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The Farmer’s Widow

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My name is Mike Wilson. The story I’m about to tell you really happened. I’ve just changed names and places. My first name is Michael, but my last name is not Wilson. If a certain farmer knew of me, I’d probably be beaten to a pulp, my body left for the buzzards. ***** I had just turned seventeen, and completed my junior year in high school. I lived with my mother and father in a small Kansas town. Every summer since I was ten years old, I had spent the summers with my Aunt Barb and Uncle Bill, working on their farm. They have a small dairy operation, along with fields of corn, hay and oats. They have a daughter, a skinny seven year old. She’s their only kid and too young to be of any help. I liked staying with them, my aunt and uncle were always making jokes and cracking me up. Uncle Bill appreciated my help in the summer. My school buddies were envious of me at the start of each school year. I came back home, tanned, with bulging muscles. The girls oohed and aahed, and I never lacked for a date. I usually had a girl or two that I dated, sometimes at the same time. I never had a steady girl until the second semester of my junior year. Delores and I started dating right before Christmas day. We spent a lot of our Christmas break with each other. To make a long story short, Delores took my virginity. She was well experienced when it came to sex. She taught me a lot about a girls body and how to please her. I was her willing student! I knew of her reputation from school, and I think that is why I hooked up with her. She broke up with me right before summer break. I figured she did that so she would be free all summer. It was okay with me, I only dated Delores for the sex. Friday afternoon, Mom and Dad drove to visit with Aunt Barb and Uncle Bill. They would be spending the weekend, and then leaving me for the summer. I settled into the bedroom that was more or less mine. Over the years it was called Mike’s bedroom. Aunt Barb cooked us a very nice supper. Aunt Barb could cook circles around my mom. I ate like a pig before I left the table. The four adults sat around talking. Mom and Aunt Barb gossiping about anything and everything. Uncle Bill was telling Dad about how a neighbor was killed in a collision two years ago. He was driving his tractor on the road, going to another field. A speeding truck came over the hill and rear-ended the tractor, killing him instantly. He was only thirty three years old. His widow still runs the farm and seems to be doing okay. They didn’t have any kids, so she has no help there. Uncle Bill broke out the beer, and Dad said it was okay if I had a beer with them. Dad always treated me as an equal when we were there. Uncle Bill and I usually had a beer after supper everyday during the summer, anyhow. Sunday afternoon came and Mom and Dad left for home. I hugged and kissed my mom, Dad got a big hug and handshake. We waved as they left the driveway and entered the road. Uncle Bill said, “C’mon, let’s have another beer.” I settled right in, I worked my ass off during the day, and slept like a baby at night. About two weeks after I came, the neighbor widow came to talk to Uncle Bill. She was having a problem finding someone to help her with her haying. Of course Uncle Bill volunteered me to help. Uncle Bill introduced us. She reminded me of one of my teachers at school. All the guys were trying to hit on her. She was young and single, but she never gave them the time of day. Teacher, student relationships were a big no no. “See you in the morning, Mike,” she said. “About seven okay?” “Seven it is,” I replied. “Mrs. Williamson, should I bring a lunch?” “Heavens no, lunch is included. Please, please, call me Cece, Mrs. Williamson is so formal, plus it makes me feel old.” “Okay, Cece, see you at seven sharp.” Aunt Barb saw Cece to the door and closed it after she had left. Aunt Barb came back into the living room and sat down. “Good lookin’ woman, built pretty damn good too,” Uncle Bill said. “She’s so busy she doesn’t have time to go looking for a man.” “Shush Bill, he’s only been gone for a couple years, leave her alone,” Aunt Barb scolded him. “Can’t you see she is just starting to return to normal. Shame on you.” Uncle Bill winked at me and laughed, “Sorry Barb, don’t be so defensive of the woman. I’m just stating a fact, with her looks and body, she won’t have a problem finding a man.” I went up to bed early, I was tired. I don’t think I hit the pillow when my alarm sounded. I got up and brushed my teeth. Aunt Barb had breakfast on the table and Uncle Bill was stuffing his face. “Eat up boy, she’ll work your ass off. She takes to hard work like a farmer should.” I ate four eggs, two slices of toast, and a thick slice of ham. This was pretty much the typical breakfast that Aunt Barb put on the table. Sometimes she fried up steaks, or she would fry up a pound of bacon. Uncle Bill and I burned thousands of calories everyday. I took Uncle Bill’s pickup and headed to Cece’s farm. When I got there, she was already picking up the hay