May 31

The Good Life

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Yes, indeed, I had the good life. I was sunning myself on my private beach in Jamaica, with a cool glass of lemonade, four personal servants, and my new yacht resting in the distance. I was about to tell Jacques to fetch my dune buggy for a ride, but then there was an unfortunate mishap.

My classmate elbowed me in the ribs, and woke me up. “Psst- Kev! Wake up, man! Doc Fenster looks like he wants to call on one of us again.”

I quickly snapped out of my nap, and looked out over the lecture room. The sunny beaches of my dreams had again been replaced with 187 Physics II students, all watching the old clock on the wall taunt us with the promise of freedom. As usual, Doctor Harold Fenster slowly plodded between the two podiums on the lecture floor, explaining the three laws of thermodynamics. I sat up and moved my neck around. I hated falling asleep in class-mostly because it left me with tightly knotted neck muscles from trying to hold my head up. Without thinking, I reached up to massage the pain out of my neck, and as my hand went up, an old memory tugged at the back of my mind. I squinted as I started to rub the pain out of my neck. The memory had something to do with raising hands and answering questions in class. I was beginning to make the connection when I realized it was too late. I heard the words I dreaded most:

“Mr. Lawes, I see you’ve volunteered to answer this question. Can you give us the answer to my question on the board?”

I cleared my throat as 187 heads turned to look at me.

“Sir, I, er, don’t remember the question.”

Several chuckles and giggles echoed across the classroom walls.

The old professor tugged at his blue bow tie, and replied, “Mr. Lawes, I’d like you to explain for the rest of us the definition of inertia.”

I looked up into the ceiling, and took a deep breath. I had no idea what to say, and since the rest of the class was staring at me intently, I figured it was best to pull a laugh or two out of the situation. I took a deep breath, and frowned as though I were concentrating.

“Sir, I believe inertia is the capitol of Mongolia.”

The class laughed, and for a second, I felt a little bit better about myself. However, Doctor Fenster quickly cured that feeling.

“Mr. Lawes, I expect to see you after class.”

The class sent up a reassuring “Oooo” of mock shock, and I smiled broadly to finish the act of defiance. The old clock on the wall, sensing it had lost the attention of the class, chimed loudly to signal the end of class. As the class began its usual rustle of moving paper, conversation, and zipping bookbags, Douglas patted me on the shoulder.

“Great work, you idiot. I’ll see you after Fenster finishes giving you the third degree. I’m out.”

“Doug, I’m gonna be fine, man. You’ll see.”

“Yeah. We both know those last two test grades were nowhere near high enough for you to keep razzing the man in class.”

I lost a little of my bravado as Doug turned to leave. Of all the classes I took, Physics was the one I hated the most. I slowly moved out of my row, and down the center aisle toward the old doctor. Although nearly two hundred people were in the process of leaving class, I could feel Doctor Fenster’s eyes follow me as I moved down to the podium. When I finally got there, he studied me for a minute, and began to speak.

“Kevin Lawes. What am I going to do about you? If something doesn’t change soon, you will not pass my class. I know you’re in your early twenties. Hell, I used to be in my early twenties. But, you can’t crack jokes and sleep through the rest of your life. This isn’t the first time you’ve evaded a question with a joke. Try that on the final exam, and see what happens.”

I looked up at the man, and started thinking. Maybe this time, I ought to take him seriously. Even Doug was starting to get on my case, and if I flunked out of college, my parents wouldn’t be all that happy about the money they wasted. Maybe it really was time to start taking him seriously.

Walking over to the podium, Doctor Fenster rifled through a stack of papers until he found a small yellow slip. Returning to me, he began to explain.

“Mr. Lawes, do you want to pass?”

Having thought about the consequences, I looked up and replied, “Yes.”

