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The fantasy

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The fantasyThe fantasyWe have been married for several years and are very happy with each other. Our sex life is very normal and healthy, the use of various toys is therefore very normal. A while ago during the great sex I carefully told her a fantasy of mine. During the storytelling I noticed that she had no problem with it at all, I even felt that she became much more moist than she was normally. Encouraged by this, I continued to tell about my fantasy.My wife has a nice tight pussy, and I told her a few times that she could earn a lot of money with that. She can control her muscles very well and just makes me crazy with that. I had told her a few times that she could make any man crazy, and that they would pay enough money for that. Her best trick is the use of her vibrator, she is an expert in that. During sex, she likes to use her vibrator, make her entire pussy vibrate, and get me ready. I can tell you, no man will last that long! A sucking, orgasming, tight pussy around your dick is like heaven. Occasionally I tell her that she could earn a lot of money with that trick.During a ‘session’ with the vibrator, I once asked what she would ask a stranger to experience this … I immediately felt that she became even more damp …. “Not a cheap whore, more a classy escort, you can never be cheap.” I told her. On the edge of her orgasm, she told me that she would ask 2000 Euro for her trick. Of course she mentioned such a high amount not to feel like a cheap slut. After which I said that she would have a regular customer, who would like to come by every week. At that moment she came really very hard .. Me too, of course, because with an orgasming pussy around your dick you can never last long!After the intense sex, we were enjoying ourselves and I said that nobody would spend 2000 Euro 4 times a month. “Of course not, but maybe more than once, for 1000 Euro each time.” she said to me. She was thinking for a moment and then said “Maybe I just let me fuck for 200 Euro, and have some good pocket money.” This came to me as a surprise, but felt my dick growing again … I asked her if she meant this, and she told me that if she needed money, she would fuck any man. To test her, I asked what she would you do for the money? Would he just get a quick fuck, or would she blow him nice too? She thought for a moment and asked, “Wouldn’t you mind?” I replied her by saying that I would love to see it.I think the sex was getting better every time I told my wife more about my fantasy. I once told her that the next time we were in a strange city and a man would show interest in her, I will ask him how much he would pay for her …. Her answer took a long time …. “Yes, I dare ..” she said softly to me. She asked me what should be expected of her? I told her that any man would love to feel her pussy orgasm with the vibrator.., “Just drive them crazy with that pussy, or your lovely mouth.” I asked her if she would cum if a strange man fucked her. “Of course!.” she said. “They pay for that ..?” “Maybe I will give them a nice blowjob first, and then see if I can make them cum again with my pussy…”I told my wife she needed a little training first…. She was a bit confused and asked me why? I told her she would be too nervous the first time and she should have a little practical training first… I will blindfold you and pretend to be a stranger. But first, choose a nice dress from your wardrobe and put it on. Every time you wear that dress, you are the whore! She went through her wardrobe and came back with a nice red dress, a one-piece stretch which showed her perfect body. She looked absolutely amazing in that dress. I told her, not to wear any underwear and finish it off with a pair of black high heels. I grabbed a scarf and blindfolded her, I could hear by her breathing that she was getting exited.. I told her to stand in the middle of the bedroom and just wait for her first ‘customer’…I left the bedroom and closed the door behind me. After maybe ten minutes I softly knocked on the door. “Come in” she said softly. I went in, and there she was.. Her breathing a little heavier now, clearly exited. I did not say a word, what made her a bit uneasy.. I stood behind her and put my hands on her hips. With my foot I tapped against her inner foot, as a sign to open her legs a little. With my hand I went to the front and started lifting her dress.When the dress was raised far enough, I touched her bare pussy. She immediately started to moan… Then in one go I pushed 2 fingers in her pussy. She was wet, almost flooding.. She bucked her hips as if she wanted more.. I whispered in her ear “My whore is horny today…” She started moaning loud. I kept fingering her, her juices where running down my hand now. With my other hand I started touching her nipple through her dress. Her nipples clearly poking out. I pinched a nipple, and when she wanted to say something, I told her not to speak. “You are my whore, until I’m finished with you”, I told her. I could feel that she was building up an orgasm, I could feel her pussy contracting. Then I stopped fingering her, she let out a moan of frustration.I lifted the dress further and pulled it over her head. She was completely naked now, except her high heels. I walked around her and stood in front of her. I grabbed both her nipples and pulled them, she let out a loud moan. She started bending her hips and came forward with her head. I kept on pulling her nipples until she was almost touching my stomach with her forehead. My