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Big Dick

Subject: The DVD Tales -4 (Adult-Youth) This is a `real’ story and that means there are no men with cocks the size of an elephant’s trunk and balls as big as eggs! That is fantasy. This is `real’ in the sense that this sort of thing does happen and although a work of fiction, it is `real’ enough to be enjoyed — real people, real sexual organs and real situations. Thanks to all those who are emailing with ideas, suggestions, links to websites and photographs, all are very welcome and great sources of inspiration. Keep the cumming! It’s nice to hear from so many people who like the storyline and ideas. I reply to all emails and really appreciate the suggestions for storylines. If you want to mail me (and please do) then check the end of this chapter for further information. By the way — although based on some real characters, it is an extension of my imagination. Remember that as you hopefully jack hard to it! Essex (2008) THE DVD TALES — 4 by Steve Parker The moment I saw Jackson, I knew things would develop between him and Mark. Jimmy had mentioned that he was filming a hetero DVD later that afternoon and I realised we had eaten into the spare time with the last 40 minutes. Jackson was probably early and stood there with a big grin on his face and I looked across at Mark who seemed mesmerised by the big black guy in the doorway. I had to admit he was big. His presence seemed to dominate the room and the way he was dressed added a certain something to him. Just a black vest over chinos and in flip-flops. Too casual for my liking, but he’d be naked and banging some cheap whore they’d booked for the film in less than 30 minutes. Mark was staring at Jackson and he was still looking at the kid. “Hi guys. How’s life Maxie?” I hated Maxie and ignored the comment. “Usual Jacko,” I spat the name out knowing he also hated the clipped version, “just finishing off some work.” “And it looks good!” he said and put out his hand to Mark. Jimmy smiled and carried on setting up the equipment and Mark stepped forward and shook Jacko’s big hand. “Nice grip boy, you work out?” Mark shook his head and looked at me. “Want to, but not much really. Like your muscles,” he said and grinned as Jacko flexed a bicep and I headed for the shower. When I came back into the living room about 10 minutes later they were sitting side by side on the sofa chatting. “When you filming?” I asked as I threw the towel to Jimmy. “An hour, but want to make sure Jackson is ready,” he said in a strange way and I looked at him. Then Jackson stood up and said, in a very matter of fact way, “Going to need to last for this DVD man. So need to dump a load and wear off some of this horniness!” He said that as he smiled at Mark and rubbed a hand across his crotch. I might have guessed what would happen. I looked at Mark and he seemed uneasy and then sort of shrugged his shoulders to suggest he knew, but really didn’t know what was or would be happening. “You up for that Mark,” I asked, “act as a fluffer in reverse?” “Fluffer?” asked Mark and stood up. Jackson peeled off his vest and even I admired his pecs, steelhard six pack and bull neck. “Don’t act dumb kid!” he said and unbuttoned his chinos and let them fall to the floor. He stepped out of them and all we could see was a six foot tall black man, muscles on muscles and a bulge in a pure white jockstrap that had me throwing it second glances. Time for me to leave I thought and I said so. Mark looked anxiously at me and I said, “Stay or go. You choose.” He looked at Jimmy who walked into the hallway and then I pulled out my car keys. I knew he wanted to stay, but it had to be his choice. “Stay,” he said and stood there for a few seconds as I opened the door and then he said, “Thanks Max. See you again?” I nodded and walked out. It was a long phone call later that night from Jimmy that explained what had happened after I left. “The kid was nervous Max, but you know when it comes to blowing something like old sınırsız escort Jacko has between his legs, it makes even a hard nosed fucker go weak at the knees!” “He fuck him?” I asked as I lay back on the sofa and lowered the volume on the TV. “Nah, but you’d be proud of him mate. Did it like you taught him, London style and with a bit of teen attitude. Should have filmed it, but with Sam out buying milk for the coffee I was too busy setting up the shoot.” “So what did happen then?” Mark knew the cock pushing out the front of the white material was big. Big like the porn DVDs claim the guys have, big like the stories on the web claim black guys have and just plain big. In the few seconds that passed between Max leaving and Jimmy moving into the bedroom, Mark had decided that he was in for real and wanted to do it. When Jackson stopped talking and just stared at the boy he knew what was expected of him and sank to his knees in front of the man. The jock was already strained and he could make out the shape of what looked like a very thick cock, but maybe not as long as he thought it might be. He adjusted his knees and sat back on his heels, put his hands behind his back like Max had taught him and stared into Jackson’s eyes. “London style! Like it boy! Maxie taught you well.” As he spoke Jackson pulled the front of the jock down and snapped the waistband under his balls. It took Mark