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The Dick Sucking Cuckold

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We’re on vacation, one of those all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, and on our third day there my wife, XXX wants to take one of those group hikes the tour companies like to push. I really don’t care to go. She gets back around noon, tells me it was great, they hiked up into this mountain area, swam in a natural pool beneath a waterfall. She can’t stop raving about it.

I don’t think much of it, but she asks if we want to go back to the room for a little afternoon playtime, and I’m a little surprised, but I’m game. I’ve already had a few drinks and I really can’t get it up. I feel bad, I use my fingers, I go down on her, and she ends up coming anyway (or she’s faking but I don’t know why’d she’d bother). I find this a little surprising. I figure the vacation is doing her good. At home she’s not really into much outside vanilla play, and it’s nice to see her decompress.

Our resort puts on little shows in the evening after dinner, and tonight is a fun little comedy show/musical. She’s in a good mood, wants me to go for a walk with her, something romantic. Like an idiot I tell her I want to buy a cigar, a real Cuban. I’m too selfish sometimes, miss the big picture. She doesn’t seem that upset, she tells me her hiking friends said they were going to meet up in the bar and she’ll meet with them and then we can go on our walk. Perfect.

At the cigar bar I end up getting a little caught up in the moment. It’s hard to decide, which one to buy, but there’s a few other guys there with the same problem. One seems to know what he’s doing, and we end up both buying a classic, Romeo and Julieta. Being a cigar bar, there’s a place for customers to sit, drink, relax, and smoke up. It isn’t until about 40 minutes later my phone beeps and I see a text from XXX, asking if I’m okay. I assume she wants me, and I quickly text an apology and tell her I’ll come. I explain that I’m chatting with some guys and smoking, and she tells me to have fun, no rush, she’s with her hiking friends and it’s fine.

I ask her if she still wants to go on that walk and she tells me I can take my time and “do my thing”.

About this time a waiter comes around and asks us if we want anything and I’m like fuck it, it’s guys night out, all of us chewing the fat, drinking fine whiskey, and generally enjoying life. The cigar is okay. I’m not sure I’d get another.

Another hour goes by, another whiskey. It’s very dark and I tell the guys I really should be going, and I’ll see them around. I make my way back down the path to the main bar area. I figure I’ll get another drink with XXX and finally take that walk she wants. Maybe I can even get a blowjob on the beach. She blew me two nights before. It was great.

The main area is rather crowded. There’s plenty of people dancing, and I have to search but I finally spot XXX. She’s standing at a little raised table with a few other people. It’s mixed group, but there’s some guy standing with her and she’s making googoo eyes at him. What the fuck. She’s sort of leaning on the table toward him as he is her and I catch her laughing, and they both sip their drinks, and it hits me out of the blue how she was horny that afternoon. I realize how she is fine with me taking my time, actively encouraging me to stay away, and there is an uneasy feeling in my guy. I look at the phone messages again, just to make sure I’m remembering right. It’s right there, telling me to “do my thing.” She’s not so interested in that walk, at least, not with me.

As I’m pushing my way through the crowd, the song changes, a popular snappy number, one I know she likes and the whole group sort of looks at each other and goes out at once, making their way to the dance floor. No problem, I tell myself if she wants bahis siteleri to dance with her new friends, that’s fine. I figure I’ll get a drink and intercept them when they are finished. I plan to ask her if she’s having fun and separate her from the group and maybe grill her a little bit, tease her. We can go back to our room and do our thing. I realize I’m even kind of hard thinking about it. No more Mr. Softee.

There isn’t so much a line at the bar as there are a million people trying to flag the bartender at once and it takes way too long to get my drink. At least they’re group dancing, but I see she’s doing a little “dance appropriate” hand holding with the guy. Clearly this interloper is interested in dancing with my wife and she’s not minding. The song changes and it’s a little slower and half the people leave the dance floor, but XXX is still dancing with him. Now I really want that drink and shout as politely as possible to the bartender who finally seems to notice me.

I’m not sure what to do at this point. I could go over there like a jackass and insert myself between them, but even then, I’d feel foolish, acting like a defensive little man who can’t even bear to watch his wife dance on vacation. It’s just dancing. I’ve seen her dance with other dudes, my friends, etc. It’s not crazy. But I also know this isn’t quite the same. I have this drink in my hand and maybe it’s better if I just go off to the side, wait a few minutes until they are finally done, then swoop in and get her attention. We go back to our room or maybe on that walk, she sucks my dick, problem solved.

