, she could feel everywhere he touched inside of her.

He hadn’t been in her more than a minute before Ruby felt like she was going to cum, maybe he could tell, he pulled out completely, then he straddled across her waist placing his penis on her chin. Ruby couldn’t resist, she lifted her head, he guiding her mouth onto his shaft. Ruby couldn’t resist, she started to lick, then gently sucking the silky smooth head of his penis, she could taste the sweetness of herself and the smoothness of his pre-cum.

She knew why he was holding her in this position, it was to complete his türkçe bahis dominance over her, there was no coming back from this now, she would have to do what ever he wanted now, or he would tell me that he’d fucked her and how eagerly she had sucked him off.

He was becoming her Master, she was becoming his plaything. Somehow that didn’t seem to matter any more, she was under his spell. He moved back between her thighs, she arched her back, encouraging him to enter her with that rock hard penis that he’d been teasing her with.

He knelt between her legs, pulled her hips onto his thighs, holding her like that he could see she was glistening, waiting for him to enter her again, by now her cunt was a restless gaping hole, opening to welcome him.

He slid back into her as though he owned her, by now he did, Ruby was squirming under the power of his penis as it went deep into her, she wondered why it wasn’t like this at home.

He must have worked on her for 20 minutes, by now she was moaning and coming time and time again almost on demand for him. He was destroying her innocence, taking pleasure in her body, hardened by the powerful pleasure a man gets when he’s fucking another man’s wife.

She could feel his shaft pulsing as he pounded her, he was going faster and deeper into her, humping her like she was a rag doll.

Ruby had never been used like this, she could tell he going to cum, he knew she wasn’t “on the pill,” so he started to pull out, Ruby was way too far gone to let him do that, baby or no baby she wanted him to cum inside of her.

Just as he started to pull out she wrapped her legs around him and pulled every inch of him deep inside of her. He felt great, another man’s wife wrapping her legs round him, she wasn’t going let him escape, she wanted his cum inside her.

With a growl like an animal he lost control, flooding her with his cum, she could feel every throbbing ejaculation, every throb of his cock as he came inside of her.

His cum felt like fire inside her, she was doing the work now, grinding her clit against him, draining every drop of his cum into her cunt.

He fell exhausted on to her, he relaxed a little but he was still bigger and harder than Ruby was used to. She continued to slowly grind her clit against him, there was still the odd, late little throb for Ruby to enjoy, she wanted to drain him of every drop of cum that he had, she wanted him to fill her with his cum.

Ruby felt wicked not just that she’s let another man fuck her, or that she had drained him of his cum and risked having his baby, but that she had responded so eagerly to him. How could she have let him fuck her, or excuse the pleasure she felt sucking another mans cock.

Ruby was becoming addicted to the smell of the man who had just fucked her, the smell of his cum on the lips of her cunt, the taste of his penis in her mouth, or how she had watched him in the mirror as he was fucking her, how he took her like an animal takes its prey, memories she would never forget.

After laying there for a few minutes still kissing, now in appreciation of what they had done for each other. He finally got up and went back to the shower inviting her to shower with him. Ruby declined, she didn’t need to rush home, no one would notice that she was a couple of hours late getting home, Ruby wanted to savour the moment.

As she pulled her panties on she could feel his cum dribbling out of, her panties were soaking wet, but she liked the look and the feel of it. Cum is like ownership of a woman, she knew that, she liked how it felt to have made love with another man, a bigger man.

That’s how Ruby went home, every stride she took felt sticky, she was sure his cum was running down her thighs, she could smell his cum and the smell of his body still on her. It might have been the first time she’d gone home dripping with another man’s cum, but it wasn’t going to be the last.

Ruby went home, got changed, left her used, wet, silvery stained panties on a chair by the side of the bed hoping that I might notice the stains of another man’s cum on her panties, it became a little game, a little fetish that Ruby enjoyed.

I’d been missing the clues but that just emboldened her, eventually she laid her panties on the bed, panties absolutely covered in cum stains from just couple of hours earlier. Ruby made sure I took a long and close look at the cum stains, telling me that I should get used to the smell of her Lover.

I thought this teasing was a special treat for me, it was, but it was turning Ruby on too, she couldn’t get me in bed fast enough. I knew what she wanted, I thought she was “wet” because she was excited, I should have known better.

