May 26

The Diary of an English Chick

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I do not normally keep a diary. I never have done as there has not really been much of interest to record. I go to work, live my life, try to be good to others as best I can, and that is about it really. I learned a long time ago that a modern woman has to be self-sufficient. I earn a decent wage, have a little house and keep myself busy.

My age is 40. I am trim, and have long hair and large eyes. My eyes are the thing that the few men in my life have fallen in love with over the years. Apparently they are doe-like, gentle, but they have not got me anywhere in the long-run. I remain unmarried, but content with my life.

I live in a cosy semi-detached cottage. My elderly neighbour Ethel passed away two years ago. I was sad about this at the time as she and I got along well and did have some laughs even when she was poorly and in need with my help. Her half of the cottage has now been empty since. I keep an eye on it, but have got used to being on my own until recently. I feel the need to record recent events. Perhaps when I am 80, my nieces will be delighted to know that their elderly aunt was a bit of a fox in her day. I will give this writing lark a try. Forgive me reader if I do not do this well. It is new to me…

Saturday 14th June 2014

The relief at being at home for the weekend! I am often busy, so it was a sheer delight to wake and see that the sun was shining. In the UK the weather is unpredictable, so there and then I decided to lie in my hammock in the garden after breakfast. I love the feel of the warm sun on my skin, so took a drink, a book and put my bikini on. Cushions are the final part of my recipe to build a good ‘hammock nest’.

Once I had washed my dishes, I ventured out, positioned my cushions carefully, put my drink and book on a nearby tale, and climbed into my hammock with a sigh of satisfaction.

My garden is a little overgrown. I like it this way as I love nature, love the changing colours of the leaves throughout the seasons, and also love my privacy. No-one can see into my garden, and I always feel happy and relaxed there. The windows of the cottage next door overlook me a little, but there is no-one there now.

I relaxed, and began to feel my eyelids closing. The feel of the sun on my skin was a treat, so I decided as I was on my own to take my bikini top off. My breasts are small but pert, and almost disappear when I am lying on my back. It felt naughty and delightful to lie there and just ‘be’.

I must have nodded off for a brief time. I opened my eyes and wondered what the time was. I did not wish to burn as although the rest of my body is quite brown, my breasts are white and vulnerable. I blinked a little and then paused. I had a distinct feeling of being watched. Surely not? I looked up out of instinct and just saw a movement in one of the upstairs windows next door…or did I? Perhaps not. I decided reluctantly that it was probably time to go indoors. The sunburnt lobster look was not a look I was aiming for.

The rest of the day passed gently. I read a little, ate and did some housework. The rest of the weekend was unremarkable.

Monday 16th June 2014.

I always seem to manage to make myself late on a Monday morning, however early I rise! I realised that it was definitely time to leave the house, grabbed my bag and car keys and hurried out of the front door. I gave a ‘start’ and dropped my bag as the front door to Ethel’s house opened at the same time and a man stepped out! I bent to retrieve my bag, stood up once more and ended up face to face with a pleasing looking man. He was tall, but not too tall; perhaps a shade under six foot. He had very dark hair with just the beginnings of grey around the temples. His eyes seemed sort of golden and merry…I realised I was staring and immediately looked down at my feet.

“Good morning,” he said in a deep voice with a definite American accent. “Sorry to have startled you. My name is Benjamin. I’m Ethel’s great-nephew and I’m here to fix-up the place and have a little vacation. Your name is?”

“Anna,” I replied breathlessly. “Sorry Benjamin, but I am late and have to go. Nice meeting you,” is all I managed before scuttling to my car.

“Catch you later Ms Anna,” he replied as I unlocked my car and climbed in. “Perhaps the sun will be out again later!”

He must have seen me in my hammock on Saturday. I focussed on starting my car and did not look at him again as I drove away. I felt a little flushed and embarrassed at the thought of him seeing me nearly naked, but found myself quite turned-on by the idea. I turned my attentions to the working day ahead.

Tuesday 17th June 2014

Yesterday ended up being quite cloudy and overcast. During the evening, I could hear sawing and drilling coming from next door. I wondered what Benjamin was doing. Would the house be done-up and sold? I decided it would be quite nice to have a new neighbour, but I would lose the privacy I had become used to over the past couple of years. I was bahis firmaları tempted to knock on the door and go round out of sheer nosiness, but wasn’t brave enough.

