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The Duck Game

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The Duck GameThe new whirlpool has arrived and already Mr. neighbour gets the idea to play the duck game. The seven players are quickly found, it is a very erotic game. Once again we are allowed to look behind the curtain and experience how a book author lives. Nice that he writes erotic books and that there are a lot of things that come to the reader. Two couples, an older man and two young ladies meet to play and have fun. Here is a sample from my book “The Duck Game”! You get to know Sandra and Maike the two young ladies from the round. The whole book as always on Amazon and full of eroticism. You are free to buy the book, the reading sample is free as always and now have fun.Sandra comes down the stairs and wears a long shirt that goes way over her bottom. She is not serious. Irene also looks over her shoulder and, like me, is not happy with what she sees. “You couldn’t have wanted this? She might as well put on a sack of potatoes.” Irene dries her hands and grins as she does so.”Bring me the scissors that are on the shelf.” Say it to her in commanding tone.”Mistress, immediately as you wish.” She looks around briefly and finds the scissors. With her head singed, she hands them over to Irene. “Mistress, the scissors, please!””Put your hands over your head and let your hair down with it. And stand still or I might hurt you.” Says she sternly and puts the scissors on. She cuts holes in the shirt so that the small breasts are clearly visible. Another very generous one before the pussy. With her hand she grabs the mound of Venus and looks at her angrily. “How long since you shaved?””Mistress, it’s been two days since the last time.” Sweet how her face turns red.”Could you please shave her? It’s almost like shaving wankers!” Irene looks at me and I can tell she’s horny. “Use the brown one, with the blade, it’s too risky for you to cut her. You want to work tomorrow and as a pattern sheet it looks rather bad. Turn around!” The little one turns around and also the butt gets its hole in the shirt. “So done, now bring your girlfriend inside.””Yes, mistress, as you wish.” There is a smile on her face and she goes out to come back with Maike. Maike still has her shirt and bikini trousers on. Without warning she cuts two holes in Irene’s shirt to expose her breasts. With enthusiasm ataşehir escort she looks at her work. Her gaze goes down and it is clear to me what comes next.”Take that thing off and spread your legs.” Your tone of command is new and a little scary.”Mistress, as you wish!” Maike looks at Sandra with everything Irene does and she seems to like what she sees. Without everything down below she stands with her legs apart in front of Irene. She grabs her between her legs and controls the hair growth.”Come here and feel this, that’s the way it’s gotta be and not overgrown like yours.” She says to Sanda and she holds her hand on Maike’s pussy. Carefully and in the hope that we will not see it she grabs Maike’s labia. I see it and read her off without saying anything. “Because you’re taking care of yourself, you can watch your girlfriend down there getting a shave. Get the razor, it’s in the cupboard above the sink.” Maike goes off and is back with my brown razor shortly afterwards.”You lie down on the couch with your legs wide apart. Remember that he can cut you with that thing too!” Irene is fully in her element and I realize that I have an evil dominatrix in the house without knowing it before.”Mistress, as you wish!” the little one lies down across the seat with her legs spread wide apart.I grab the razor and sit between her legs. What a beautiful sight, and I first run my hand over her pussy. There can be no question of Assi. She has rather small stubbles and is very well shaved down there. But I know that it is not about shaving. The vibration of the razor alone will bring the little one to the edge of madness.”Put your legs by your head and you keep her there.” I look at Maike with a grin and she sits down at the head of her friend. Effortlessly she pushes her legs next to her head and brings her pussy in front of her mouth into position. “You better not lick her pussy” I say sternly and know that it must be really hard not to spoil her.”Lord, please!” Says Sandra and looks at me with big eyes.”No, I forbid you to spoil her! If she does it despite my forbiddance, you must let me know!” Maike is not enthusiastic about the announcement either, I can see that from her.”Lord, as you wish.” She says so anyway, and doesn’t really seem happy.I don’t üsküdar escort care and I’m turning on the razor. As I suspected, the vibrations are correspondingly