just two seconds to realise what a task he had set himself up for. From the bottom of a taught and muscled stomach rose a cock that was reaching 8 inches and was thick. Thicker than Max’s and a little more curved with an uncut head that was already leaking precum. His balls were pushed forward and hairy and Mark froze for a second before leaning forward and feeling Jackson’s hand meeting him halfway and guiding his mouth onto his cock. Mark slipped the first three inches of the cock into his mouth and realised how thick it was when his lips stretched wider and a film of precum and saliva oozed round and down the sides of his mouth. But this was not going to be an easy ride and that was pressed home as Mark felt the man’s strong hands press heavily on the back of his head to force more of the cock into his mouth. He tried to ease forward but gagged and Jackson first let him rise up a couple of inches and then pressed him back down. “Just suck boy, this isn’t going to take long,” he said, “just got to bust a nut to make me last for the shoot. Suck and make it hard boy!” Jackson flexed his stomach muscles and pushed his hips up a few inches as Mark sank lower on the cock. Then suddenly the hand was gone and Mark was bobbing up and down on the black shaft at his own speed. It was hard to suck the thick meat and still keep his eyes on the man, so Mark reached round with his hands and held the black’s balls with his left and the middle of the shaft with his right. He was now taking more than 5 inches into his mouth and the mixture of pre-cum and saliva was on his chin and dripping to the floor between his legs. By now Jackson was squirming on the sofa and every so often stroking Mark’s hair. He was moaning and Mark knew it wouldn’t be long before he was cumming. He wondered if he would finish himself of by jacking his cock and shooting over his chest or into his hair. Maybe he would get one of those facials he had seen in the pornos he watched with his mates, or would the man just jack a load onto his chest? He felt the big, hairy balls roll in their sack and start to ride the shaft. Jackson pressed the back of Mark’s head and the boy’s eyes widened a little when he did that. He gagged every so often and he put both hands onto the shaft and jacked it in time with his sucking. “Fuck boy! That is sooo good, suck, gonna bust a nut boy!” Those words made Mark ease back on the now steelhard cock but Jackson was having none of that and Mark suddenly realised that he was going to jizz into his mouth. Before he had time şırnak escort to react the man pressed his hips forward and held Mark’s head tight with both hands. “Cummin, cummin, drink boy!” Mark felt the thick meat swell for a second and then a shot of thick cum sprayed into his mouth. He tried to pull away but there was easing of the grip on his head and as he pulled up the second shot was sprayed onto his tongue and a fleck into his throat. He had to swallow and there were two more cumshots, much weaker this time, but just as thick. Jackson was moaning and still holding Mark’s head onto his cock. Mark looked up and saw the man with closed eyes and his lips pressed together as he was cumming. Mark swallowed the last of the thick cum and then Jackson let go of his head and Mark sat up, the cock dropping a good 30 degrees, still mostly hard and dripping, aimed at his mouth. “You are good boy, really good. That was hot. Like it?” Mark ran a hand across his wet mouth and nodded, unsure of what to say and still tasting the man’s cum. “Don’t worry, you won’t get anything but sweet joy from my cum boy!” Mark was still on his knees and looking at the man when he said, “You need to bust a load there boy?” Mark looked down at his own cock, now wet at the head and erect. He was about to say yes and start jacking when the front door slammed and voices came from the hallway. As Jackson stood up and grabbed a towel from the pile on the chair, the door opened and into the room came Sam and Lee. Mark was still kneeling; a fleck of cum on the side of his mouth, hard cock in his fist and the 16 year old with Sam was looking straight at it. “Thought he might have got fucked,” said Max over the phone and switched off the TV. “No, Jackson needs the cash mate and so he just left him there when Sam and Lee arrived.” “That’s the Lee I met is it, the 16 year old lad from Clapham?” “Yeh, the one with the tattoos and earrings, the one you liked!” Jimmy laughed down the phone and Mark sat up and remembered the boy. They had first met at a photoshoot Jimmy did for a website a few months earlier. The boy was slim, muscled and with shaved hair. But what stood out for Max was the number of tattoos the kid had. He wasn’t old enough for them legally, but he already had one on each arm, one on his chest, one flowery one on his lower back and apparently a small on his ass! He was cocky and a bit full of himself thought Max when they first said hello and the small gold hoops in each ear made him look sexy, if not a touch feminine. The boy was experienced and was telling Max all about his sexual adventures when they had lunch, not worried about what he thought and rather proud of his style. What Max was pleased about was that Lee was walking round “London Style” and he was delighted to hear from Jimmy that was how he arrived at the Penthouse after he left. “Yeh, I think that