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The Farmer’s Wife and I

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My name is Will, I’m blonde with green eyes and 19. I have no truly remarkable features; I’m five foot eight and toned but by no means a stunner. The first school I went to I became friends with a boy named Luke. We were inseparable until we moved to different secondary schools. We remained close friends but as he was sent to a boarding school I no longer saw him. During summer I would go see him at his house, we would just relax in the pool with his mum, Kate. She was like a second mum to me and always took great care of me. She even made sure there was always a bed set up, should I ever want to stop by. Luke and I spent as much time as possible playing in the pool during the summers, but that stopped when his parents divorced. My parents had divorced several years earlier, being an reasonable child I had come to grips with the fact quickly and dealt with it well. I spent a lot of time comforting him, explaining how it had changed my life for the better and eventually I did get through to him. Kate took it very badly though as Brian (Dad) had run off with some twenty something tart with fake tits and an IQ rivalling that of your average table lamp . I had seen Kate a thousand times, but only now as I got older did I see her as a woman and not as a parent/mum. She had hair that resembled straw in colour that fell to her shoulders, she never did anything with it but it always held perfectly in place. She always wore beige Jodhpurs, with knee length brown leather boots and a light coloured shirt. The trousers were skin tight and really showed off her AMAZING butt. I assumed it was so perfect from years of riding, but that thing was fantastic, like a peach and I began to admire it more and more. Her tits were at least DD and looked even bigger on her slender frame, not to mention she always had her shirt casually buttoned, allowing them ample breathing. Along with this fantastic body she had the face of an angel. Blue comforting eyes and a thin smile. She was in her 40’s but you wouldn’t put her a day over 30. One year Kate had a riding accident and had bayan escort beylikdüzü to have a cast on an arm and a leg, this made doing anything very difficult for her living in a large house, being self sufficient. Luke was at boarding school and was taking a holiday over the summer with school so was unable to come aid her. Her parents were too frail to do anything more than cook and clean. She had her accident a week before I finished for the summer after my 17th, and while dropping off some stuff of Luke’s her situation was brought to my attention. She told me all about her difficulties, especially as the bathrooms and bedrooms were upstairs. As she was so petite and in such need I offered to spend my summer staying in the spare room and looking after her. She agreed but insisted I got paid for my work, and so I spent all summer working in the garden, driving Kate around and assisting her into bed or to the bathroom. After about one week she asked me while I was washing up after tea: “Will, I have spent over a week having sponge baths, but they aren’t quite the same as feeling the water all over you. Would you give me a hand having a real bath?” At this point I wanted to yell ‘Holy crap yes!’ but instead made a joke about her bathing me as a child and returning the favour. That walk up the stairs was the longest walk of my life. I was sure she would be able to feel or even hear my heart beating hard in my chest. We got to the bathroom and I put her down on the side of the bath, she turned on the water and then came the words I was longing to hear. “Would you help me get my clothes off?” Within seconds I was on my knees pulling her trousers off as she used her hand to take off her top. When I slid the trousers down underneath I was surprised to find a tiny black thong; this was when my brain went into melt down. “Does she always wear these? Was this a plan? How do I explain this to Luke?” I slowly slid her thong down her soft thighs, my hands shaking from nerves; unfortunately as the thong was removed escort bayan beylikdüzü she placed a hand to cover herself, although I did get a quick glimpse at her blonde landing strip. I looked up at her completely naked body and realised I couldn’t, or shouldn’t stand up as I was pitching, so, still knelt over, I asked her if she was okay to take it from here. “Would you mind lowering me into the bath?” Now to do this I had decided not only would she undoubtedly see me sporting wood, but that she would need to hold the bath with her good arm, allowing me to see the treasure between her legs I had dreamt of in the past. She put her good leg in the bath and instinctively moved her bad arm to grab the side, before realizing and then removed her good arm to grab the side of the bath; and there it was. Between her legs was a truly mouth-watering pussy. It was pink in comparison to her pale legs, and the clit clearly visible with beautifully defined lips. Her tits were better than I imagined, fairly big nipples that were hard and pointing right at me, with a brown areola that was about the size of a ten pence. I lowered her in from behind, with a hand under each arm. I was lowering her, and as I did she leant back with her head resting on my tip. I froze, wincing a little. she asked, “Are you ok?” I didn’t know what to say so simply glanced down, she raised her head and looked back and there it was, clear as day, the outline of my erection and a slight wet patch from pre-cum. She looked at me with the most devilish smile, chuckled and said, “Thank you.” Other than again having to bathe her, the summer passed quickly and I was slightly disappointed when I drove her to the hospital to get her cast off. She came out got in the car, giving me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. She sat back, looked at me and said: “Will, I want to thank you for how good you’ve been to me, I have a black tie party this weekend, and would you fancy it?” Unsure if I should accompany my friend’s mum I paused. She quickly added, “Think kayaşehir escort of it as a final favour to me.” With the smile that accompanied, how could I resist? “Sure!” “Great” she said, still smiling. She then began to list the things she needed to do before she went and asked if I’d drop her home. After a forty minute drive in which we mainly chatted about that summer we arrived at her door. “A taxi will be coming for seven, so be here by then. And not that you don’t usually but look good.” I spent the week buying a new waist coat and shoes, I got a haircut and new aftershave and tried my best to look good for Kate. I arrived at Kate’s for five, and I couldn’t stop thinking how fantastic she looked. Her hair looked amazing and the tan made it look as if she was glowing. She cooked a steak dinner, and then we went to get ready. I waited by the door and when she came back downstairs I was lost for words. She was wearing black high heels and a skin tight red dress with a deep V showing her breasts. She looked ravishing and I wanted to ravish her. We got the taxi there and the party was surprisingly fun, even though I seemed to be the only one under 30. After getting very drunk the classic dance music came on and I was dragged on to the floor. It started off nice enough but soon I was grinding with possibly the best looking middle aged women I have seen. It was all very funny for them, and I kept paying them all compliments about their looks and dancing. The party guests slowly tickled away and we made our leave, getting another taxi. We were both drunk, although me more than her, due to drinking games I didn’t understand and not surprising since I wasn’t really told the rules, but had enjoyed never the less. During the drive back we went round a corner a little too fast and without either a belt or balance I ended up on top of Kate, with one hand on her right breast and my face smashed into the door. I righted myself, and still a little dazed I saw my hand and quickly removed it. I looked her in the eyes.  “Sorry,” I whimpered, thinking I was about to get an ear full. A hint of sadness crept over her face and voice “Don’t be, it’s been too long since anyone has properly touched them.” She took my hand and with a smile whispered, “You can do it again, if you’d like.”  My hand froze centimetres from the dress covered boobs of my best friend’s mother.

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