May 30

The First Meeting

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I take a deep breath and open the door. I walk into the room and see candles everywhere. I set my bags down and feel energized by the sight of you. You walk toward me, that smirk on your face, grab my face and kiss me for the first time.

It starts out sweet and quickly turns to heat, surprising us both with its intensity. We knew it would be good but not like this; this hunger, this need; the reality is so much more. I grab your waist and pull you toward me and moan when I feel how hard you already are. I start to take my shirt off and you stop me. You raise my shirt inches at a time, your knuckles barely touching me, leaving a trail of fire up my torso, making me shiver with need.

You smile in that way that makes me instantly wet, bite my chin, and kiss your way to my breasts, reaching into my bra to flick my nipples, rubbing them with your thumbs. I take your shirt off and kiss my way from your collarbone to your neck, nibble on your ear, and suck your earlobe into my mouth. You push me against the wall, making me moan as you raise my arms by the wrist, pinning them to the wall with one hand. I moan again as you start to lick and kiss my neck, my ear, my chest, torturing me with your mouth.

You let my arms go and I grab your shoulders and jump up, wrapping my legs around your waist, your hands cupping my ass. You walk us to the bed. You sit on the edge and I sit on your lap, my center so close to you, yet still so far. I kiss you again, our tongues dancing and flirting, mouth to mouth as we savor each other; your hands rubbing my ass and my hips. I stand between your legs. You kiss me from my breasts to my güvenilir bahis waist. You unbutton my pants and lower them to my knees, then grab my ass and pull me towards your face.

I grab your shoulders and run my hands down your back. I step out of my pants and stand in front of you in my matching black bra and boy shorts. I lower the straps of my bra and you stand and unhook it. My breasts spill into your hands as you squeeze and pull them. You lower your head to take a nipple into your mouth and I moan. You put your hand in my panties and cup my pussy. Im so wet you don’t have to go far to find moisture. You rub my clit and then stop, making me gasp with desire.

I unbutton your pants and lower them to the floor, my head following my arms. I kneel in front of you and grab your dick through your boxers, teasing, testing. You moan, causing another wave of desire to run through me. I lower your boxers and take the tip of your dick into my mouth. I lick the underside and then suck you into my mouth until my face touches your pelvis. You moan and grab my head as I start to suck. Long slow strokes over and over, swirling my tongue, relishing in the taste of you. I brush my teeth across the head and suck you, using my mouth to make you moan again and again until you grab my arms and pull me up.

You push me towards the bed and I lay down as you climb up and crawl towards me. I open my legs in anticipation. You rub my pussy through my panties that are now soaking wet. You start to run your hands all over me. How many hands do you have? It feels like they’re everywhere at once. We kiss again, slow and easy. I love feeling türkçe bahis the weight of you on top of me, and I can feel how much harder you’ve gotten. I reach down and run my hand along your shaft. You grind into me and moan in my mouth. You flip us so that I can straddle you, my heat making you gasp. I lean back as you reach up and grab my breasts, grinding my pussy into your rock hard dick. You lower your hands to my hips and then around to my ass, pulling and squeezing.

I raise up onto my knees and push my panties to the side, lowering until I feel your dick at my opening. I slowly sit down, you sliding into my soft wetness. Slowly, so slowly, until you’re buried inside of me. I groan, low in my throat like a purr. And then I start to move. Easy and slow, up and down, my tight wet pussy gripping your cock with each stroke, over and over. You’re still gripping my hips, squeezing so hard and you pull me down after each stroke, raising your hips to meet me; match me, stroke by stroke. I lean forward and bite your lip, then lick it before capturing your mouth with mine. You sit up, holding me in place. I feel a flood of moisture flow out of me, onto you.

I start moving again, faster this time. You take my nipple into your mouth and suck and nibble on it, making me moan again. Im riding your dick, up and down, faster and faster. Im going to come. My pussy grips your cock as my first orgasm hits, squeezing so tight, so tight, and I grind harder and deeper, loving the feel of your hardness inside of me. I slow, panting to catch my breath, and you push me back until you’re on top of me again. You take my panties off and güvenilir bahis siteleri run your hands from my feet to my thighs.

Caressing me, running your thumbs along the side of my pussy. You spread my lips with both hands and rub my clit with your thumb. I shudder and moan, so sensitive from coming. My wetness is everywhere, dripping down my lips to my ass. You sit between my legs and raise my pussy up to meet your mouth. I rest my legs on your shoulders as you lick my lips, starting at my hole until your tongue touches my clit, and you’re moaning into me, sending electric sparks through me. You suck it into your mouth and run your teeth on it. I moan again, louder this time, savoring the feel of your mouth on me. You lick and suck and I feel another orgasm building.

I rise higher and higher until I burst, drenching your face with my juices. You let go and I fall to the bed as you spread my legs and ram into me. Just start pounding your dick into my sopping pussy, and I scream, coming over and over again as you continuously pump into me. Harder and harder until I feel you swell up and explode inside of me. You immediately lift me up and start licking me again, sending me headfirst into another orgasm. You slowly lick me down from it and lower me back to the bed.

I can barely open my eyes and when I do I see you staring at me with that smirk on your face.

I roll over until im on top of you again. The flood that comes out of me drenches us both. You’re still hard, still aching for me and I sit on your dick again, holding your shoulders and slowly bouncing on you. You moan as I lean forward and put a breast in your mouth. I pant and moan as you lick and suck my nipple with your hands gripping my ass. I ride you until we both come, together, and so intense.

I lay my head on your chest and laugh. “Hi”, I say. The End…for now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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