“Good. I was going to give this to you sometime this week, but you’ve proved you need it now more than ever. This is the number for one of the most effective Physics tutors I use with students-like yourself-who are special cases. She’s worked with a few of my pupils before, and the results have been excellent. Please call her at your earliest convenience, and pass my exam. That’s all.” I replied, “Thank you,” and turned to go to my seat and gather my books. As I moved, I glanced down at the slip of paper. The slip read:

Ms. Judy Roland 956-0102

I grimaced as I thought of who this Judy Roland might be. I had read (and fantasized about) stories in cheap adult magazines of college boys seduced by young, illegal bahis nubile, sex-crazed tutors. I considered that possibility for a fraction of a second, and concluded that the likelihood of that happening to me was in the same class as that private beach in Jamaica: A dream, at most. Knowing my luck, she was probably some disgruntled old hag with blue hair and bad breath. As I hefted my books up onto my shoulder, I made a mental note to call her when I got back to my dorm room and schedule a tutorial session. The doc was trying to help me, after all. I plugged in my headset, and began to listen to a few old “Boyz II Men” tunes. I never thought my days as a baritone in the school choir would pay off, but as I hummed along with Mike (the bass singer in the group), I began to feel a little better.

When I finally got back to my dorm room, I shut the door behind me, and looked down at the number in my hand. I took a deep breath, and picked up the phone. I tapped the number, and put the receiver up to my ear. After two rings that seemed to take an eternity, a female voice broke the silence.


Although soft, the voice wasn’t anything like I thought it would be. I cleared my throat, and began to speak.

“Hello, Miss Roland? I was referred to you by my Physics teacher, and-“

“Oh, you must be Kevin. How are you?”

“I’m fine. Listen, Doc Fenster told me to meet with you as soon as possible to review some Physics. When are you available?”

I listened for a response, but all I got for a few seconds was empty space. I wondered if the connection had been broken-cordless phones had a tendency to act up sometimes..

“Hello? Miss Roland?”

There was another brief pause, and I heard her voice again. “I’m still here. I just- er- faded out for a second.” I sighed. Not only did I have to have a tutor, but I got the tutor with the bad phone line. I repeated my earlier question, hoping I wouldn’t have to meet with her until much, much later on in the week. Her response stunned me. “How about now? I know you don’t know me all that well, but he’s been keeping me up to date with his lectures. I can’t think of a better way to get to know each other, and start solving the problems he says you’ve been having.” Inwardly, I groaned. My Super Nintendo would have to wait a few more hours, after all.

“That would be just fine, Miss Roland. Where would you like us to meet?”

She laughed at me, and replied, “You’re so polite. Look, just call me Judy. Let me see…”

Another brief interval of silence passed.

“Listen, I just got back from the lab, and since I’m still dressed, why don’t we meet on the 5th floor of the science building? In fact, we can meet in the faculty lounge. It’s a pretty big room, it’s got a chalkboard, and since I’m part time faculty, I have keys. Bring all your notes and questions. See you in a few minutes, okay?”

I replied as cheerfully as I could, “Yes M’am.”

There was another short interval before I heard her voice reply, “Okay, bye.” I turned the phone off, picked up my books, and frowned. This was going to be one long, boring night.

When I finally got to the fifth floor about fifteen minutes later, I walked down the corridors, and finally stopped at a door marked “Faculty Lounge: Room 5018.” I noticed a thin sliver of light peeking out from under the door, and figured that my interrogation lay just beyond the hinges. I knocked on the door, and before I could change my mind, the door opened. I looked up at her, and for the first time that night, I figured that the evening might not be so bad after all. The woman I saw was an absolute knockout. She had a deep brown complexion that reminded me of freshly roasted pecans, and the shade of red in her lipstick accentuated a stunning smile. As I looked a little more closely, I noticed that she was a little older than myself– I guessed she was in her mid to late thirties. Judy was wearing a navy blue dress suit that accentuated her curves very nicely. The plunging neckline created by her jacket lapels revealed a sheer white blouse, and as she shifted, the blouse shifted fluidly beneath the jacket lapels. She reached out a hand, and I took it quickly.

“Hi-you must be Kevin. I’m Judy, and I’ll be tutoring you this evening.”

I was already smiling, and I nodded my acceptance of her offer. As she turned to guide me into the classroom, I took another look at the woman in front of me. I could just make out the slow, wide curve of her thigh moving through the skirt to emerge at her knee, and as she walked, the gently rounded outline of her hips strained against the shifting material. The shadow of her jacket falling against the moving surface of her skirt made her sex appeal that much better. Watching her walk toward the conference table confirmed something I had suspected when I saw her at the door: she was what me and my fellas called, “a big girl.” I hadn’t had many sexual experiences before that day, but my favorite was one that didn’t illegal bahis siteleri even involve any lovemaking. I danced with a rather voluptuous classmate named Sheree at one of the school functions. Although I hadn’t seen her since I helped celebrate her 21st birthday, I still fantasized about the way her body felt against mine, and the way it felt to have all that softness move against me. I must have been staring, because I jumped a little when Judy said,

“Make sure you close the door behind you.”

