May 30

The Greenhouse Effect

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Author’s note: Thank you very much for editing Angel Love. It’s appreciated.

My friend,

Thank you for making “dirty” a safe place, for taking care and for saying “no” when I could not say it myself.

Sun shone through my blue curtains causing streaks of light to sting my still closed eyes. A rude awakening that was pulling me from the comfort of a firm mattress, 3 blankets and a soft comforter. It was winter and I didn’t have to remove the bedclothes to catch the 64 degrees Fahrenheit chill of the house I shared with a friend. The floor stung as I planted my feet on the floor groggily standing up determined to face the day despite a broken heart. I had lost a friend.

Never being able to tolerate clothes while I slept I reached for the pajamas I had removed at some point during the night. Heaped on the floor were pink silk lounge pants and a matching tank that I topped with a pink bathrobe. I prayed for my body temperature to rise fast. On the way out of my room I tripped on a power cord that attached to the end of my ten-year-old disc player. A loud “oh fuck” surely woke my roommate. I was never one to hold back when it came to profanity. I padded down the stairs with a very large cup of coffee on my mind. Three cups would be a nice start to what I knew would be a long day.

Work had become solace for me but I was being forced to use accrued vacation time left over from the previous year. As I measured out my secret stash of Tim Horton’s and enough water to get me going I took a mental checklist of how I would distract myself for the next two days. A quick trip to my hairstylist, a doctor’s appointment, groceries, return movies, see chiropractor and hopefully make it to the gym. It seemed like a lot but I still felt there would be too much time to think and reflect over the events of the past few months.

My dirty little secret. I had fallen for a married man. I had never meant for it to happen but one day I realized he meant more to me than I had intended. We met at work. For months I only knew him as some guy in my department and didn’t even know his name. Once his position changed within the company we had daily contact from then on.

The two of us had chemistry. I had had more boyfriends than I could count on both hands but no one had ever affected me quite like this man. No doubt it was because he was forbidden fruit. We always crave what we can’t have right? Still he stimulated me sexually and mentally quite intensely.

Somehow when he wasn’t around the day seemed to drag on painfully slow. Long overtime hours became a necessary evil as money was tight but my friend made the time pass by quickly. It began with cheeky emails exchanged between the two of us. Our flirtations were subtle and tentative at first. A sort of sexual “feeling each other out”. It was fun and I enjoyed the rapport I shared with this man I would soon consider my friend. He could be uncharacteristically shy at times when it came to our encounters and I soon became determined to get this man to open up and show me his wild side.

I was on a mission to get him to look me in the eye and say to me “I want to fuck you”. It was all part of the game and night by night we were getting hotter and the more I teased the more my friend would turn a brilliant shade of red. A characteristic I found very charming in him. I also discovered my new found friend provided excellent backs rubs and he was more than happy to provide a nightly massage at my desk knowing I suffered constant pain. Little did he know at the time while he was working out the ropes of knots in my back, that part between my legs would take on a life of it’s own. I suspected he was affected in this way as well.

I was well aware we were behaving inappropriately considering he was married. Not to mention the fact he was looking down my shirt as he provided his nightly service. Still to us, it was just fun and a break in the daily monotony. We shared secrets both dirty and clean. My friend became not only a pseudo lover to me but a confidant as well. He was someone I could talk to about anything on my mind both good and bad. He was there for me and as a result I fell for him. Still, I kept my eyes open and my thoughts realistic. I could see this man loved his wife. He struggled with his desire to be with me but remained determined to be faithful. I admired him for this and I envied his wife for having someone so wonderful to love her. I felt she must be a special woman for him to have fallen for her, as a man I found to be so kind would never love someone unworthy of him.

We made a pact one night that we would never do anything to hurt his wife. I left work that evening confident we were under control and no emotional harm would come to me or this couple’s marriage. Everything was going well until a couple of weeks later when my friend and I made the mistake of being alone together.

