May 31

The Girl is Trouble Ch. 04

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I was caught in the throes between infatuation and terror.

I couldn’t believe my fortune to have a girl as fantastic as Jessica interested in me, but because of how awesome she was made me even more worried that I would be enough for her.

I did end up calling my friend Jim back.

“Hey man. You got my voicemail?”

“Yeah. How bad is it?” I asked him.

“Sarah says she’s got quite a reputation. It’s more than just her sleeping with other girl’s boyfriends. She says she did it while she was supposedly dating a guy herself. I say of course do whatever makes you happy, just look out for yourself. You know what I mean?”

“How the hell am I supposed to do that? I’m a little freaked that I’ll just be waiting for the other shoe to fall. But if she wants it to be different, will I push her away because I treat her untrustworthy?”

“I get what you’re saying, Darren. But think about it for a minute. Say you’re this pretty girl that can have just about any guy you want. I mean, what the hell is she doing with you?”

“Wait a minute- is that supposed to make me feel better?” I asked incredulously.

“No, not really. I’m truly wondering what she’s doing with you,” Jim laughed out loud. “But seriously, if she’s with you and she could be dating someone else, there must be something she sees in you.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Is the sex good?” he hesitantly asked me.

“Yeah. It’s pretty damn amazing. For both of us,” I bragged a little because I felt confident in that answer.

“Then I wouldn’t get caught up about it. You’ll just ruin the fun you could be having with her, even if the time you’re together is shorter than you’d like it to be. But you really never know. Maybe she’s ready to settle down?”

“She wants me to come over to her place tonight. Maybe meet her roommate and hang out alone. Not sure if she was weirded out about my having so many roommates at the house.”

“Well see there- if she was scheming to get with someone, sure seems like she is removing herself from any temptation,” Jim said, sounding relieved for me.

“Jesus, man. You make it sound like she’s uncontrollable around dick. I’m just saying she ran into Mark in the hallway wearing nothing but my shirt while heading for the bathroom. He even gave her a line. Maybe that wasn’t super cool for her,” I explained to him.

“Dude, Mark hit on her? Right after she was banging you? Damn, that guy has big balls. Still, if that pussy hound hit on her and she didn’t do anything, you might be really safe. Hell, I don’t know that Sarah would’ve turned Mark down and we’re practically engaged!”


I was feeling pretty good after my phone call with Jim. I ran a few errands and got some of my work done at the computer lab. I had my own laptop, but part of what I did included helping out with some Freshmen and Sophomores for a teaching assistant position that paid. Hell, I helped out with some Juniors and Seniors as well.

I headed back home to shower, shave, and get myself ready to hang out at her place. I didn’t expect to stay the night (she was in a dorm after all), but who knew what she was planning on.

Then I ran into Paul and Stan and then the terror returned. They were having a snack in our kitchen – typical college guy afternoon cereal break – and shooting the shit over sports. As I came in the room Paul stopped mid sentence and exclaimed, “And there he is, the Bone Master!”

I turned fifty shades of red. Obviously they heard Jess last night.

“Darren, dude. How the hell did you bag Jessica Everton? And oh my god did you make her scream last night. We had no idea you had that in you,” Stan jumped in.

“Yes, you HAVE to tell us everything. That girl is a freak. We are completely jealous of you,” Paul leaned in, expecting me to give them details.

“Guys, there is no way I am telling you anything. And what do you mean she’s a freak? Just because she got a little loud last night?” I asked them.

“Oh shit, Darren. Are you serious? You don’t know about her?” Stan’s jaw was practically hanging open.

“Don’t güvenilir bahis you remember when we told you about the crazy hot redhead we saw pulling a train over at the TKE house? That’s HER!” Paul explained.

It was a complete and total punch to the gut. I nearly threw up. Shit. I do remember them saying something about that. That was Jess?

They had told me this girl was fucking like guy after guy at this frat party a friend of theirs invited them to. Being good guys, they even said that they checked on her to make sure she was ok and not drunk or drugged. She thanked them for looking out for her but she was stone cold sober. It made me wonder if she recognized them last night.

So much of what she has said to me was starting to come together in my head. About worrying she’d break my heart. About being recently tested. About being nonchalant about Mark hitting on her.

I knew she was incredibly pretty. I didn’t think she was some virginal saint. Hell, we had had some pretty hot sex. I’d be throwing stones while living in a glass house for contemning her for anything. Would I let these revelations screw with my head about her? Should I just ignore it all or should I tell her what I had heard so that she could share her side of things? I honestly have no clear idea on how to best handle this.

I left the guys without much of a reaction and they seemed to drop it. I think they realized that they had knocked the wind out of my sails a bit.

I did the things I planned to do to get myself ready to see her, very unsure how to proceed. I truly didn’t want to lose what we were building.