I looked up at her, replied, “Be happy to,” closed the door, and sat down. I’m not sure whether it was wishful thinking on my part, but I thought her cheeks were a little more flushed than when we met at the door. When I sat down, Judy moved a chair beside me, and sat down next to me. The soft, “plop” she made as her body hit the seat sped my heart rate up a little. Her perfume was one of my favorites, and the scent by itself was distracting me more and more from the Physics I was supposed to study. I shook my head, and opened my bookbag. Judy noticed, and asked, “Kevin, are you okay?”

I replied, “Yeah, just a little nervous about getting started.”

Laughing, she replied, “Don’t worry. I don’t bite. Listen, I’m going to slide up next to you so we can get started.”

She scooted up next to me, and I shivered a little when the side of her thigh made contact with mine. I was indecisive. I knew I should have moved a little farther away so that our bodies weren’t touching each other, but the feeling was fantastic! Her thigh was soft to the touch, and it felt natural to have my leg against hers. It was about that time when Judy smiled and said, “Take out your textbook, and turn to Chapter 4.”


For the next two hours, Judy studied Physics, and I studied Judy. Every so often, Judy shifted in her seat, changing the position of her thigh against mine, sometimes adding a little pressure, and sometimes taking off a little pressure. When I would have a question, she would reach across me to get a pencil, the pen, or a calculator, and her fingertips would brush the backs of my hands and the skin of my forearm. She kept smiling at me regardless of whether my answer was wrong or right, and there was something very, very arousing about the way she used her deep, dark eyes to explain a point. Sometimes, she would put her arm up around my chair, and lean over to answer a question. That was when the soft, warm, heavy weight of her breast would brush against me for a few seconds while she studied the problem. I would have to struggle to maintain my concentration at times, and sometimes, I asked a question just to watch her thick lips move. The two hours passed like two seconds to me, and I found myself wanting this woman more, and more, and more. Finally, Judy broke our study session.

“Kevin, how about a study break?”

Her voice was nearly in a whisper, and her breathing was almost as fast as mine.

I replied, “Sounds good to me.”

Judy reached over and pulled my mouth into a full, sensuous, wet kiss. At first, I was shocked. This kind of stuff never, ever happened to someone like me. However, as she began to probe my mouth with her tongue, I wasn’t about to complain. As we turned in our seats, our hands found each other. It was Judy who took my hands and smothered them against her chest. The material camouflaged her size well; as I eagerly massaged her breasts, I discovered that they were even larger than I thought. I massaged her body through her suit, and began to play tag with her tongue. She paused to lick both of my lips, and I began to gently suck on her bottom lip. As I focused more and more of my attention on her chest, Judy began shifting in her seat. It was then that Judy made a wonderful suggestion.

“Kevin, help me out of this jacket.”

She stood up, and turned away from me. I stood up, and saw a familiar knobbed shape straining against the denim fabric of my own jeans. I was only embarrassed for a fraction of a second when Judy spoke again.

“Can you slide this off for me? It’s starting to get a little warm in here.”

I stepped up behind her, and when I did, she arched her back, and crushed her soft, warm backside against my crotch. I felt a wave of electricity shoot down through my penis, and a hot pressure began to build up deep in my body. I fought to stay cool, and worked to slide her jacket off her body. I glanced down at her body, and noted that something was missing from her outfit. At first, I wasn’t quite certain what it was, but when I looked for the white strap that should have defined her bra, there wasn’t one. She hadn’t been wearing a bra the entire evening! As the jacket fell to the floor, I wrapped my arms around her waist. She moved them up to her breast, and as I moved my hand over the sheer fabric of her blouse, my palm brushed one of her stiff nipples.

