Ara 25

The entertainment center

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The entertainment centerI just broke up with my boyfriend of two years moved out of state rented a one bedroom house and got a job at the local store where I started meeting new friends. There was this one guy (Tyrone) who would come in daily and we would talk and said if I ever needed anything just ask I told him I would but never did, Tyrone was extremely good looking black, 6 foot and muscular. It’s been about 4 months or so we became friends but never went anywhere together just talked at the store while we talked there definitely was a sexual connection between us but we never acted on it. One afternoon it was my day off I stopped by the store to get something to drink Tyrone was there he asked me what I was up to told him I just got back from buying a entertainment center and was heading home to put it together, he asked if I needed any help I said yeah definitely he followed me to the house. He helped me carry in the box we separated everything sat on the floor and started putting it together, I was really horny I haven’t had sex since the break up as we sat on the he asked me about illegal bahis my ex and if I have seen anyone since. I told him about it and also told him no I haven’t been with anybody then he told me that he heard rumors that I was fucking every guy in town I told him that wasn’t true that the guy spreading them was mad because I didn’t sleep with him. He grinned and said what an asshole I agreed and we continued assembling the center he reached over me to get the allen wrench his face was right in front of mine my heart felt like it fell to my stomach he smiled at me I smiled back the he leaned forward and kissed me I kissed him right back and we made out for at least 5 or 10 minutes we stopped I took a deep breath and said wow he once again smiled and we started kissing more. I then said come on this entertainment center can wait grabbed his hand and we walked to the bedroom as we were walking he was rubbing my ass with his other hand, we got to the bedroom I sat on the edge of the bed as he stood in front of me. I looked up at him reached out and started rubbing his cock thru his jeans I then illegal bahis siteleri undid his pants reached in and pulled out this monster of a cock and said oh my God that’s fucking beautiful I’ve have only seen a cock that big in the movies. I then opened my mouth wrapped my lips around that monster and started sucking it as I sucked it he fucked my mouth making me choke and gag, after awhile of sucking his cock he told me to get up I stood up we started kissing again. He grabbed both my ass cheeks and started squeezing them spreading them apart I was wearing thong underwear so every time he squeezed the further my underwear road up my ass. We then separated he took off his clothes it took off mine he told me to leave the thong on he then turned me around bent me over the bed slapped my ass pulled my thong aside exposing my sweet pink hole he then leaned forward and started licking my ass. He lucked and fingered me for roughly 15 mins when he said are you ready for my cock, I said fuck yeah I am give it to me, I reached over to the end table by the bed opened the drawer and handed canlı bahis siteleri him some lube. I knew I was going to need it I had never had a cock that big and wasn’t really sure I could handle it but I definitely wanted it, he poured the lube all over my ass and his cock then slowly inserted it. I let out a deep loud sigh and moan as he slid it in deeper and deeper until all 13 inches were buried inside me he stopped for a moment so I could relax and take a few deep breathes the he began fucking me slow at first I was loving every thrust of his cock I yelled out ohhh yeah fuck baby harder give it to me. He then started fucking me so fast and hard I was screaming with pleasure he pulled his cock out then rammed it back in he was destroying my ass and I was loving it we switched positions a few times I couldn’t get enough of his cock. He yelled out ohhh baby I’m gonna cum I said yeah cum in me I want to feel your hot cum explode in my ass a short time later he shot his load and it was a big load he pulled out his cock as cum dripped out of me I quickly turned around and suck his cum/ass soaked cock after I sucked his cock for a few minutes we cleaned up got dressed and finished put the entertainment center together. After that night Tyrone would come over at least twice a week we watched movies and fucked all night long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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