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The Enchanted Lakehouse (Part 4: Caught in the Woo

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The Enchanted Lakehouse (Part 4: Caught in the WooChapter 4:The boy was newly fifteen that summer and the sun had already begun tobleach the ends of his moppy brown hair. He was wiry, a good swimmer whocould hold his breath longer than anyone and was tall for his age andgetting longer by the day. He’d run away on the two-year-old white coltbecause his uncle said he’d have to sell the a****l, and that’s how boy andstallion found themselves to be in the Forest, lost, and most certainly notalone.The boy had ridden most of the day when he came upon the wall of trees thatmarked the boundary to that supernatural realm. Most travelers were turnedaway by the Forest – some magical barrier that repelled entry, but theboy needed to hide and when he made to ride in, the Forest acceptedhim. He’d gone maybe an hour deep into the woods – it seemed a normalenough forest to the boy, he couldn’t fathom the why of people’s whispersand weird tales about the place. It didn’t seem enchanted at all.The coltmaybe smelled water, the boy didn’t know, but presently he found himself atthe edge of a green pond that appeared half-covered in emerald brightalgae. The boy had dismounted and left the pony to munch on some mossyundergrowth. The boy was warm and while the sweat of the day’s ride haddried under the cool canopy of the forest roof, he still felt like a swimin this pond would be just the thing.He wasn’t a modest lad and anyway believed himself and the pony to be aloneand soon he’d stripped out of his clothes and was wading into the water. Itwas cool, but not bracing, and the mats of algae at the surface were likestepping into melting butter after baking in the sun all day. He lookedback to where he’d left the horse, and the black beauty was swishing its tail andsnorting contently and padding among different plants while snackinglaconically.The boy was fine in the water, a champion swimmer among boys near hisfarmstead, and he paddled and dove and did handstands in the shallows tilhe was nearly wore out. After a spell, he flipped on his back and justfloated there awhile, the blood-warm colonies of algae soon crowding him,almost forming a neat, boy-shaped border. The boy absently studied thebright green plants; they looked different than the normal pond scum –these were thicker, and so soft as to be nearly exquisite, with hugebubbles embedded throughout that refused to pop when the boy poked at them.Most of the bubbles appeared empty, but a few had traces of cloudy fluid inthem. While the boy’s mind was intrigued with the bubbles, he scarcelynoticed that the colonies in the pond had all now come to surround him, andwere flowing up beneath him, buoying him.The teenager had been probing afinger into a anadolu yakası escort spot near his thigh when the algae clung fast to hisfingertip. It had clung to his whole back too; the boy rolled a little inthe water and found the algae affixed like glue to his thighs, spine andshoulders, even twined into the hair on the back of his head. A hump of thewarm stuff formed around his ankles. He squeaked in surprise as the plantnow seized his arms, encircled his fingers, coiled over his wrists. The boytried to thrash his arms and couldn’t, meant to kick his legs and foundthem restrained in the sticky plant mass too.The boy struggled for a time but couldn’t break free, tried to roll overand cross his arms and even bicycle his legs and couldn’t do these thingseither. He settled and tried to reason what was to happen. His relaxingsignaled something to the algae and soon glops of it were sliding and onthe move again. The boy gaped as handfuls of it came togther between histhighs and glided warm and slimy over the pouch of his balls and secureditself over the entirety of what he called his boy parts. A sleeve openedinside and while the teen floated absolutely still, engulfed his penis inits tepid fold and closed. A newly made bubble inflated over the tip. Theboy hadn’t really willed it to do so, but all the slimy attention directedat the organ had ensured that it had stiffened and swelled inside itsfloral cage. He experimentally bucked his hips, thrusting his pelvis anderection deeper into the moist sheath. The plant responded by constrictingand twisting around the shaft – this had a pleasurable affect on the boyand he thrust a second time. Again the algae coiled and twirled. His penisflexed powerfully, first on its own, then again when the boy registered thesensation it created.The plant proceeded to stimulate the boy diligently now – swirling andsucking and lapping over the length of his five and a half inch shaft. Theboy inhaled gasping huffs of air when the sleeve would tighten and writheover the penis cap. He began thrusting in earnest now, his stomachclenching and hollowing with each breath. A sensation built in the boy,like he was going to pop, and he arrested his motions and froze – thealgae creature interrupted its arousal for a beat then pulsed and twistedfrantically.The boy let all his air out in one puff – two small stringsof white cream burst from the tip of his penis and looped around the curveof the bubble, the boy thrust as a very thick strand squirted away andalmost filled the bladder; he swung his hips back with the remainingdrizzle of cum.The boy lay in the warm embrace of the algae thing and gulped ataşehir escort air while hispenis twitched inside the suspended sleeve. He felt the plant compress