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The Desert Part III

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The Desert Part IIIWe all collapsed on the grass and promised to meet at the club around 11. Jessie and I ordered take out and ate. He and I looked at my purchases, and He brought out his gear. He had a sexy red PVC jock strap that could contain his big dick if it wasn’t hard. I told him I wanted him in that. So he slipped it on, and proudly gave me access to finger and lick his hole.Jessie and I took and nap, and just after 10 PM, we heard voices outside out room. When I opened the door – still nude of course – Dan from the store was standing there. He had a shopping bag and thought I might like some discounted merchandise. Jessie came up behind him, took the bag, I took his shirt off, and pulled down his shorts to the ground. He stood there in a yellow jock strap and shoes with a growing erection. I introduced Jessie as my boy, and called Dan unfinished business. He stood in the middle of the room as Jessie and I kissed him all over his pale but muscled body. He had natural hair growth all over, but it hid his definition. Jessie told me to take Dan to the Steam room for 15 minutes. No fucking or sucking yet. He’d get all readyI didn’t know what he was up to, but I held Dan’s hand and we went into the steam room. We kissed as long as we could before the heat was unbearable. His jockstrap was soaked and all of the hair on his body was matted to him. We went back and Jessie was nude. We took Dan and tied him spread eagle to the bed and started making out in front of him. Then Jessie took out electric clippers and as I kissed him, Jessie clipped Dan’s whole Body. Then he got the razor and shaved him smooth. Dan’s cock and Balls were next to last. to be done. As we finished we fought over his hard cock, until we flipped him over and shaved his hole. We used baby oil to moisturize his whole body and ended back at his hole. Jessie winked at me as he was applying the oil and shoved his hard uncut cock into Dan’s hole without asking. Dan shot up, but we both caught him and kissed him. Soon Dan was bouncing up and down with his own cock hard and bouncing around. Dan Said he was coming so Jessie plowed home like a pile driver ad I capped his cock with my mouth. Jessie pulled out of Dan’s hole and shot his load on his slick ass, which immediately licked and swallowed. Without even resting, we stood Dan in front of the mirror, and showed how hot he looked. His rounded muscular frame showed off in the light with the oil. He agreed, and didn’t move to cover his cock.We talked about the rules of this hot but unusual situation. No one is dating. Anyone can bursa escort leave at any time. Before anyone else is brought to the hotel room, we run it by each other, and if we want to leave, or to play somewhere else, its fine. We told Dan that we were going to the leather club and he worried about dress code night. We pulled out the bag that Dan had brought and looked through it. We figured we could all get away with Jeans, a white or black shirt, a jockstrap, and boots. I decided to wear a red mesh N2N jock, Jessie wore a black Nasty Pig jock, and Dan selected a white 2xist. The problem was that I didn’t plan this trip and didn’t have jeans with me. They each had a pair at home, but Dan was too short, and Jessie’s waist was too small. We got to know each other better, talked, ate, and had some cocktails, and tried to come up with options. Finally, I put on a blue and white singlet with the red mesh N2N jockstrap and sneakers. I figured it was jock gear.When we got to the club – a warehouse with an entrance in the back – the doorman, Rex, was in full leather gear. Bar Vest, Chaps, Jock strap, and Boots. He motioned for Jessie to come over. He checked his ID, got him to pay the cover, and then told him to lose the shirt and open his top button on his jeans. The doorman took Dan next. He pulled Dan’s shirt off of him and tossed on the counter, felt Dan’s waist band then ripped the buttons open. He said, “Boy, 2Xist, is not a jock strap” take that off, and go commando instead.The doorman looked me up and down. I started to tell him the story and he held his hand up. He asked if I knew it was dress code night, and leather dress is strictly enforced. He called another guy to watch the register as he escorted us to the little shop in the back. . He told me to take off the singlet. I stood there in the red mesh N2N jock strap, and saw me getting aroused. He said rather than send me away, he’d let me in if I helped them tonight. He pulled out Chrome gauntlets, chrome arm bands, and a full harness with chrome accents. I put on the harness on and he nodded that I knew what I was doing. He grabbed the strap intended for my cock and looked me straight in the eye as he pulled out a heavy and wide chrome cock ring. He pulled open my jock and spit on my quickly stiffening rod and maneuvered the nearly 1.5 inch ring around my cock and balls. It hurt like a mother but I didn’t ant him to see my pain. He shoved my rock hard cock and swelling balls into my jock. It was grossly tenting my jock, but no one – not Jessie, Dan, the other sales clerk, or the bar Patrons bursa escort bayan that would come in – cared I had a full on hard on in this shop in the bar. He adjusted the chrome arm bands – stopping to confirm that I am versatile. I’d fuck him and then he’d do me to prove it. He chuckled and assured me, that I would prove it. Ex said their store didn’t sell boots, but he had his personal pair that I should wear. Jessie and Steve didn’t know what to make of all this attention. I was wearing full leather and chrome, none of which was mine, a red mesh jock and was hard too.Rex then sprung the deal on me. The needed someone to be the sub in a display on stage that night. It was a couple and the dom was going to flog me, and the sub, would attend to me. It was almost show time, so we went into the bar, I had a few shots, a blue pill, and I see Doug and Andy. Doug was in full leather – chaps, harnesses, Captains hats, gloves, and arm bands – both on the left – and studded codpieces. Andy wore a jockstrap, boots, harness and a submissive armband and collar. Rex, introduced them as the couple who came in from Dallas to do this exhibition. Doug was completely in character, and didn’t say a word. Andy, told me to relax and trust him. Doug got on the stage and folded his arms. Andy slipped a leash around my neck and brought me to a small stage in a hall way. He bowed, and I didn’t, so he smacked my ass, so I bowed. Andy placed me in the sub servant position and told me to look down. When I went to ask a question, Doug smacked Andy across his ass. I kneeled there as Andy prepared a great big cross – St. Andrew’s cross – and took my head in his hands and put a blindfold on me. I started to freak out, but Andy whispered “You look so hot. The chrome is shining in the lights; everyone is turned on watching you. Just act like you are a performer man. So I relaxed. Andy took off all my gear so that I was standing there in just the jockstrap, blindfolded. I got bound to the cross facing it, with my back to the audience. Doug slowly started to flog me. He focused on my back, but occasionally hit my ass. I could hear people in the audience talking. “This is hot” “Look at how he takes it”. “He feels no pain.” “Look he’s getting hard.” “He’s getting turned on by the pain.” (Actually I was turned on by them talking about me.) It was so erotic. Andy got a few lashes himself and Doug came up and pulled at my hard cock, and dribbled lube into my ass crack. I was told Andy got on his knees and ate my hole. I was moaning so loud. I wanted to get fucked and to cum. escort bursa Doug, teased my hole with his fingers, his cock, a dildo, but nothing ever entered me. He ran his finger up and down my hole with the handle of the flogger and I tried to get on it. He smacked my ass and told me not now, pig. Andy came and untied me and made me face the front. I stood spread eagle facing out with my cock hard and straining in my N2N mesh jock. My hole was lubed up but no penetration was made. Andy brought water to my mouth and I drank from a straw then he gave me two shots. Then he took a single cube of ice and slowly dragged it on my body. As he did men would come up and pinch and work my nipples, or smack my pecs. Guys would smack my cock with their hand. Even breathe on it. Then I felt Jessie nuzzling my neck. I tried to kiss him but he wouldn’t. I begged Dan to fuck me with his cock or a dildo. But Dan was too busy sucking me through the mesh. Jessie stuck his finger by my ass and I backed up on it. He pulled it out and wiped my ass and sweat smell on my chest. I was fed strawberries and olives. Had body shots done on my abs, and finally, I felt movement, and Andy and Doug were back. They took off the blind fold and I was the center of attention. Doug pushed Andy in front of my kneeling with his arms behind his back. His kept licking his mouth as I tried to get my cock closer to him. Doug, pulled my cock and balls out and Andy sucked me right up. I tried to lean forward to get my cock as far as I could in his mouth, but he worked it hard. And I could feel my load boiling in my balls. I was moaning so Doug put a gag in my mouth and I started cumming. Andy sucked and sucked as I shot stream after stream into his mouth, when I was done, Andy and Doug jumped up and caught me as I collapsed. I was unbound and helped down to a dressing room where Jessie and Dan caught me. They wiped me down from the sweat for the show. They poured Gatorade into me, and finally, when I came around, they dressed me back in to the chrome gear. After all that, we hung out for a while, but many people left. The club was emptying out, so Dan suggested we go back to the resort and enjoy it. I went to the store and took off the gear, but Rex gave me the Chrome Armbands and cock ring. I didn’t realize until I was told later that Christian was tied up on a different stage and he was having wax dripped on him. We figured we’d catch up with them later. I had my singlet back on and my boys were shirtless as we entered the courtyard. But it was jumping. There were 20 or so guys there in the courtyard. Music was playing, the bar was staffed by a hot guy in a harness and jockstrap, and most guys were cruising each other, or downright making out. People were wandering all over… Ah, we forgot the play. Maze

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