that was baled yesterday. I ran out to the field to help. Cece bahçesehir escort smiled as I picked up a bale and tossed it on the truck. Cece would jump in the cab, and drive to the next bale. When we couldn’t throw anymore on, I would stack them up until we had a load. We took in three truck loads of hay before stopping at noon for lunch. Cece said, “hope you like fresh bread, I baked it last night.” “I love fresh bread. I only get it when I’m by my aunt and uncle. My mom isn’t a baker.” Cece set the table with sliced beef, fresh bread and all the trimmings. She poured me a big glass of fresh milk. I made myself two sandwiches and ate both along with another glass of milk. I had worked hard, I needed the fuel for this afternoon. I took my plate and glass, put them in the sink and went onto the porch to let my lunch settle. Cece came out and sat with me, she had two rockers out there. “You work hard for a city slicker,” she said. “I figured you might be some lazy ass kid.” “Thanks, I like working on the farm. Builds toned muscles.” “And character also,” she said. “We’ll head back out at one o’clock, okay?” “Fine with me, I’m ready now.” At one o’clock we were back out picking up the last of the bales. After storing the hay, Cece checked the weather and said we can cut more for tomorrow. I’ve mowed a lot of hay, so I knew what to do. Cece showed me which field she wanted mowed and I started. Cece baled up what she had cut yesterday. It was close to 5 when we quit. Cece put the baler and tractor back in the machine shed alongside the mower. We walked together to the barn. It was time to milk the cows. Cece didn’t have a large herd, she was milking twenty cows. At 6:15 we were on our way to the house. I stopped, my shoelace was untied. I tied my shoelace and walked fast, trying to catch up with Cece. I didn’t intentionally look, but I got an eyeful of her ass. Her cute swing was candy to my eyes. Maybe she is thirty-three, didn’t make a difference to my cock. I hung back now, I was interested as I watched her swing her ass. She did a good job, my cock was starting to harden. I caught up with Cece. “Want me to help tomorrow?” I was hoping she still needed me. “Heck, ya! I need you all week. You are a big help. Can you come back?” “I think so, I’ll have to ask my uncle.” “Okay, if you can, I’ll see you at seven.” Cece shook my hand and waved as I drove off in my pickup. I told my uncle that Cece needed me to work all week. He said it was okay, but next week he would like me to help him. Cece was glad to see me the next morning. I showed up each day through Saturday morning. Each day we finished up around noon and Cece made me another of her fabulous lunches. After lunch we sat on the porch talking, and drinking some of her great sweet tea. She told me what happened to her husband and how it changed her life. She now owned the farm free and clear. They had bought insurance on the mortgage at closing, and it paid off the mortgage balance. The trucking company had to shell out big bucks. Her lawyer was able to negotiate enough money to equal what her husband would have earned over the years. The insurance company lawyers fought back, but then advised their boss that in court, it would go against them. It was probably the least costly route to just pay up. Cece didn’t tell me the amount, and I really didn’t want to know. She asked a lot of questions about my life. She wanted to know how my girlfriend felt about me being gone all summer. I told her about our breakup. That I didn’t really like having one girlfriend. I like to date more than one at any time. “Player?” she asked. Kinda sounds like it.” “No way, it’s just a date. I don’t ask anything of a girl. We had a good time and maybe a week or two later we would go on another date. I’m not exclusive with any girl.” She told me about her dating in high school. She liked to date a boy for a few dates and then move on to the next one also. That is until she met the boy that she would marry. He was a senior and she was a junior. They dated exclusively until they married. She grew up living in a small town, he grew up on a farm just outside city limits. After he graduated high school, he worked and saved his money, until he had the down payment for this farm. They married about a year after she graduated. He wanted her to make sure she didn’t want to continue on with college. She loved the farm life so much that she was sure it was her calling. “I still love the farm and all the hard work. Sometimes like this week, I’m overwhelmed and cannot do it all. If baled hay sits in the rain and gets wet, I can lose it. You working here this week has helped me a lot.” After we quit for the day, she gave me a check that more than enough paid for my work. “Cece, you’ve paid me too well. I don’t need this much.” “Take it, I insist, you earned every dollar. I wish I could find another man as good as you, I’d hire him on the spot.” “Thank you, Cece. You are a good boss. Heck, I’d work for free as long as you fed me those lunches.” I stood up to leave, Cece stood up and beylikdüzü bayan escort walked me to my pickup. She gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek. “I