overhis captured organ, squeezing along the length of it, pushing outdribs. The boy lazed, tipping his head back and closing his eyes while hewaited for the strange organism to be finished with him. By the time hispenis had gone completely soft, the boy was dozing. He awoke in time to thealgae releasing his limbs and sliding away from his privates. He languidlypaddled back to shore, waded to the edge and squatted on his haunches whilehe surveyed the Forest and the pond in wonderment.He rose and padded over to where he’d d****d his clothes over a spikyleaved bush. They were barely more than tatters now, appearing at oncemoth-eaten and melted, but with no sign of deliberate mischief. Bits offabric clung to the moistened leaves of the shrub as he peeled themaway. His tunic was useless, a sticky mess which he flung to theground. His pants were little better, but by selectively tearing theirremains into strips, he fashioned a crude loincloth. He shoes, made ofbuckskin, were pitted with tiny holes but usable. He cursed his ruinedoutfit but dressed anyway and listened as warm breezes washed through thebranches around him. He heard the throaty grumble of his pony close by, butthe equestrian sounds were also of exertion and he came upon the b**stsurrounded by an astonishing looking bit of greenery; gigantic andpitcher-shaped, it perched beneath the bronco’s belly and had clearlyattached itself to the stallion.The boy approached to get a closer look. The stallion eyed him and jerkedhis hind quarters and whinnied softly. The plant, which anchored itself tothe soil with thick roots, had also twined around the horse’s legs to keephim from escaping. They also kept the horse from stamping, but the pony didnot even appear to be resisting at this point. Most of the plant wascomprised of a long flute-like appendage with a wide florid stained mouthshaped like a cup. The lips of the opening curled back on themselves andwere presently nestled firmly beneath stallion’s abdomen, almost to thepenile sheath. Swallowed inside the pitcher plant’s mouth, the younghorse’s very erect penis throbbed and bounced. The boy gaped; hetentatively reached his hand out and placed it gently to the horse’s bellyand patted him as he would to settle him. The horse snorted, but the soundwas one of delectation. He trailed his fingers cautiously down and brushedthem against the great sheathed capsule covering the horse’s penis; theplant responded by constricting over its prize and inching further up tilits lip obscured ümraniye escort the opening of the colt’s sheath. The pony’s massiveballsac, darker than any part of the steed, looked smooth and heavy to theboy, who had never really studied that part of his beautiful horse before.As though guardedly approaching a hot stove, the boy gingerly traced hisfingertips over the circumference of the nearly hairless balls, then palmedone half as though weighing it . They felt as supple as he imagined, andwildly substantial. The horse shifted and let out a snort and the boysnatched back his hand.The throat of the plant was sealed so cleanly over the stallion’s penis andconformed so tightly that every detail of the organ transferred preciselyto the surface the membrane. The boy was able to make out generous detailsof the stallion erection – from thick veins along the shaft to theflattened spongy head. Along the entire base of the penis, the urethralduct bulged. The colt would swish his tail or nicker and the boy swore hecould see the duct swell, followed by motion inside the plant. The stallionsuddenly chuffed and his tail flagged; the boy clearly saw prodigioussurges of fluid move through the penis length, the head was massivelyflared; the organ jumped and his balls jerked. The boy knew then that thestallion was squirting milk into the plant just as he had done with thealgae creature.The pitcher plant released the horse when it was clear thea****l had finished ejaculating; the stallion’s penis flopped out, swungbetween his legs and began retracting into its sheath. The roots manaclingthe horse’s legs unwound and the plant seemed to dig itself into the loamysoil of the Forest until the only visible part was the puckered opening ofthe mouth and tendril-like stalks that undulated very softly in the airabove.The horse shook his withers and snorted when all was done to signal he feltperfectly at ease with what had commenced and soon went back to nibblingferns and mosses at his feet. In fact, the place seemed as good as any tomake camp and the boy soon had a small fire going in a pit and hisprovisions laid out for dinner. There was a fresh water stream burblinginto the pond and some fish too, the boy recalled, so food and waterwouldn’t be a problem. The boy thought back to what had occurred at thepond, and of course what had transpired with his pony and no longerquestioned the magical nature of the Forest.Night fell, the teenager and his stallion pony were fed and the boy soonfound himself yawning. Small a****ls skittered among the trees as the boybedded down on mounds of soft mosses and drifted into sleep. He lay out inthe summery air upon the open ground with no other covering but hishandstrung loincloth like a savage. He woke briefly because he must’ve felthot and scarcely bothering to open his eyes, took those off too. The boyslept deeply, and in the nature of all adolescent males, his penis soonswelled and straightened across his lower belly and hardened. By that time,other elements of the Forest had already discovered him.

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