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Subject: THE EXPERIMENT This story is purely factual. THE EXPERIMENT When I first met my man, I laid it all on the table. I told him that I have homosexual tendencies. He didn’t care and as a matter of fact, he asked if I would be willing to do it again, while he watches and maybe joined. I said o.k. thinking that he wouldn’t follow through with it…… When I met Nikki, she was a girl crazy about this guy. She was someone who got around and has had sex with everyone. I never thought of her in any other way than as a girl who was a pest. I guess because she was freaky, my man asked me if I would mind doing it with her. I looked at her for the first time that way. She had a beautiful complection not to mention that she wore all kinds of sexy close. I told him if he could convince her to then it would be o.k. It was his project. He got her to agree, but I didn’t know when…. One hot Saturday, we didn’t have anything to do. We all kinds of company at the house, and Nikki was cooking for us. Today was to be the day, my man told me. We all started to drink some alcohol to set the mood right. I found myself staring at Nikki and I was already overwhelmed just thinking about sucking on her pussy. Staring at her was making me horny. I waited until the alcohol took over kocaeli escort bayan my body. Something was going on outside and so everyone that was inside went outside and it was just me and her. She was standing in the kitchen. I looked at her and she had on these hotpant shorts that showed all of her legs and some of her bootie. She had a halter top on that revealed some of her stomache and she looked sexy.I could tell she didn’t have any underwear on or a bra. She was standing by the sink. A song came on and she began to dance very seductively. She was sucking on a lollipop and jirating her hips. It was turning me on so much that I walked over to her and touched her. first I touched her stomache, then I touched her ass. I moved close to her and started dancing with her. I put my hands on her pussy and started rubbing her vaginal area outside of her shorts. She was loving it, because she got more into her dancing and she put her arms around me. I moved my hands on her butt and was rubbing her body parts completely. Then I started to nibble on her neck and she started to moan a little. She was getting too loud and we couldn’t forget those people that were still standing outside, so I took her back into my room and we had to be quiet. I laid her down on my bed and kocaeli escort started kissing her neck. She was moaning and jirating her hips. She was real flexible and I took and spread her legs for her(per shorts still on). I started playing with her pussy to tease her. She was moaning. I wanted to give her a taste of what I could do to her, since this was her first lesbian experience. I wanted to do this before the threesome. I moved her shorts to the side ( they were still on) and I begin to taste her pussy. It tasted good and I couldn’t help but to keep doing. It. She was getting really loud and the people were coming back in,. I would back off, but her sexy body laying there turned me on. I went down again and started to lick her pussy. I took her clit into my mouth and just started to sucking on it and she started moaning way too loud and we were trying to be discreet, so we stopped for a while. We joined everyone else. I would brush up against her and I would cop feels of her pussy. I couldn’t wait to be back in her bush again. By the time that everyone else left, me, her and my man were even hornier then ever. We were sitting on the couch and I was sitting in between her legs. Then I took her leg and begin to rub up her thigh. My man izmit eve gelen escort was watching at this point. I brushed over her pussy and it turned her on. I laid her down and begin kissing her around her stomache and then I pulled her shorts off. First I licked her lips. I opened her pussy up and begin to fuck her sweet, wet pussy with my tongue. I took in her clit and was just sucking on it. My man was so turned on by it that he took his dick out and it was hard and big. She started to give him a hand job. Meanwhile, I was down sucking and licking on her pussy. Then I got out of the way and used my husbands dick to fuck her hard and it was turning me on. I pushed my man into her pussy and everytime he pulled up to complete another stroke, I pushed him in even harder and it was turning her on. both of them were yelling and screaming. They laid me down and she begin to lick my wet pussy and eat me out. while she was doing that to me, he was fucking her in the ass. and then right before he came, he put his dick in me and came inside, but me and Nikki were not finished. We sixty-nined each other. Licking on each other, and eating the mess out of each other. I was sucking her pussy like it was going out of style. It was good. I love eating pussy. I was putting my tongue down her vagina hole and sucking all the juices out of her and I was getting more turned on by pleasing her. I love pussy and after we came and this carried on for hours, we laid down and went to sleep., It was over for us, but I would love to eat you….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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