might need help later on this summer, will you help me?” “Anytime,” I said as I got in my pickup. “And thanks again for the check.” I drove off and headed to my aunt and uncle’s farm. July came and I helped Cece combine the oat crop. That only took a couple days. She paid me well, but that was hot and sweaty work. I helped again with some heavy work off and on in August. ***** Uncle Bill decided to drop his dairy business and cash crop only next year. A dairy farmer bought all his cows and would rent his barn and milking equipment until he could move them to his farm. Uncle Bill said I could come and stay next summer, but there wouldn’t be as much work. Mostly tractor or truck work. I told him, “I wouldn’t miss being there. That I loved the farm, maybe just as much as he and Aunt Barb did.” ***** I tried out for, and made the swim team. I won quite a few of my races. One thing that I did my senior year, I worked out at the gym. The girls always were commenting on how ripped my body looked. A few of their mothers eyeballed me at swim meets, that gave my ego a boost. I’d tell you about one of them, but that’s another story. I finished my senior year. Mom and dad had bought me a new Chevy pickup, it was my graduation gift. It was a beauty, four wheel drive and all. I was proud to drive it around town. I thought of Cece a few times. I wondered if she would need me to work in the summer. I hoped she would, she was fun to be around. I recalled how good looking she was, and how her butt moved when she walked. Cece’s jeans fit her nice and showed off what a great figure she had. I phoned Uncle Bill and asked if I could come for the summer. Most definitely I could. His workload was cut substantially without the dairy, but we still had to cut and bale hay. The cows were all gone now. Just a few chickens, a steer, and a pig. The steer and pig wouldn’t make it through the fall. They were being raised as meat animals. The chickens were lucky that they laid eggs. I packed almost all my clothes, tossed them in my truck and headed to Aunt Barb and Uncle Bill’s farm. This would probably be my last summer there. I would have to get a job and go out on my own. Mom and dad said I could live at home, until I was on my feet and could afford an apartment. I knew I needed a good job and there were a few available where we lived. I’ll worry about that next fall. When I pulled up to my aunt and uncle’s house, they came running out to greet me. I hugged Aunt Barb and swung her around. I put her down and grabbed my uncle in a bear hug. We were happy to see each other. “My god, you have become a man,” Aunt Barb exclaimed. “So tall and handsome. I’ll bet all the girls are fawning over you!” “Thanks Auntie, but I’m not dating any girls right now. I’m looking forward to being here this summer.” “Speaking of this summer,” my uncle said. “I don’t have much work for you. You can stay and help me out, but I know someone else who needs a hired hand. You remember Cece, well she told me if I heard of anyone looking for a job, to send them her way. I think you should call her before you bring in your stuff.” I hadn’t thought of Cece needing full time help. I figured a good looking woman like her would have a new man by now. “Okay, Unc. I’ll call her, but first I need a drink of water.” We all went into the house. Aunt Barb poured water over ice and handed me the glass. After I drank about half of it, I took the rest out on the patio and called Cece. Aunt Barb had written down her phone number for me. Cece was glad to hear from me and yes, the job was still available if I wanted it. Yes, I could start tomorrow. She told me that room and board was included and what my wages would be. I was more than happy and kind of excited at the prospect of living with Cece. “Well I guess I’m Cece’s new hired hand. She needs me to start tomorrow. My room and board is included. The wages are more than adequate. I’m supposed to go there now and unpack. Thanks for telling me about the job. I’ll come and visit with you two as often as I can. Thanks again, I love you both.” I hugged both of them, and climbed back in my truck. They waved as I turned onto the country road, and headed for Cece’s farm. The drive wasn’t long, just a couple miles. I saw Cece’s driveway and pulled in. Her house sat back from the road. As I neared the house, Cece came out to meet me. I opened my truck’s door, got out and stood up. Cece hugged me and called me a god-send, she was hoping to find someone to work for her. Cece helped me unload my belongings and carry them to the house. I dumped them on the floor and went back for more. Cece was right there with me, helping again. She picked up a box of my clothes and led me up the stairs. At the top she turned right into a short hallway. At the end was a bedroom. “This will be your room. I’ll show you around.” I had never been above the first floor so I knew nothing escort beylikdüzü about the upstairs. We walked into the room. The decor was very vanilla, neither feminine or masculine. I did notice that the bed was a queen size. There was a loveseat and a TV. “This is your bathroom and over