May 27

The Doctors Visit

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You are one of my very favorite patients. I have been taking care of your female needs for a few years and the last time you were in, I could not help but flirt with you. I am anxious today because I saw your name on the schedule. The mere thought of you with your long legs in stirrups and your pussy exposed is enough to drive me crazy.

You enter the office for your scheduled appointment and a nurse brings you back to one of the private rooms. Today is a slow day because it is around 3:00 on a Wednesday. The nurse instructs you to undress and put on a gown closing the door behind you. You remove your top and unzip your skirt as I come walking in.

I apologize for my intrusion but you say it is ok and welcome me to stay in the room as you get undressed. You are wearing a black lace bra and a black bikini briefs. I can not help but notice your amazing figure as your remove your bra. Your breasts are the perfect shape and size. I feel my cock stiffen in my güvenilir bahis pants and you take notice. That is when you know you have me.

You ask me if I like what I see and I respectfully answer very much. You say, I thought so by the tent you are pitching in your pants. You begin to remove your panties by turning away from me and bending at the waist. As you slowly slide your panties down your legs, you insure that I am getting the best possible view of your firm ass. As you stand there facing me, you ask where I would like you.

I say on the table please and you move yourself on to the table and spread your legs laying them in the stirrups. As your doctor, I begin the routine of examining your pussy. I start by spreading your lips with two fingers and you begin to moan. I then insert two of my fingers into your pussy and can not help but notice the wetness. Your juices flow in between my fingers.

I begin to move my fingers in and out of you fucking türkçe bahis you with with my touch. You are moaning and I am very excited by this. I then examine your ass by spreading your cheeks. I slide one finger in and I must say, you are very tight. As I move in for a closer look, you take my head and shove it into your pussy and order me to eat you. Who am I to disappoint a patient.

I begin to lick your moist slit and the juices are like champagne and strawberries on my lips. You taste very sweet as I continue to lick your wet slit. This goes on for several minutes and then you look at me with that smile of yours and ask me if I have ever fucked a patient before, because you want me inside of you. Those are the magic words.

I slide my pants down around my ankles and you grab my throbbing cock and guide it towards the target. When I enter you , you gasp. This is a dream cum true for me as I begin to pump you. We both find our rhythm as I pull in and out. güvenilir bahis siteleri You grab my ass and beg me to fuck you harder. I oblige. By now we are getting sweaty and are out of breath.

I pull out and ask you to climb down and bend over the table. You know this is how I want you and so you bend over and spread your ass for me. I enter your pussy again and the new angle is now the perfect friction on my shaft. I slide my hands underneath and play with you nipples as I am fucking you from behind. Within minutes you begin to cum and moan with ecstasy.

You feel that I am about to release myself and you turn around quickly. You want me to cum in your mouth so you quickly grab my cock and stick the head deep in your mouth. As you suck me, the view of your lips sliding up and down the shaft makes me quiver as I release my load down your throat. You continue to suck until you are sure you have received every last drop.

As you stand up your glistening body reflects the heat we have created. We both put on our clothes and you kiss me on the cheek. As I leave the room, you ask if you can have a follow-up visit soon. I inform the nurse to make you another appointment for two weeks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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