I only saw Benjamin to wave to this morning, but he smiled at me and I smiled back. When I got home from work, the sun was out. As I climbed once again into my hammock in the lazy afternoon sun, I defiantly told myself that this is what I would be doing anyway regardless of the presence next door. I put on a pair of sunglasses, relaxed and made myself comfortable, trying to ignore the steady sounds of hammering and drilling.

I must have dozed briefly again because when I opened my eyes, the drilling sounds had stopped. I looked up at the upstairs window next door from behind my dark glasses without moving my head even a fraction. Yes, there was a figure in the window. I shivered a little at what I knew I was about to do. Yawning a little, I sat up, removed my bikini top, and made a show of slowly rubbing sun lotion over my small perky breasts, then lay down once more. I hoped he was enjoying what he was seeing.

I risked a glance at the upstairs window once more without moving a muscle. I could only see his silhouette, but he was definitely still there. Because of the height of the windowsill, I could not tell how much he was enjoying the view. I felt my groin tingle with pleasure at the thought of Benjamin perhaps stroking himself. I stretched out in the hammock with another yawn, hoping that the sight of my slightly jutting hips, my flat stomach and my starkly white breasts against my tan might be making him erect. I wondered what he would do if I were to take my bikini bottoms off and lie there completely in the nude? I shut my eyes and imagined this. I pictured myself opening my legs just enough for him to see how pleased I would be to entertain him. Again, my groin tingled delightfully in response to this thought…

I ‘pulled myself together.’ What was I thinking? I am a sensible person, a hard-working person, yes perhaps a little man-deprived, but really? Time to go indoors and behave, I decided.

Once indoors, I flushed a little with shame. English girls are meant to be prim and proper, serving afternoon tea in the best china with little cakes on doilies, NOT exposing themselves to virtual strangers! Perhaps I had been alone for too long. I tried to focus my mind on a sensible topic, but it was no good. I climbed the stairs, undressed completely, lay on the bed and found that it took under a minute to make myself cum, stroking my sopping wet swollen clit! What had this man done to me?

Wednesday 18th June 2014

I exited the house as usual in a bit of a ‘flap’ and a panic, wondering if I had got everything I needed for the day. Benjamin was leaning over the engine bay of a ridiculously large vintage truck with the bonnet up, topping-up his screen wash by the look of it. At the sound of my footsteps, he looked up and smiled.

“Morning Ms Anna, how are you today?” He then strolled up to me, water jug in hand.

“I was thinking I might get myself a hammock whilst I am here,” he went on in a cheerful manner. “I miss my one back home.”

I found I could not answer or look at him directly. My voice seemed to have picked this precise and very inconvenient moment to go on a hike! I stood for a moment like a fool, looking at his feet, not knowing what to do. I could smell his cologne, I realised that I had not found a man this attractive for as long as I could remember. I took a deep breath, looked at him momentarily, and managed to tell him that I was late once more and had to get going. He reached out, brushed a strand of my hair out of my eyes and said,

“That’s better. Off you go then.”

As I turned my back to unlock my car, I’m sure I heard him murmur,

“Damn British climate!”

I risked a quick glance. He was looking up at the sky which looked grey and overcast as he spoke. Maybe he was hoping for some sun? I am not sure how I made it to work as my legs were shaking and my co-ordination awful after this brief meeting. I just hope I had not driven through any red lights! I calmed as the day progressed and the day was again quite straight forward and uneventful.

Thursday 19th June 2014

I composed myself before I opened the front door to leave the house. Would Benjamin be casually outside again? I opened the door, made a great show of not looking in the direction of next door, and walked to my car, unlocked it, then couldn’t help but glance up. He was nowhere to be seen. I got into my car feeling disappointed and drove to work.

He was there when I arrived home, this time cleaning his silly big truck in the sunshine.

“Hi there Ms Anna,” he called. “Good day?

“Yes thanks,” I replied.

“Lovely weather,” he commented.

“Yes it is,” was my response.

Oh, why is it then when feeling a bit flustered I have all the conversational ability of a fish? I turned to get my keys out of my bag and moved towards my front door kaçak iddaa feeling lost for words. I turned to him once I had opened the door.