here is your closet.” Cece’s dead husband had remodeled the upstairs. The middle bedroom was split, forming an en suite bath, plus a walk in closet for each bedroom. He did a real good job. I went back downstairs and brought up more boxes. Two more trips, now I could unpack. “Want any help unpacking?” Cece asked. “If I help we can go back downstairs sooner, and talk about the farm.” “Sure, I’d like that.” Fate always steps in, Cece started unpacking my underwear. She didn’t say a word, just kept on unpacking. When we were done we headed back down stairs. “I’m having a beer, want one?” she asked. I nodded my head yes, and walked out onto the porch. Cece came out with the two beers. We each took a good slug. “Last year I was negotiating, with my next door neighbor, for the sale of his farm. I only wanted the land. We came to an agreement and now my three hundred acres are doubled. This is why I need full time hired help. I’m keeping my dairy operation this summer, but in the fall it will all be sold. I’ve had my soil analysed to see which vegetables it would grow best. Seems potatoes are the way to go, red potatoes to be exact. So that is the direction I’m going. Potato prices are up and I think I can turn a good profit. I’m going to need equipment that I don’t have. I’ll depend on you to do some research to help me there. I’ve hired a consultant to help us out the first year, after that we are on our own. What do you think?” “Wow, that is a tall order. I’m sure I can work with the consultant. I’ll start my research tomorrow. I’ll have to use the library, you don’t have internet out here. I’ll let you know in a month if I can handle the job. Who’s working the farm this summer?” “You and I. I have enough hay to last until winter. I am letting half the tillable ground lay idle this summer. In fall we can start planting a rye cover crop. We have to use a turnover plow to bury the rye next spring. As far as internet, look into satellite, we sure could use it out here.” “It looks like I’m jumping right into the fire here. I hope I don’t disappoint you.” “Don’t worry, you won’t. Enough business talk. Tell me about your senior year. Have you found a steady girlfriend yet?” I told her about school and how that went. No girlfriend yet, I’d like one, but they are all so clingy, they need to grow up. I talked about the swim team, the gym workouts. “I can see that you are in trim shape. You’ve changed since I last saw you. You are more mature and better looking too. Your shoulders are wider and your muscles are well toned. Any girl would be crazy not to try to date you.” “Thanks for all the compliments. I’m in no hurry for a girlfriend. I’m only eighteen you know.” “I think you still act more mature than your peers. How old do you think I am?” “Twenty six, maybe twenty seven, somewhere in your twenties.” “I turned thirty three last month. “Thirty three? Damn, you sure look good.” Cece laughed with a twinkle in her eye. “Thanks, I like you too.” We chatted until ten, then she stood up and yawned while stretching her arms up. Her tits pushed the front of her shirt out and I could see her nipples were taut. Her belly was flat as a pancake. As we climbed the stairs, I had a good look at her ass. I was already thinking that I would like to hit it. At the top of the stairs, I said, “Goodnight” to her, turned and entered my room. I slept good and when my alarm went off I got up and dressed for work. Cece and I kept busy for the next few days. When Sunday came around we relaxed, talking and rocking those chairs on the front porch. “We have a nice pool in town, would you like to go swimming?” “That would be fun. Will you swim also?” “Wouldn’t miss it. I was on the dive team in high school. C’mon let’s get ready, it’s almost three, the pool is open till five today.” Up the stairs we went again. Cece always made sure she was first, or was it me hanging back. Anyway, I followed her up and appreciated the view. I had two types of swimsuits, competitive swim briefs and the other was swim trunks. I opted for the briefs. I stripped and pulled them on. Did my cock grow since my last competition? I had to tuck it in and down. Must have, I know I have a nice seven incher, I measured it. I didn’t cheat either, I measured on top, not the underside. The girls I fucked, said I was bigger than the other guys. I looked in the mirror, and I couldn’t see it peeking out anywhere so I put on a pair of shorts and a tee. I went downstairs and Cece was standing there with towels. “I didn’t see you unpack any so I brought you one,” she said as she tossed it to me. Cece was in short shorts and a blouse. With her flip flops on, she looked younger yet. “I’ll drive, you haven’t ridden in my new truck yet.” “Thanks,” she said. The drive into town was uneventful. I stole a few looks at her legs. They were nice and slim, not tan, she wore jeans all day on the farm. When she caught me looking, she smiled. I averted my eyes for the rest of the ride. “See you after I shower,” I told her. “Okay, I’ll find you.” I found an empty locker, undressed, and locked up my street clothes.

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