I’m sitting back, honestly getting a little bored, and like half the dipshits around me I get caught up on my phone, mindless Tik Tok type videos, checking in with friends on Instagram. That’s when I get a text, “Honey – Going on that walk with my hiking friends if you don’t want to go.” I look up and have to stand up to see over the crowd. There are five of them standing off to the side, my wife still on her phone, probably looking for my response.

I hustle over, “Hey XXX,” I say and get her attention. She introduces me to everybody as her husband (good), and I give a little nod, but the guy she was dancing with makes a point of introducing himself (Miguel), and even says, “You know, your wife is a very good dancer, I was beginning to hope you never showed up.”

The group thinks that comment was hilarious, all of them laughing it up, giving me a look like I was some sort of sap. I take it like a man, but I don’t have to like it. I think XXX senses it because she tells the group she’s tired and should go and to have a good time without her. As she says her goodbyes she leans in and gives Miguel a hug. He holds her a little tighter than I’d expect. “Don’t leave us!” Miguel says and the group laughs. She pulls away at last, Thank God. Humiliating.

“Bye” he says mournfully. She waves back, takes my hand.

We walk back, hand in hand and I ask if she wants to go on that walk and she says, “Take me to our room.” We take a fork in the path to our building, a low-rise Spanish style building with a courtyard. She’s squeezing my hand now, trying to get my attention. We’re out of site of the main bar and I stop, and she kisses me. We make out like teenagers for a hot moment. I look at her and the glint in her eyes says, ravage me.

I pull the key card to the room out and as soon as the door closes, she turns and kneels. Looks like that B.J. is coming anyway. This is great. She’s sucking my dick and she says, “I have a question.”

“What,” I groan. If she keeps this up, I’m going to pop. Quickly.

“I saw you sitting there when I was dancing.”


“Why didn’t you come get me?”

“I canlı bahis siteleri didn’t want to make a scene.”

She looks up at me as she’s working on my dick. “Thank you for letting me dance with him.”

“He’s the reason you were so hot to trot when you got back?”


“You are forgiven. Keep sucking.”

She reaches up and cups my balls, her fingers gently stroking them.

I’m really close now. So close.

“You like that?”

“You’re a pro.”

“Thank you. Sit on the bed?”

I do as she asks. I lay on the bed, and she slinks up between my legs, playing with my hard cock. She says, “I don’t know if I want you to cum, I need to get fucked.”

Maybe it was the booze, maybe it was the rock-hard member between my legs, but I can’t help it. “How about Miguel fucks you as you suck my dick.”

She looks at me, smiling. “I’d do it if you wanted me to. I really would.”

“What, like right now. You’d let him fuck you.”

“I’d suck your dick every day. I’d do it twice.”

I imagine it. I kind of like it. I’m feeling pervy. I just want to tease her.

“Well, I would but it’s not like you have his number.”

“I have his Instagram. I could text him right now.”

Suddenly this is serious. It could be a real thing. I could watch XXX get fucked. Right now. It’s vacation. Fuck it.

“Let me see your phone.”

She’s like a kid at Christmas, prancing as she pulls it from her bag. I’d feel bad saying no now.

“Send it.”

“Send what?”

“I don’t know, it’s your idea. You owe me two blowjobs a day.”

She concentrates on her phone, sends the initial message, asking if he’s got a moment.

Not even 20 seconds before he responds. She looks at me. “Here it goes.”

She furiously types. She shows me. Are you up for a 3sum?

“How romantic,” I say. She elbows me. The phone beeps.

2 girls or u and yr husband?

Husband. He says you can fuck me if I suck his dick.

A fair trade.

XXX repeats the message to me, giggling. The phone beeps again.

Maybe he can suck my dick.

XXX looks up at me, eyes wide. I can tell she likes the thought. I shake my head. She types, LOL, he says no.

Ten minutes later there’s a knock at the door. I make her answer the door naked. I’m drinking a beer, sitting on a chair in the corner. I figure I’ll toss him a beer to make the weirdness go down, we have our little pre-sex negotiation, then we get down.

Miguel comes in. He has a bottle of Grey Goose vodka, three plastic cups from the bar.

“How you get that?” I ask.

“I swiped it.”

“No shit?” I answer, surprised.

“I’ve never been with a bad boy,” XXX says.

“I like to take things that aren’t mine,” he says, the message loud and clear. XXX is on the edge of the bed, her legs crossed as if a fully naked girl could somehow look respectable.

