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The Dinner (and desert) – Chapter 1 – The Date

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The Dinner (and desert) – Chapter 1 – The DateDespite the warm darkness of the room, sleeping was out of the question, although I lay comfortably on my back in bed. Even before I could hear her moans of sexual pleasure, I couldn’t take my mind off my throbbing cock, the erotic sensation of my attire on my smoothly shaved skin, and the salty after taste lingering in my mouth. The events of the evening replayed themselves in my mind’s eye…if I could only touch my cock, even just for a minute…It started out in an ordinary sort of way. We had known each other for while, and I hoped to advance the relationship to include sex. One of our common interests for discussion was cooking. She baited me with her arrogant claim that no man could cook like a woman. I just couldn’t let the challenge go, and I got her (or so I thought) to agree to a demonstration of my culinary skills for her, at her house. I hoped to prove her claims wrong, and that my skills would be rewarded with her carnal ones. The date was set.I arrived a little early that day, and she answered the door in slinky robe and slippers. She let me in, told me to put the groceries in the kitchen and to come back to the bedroom. She lived alone in a nice detached home in a quite neighborhood. The decor definitely had the “feminine touch”.As I was putting the groceries away she called out and asked my to bring a glass of ice with me when I came back. I did as she asked, and as I came down the hall I noticed she was sitting on the bed, naked save for her open robe, rubbing lotion onto her legs.This would be easier than I thought. Her nipples were erect as she began to apply lotion to her full breasts. I could see her pubic mound was trimmed, and she looked up, smiled, and told me to put the ice on the nightstand. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her center as she rubbed the cream into her thighs. She spread her thighs, revealing that her labia were shaved and smooth.As she applied lotion to her sex she asked me how I liked the view. “Exquisite” I replied. “Well”, she said, “now that you’ve seen me, I’d like to see you, too.” She didn’t have to ask twice, I was out of my clothes in no time flat. This was perfect. I stood before her, naked and at attention, so to speak. “Very nice” she commented, “yes, you’ll do very nicely.”Sitting on the bed she ask me to come to her, I did, and she reach around my waist and caressed the back of my thighs and cheeks, squeezing my erect member between her slippery, lotion covered breasts. I could feel her hot breath on my prick. The sensations were just wonderful. “Lay down and I’ll rub your back,” she said. I lay face down on the bed. She applied lotion to her hands and began to massage my lower back, inner thighs and butt. “Put your arms down by you side,” she said. Of course I would, by then I’d do anything she asked. As I lay with my arms by my side, she picked one up and quickly snapped handcuffs on it, then before I could react, upon the other. Suddenly, I was not so relaxed. She leaned down next to my head and whispered in my ear “it’s not fair that you should be the only one being pleased.” She rolled me on my back, and straddled my head 1xbet yeni giriş on her knees, her smooth labia just inches above my face. “Dessert before dinner” she asked? Without waiting for my reply she lowered her pussy to my lips. “Lick my cunt,” she commanded. I began to lick and suck her pussy as she ground it into my face. She soon became wet, very wet, and she slid her sex back and forth over my mouth and nose. “Stick your tongue in deep” she moaned “fuck me with your tongue.” I plunged my tongue deep into the velvety slickness, and her breathing became short and labored. “Oh, oh…my…oh…yes”….she moaned, then suddenly her box contracted, she shuddered, and gushed into my mouth and onto my face. “Well, perfect to get my appetite going. You enjoyed your snack?” she asked. “Don’t fret, there’s more to come.”She lifted herself from my face, and as she turned around on the bed she grabbed the glass of ice from the nightstand. Facing my feet now, she again straddled my face as she lay across my chest. “While you’re down there, be a dear and give my ass a little tongue, won’t you” she said. Hoping that my little head would get some attention, I began to tongue her ass, first kissing one cheek, then the other, and licking and sucking up and down the crack. She began to lightly stroke my balls, and I was getting hard as hell. “Don’t be shy, baby, stick your tongue in” she implored. I did, and her rectum gripped my tongue as I buried it in her. I suddenly felt the warmth of her mouth engulf my cock…heaven…then ice, cold ice on my cock and balls, and she pushed her ass back, forcing my head down, my face firmly buried in the crack of her ass. My erection shriveled and my balls became a small tight sack. I felt her playing with my cock and balls, and then it was done. She got off my face and stood…I looked down at the little guy and saw that he was firmly encased in a plastic cage, secured with a small brass lock. No key to be seen. She picked up my clothes from the floor and left the room.I lay there for a minute, contemplating my options. As I struggled to get up she reentered the room. “Let me help you, sweetie” she said.“If you just un-cuff me I can do it myself” I replied.“First things first, there will be time enough for that later.”With her help I got up off the bed. Her robe was still open and I could see her pussy was wet. My cock stirred in its cage, unable to become erect, and I blushed, realizing that I was in a bind, so to speak.Smiling, she looked at me and said “I’m famished, its time for you to get you ready to cook dinner.”“And just how can I do that?”“Simple, you just agree to do as I say, without question.”“And if I don’t?”“Well, where you going to go undressed like that?”She had a point. Anyway, what harm would it do to play along? After all, she’d have to let my hands free to cook dinner. So I agreed.“Good, first we need to take care of those legs”“What do you mean?”