strong, something I never noticed before. In front of me is her little ass with her butt cheeks diverging far apart. In the middle the pink rosette and just below it the tender pussy. Just the smell of her ass is driving me crazy and I drive the razor over her ass cheeks. The circles are getting tighter and tighter and I am sure that the action will have consequences for her. I can see how her pussy feels with blood and the labia swell up. They get fuller and fuller and scream for being touched. But I take my time and drive over the back entrance and because I know that she likes it I take my time for it. Maike also looks at her pussy and her eyes shine with enthusiasm when she sees her friend getting horny. I briefly interrupt my “shave” and lean over Sandra. With one hand I stroke over Maike’s pussy and it is wet. What a pain it must be to have this pussy in front of my nose and not be allowed to do anything. With my fingers I drive through Maikes sanctum and take a big portion of her juice. As if by chance I touch Sandra’s mouth and spread some of the juice on her lips. Immediately Sandra licks her lips clean and makes a purring sound. My cock stands like an oak and I enjoy every second. The Sandra is leaking is you can imagine dear reader. So I go back and work on her outer lips with the razor. Not only is she moist by now, but I risk that the moisture will paralyze my razor.”Dry off! Now!” I say to Maike and she looks at me questioningly. “Get the paper towel and dry it.” Maike gets up and comes back with the kitchen roll. Carefully she dabs on the pussy and I take the sheet of paper from her. “You’re not to stroke her, but to dry her. That can’t be so difficult!” Without regard to the already irritated pussy I rub the moisture away. I try anyway, but the friction must be rather nice and so more instead of less pussy juice comes out of her. The more I try to take in of this juice the wetter she gets.”Wait, honey, I got something!” Says Irene and goes away for a moment to come back with ancient toilet paper. It’s this old grey toilet paper, which nobody uses anymore unless they’re çekmeköy escort into torturing their ass. I realize that this makes her even more irritable and Irene too, because she smiles so funny. With some of these leaves I drive through the pussy and we all hear a very horny and loud moaning from her. In no time the leaves are full of juice and the paper is totally soaked. Now I have to watch out or she will come and that should not happen.”Let go of the legs and stay seated. But stay on top and make sure that she does not accidentally get at your pussy. You put your legs up next to me.” They both look at me like I’m crazy.”Lord, have it your own way,” but they both say it like a choir.I didn’t let my guard down and shave her mons pubis up to her navel. Unnecessary because she is not really hairy here either. Only to get her back on the ground I avoid getting too close to her clitoris. So with very slow movements I drive down this area and enjoy the sight. She must be tempted to burst and her clitoris has been looking out of the cover for quite a while. With Maike it is also so far and her pussy drips the first thick drops of pussy juice on Sandra’s face. But Sandra lies so that she gets everything on her nose. She tries to get the desired juice with her tongue, but does not manage it. I would go crazy in her place. In both cases the nipples stick out like a sore thumb and the breasts are waiting for a caress, but they don’t get it. But I also realize that I am about to come and so I finish my work quickly. That was a close one and I drive over the pussy again at the end.”There you go! This is what it’s supposed to look like.” Proud of my work I look at the pussy spread out in front of me.”Let’s see if it’s all gone.” Says Irene and crosses it out once in a while. She knows that her hand gets wet and takes advantage of it. “God, someone’s leaking. Lick it off here.” She says, holding her hand in front of Sandra’s mouth. The girl licks her own pussy juice off of Irene, as ordered. “So now you turn the grill on and put the meat on top. I need to talk to my man.” Both get up and go outside.”Now in my room!” She says to me, we’re going upstairs. Here we fuck the pressure off and can comfortably do without foreplay. For such bullshit we are just too horny now.”But I let myself get licked by her today, but you can assume that. You looked horny and you were my darling just before cuming Maike and I could see clearly. So I guess the quick end.” Irene says that with a smile on her face. We both lie exhausted on her bed and can take a break.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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