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The Doctor

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The DoctorI walked into the doctors office. It was for a check up. I had been feeling bad swelling. I thought I might have breast cancer. The doctor told me to take of my top. I did so. It felt weird but I did it. Then the doctor had a good feel around. There was an energy a spark. The doctor felt my breasts over and again, and after a while it felt as though he were teasing it – groping it squeezing it. It made me hot. The doctor looked to me and saw my rash of guilt. He smiled. Then he began to grope me further, over my tits, under my skirt. I began to grow hot as he rubbed me downstairs. My underwear grew wet. It made me aroused to feel so foolish. I had walked into a trap. The doctor was aroused also. He began to sweat and shiver. I knew he wanted me even kocaeli escort before he he brought me close to him. It was a sensitive movement. He knew I cold fight and struggle, and he brought me to him carefully. I stepped without a mind. It was hard not to step away. The doctor took down my underwear and fondled me further. It began to feel it – turn on and arousal. There was wet rubbing over my things. I felt it and grew hot.The doctor grew hard. He was hard for sex, for the wetness which I emitted. He smiled and turned me around. He didn’t want me to see his passion, his guilt. He took himself out, and then he leaned over me as he readied to dip inside. He wasn’t sure he wanted to do it, there was a pause, a wait. It took a full minute before he pushed kocaeli escort bayan himself inside!I felt him inside of me. He panted and sweated as he struggled to contain the seed. He grew big and opened me. Very big. I felt him grow hard. I began to moan, but he held my lips to silence me. There were other doctors, others nurses… he needed it to be kept a secret.I panted as he gushed and drilled me. My hips bounced against the bed a his erection drilled deep inside. He filled me up and pumped me hard. I sweated as I bit on my moans, then at the end he creamed unable to contain himself and I sighed.The doctor shivered as he took himself away. He kissed me as he turned me around. He wanted me again. I was coaxed onto the bed and had my thighs opened. izmit escort Wet and soggy he wanted me. But he didn’t do me again. He put himself together and picked up a cup. He moved out of the room and came back. He got me to swallow pills. He explained they would stop me from getting pregnant. They were the kind you swallowed once and they worked to kills the germs inside for good. I tried to say ‘no’ but he forced them inside of my mouth. Even with quivering lips I had them pushed inside. I was being told to do it and in the end they were swallowed.It was then I felt like a tramp. I had been felt and was going to leave the office feeling empty. It hit me hard. But then the doctors fingers crept inside and I knew he was in pasion for me once again. I began to grow wet, and as I grew wet he grew seedy, and I knew it was going to happen again. I was hungry for the fever and the lie. I wanted to moan, however his eyes told me not to and so i kept quiet as I choked on my own steam.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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