“I mean they’re hairy. And that mustache has to go. Can’t have you in the kitchen like that.” I didn’t get the connection. “Come on” she said. I followed her into the bathroom. “Get into the shower.” Her tone was stern.As I stood 1xbet giriş in the shower, she applied a hair removing lotion to my legs, public area, underarms, chest, belly and face. Well, this “Now just stand there, it won’t take long.” True to her word, within 10 minutes she was naked in the shower with me, rubbing the lotion, and all of my hair, off my body and down the drain…it was quite frustrating being naked with this woman, being touched and rubbed all over, unable to touch her, or my self. Soon I was out, dried and hairless save for the top of my head, and slick with the scented lotion she applied to every inch of my body below the neck. I found my self seated on a chair, and to my frustration she was naked at my feet, painting my toenails bright red.“Don’t you think this has gone far enough?” I asked.“Whatever do you mean? I’m just holding you to your word.”“That’s ridiculous”“After all, you’re the one who claimed to be able to cook like a woman. I’m just making sure you keep your word. Now don’t move while I do your fingers.”As I held still, knowing that until my hands were freed I was really in no position to do anything else. She continued, first with the nails, next applying blush, eyeliner and red lipstick to my smooth, hairless face. She completed her work by placing a short black wig on my head.“There, I think that’s perfect, how about you?” I stared at the mirror, and the face of sluttish looking brunette me stared back. “I hope it pleases you,” I said sarcastically.“Don’t be that way. You’re almost ready.”“I’m ready to get out of these hand cuffs.”“See, this is exactly why they are necessary. I can’t trust your word.”“What?” My patience was wearing thinner.“Not 45 minutes ago you agreed to do as I say, without question. Now it seems you want to go back on your word.”I was silent. Better than to say some else stupid. She left the bathroom, and returned moments later, now wearing her robe, lingerie in hand.“Now lets get you dressed.” She knelt in front of me, and slipped a tan stocking up each leg, then, from behind me she fastened a black garter belt around my waist. She helped me to my feet, and then attached the stocking tops to the belt. I was surprised at the sensation of the hose on my freshly shaved legs, and my cock began to stir in its cell. She helped me slip into a pair of red thong panties. “Well, it seems that the cuffs will have to come off to finish dressing you. I’m just not sure I can trust your word.” With that she left the room and returned a moment later. Flash. She had a digital camera in her hand, and had taken a picture of me. She snapped another, and told me to smile. My face flushed and I said “you’re not going to show that to anyone, are you?” “Not if you behave yourself, and keep your word,” she replied. “Now you just wait there patiently while I email these for safe keeping.”I remained standing in the bathroom and she reappeared with the key to the cuffs, some clothing and a pair of heels. “I’m going to remove the handcuffs, however, before I do let’s be clear about the rules. I expect you to honor your word, and do exactly as I say, without question. I’ve emailed 1xbet güvenilirmi those pictures to a safe place. If you don’t honor your word, I’m going to send those pictures to several of your male friends, just so they know what you do in your free time. I’ll also make sure that your secretary and some of the other girls at work get to see the pictures, and god only knows who they’ll tell about what you wear under your suit. Are we clear about this?”I could feel my face flush with anger, and frustration. Although in make up, I knew that I was clearly recognizable in the pictures. I certainly didn’t want my friends, let alone co-workers, to know that I have been dressed up in panties, make-up and forced into a chastity device, no matter what explanation I had. I had no choice.“Of course I’ll keep my word” I replied.“Mistress”.“What?”“Of course I’ll keep my word, Mistress,” she said. “You must say ‘of course I’ll keep my word, Mistress.’”Reluctantly I said it. “Of course I’ll keep my word, Mistress.”“Good girl. Now turn around.”She freed my wrists. I noticed fake French manicure nails on my hands. She handed me a camisole and told me to put it on. Next a short taffeta petticoat followed, and I obediently stepped into it. A black skirt, a white blouse and the black heels finished the outfit.“You look just lovely. I just have to have some pictures of this.” Out came the camera, and I was subjected to several more photos. She hugged me, and slipped her had underneath my skirt, raking her nails over my bare ass cheeks. A shudder went up my spine and my cock stirred, unable to become erect.“Mmmmmm,” she purred “fresh meat, and so tender.” She moved the thong aside, and ran her tongue in my ear. I was a little weak in the knees, and reached forward for the counter. “That’s it, baby, bend over a little and spread your legs.” I did as she instructed, my chest practically lying on the counter. She flipped up my skirt, her hands wandering over my cheeks, fingers probing up and down the crack of my ass. “Relax, sweetie, this won’t take long.” I felt a cool liquid in the crack of my ass, and then the penetration of first one finger, then another, probing in and out of my ass. “R E L A X” she hissed, and then I felt it, probing at my tight little rosebud, demanding entry. I bent over further, and tried to relax. While licking and kissing the back of my neck and ears, she opened me, and then withdrew, over and over, each time entering a bit further, the assailant becoming thicker as it went deeper inside me. Just when I though it had become so thick that I that I couldn’t open any more, PLOP, my ass sucked the large butt-plug inside, and it seated itself firmly deep in my ass.“There, all ready. I wouldn’t want you to be tempted to play with your cunt while you fix dinner.” I didn’t know what to say, my mind swimming with the sensation of my cock straining in its cage, the plug firmly in my ass, and the sexy feeling for being dressed and made up as a woman. She spoke again “Is my little woman ready to cook for her Mistress? Remember, please me and perhaps you’ll get a treat for desert. Now, get in the kitchen, I expect dinner on the table by eight, sharp. Make sure the wine is chilled and open, and set five places at the table. I’ve spent so much time getting you ready, I haven’t much time left until they arrive.”Silently I left the room to begin, vaguely aware of her last statement.

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