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the dirtiest sluts i know

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the dirtiest sluts i knowMe and my girl had it all planned we had invited over 12 likeminded guys over and they were due to arrive any minute. I was in the lounge having a drink when she walked in, wearing a black corset and stockings with suspenders. Just as she did the doorbell rang and she hurried off to greet our guests. I finished my drink and followed, when all the small talk and a few late arivals we all wound up in the lounge having a drink. The guys weren’t wasting any time already starting to take off their shirts and pants. My girl was sitting between two handsome guys with one hand in each of their laps stroking them through their underwear. Taking her lead I reached into the lap of the two guys either side of me, feeling their hard cocks straining against their breifs. I looked over at my girl fethiye escort to see her with a big cock in her mouth another guy in between her legs licking her smooth wet pussy, all the while stroking the to guys beside her. The next thing I knew I had a cock in my face with my hands full I took it into my mouth. I felt hands on my cock then amouth taking me deep untill I felt him gag. I heard my girl moaning and begging to be fucked. Wanting the same I got onto my hands and knees, straight away the guy who I had been sucking started to lick my ass. Three other guys stood in front of me taking turns shoving their clocks in my mouth trying to take two of them in my mouth at the same time. I looked over at my girl, she was bent over being fucked from behind as she took turns sucking the two guys in front escort fethiye of her. By now the guy licking my ass had it nice and ready to be fucked and I felt him pressing the head of his big cock slowly into my ass, slowly but surely he worked it all the way in and started pumping building up speed. I let out a moan that was muffled by a cock, my girl came over beside me and stated to lick and suck and share his cock with me. The guys wasted no time filling her soaking wet pussy, one laying underneath her and another sliding in from behind, the moan that she let out when the second cock slid into her pussy nearly made me cum, I had to get in on her sweet pussy so I trade places with the guy behind her. I slide my cock inside her pussy was always tig.ht but with two docks it was delightful feeling another fethiye escort bayan cock sliding in and out rubbing gainst mine. Most of the guys were lined up in front of my girl wanking furiously except for two. One took me by the head and started to fuck my face, the other slid his big cock into my ass and started to fuck me good and hard. All of this must have looked hot because it wasn’t long before the first guy cam, all over my girls face, she loved it starting to beg for others ody to cum on her. Just then I felt the big cock in my ass start to pulse and felt him ram his hard cock all the way in wich sent me ove the edge and I came so hard my whole body started to shake and shudder. Everywere I looked guys were wanking and blowing all over my girls face and tits, the guy I was sucking pulled out so I licked bis balls as he wanked and blew all over my face. After they had all finished and dressed they made their exits I look over at my girl with cum all over her tit and face and oozing from her pussy and she never looked better ;b

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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