“Manners.” I say. I look him in the eye.

He looks back at me and he fucking winks. He puts the glasses down, fills each red cup about halfway. There must be four or five shots in each cup.

Down the hatch. I take a cup and pound it.

“Dude, not all at once,” Miguel says and he laughs. “You won’t even be able to get it up.”

XXX looks at me knowingly.

“I’ll be fine.”

“XXX, sip this,” he says, all romantic-like.

She sips it. Shudders. “Okay, I think I’m ready.”


“Yeah,” XXX gets up and hits the lights, adjusting them to what must be the appropriate dimness for a three-person orgy.

I go to stand up. I feel like I’m on the deck of a yacht and sit back down. Miguel sits on the bed facing away from XXX, she’s behind him, pulling off his shirt. He kicks off his trousers.

My head is swirling. canlı bahis I overdid it for sure.

XXX is now kissing his neck, his ear, and he turns, and I watch them kiss. It’s obvious she wanted this type of moment with him. He makes her wet.

He turns and she leans back, and they start making out on the bed. His hands roam my wife’s body. XXX spreads her legs and he slips a hand down there, rubbing her throbbing pussy. Her toes curl. I figure I should jump in. I pull off my shirt and toss it to the floor. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen somebody else’s hands on your girlfriend or wife’s privates, but it’s intense, I guarantee you. Especially if she starts writhing about like a snake charmer.

That’s when I see them shift and I can see she’s holding his cock. Oh shit. It’s not obscenely huge, but it’s bigger than me, maybe seven inches. Thick. Her hand barely fits around it. I can fit my cock in a toilet paper roll and barely see the tip. His has heft.

I stumble as I pull off my pants. My balance is all fucked up and I know that it takes an hour to metabolize alcohol so it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. I hear them giggling softly. I hear Miguel say, “I hope he’s okay.”

“I’m fine,” I say, but I’m not fine. I sit on the bed and XXX asks what I’m doing. I figure I’m going to lick her pussy, eat her out while she kisses Miguel. Miguel pulls his hand away and I begin. She smells so good, my sweet XXX, I’ve always like the way she smells down there. I kiss and I lick, and I slurp. I must be doing it for five minutes when I hear them giggling and I can hear XXX go “No!” but she’s laughing as she says it. Miguel says, “Go on,” and I look up and XXX is petting my head and she says, “Please do it.”

I can only get out a “Do wha,” as he she turns my head and suddenly Miguel’s python is in my face, touching my lips. “Come on, open up little man,” he says and XXX says, “Do it,” and all I can think of is she’s being nice, and she really seems to want me to do this and I open my mouth.

I have a new title. Cocksucker.

XXX goes nuts as I suck his cock, rubbing her pussy hard. She takes my head and pulls it away and make me lick and kiss her and then pushes me back to make me suck more dick.

As I’m sucking, she even gets off the bed, slapping my ass playfully, and takes another sip of vodka. Back on the bed, she pulls me away and straddles him, cowgirl. I look up and I can see his big thick cock enter her slowly and she lowers herself, moaning as her tight pussy stretches. I’ve never seen her vagina like this, the lips so stretched, his shaft splitting her. It’s all in now, right down to the base, and she starts riding him, back and forth, holding his legs and glancing at me. I’m just lying there like a fool so I reach in and massage her clit as best I can as she writhes back and forth.

He moans, she moans, her hips gyrating faster and faster. I know she’s going to climax, no doubt, and he’s riled up himself and he warns her, he says, “I’m going to cum,” and she says “Cum in me Miguel. Give it to me. Give me your cum,” and he grunts, hard, seizing up and I can see his balls pulse and I even cup them, wondering if I’m helping to squeeze more cum inside her.

I haven’t even cum. She rolls off him and he moves over. I want that blowjob, but she maneuvers me into a 69. I’m hard, very hard. I spread her legs and I can smell her wet musk and his sperm, like chlorine as I lick and slurp, trying my best to clean his still warm seed from her fertile womb. It tastes tangy, salty, and my tongue goes deeper, my nose between her ass cheeks. She pulls my cock out of her mouth and strokes it and I start to cum and she’s got a little washcloth I can feel rubbing against my cock to clean up the spurts and keep it off her body.

I keep licking, knowing I can never get all his seed out, knowing it’s deep in her belly, while mine is on a washcloth.

Right where nature intended.

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