dick was standing straight forward, almost touching her lips. pendik escort She knew what was expected of her, and opened her mouth. I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her down on my dick. I just started to fuck her mouth for some time. She grabbed my balls and tried to go really down on me, but I didn’t let her.. I pulled her up and said she was a very good cocksucker, but I had other ideas.. “I heard you have a special trick, you can let every man come in no time in your pussy..” I said. She just said “Uhuh.” I guided her to the bed, she climbed the bed, and with a quick move, she grabbed her black vibrator from under the pillow. She was on her hands and knees, just waiting to be mounted.. I could see she was very wet, some drops ran along her thighs. She must really like this, I thought. She is as horny as hell. I was crawling up behind her, my cock was hard as a rock! Normally her pussy is very tight and I always enter her carefully, so she can get used to it. But now I couldn’t wait any more… I just put my dick head against her pussy lips until they parted. With one full stroke I entered her pussy. She let out a scream, I do not know if it was pain or pleasure… I just fucked her like a horny whore she was.. She was moaning now, and I could feel her muscles working on my dick. After a few minutes, she turned on her vibrator and started to work on her clit with it. Now her whole pussy is buzzing and her muscles pulling on my dick. This felt like heaven ! She really wants to make me cum as fast as possible, like a real pro! In the years we are married I got used of this trick of her, and I can stand this for some time. She starts working faster and harder on her clit, just to make me cum. But this time I had an other little plan…. I pulled out, a loud moan of frustration leaving my whore’s mouth.. I reached for the small bed closet and grabbed a rubber dildo from the drawer. She did not know what I was doing, until I pushed the dildo in her pussy. She was a little puzzled, I could tell of the sound she was making. I just wanted to get it lubricated, because I had other plans with it… I pulled it out, it was slippery of her juices. Then I put the dildo against her asshole and starting pushing it into her ass. She was almost screaming by now! I started to push almost the whole length in and pushed the little button on the back of the dildo. It started buzzing on full speed. She was really screaming by now. With one stroke I pushed my dick back into her pussy. “Now do your trick!” I told her. She was gasping by now, but managed to get the vibrator on her clit. I could feel both the vibrator and the buzzing dildo. She could not hold it anymore and started coming! I could feel her pussy spasming around my dick. Her orgasm hitting her hard, she was just yelling she was coming!! I thought she had a continuous orgasm this time. I could not hold any longer and started to fill her up with my jizz. This was by far the best orgasm I ever had ! About a week later I had to go on a business trip and asked my wife if she liked to come with me. She agreed immediately and was all exited. She would go for some shopping during the day, when I was working. We would stay in an apartment not far from the location I was working. The evening before we left I took her red dress and black pumps out and showed them to her. She got very nervous, but agreed to take them in her suitcase. That evening we had great sex.. maybe because she was thinking of her ‘little red dress’… The first day we were both exhausted, she had been shopping the whole day, and I had been working late. The next day I finished a little earlier and asked my wife if she fancied a drink and a snack. She had a sauna and a beauty treatment that afternoon and was feeling very relaxed, even when I got her red dress out of the suitcase… She got dressed, of course without her underwear and had put on her makeup. She really looked fantastic! I complemented her on her looks and told her she really looked like a pro. It was a nice warm afternoon when we got out. I could see she was a bit nerveus, although her nipples were poking in her dress.. She must be exited by the idea… Just around the corner of the apartment there was a nice bar. People were standing, chatting, drinking a glass of wine. We found a nice place to sit and ordered a nice wine and started chatting about the day, like usual. Lots of young man looked at my wife, admiring her perfect body.. I was very proud to have a wife like that.We enjoyed this late afternoon. Every now and than they served us some lovely snacks. After an other two glasses of the perfect wine, I could see my wife relaxed a bit. She chatted how good she felt after the beauty treatment and what they had all done. While she was chatting away I could see a few young men opposite of us eying my wife. They looked very handsome. I told my wife to open her legs a little bit to give them a peek under her dress… I could see she got a bit nervous again, but I could see her eyes wandering of sometimes to check these young men.. She chatted away, but I could see she opened her legs a little bit, showing the guys her bald pussy.. She told me she was feeling a little bit tipsy, naughty and horny.. A few minutes later the waiter came up to us with two more glasses of wine and told us it was offered by the two young men. We accepted the glasses and raised them to the young men “Cheers ! Thank you very much. Why don’t you join us?” We had a very nice chat with the two young men. After about kartal escort ten minutes, my wife excused herself and went to