I arrived at her dorm and she greeted me outside the lobby with the biggest smile. In all the distractions today yielded, it was easy to forget how much she seemed to dig me and whatever we are. Her smile and happiness to see me was like an Etch-A-Sketch to my mind. What the fuck do I care about any of that if right here, right now, this incredible girl was this into me?

I wrapped her in my arms and gave her a sweet kiss to show her I was equally thrilled to see her again.

We took the stairs up to the third floor and I was shown into her room. I was slightly surprised to see another girl in the room.

“Darren, this is my roommate Lindsay. Lindsay, this is Darren,” Jessica introduced us.

Lindsay was a pretty girl. She had straight hair that went all the way down her back and it looked naturally blonde. Her face was fuller than Jessica’s, but she was in no way chubby. She just looked overall to have a thicker build than Jess’s naturally lithe frame. She had much larger breasts, probably large C cups. She was dressed more typical to the current trends. Stylish jeans and a button down sleeveless cotton shirt, white with small yellow flowers.

“So this is the amazing Darren, eh? Cute computer geek that’s totally not a stalker,” she teased with a wink.

The blood vessels in my face were getting quite the work out the past day or so as I found myself blushing yet again.

“Hi Lindsay, pleasure to meet you.”

It was a typical small 12×8 dorm room but I suddenly noticed something odd. Where most rooms had two twin beds that were either stacked into bunk beds to maximize room (“Think of all the room for activities!”) or split to have two separate ground level beds, it appeared that the girls had pushed theirs together into basically a double/queen.

The girls saw I noticed this and got a little transfixed and they shared a smile.

“Ok, please don’t think we’re weird. We just both grew up in big families and some nights we like to cuddle and talk about our days,” Lindsay piped in. She seemed more uncomfortable with the situation.

I just nodded and raised one eyebrow slightly.

“It’s also nice if we have visitors,” Jessica added, definitely enjoying both my and Lindsay’s slight discomfort.

We all chuckled a little at her comment.

“Well, anyways, I need to get to my lab and give you all some space. We should hangout sometime so I can get to know you some more Darren. Our darling Jess paints quite türkçe bahis an intriguing picture of you.”

She grabbed a white lab coat and a seriously heavy bookbag and waved goodbye as she left, giving me a little wink.

“She’s fun,” I said. Their close friendship seemed to fly in the face of the warning Sarah gave me through Jim.

“I got so lucky to get blindly paired with her my Freshmen year. We’ve been pretty attached since then. We both have… trouble making friends with other girls.”

“Oh?” I thought this might be an opening to talk about what Jim told me.

“Yeah. Just petty girl jealousy crap. But it doesn’t bother me. I am who I am and I find the people that interest me. Like you.”

And there I was, completely disarmed again.

“So, what did you have in mind to do?”

“Did you already eat something?” she asked.

“Yeah, just a sandwich back at my place. Happy to take you anywhere you want to go.”

“On no, if you ate I can just have the rest of a big salad I had from lunch. We can stay here and maybe watch something on Netflix and hang out.”

“If that’s what you want, that sounds great.”

We cuddled up in her bed and put a show on her laptop. It was cool and chill and all the pressure fell away. We both found casual ways to touch: my hand caressing her back as she ate the salad remains; her free hand rubbing my thigh through my jeans; a full on cuddle after she was done, with her leaned into me as I held her while her hands caressed my arms around her.

We watched the show together, her in my arms. Just being a couple. But something seemed a little off. Jess seemed a little melancholy.

“Darren,” she said softy.


“I need to tell you something.”

“What’s that?” I asked as I paused the show.

“Babe, I’m really falling for you but I need you to understand me a little better.”

“Jess, is this about your past?”

“Sort of. You know I recognized your friend Jim’s girlfriend. Sarah. We’ve had several classes together. I suspect she may have already or will tell you some things about me. Things that I’ve done.”

“Yeah. Jim mentioned something.”

“That’s ok. I expected so. But I want you to know first that I’m not going to deny it. I actually like Sarah and don’t suspect she’d exaggerate or make up anything. I’ve got a reputation and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t deserve it.”

“Jess, I hope you know I don’t really care about that. I care about you. I’m here now with you.”

Jess kissed me firmly.

“Babe, that’s so nice to hear and I’m so happy you are. But there’s more. It’s not just about past actions. It’s about who I am. And I really want you to love me for who I am not who you think I am or who you want me to be.”

“Ok, Jess. I want to be with the real you. I don’t want you to pretend with me.”

“Darren, I’m a slut. Like I really, really like sex. I don’t know if I’m what someone would call a nymphomaniac, but if I’m not I’m damn close. I love sex with you. You scratch an itch I don’t think anyone else has with me. There are feelings I have when I’m with you that I haven’t felt with anyone else.”