“Bye Benjamin,” is all I managed.

He smiled at me warmly, perhaps with a glint of naughtiness in his expression. I turned and fled!

Once indoors, I leant against the inside of the front door feeling like a prize idiot. I had completely buggered-up the opportunity to have a normal conversation with Benjamin, and just stuttered like an inept fool! Once again, I wondered with amazement again at the effect this man was having on me.

After a cup of tea, I prepared to go and lie on my hammock once more. This time, I decided to dispense with my bikini top and just settle myself comfortably in just the bottoms. As I made myself comfortable once more in my hammock-nest, my poor shaken confidence gradually restored itself. Outside of my home, I had felt like a small nervous girl, but in my hammock I felt like a sexy vixen. I put my dark glasses on once more, noted the now predictable figure in the next door window and in a moment of bravery, slid my bikini bottoms off revealing a neat little ‘landing-strip’ surrounded by a perfectly white un-tanned area. I hoped he liked my ‘white bikini’. I stretched, drank-in the feel of the warm sun on my whole body, and relaxed.

After five minutes or so I braved a glance at the upstairs window and drew breath with surprise. Benjamin had moved closer to the window. I could not see any detail, but could now see a clear silhouette. He was standing sideways, and very, very clearly had a large erection! As I watched, he reached out and touched himself, stroking his very impressive cock. In response, I took off my dark glasses, made a point of looking up at the window and parted my legs so that he could hopefully see my glistening wet cunt which was pink and smooth underneath…

I noticed the movement in the upstairs window pick-up speed. He was obviously enjoying the view then. I tentatively reached between my legs and spread moisture over my swollen clit, opening my legs even wider, finding that being so obviously watched and enjoyed was extremely exciting and sensual. I know it would not take me long to climax, and continued to stroke myself softly in a leisurely manner, feeling my whole pussy begin to tighten, begin to feel cock-hungry. The thought of him entering me was all it took to send me over the edge! I let out a muffled cry as I came hard, lying there in the sunshine with my lovely spectator! I think I heard a sound from upstairs also, and noticed that his movement had also stopped.

After a pause, the figure in the window departed, and I too exited the hammock and came indoors to clean up. I lay in my bed alone that evening, remembering the evening’s events and smiled at my own daring. Would I be able now to produce any sensible speech when I saw him next?

Friday 20th June 2014

Today, I decided that I would invite Benjamin for dinner. I would come across as confident and sexy as though inviting gorgeous men round for dinner was commonplace for me! I psyched myself up to open the front door and leave the house for work. I had my lines rehearsed in my head. I was ready.

He was not there. The truck wasn’t there either. Bugger! I made my way to my car and drove to work with a heavy heart.

I was unloading my shopping from the car after work when I heard the deep meaty sounding engine of Benjamin’s truck approaching. I gave a quick wave and carried a shopping bag through into my house. When I returned for the last of the shopping, Benjamin was just getting out of the truck and smiled at me. I took a deep breath and blurted,

“Would you like to come round for dinner tomorrow evening Benjamin?”

“Thank you, yes I would Ms Anna,” he replied. “What about dinner at yours and desert at mine?”

“Lovely,” is all I managed before scuttling towards my front door once more.

“By the way Ms Anna, you can call me Ben,” was the last thing I heard him say.

I turned and added, “Seven O’clock then. You can drop the Ms and call me Anna!”

Once inside with the door shut, I found I could not stop smiling. What would I wear? What should I cook? I confess to spending much of the evening pondering these questions whilst half-listening to more hammering and drilling coming from next door.

Saturday 21st June 2014

After much thought, I decided to dress simply. I put on a summer dress and wedge sandals to show off my slim tanned legs and little feet with painted nails. I didn’t want to look as though I had put in too much effort, but had indeed spent the morning, buffing, moisturising, washing my hair and fussing over clothes. I had decided to cook Ben a steak. He looked like the kind of man that would appreciate this. I hoped I would make a good job of it. Being a vegetarian meant that cooking steaks was not something I was much used to!


There was a knock at the door. I opened it eagerly and took an intake of breath! kaçak bahis I had only seen Ben in his work clothes so far, but he had clearly made an effort and looked really nicely turned-out in a smart shirt, jeans and shoes rather than work boots. He leaned, to kiss me lightly on the cheek and I realised that he smelled nice too.