the toilet. The two young men told me I was a lucky guy with a lady like that. One of the guys was a little bolder and said he would have a go on my wife if she wasn’t with me… “How much are you offering..?” I asked the guy. He looked very surprised and looked at the other guy in disbelieve… I would want her for 500 Euro’s he said.. The other guy said.. “I would offer the same….” I told them I would ask my wife if she comes back from the toilet. The guys looked very nervous and exited by the idea.. A few minutes later I saw my wife coming back from the toilet and I stood up and walked over to her. “Honey…. these guys want to spent a thousand Euro’s to have you…. ” I thought she would freak out, but she kept calm… She whispered to me…, “Both of them…? I have never done it with two guys…” I told her I would be there, if they don’t agree with that, the deal is over.. My wife told me she trusted me.. she would do it, only if I came with her..I turned back to the two young men and told them the deal. I said I did not know them, and it would be a risk taking them with us. They agreed with it. I held out my hand… They understood the message and got their wallets out. There in plain public they both paid me 500 Euro’s, my wife was standing behind me. If anybody was watching the could of seen I just sold my wife to them.. At least for some time.. “Come on guys, it’s just around the corner.” I took my wifes arm and walked to our apartment, the two young men following us..In the elevator to the top floor I could see my wife was aroused.. Her nipples clearly visible through her dress. Her breathing was a bit heavier than normal. One of the guys put his arms around my wife’s waist and tried to kiss her. My wife looked at me, and I gave her a look like I didn’t mind. My wife’s hand reached the back of his head and started kissing him.. I could her a soft moan escaping.. When we reached the top floor I opened the door to our apartment. “Come in guys, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy your time with this whore.” I couldn’t help saying that.. I got a bit jealous when she kissed the guy like that..Once inside I sat myself in a chair and explained the two young men the rules. No pain, no other kinky things.. just enjoyment. They both gladly agreed to that, and they got some of their clothes off. They both had an athletic look. My wife must like this… She was standing in the middle of the room and one of the two got behing her. He held my wife at her waist while the other guy started kissing her.. She started moaning softly, I think she was enjoying it.. I felt a bit of jealousy, but didn’t say anything anymore. The guy who was standing behind her got his hand under her dress and moved up. I could see my wife spread her legs slightly.. He must been touching her pussy, because she was moaning a little louder now… “The whore must be ready… she is leaking…..” he said. He stuck up his fingers and showed them.. They were covered with juices.. The guy in front of my wife got hold of her dress and pulled it all the way up, over her head. There she was… standing completely naked, with only her black high heels, legs spread.. She really looked like an expensive whore like that. I think she was trying to get me jealous.The guy in front of her reached for her pussy and pushed a finger in.. “I think you’re right… she is fucking horny…” He went for her breasts and started massaging them. The mouth of my wife opened a little bit and moaned loud now. “OOohhmmmmmm………..” My wife reached with one hand behind her and started massaging the guy’s dick through his trousers.. The guy unzipped his trousers and my wife immediately pulled his dick out. It was quite big.. not as big as mine, but still.. Precum was already leaking from his dick. The guy started moaning.. “Fucking hell.. I want this bitch..!” My wife looked at me and just smiled at me.. Yes, the bitch is trying to get me jealous..! My dick was hard as a rock, but I did not show any reaction, maybe to let her try even better….The guy in front of her unzipped his trousers and grabbed my wife’s other hand and guided it to his dick. My wife pulled it out.. OMG.. this was a monster..! At least 10 inches.. and much thicker than mine.. My wife must of felt this and she started panting… “OOOhhhwwww….. This… is biiiggg..!” She looked at me, but I did not show anything… I looked at her with a smirky smile… This was her ‘problem’ now.. The guy in front of her lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around him. He walked towards the bedroom, the second guy followed them.I followed them to the bedroom and sat down in the chair in the corner of the room. The guy with the enormous dick dropped my wife on the bed. She opened her legs and I had a good view at her pussy. It was leaking…. her cream was running down the crack of her ass. The guy with the smaller dick got on the bed, on his back. His dick pointing to the ceiling.. He grabbed my wifes hair and told her to turn around on her hands and knees. She slowly got up on her knees and the guy guided her head to his dick. He pulled her head up on pointed his dick to her mouth. He just pulled her head towards his dick and she almost automatically opened her mouth.. He just pushed her head down his dick… I saw her gagging, but not protest…. He pushed her head down until her nose hit his pubes and hold her head like that.. Just as maltepe escort I wanted to say something, he released her.. She came of his dick, gasping for air… A moment later she pushed her throat on his dick herself… ‘What a fucking whore..!!!’ I thought.. He just kept on fucking her face like that. In the meantime, the guy with the dick like a horse got on his knees behind her… He got between her legs and forced her legs apart as wide as possible. I could see her pussy, it opened up.. her cream was dripping from her pussy.. He was moving his gigantic dick up and down her pussy to get it wet with her cream. Then he pushed the head of his dick between her pussy lips. I could see her reaction… her body tried to pull back, but the other guy held her head tight on his dick.. The guy pushed his gigantic dick into her tight pussy… Her body convulsed by the invasion of this monster.. I could see her pussy stretched to the max…. He pushed this whole monstrous dick in her pussy… The guy holding her head just laughed… “This whore can take it…”, he said.. and released her head. My wife came up, gasping for air.. “OOOOOhhhwwwww….. My Fuuuckkkinggggg…. Goooddddddd….! ” I could see she reached under the pillow of the bed… A moment later she had her vibrator in her hand and directed it to her pussy.. She switched it on and pushed it on her clit. She went for her orgasm… Trying to get the guy pump his load into her pussy.. She pushed herself back on him, twisting her pelvis, squeezing her pussy on this gigantic dick.. She screamed loud, “Ooohhwww… Fuuuuuckkkk… meeee….!!!!” The guy with the monster dick started to pound her hard, holding her by the hips he pushed and pulled his monster dick in my wife. I could see my wife having her first orgasm.. her belly contracted each time, but she kept the vibrator on her pussy.. This guy must feel her pussy contracting on his dick… I wondered how long he could take it.. The guy holding her head pushed my wife’s mouth back on his dick and started pounding her head.. My wife was having constant orgasms now…. “Grrrrrrrlllllll…………”, was all I could hear.. This must have been too much for the guy in her throat… I heard him shouting “Oohwww… fuuuckkk… I’m coming..!!” His hips were jerking… He shot his cum right down my wife’s throat into her stomach.. He released her, she was gasping for air, trying to recover and get the guy to shoot in her pussy.. She tried to push the vibrator in her pussy, this was impossible, but it had the effect she wanted… I could see his balls contracting and unloading the cum in her pussy.. ” OH… Fuuckk!! I’m coming too…!!!!” he shouted.. “What a whore..!!!!!”He withdrew his monster cock from my wife’s pussy… It was a gaping hole! A load of cum the guy just shot in gushed out.. My wife collapsed on the bed, she just had the fuck of her life.. She was breathing heavy. “OMG… what a fuck…….” I think the guys wanted to change place, because the other guy also wanted to feel her vibrating pussy…. He crawled up behind her and with no effort he pushed his dick into my wife’s abused pussy. His dick was coated with saliva, her cream, and his mate’s cum. He pulled out and placed his dick against my wife’s brown hole.. She is not used being fucked in the arse, I have done it a few times. She has a very tight arsehole.. He pushed his dick in, my wife let out a big moan.. ” OOooaaaaaaahhhhhhhh……….. ” At that moment the other guy got hold of her hair and pulled her up, his monster dick pointed at her mouth. Instinctively she opened her mout and the guy pushed her mouth on his dick. I don’t think she can take this dick, but she did not protest. She was like a fuck doll, being fucked in all her holes. He grabbed the back of my wife’s head and pushed his dick in her throat. I could see the bulge in her throat.My wife was having a hard time.. I saw she grabbed the vibrator and pushed it in her sloppy pussy.. The guy fucking her arse was going wild! “Look at this whore..! She loves it..!!! My gooddd, this is fantastic..!!!” Within no time he shot his second load in her arse and almost collapsed on her back. The guy with the monster cock had a little more stamina and kept on fucking her mouth and throat. He withdrew his monster cock and my wife just said, “Fuck this whore good now..! You bastard !” This was almost too much for me… I had always fantasized my wife being used by a stranger, but this was more than I had ever imagined.. My dick was rock hard, I kept on stroking it through my pants. The guy with the monster cock pushed the fucker back into my wife’s mouth and really started to fuck her. I could hardly believe she could take this any longer. I saw hard hand reaching for the guy.. She rammed two fingers in his arse and pulled him up to the hilt in her throat. Her nose hit his pelvis. This was too much for the guy and he started ejaculating. He must have pumped a gallon of cum in my wife’s stomach before he fell backwards. My wife was gasping for air, totally spent she let herself drop on the bed. I stood up from the chair and told the guys they got what they paid for and had their hour of fun. They got up from the bed and started to walk to the living room where they got dressed again. Before they left they thanked me for the best time they had in a long time and asked me if they could come back another time.. They gave me their telephone numbers and thanked me again before they left.When I entered the bad room, my wife was still laying on the bed. She looked exhausted. No wonder with a pounding like she just had. I crawled up to the bed next to her and stroke her hair. “You were great honey.. I never of thought you could do it…” She rolled on her back and said softly, “Come… you can use me anyway you want now..!” The rest of the night I fucked her in all her holes..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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