was why he and Mark became friendly very quickly. He recognised the style and you know Max, I think he was a little in awe of Lee when they talked and Mark didn’t seem worried about the way he was seen by Lee.” “Well come on Jimmy, tell me what happened. Did they get it on?” They didn’t fuck with each other. Well not anything heavy according to Jimmy. As Max walked into the kitchen to make coffee he listened as Jimmy continued the report of the rest of that afternoon at the Penthouse. Lee and Mark had something in common — hormones! They seemed to hit it off and as Mark pulled on his shorts and swallowed some water to flush the rest of Jackson’s seed down his throat, Lee told him he looked hot. In fact, Lee couldn’t stop talking and told Mark who he was, what he liked and how he often visited the filming thanks to his friend Sam. “You fuck with him?” asked Mark. “No, he wants to; I like him, but not enough to fuck with him! Get a life!” they laughed as they wandered through the Penthouse and watched Jackson showering and preparing for the shoot. About 10 minutes taksim escort later she arrived. She was polish and 23. She was being paid �70 and she was ready to suck and ride black cock. The two boys seemed to melt into the background and Jimmy warned them not to make a sound when they started filming. Jackson seemed almost delighted that two teenage boys were going to watch him in action and the Polish girl seemed on a different planet. She ignored them and even when Lee nudged Mark and pointed at a shaved and slightly puffy pussy, she never reacted. Jackson could fuck. At one stage he was pounding her pussy so hard she came twice and started screaming loudly, so much so that Jackson was forced to kiss her to keep her shrill voice from bouncing around the room. Mark was hard by the time they got round to fucking doggy and Lee was just as hard as Jackson slipped his thick meat into her ass and opened her pussy up with three fingers as he banged her hard. He glanced over at the boys once and winked out of camera shot and then when he was about to cum Jimmy shouted stop and he suddenly pulled out of her ass and slapped a cheek hard. She yelped and fell forward onto the bed. “You wanna do the money shot now Jim?” asked Jackson and stood at the end of the bed slowly jacking his now glistening and hard meat. Mark looked at him and grinned and Lee was rubbing the front of his jeans. “Gimme a minute to adjust the lights and then rubber off and let’s cum on her mouth and then you clean up baby, that okay with you?” Jimmy watched as she turned and opened her legs, lying on her back to expose a set of red labia lips and slightly distended asshole. “Only when those two kids leave the room,” she said. Jackson never said anything as the boys trooped off to the living room and as the door closed Lee said to Mark, “You want to wank?” Mark nodded and they sat down on the sofa side by side and pulled their jeans and shorts down to their ankles. There was no slow peeling down of the pants and no sort of visual foreplay. Mark was disappointed in that, but that all changed when he saw Lee’s cock. It was hard. It was smoother than smooth to his eyes, but it was at least 6″but so thick that Mark just had to reach out and touch it. Lee watched and popped three more buttons on his causal shirt to expose his chest. Mark stared at the boy’s chest, his nipples both pierced and a tattoo of some animal on his chest, near his left breast. “Like it eh?” said Lee and grabbed Mark’s cock in his right hand as the boy nodded a firm yes and started to jack Lee’s cock. “So fucking thick. I can’t believe how thick it is,” said Mark, “you a top or bottom?” “I do both man, versatile and horny 25/8!” They laughed and started jacking each other with a faster rhythm. Mark felt slightly in awe of the older boy and Lee realised that as Mark leaned in and licked his chest and then grasped a nipple ring in his teeth. Lee hissed and jacked Mark’s cock hard and held the grip at the base of the cockroot. His own balls were tight in their sac and hardly moving despite Mark’s hard jacking of his cock. As Mark raised his head Lee flicked out his tongue as a sign and they kissed. It was a tongue fight and they both moaned. Lee’s cock was now leaking precum and seemed to throb in Mark’s grip. Suddenly, without warning, Mark jizzed. He groaned as his tongue was still in Lee’s mouth and Lee gave his cock three hard jerks and felt the teen’s cum dribble over his hand and onto the sofa. Mark reacted by squeezing Lee’s balls with one hand, tugging them and then jacking hard and fast with his other. Lee raised his back from the sofa and with a loud shout of “cummin!” he blew what was really a thin shot of cum up onto his chest and followed it with three more that landed between his neck and navel. He eased his hand from Mark’s cock and Mark did the same. They lay back against the sofa, Lee rubbing the rivulets of cum across his nipples and then the door burst open and Jackson walked in. “You wankers want to go to a party in central London tonight?” To be continued … I am always happy to chat with readers who have ideas, comments, suggestions and experiences to share. Flames I ignore — friends online I chat with happily. steve14b@yahoo.co.uk

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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