Ruby was learning how to tease and how to take pleasure in it, it was the most powerful feeling she’d ever experienced. güvenilir bahis siteleri She was the doctor’s slut for over a year, there were many encounters, all of them exciting, but cuckolding me had become her most intense emotion.

Fucking someone behind my back, leaving clues that I didn’t always pick up on, until all was eventually revealed, by then she’d addicted me to what I thought were her bed time fantasies.

She subdued me, bringing me under her cuntrol, sharing with me when she came home soaking wet with the smell of another man on her, and in her.

It wasn’t long before Ruby decided to start weaning me off having sex with her, asking me how I felt about her having sex with a man “bigger than me”. Talking like that she would give me a hand job bringing me off while she talked about being with other men, asking me crazy things like “would you like to watch me getting fucked by another man, would you kiss me while another man fucked me.”

She knew how to play with my mind, how to sow these seeds in my psyche. The most exciting times were (when I’d been conditioned to accept what was going on) Ruby would be getting ready to go on a date, she would ask what she looked sexy in, right down to which bra and panties she would wear.

I’d watch her put on her sexy stay up stockings, it was one of those CFNM things, I had to be naked to do this so that she knew for sure which outfits made her look sexy. She’d judge by what got me excited when she wore something really sexy, she knew for sure by my reaction what she looked slutty in.

My reward wouldn’t be until she came home, usually around midnight, sometimes much later, it was AGONY waiting for her, knowing she was dating another man.

Sometimes she wouldn’t even come home at all, she would tease me by phoning to say “not to worry” as she would be staying the night with him, arriving home the next morning, going straight to bed exhausted.

No matter when she got home my balls would be aching from the tension. I knew she was out, having a drink, getting a little bit tipsy, knowing another man was buying her drinks to ease his way into her, knowing that she would let him fuck her.

Sometimes when she came home she looked like she’d been dragged through a hedge backwards, usually after fooling around on the back seat of a car. Some folks like to play rough, she did, some just like to hear about it, I did.

One time she came home, not very late, around midnight, I heard a car pull up, I met her at the front door, she walked in gave me a wicked smile, started to kiss me dominantly, little did I know where her mouth had been just minutes ago.

Ruby pushed me against the wall, started to stroke me, she was drunk, I could smell G&T’s on her breath, but she knew how to grab more than my attention.

I hadn’t noticed at first because she likes to “lock me with her eyes” it’s her way of overwhelming me, she makes me keep my eyes open, it was then I noticed she had 3 maybe 4 globs of cum in her hair, inches away from my face, I could smell it, another man’s cum in her hair.

She told me later that she’d given the doctor a back seat blow job in his car, she’s taken his balls in her mouth and finished him off with her hand, where else was his cum going to go other than all over her hair, she told me the next day that she wanted me to see what she’d been up to.

The thing is, seeing another man’s cum in her hair blew my mind, she knew that would be how I’d react, how it would weaken me. She knew exactly how to play the game, how to conditioning me, how to put thoughts in my mind, thoughts of men fucking her.

She would talk about how it felt to be fucked by a bigger man, teasing / tormenting me, delighting in how fast she could make me cum talking dirty to me. It didn’t take long before she’d conditioned me to accepting nothing more than hand jobs, she said it was sweet of me not trying to compete with her lover.

After a while that’s all I needed, it was all that I wanted, all I craved for. I couldn’t get an orgasm unless she talked to me about being fucked by other men, or showing me something from her collection of cum stained trophies.

All good things come to an end, after a year or so her affair with the doctor cooled down, it wasn’t quite as exciting any more.

Ruby knew how to play the game, by now she could have written a book on Cuckolding.

Ruby wasn’t the only one who became addicted, being cuckolded is the most intense sexual tease and torment any husband could wish for. The arousal you get when your wife tells you what 8 inches feels like is intense. My 5 inches might be an handful, but it doesn’t fill the gap that a rock hard 8 inches opened up in her.

It wasn’t long before Ruby turned to cuckolding me again, this time with a buddy of mine, just to turn herself on. It made her feel powerful seeing how easy it was to weaken me by letting me know who’s spunk stains were on her skirt, or on her panties, who she was wanking off / who was shagging her.

But that’s another story to tell…

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