“Oh, Jess. Me too. You’re amazing.”

“Thank you. But here is my concern. Even as good as you are, even as amazing as sex is with you, my fear is it won’t be enough. Last night in your house, I could have easily gone with Mark and fucked the crap out of him.”

“But you didn’t.”

“You’re right, I didn’t. But that doesn’t mean the temptation wasn’t great. It doesn’t mean that if it happens again that I won’t be weaker and give in. That’s why I fear hurting you so much. For me, an orgasm isn’t a release, it’s just the start.”

“You mean, once you’ve had one, you want or need more?”

“Yes. And even if I’m with someone who is able to give me more than one, which you have proven to be, it makes me even more amped up.”

“Jess, my roommates Paul and Stan. They saw you at a frat party. They saw you with more than one guy.”

“Ahhh, yes. I know what you’re talking about. It’s ok, I’m not embarrassed. It was a particularly güvenilir bahis siteleri off the chain night. That isn’t what I’m saying is commonplace.”

“Are you saying that because of who you are, because of what you feel driven to do, that you’re afraid that you can’t be able to be faithful to me if we’re in a relationship?”

“Yeah. I’ve never been able to keep a steady boyfriend because of who I am. I guess I can’t blame them. I’ve ended up cheating on them despite my best efforts to control myself. And it’s not like I can blame alcohol or drugs. Because of my nature, I actually tend to abstain from them because I fear who I’d be or what situation I could end up in if I did let myself go.”

“Jess, you’re showing a lot of trust in me by telling me all of this. What if I told you I’d be very willing to be with you and let whatever happens happen? We figure out what our relationship is between us and if or when you need more, if I’m not able to provide it then just be honest with me about it.”

“You mean, you’d be willing to be with me in an open relationship with me?”

“If that’s what you need and that’s what it takes to be with you, I’d be willing to try. To be honest, when you told me about seeing Mark last night, it got me thinking about what ifs. It didn’t help that I’d seen Jim’s voicemail beforehand. The idea of you being so hot that you might bang my roommate and I might’ve witnessed it, turned me on.”

“Oh holy shit. Darren, are you messing with me?”

“No. Mark’s kind of notorious for sleeping around. And the stories kind of suggest there’s a reason he well experienced. It was kind of hot to think of him having his way with you after I had. Maybe I’m as ‘messed up’ as you are?”

“So you will be with me and if I sleep around, I just need to let you know? Are you saying you’d want details?”

“Maybe. This is completely new to me. I might hate it. The idea of Mark with you turns me on but I also hate the thought of it at the same time.”

“Ok. So we might have to thread a fine line. I get it,” she was nodding her head at the understanding. “Is there anything you want to ask me now?”

“Did you want to sleep with Mark?”

“No. I wanted to fuck him. It really took so much not to.”

“Is there more to you and Lindsay than just cuddle friends?”

“Oh damn, it was that obvious, huh? Yeah, we’ve played around. A lot. You know, if you’re really this understanding, there’s nothing that says you couldn’t play too. With me though. I know it might sound extremely hypocritical, but I’m not sure I could be ok with you sleeping with other women without me.”

“Ok. You know it’s weird that when you said open relationship, I didn’t even think about me sleeping with anyone else. I want you. The only reason I’m open to this is because I want you in my life.”

“God damn, Darren. Are you for real?”

“I think so,” I said patting myself as if to check I’m a real person.

Jess laughed a pure, sweet laugh that thrilled me to my core. The smile on her face was so big and genuine.

“I honestly couldn’t imagine this conversation would go the way that it has,” she said to me.

“Yeah. Me neither. So are you bi?”

“A little. Lindsay’s special. I haven’t experimented with anyone else. But I need to be completely honest with you. I really, really like cocks. I mean, I am pretty addicted to them.”

“Jesus. Ok. Just any cocks? Do you prefer big ones?”

“ANY cock. Dicks. Penises. I do probably get off better with bigger ones. Or faster anyway. My biggest thrill is a new one. I’m kind of willing to try any one once. And my first time with a new guy is often my biggest cum. But big ones attached to someone who knows how to use it can entice me back for more.”

“Did I qualify for that?”

“Honestly, you are pretty amazing. I wouldn’t call your cock big compared to some I’ve been with. But it’s substantial and you know how to use it. I came back because there’s something more between us and we both know it.”

“Yeah. And also, wow, that’s honest.”

“I think that’s the only way this is going to work, right? If you don’t feel you can trust what I’m telling you, then you’ll worry about us. I don’t want that.”

“So what’s next?”

“Well next I want ravish me. Then we’ll see how we feel when we’re done.”

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