“You look lovely Anna,” he said with a smile.

“You look really nice too Ben,” was my impressive response! “Do come in and have a seat.”

I brought him a drink and set to work cooking dinner which did not take long. We chatted easily through dinner, found we could make each other laugh, and before long I was clearing the plates and telling him to sit down and make himself comfortable.

I sat down on the sofa next to him, suddenly feeling awkward. We were getting on well, but he did not seem to be ‘making a move on me.’ We chatted some more, and then he suggested we go to his house for desert.


Ben took my hand, unlocked his front door and led me inside. There seemed to be tools everywhere in the front room.

“Sorry about the mess,” he said I’ve been busy. We’ll have to eat in the kitchen. I’m a woodworker by trade, and have a lot to do here to get the place looking good.”

Upon entering the kitchen, I just stood and stared dumbfounded! He had begun to transform Ethel’s old-fashioned environment into something of beauty. There was a large wooden breakfast area under construction, a large rustic looking table that looked finished, and the beginnings of smooth polished worktops, and lovely wooden cupboards.

“Wow!” is all I could say.

I stood and stared at the kitchen once more. It really was on the way to being transformed! My eyes were then drawn to a large bowl of fruit salad on the table covered in cling film.

“Yum, I love fruit salad,” I exclaimed. “You have made Ethel’s kitchen beautiful.”

Ben did not reply, but I felt his arms go round my waist from behind, and then felt his lips on the back of my neck. I let him nuzzle me, feeling my legs become somewhat weak, feeling my pussy instantly tingle and come to life.

“Honey, you looked amazing on your hammock,” he breathed into my ear. “I’ve been having appalling fantasies about you.”

“Oh Ben,” I gasped…

“Desert is going to be special tonight,” he whispered.

Before I could answer, he picked me up and sat me on the table next to the fruit salad and kissed me deeply. I kissed him back passionately, loving the feel of his tongue, his lips. He suddenly pulled away.

“You want to play?” he asked cheekily.

“Yes Ben,” I gasped. “I am yours!”

He started to kiss me again, and as he did so, parted my legs and began to stroke my bare thighs. I sighed with pleasure and reached for him.

“Not yet,” was all he said, pushing me back to lie on the table, pulling my legs and hips towards him and easing my knickers down.

I lay there completely exposed and desperate for his cock, but instead, he paused, lifted the covering off the fruit salad, selected a strawberry, and to my surprise, gently rubbed it between my legs, covering it in my slippery juices, and then inserted it into my pussy! He did not say a word, but the next delicious sensation was his warm wet tongue exploring me, and extracting the strawberry which he pronounced delicious. I lay back in utter bliss as he repeated this natty trick with a grape, blueberries, and other fruit. I confess to not taking any notice after a while, just shutting my eyes and enjoying the sensation of his large but surprisingly gentle fingers working the fruit into my tight cunt and then the lovely sensation of his tongue removing them. At intervals, his tongue just grazed my clit making me more and more desperate!

He sensed I was close and stopped.

“Sit up,” he murmured.

I did as I was told and put my arms up in the air as he lifted my dress over my head and unclipped my bra, letting it fall to the floor. I watched as he reached for another strawberry, rubbed it over one of my now exposed nipples making me shiver, and then fed it to me. He proceeded to select pieces of fruit, and feed them to me whilst intermittently kissing and licking my breasts.

“Please Ben!” I cried, reaching out for him desperately.

“Okay,” he grinned.

I reached out tentatively from my sitting position on the table and began to unbutton his shirt. When it was undone, I grabbed the two sides of his shirt fabric and pulled him close. I buried my head in his chest, licked and kissed his nipples, his tummy, and as I was doing so, began to undo his belt and his jeans which I lowered in one swift movement.

Oh, my…his erection was straining to be released from his shorts! I lowered them and at the same time lowered my head to the tip of his beautiful hard cock, flicking my tongue around the rim and underneath whilst my hands caressed his bare bottom. I wanted this man. I found I did not care what he did to me. I just wanted to devour him. I continued to lick and kiss his cock, moved my hands next to gently stroke and tease his balls, then took his whole cock in my mouth, enjoying the sound of his intake of breath as I did so. When I sensed he was close, I too paused.

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