Judy inhaled sharply, and so did I. Gently, I began to pinch and squeeze the two nipples with each of my hands, and canlı bahis siteleri each time I did, Judy would grind her shapely bottom against my midsection, teasing my dick with the promise of pleasure to come. At last, she asked me to lift her blouse over her head, and when I did, she turned around. The white blouse fell to the floor as I took in the view. She had two magnificent brown breasts, each framed by a rounded tummy, thick arms, and (again) that gorgeous smile. I wasn’t sure where to start first, but again, Judy took the lead. Dropping to her knees, she unzipped my jeans, and lifted my very stiff dick out into the open. She flicked her nipple again and again while she gently stroked my dick with the other hand. She then whispered, “Now, I’m going to teach you all about friction. How does that feel?”

I moaned my approval, and looked down. She was still looking up at me with that beautiful smile, and I couldn’t help moaning again. Her hands were very soft, and my body was responding as though she put me together herself. My knees were actually starting to shake.

Judy kept playing with her nipple, and said, “Now, I want you to compare my hand stroking your dick to the wetness of my mouth.”

My eyes stretched a little, and before I could protest, Judy had slipped my penis into her mouth. She sucked at me hungrily, bobbing her head back and forth over my dick, and moaning while she took as much of me as she wanted. Occasionally, she would move her mouth off my dick to kiss and lick at the head, and when she did, I saw that her saliva formed a wet, reflective coating over the entire shaft. Judy looked back up at me and said, “See how my wetness reduces the friction around your dick?” She then took my entire dick into her mouth, and slowly, slowly sucked at it while she moved her head away from my body. This time, when she finally released my dick from her hungry ministrations, there was a thin rope of fluid connecting her lower lip to the tip of my dick. Judy licked her lips, and broke my freshly donated rope of liquid. Judy smiled, and said, “Mmmm. I think it’s time to switch from Physics to a whole new subject. This time, I want to give you a lesson in human sexuality.”

Looking down at her, I smiled, and said, “You’re the boss.”

This time, she didn’t take me into her mouth, but instead licked the underside of my member, nibbling gently at random intervals along my shaft. She took time to fondle my balls, and I knew that the hot pressure building in them would have to be released soon. For the next five minutes, Judy did everything to me but what I needed most: take my dick into her mouth. She flicked her tongue over the head, ran her tongue up and down my shaft, and even moaned while she continued to play with her breasts. I was getting closer and closer to orgasm, and I had never been built up like that before. Her arms and chest occasionally brushed my upper thighs, and I was moaning, begging her to take me into her mouth for release.

Finally, Judy looked up at me and asked, “Kevin, may I taste your come?” With that, she took my dick into her mouth, and I could stand it no longer.

I came.

I grabbed her by her hair, arched my back, and thrust frantically. She put her hands on my hips, pushing me deeper and deeper into the warm fire of her welcoming mouth. I felt myself spasm again and again and again, coating her tongue and throat with long, white streams of hot liquid. She suckled noisily, and swallowed my offering eagerly. She ran her tongue along the underside of my dick while I gave her all the come I had to give. When those few seconds of eternity between her lips was over, I looked down to see her licking the last few drops from the engorged head of my dick.

I looked again, and saw that a thin stream of white liquid was dribbling out of the corner of her mouth, and falling down onto her breast. She had taken all of me, and it was all I could do to fall to my knees, whispering her name again and again. Judy stroked my head, letting me lay curled against her body. I fell asleep in that position, whispering her name, wondering what I had done to deserve this special treatment.

An hour later, I woke up to someone kissing me on my lips, and as I opened my eyes, I recognized Judy staring back at me. I sat up, bewildered, and faced this wonderful woman. I began to ask her, “Judy, why,” but she smiled, kissed me gently, and began to explain.

“I was divorced two years ago, and it broke my heart. I haven’t been with anyone since then, and I never really thought I would be until you called me, asking for help. I love courteous men, and men with deep voices get me.. well, let’s just say your conversation on the phone left me needing a dry pair of panties.” I blushed, in spite of myself. I didn’t have the heart to say that I mistook that for a bad phone connection.

“When I saw you at the door, I noticed you checking me out. It’s okay-I was checking you out, too. You made me feel sexy, and being next to you-even studying Physics-made me feel very comfortable. I knew I was going to have you before we even sat down to start studying.”

My mouth fell open. I started to say, “So all those “accidental” times you brushed me and touched me were-“

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