Touches meant to be innocent were turned into more intimate ones and shortly our tongues danced and his hands found their way to my breasts. For canlı bahis a few blissful moments I was in heaven. After weeks of shameless flirting I was finally in the arms of the man I had become to care for as more then my friend. It was terribly wrong but it filled a need that had not been met in a very long time. His touch was kind and gentle and rocked me to the very core. His kisses not only filled me emotionally but encouraged the very essence of my sexuality to become enflamed and engorged. My pussy literally melted when this man touched me and hot liquid drenched my panties as a result. We stopped not long after this and pulled away from each other. I hung my head in shame. I begged the man to let it go and to not behave in any ways that would cause us both discomfort over the coming days as I knew reality and regret would settle in. We also both agreed the physical contact would never happen again as it was wrong. So I picked up my belongings and kissed my friend one more time, knowing there would never be another chance to do so.

That evening was our downfall. From then on things changed dramatically between my friend and I. He became significantly withdrawn from me and I hurt as a result.

I felt like the friend I had had for a while was now gone and all the fun and excitement were taken away as well. Although I understood he wanted to protect his marriage and that was noble, I was hurt and angry. My friend was deserting me when I needed him the most. I needed to talk to him to share my burden as he would be the only person in my life to ever have knowledge of our relationship. I needed to lean on him more then ever but he continued to pull away.

I can’t say I could really blame him as he was trying to protect the woman he loved but as my hurt grew so did my anger. While I carried the sadness with me well into the night tossing and turning he slept peacefully in his bed next to his wife, me forgotten.

Things became very tense between us over the next few weeks. My friend and I fought a fair bit. Emails I sent were left unanswered. If only he knew how sad I was during those weeks. I felt hurt and anger I had never anticipated as I was losing my friend. Sure some of it was warranted some of it not but there were times my friend was unfair and showed no recognition of my feelings. He had changed along with our relationship and there was nothing I could do about this.

So I awoke this morning with an intense sadness. Somehow I had to find a way to get through the next couple of days and fill my spare time. I followed my usual morning routine including feeding the cats, checking the weather forecast, logging into online banking and returning emails. I was a creature of habit and liked my routine and followed the same one every morning.

Once done it was time to head up to the shower before my roommate got up and took over the bathroom for an indescribable amount of time. I decided I deserved to show myself some extra attention while in the shower and took time shaving my legs, cleansing with scented body gel and gently shaved the hair along my delicate pussy lips. I was not going to let sadness cause me to neglect my grooming habits as I had always kept myself tidy. I emerged from the shower feeling better and more ready to face the day.

Make up carefully applied came next, followed by styling what I had always been told was my best asset, natural red, wavy hair. I took my time getting dressed choosing a thong I felt very cheeky wearing as there was a picture of a cat where the fabric lay across my pussy. I choose a standard white bra that would provide great coverage in a T-shirt. Next I donned my favorite pair of jeans and topped it with a pink tee. I had to admit, I looked pretty good.

As I sipped my breakfast, a power shake I headed in to the dining room to get a good look at a plant I had purchased only a few months before. It’s name was Bridal Veil and it appeared to be slowly dying. I remembered my roommate telling me the plant had outgrown its pot and therefore a trip to the nursery became another addition to the menu of the day. After a brief chat with some friends on MSN while finishing breakfast I grabbed my bag and headed out.

The trip to the hairstylist was quick and I was on my way to the nursery by 10:00 AM. Pulling into the lot off the highway I scanned for a close spot to park. Unsuccessful due to construction I pulled to a spot closer to the street than to the building, put the car in park and turned off the ignition. I quickly crossed the parking lot and entered the nursery through a set of double doors. It was huge, having a 50,000 square-foot showroom and greenhouse well equipped not only with seasonal furniture, indoor/outdoor plants, trees and gift items as well. I was not exactly a green thumb so was surely going to need some help finding the right pot and fertilized earth for my overgrown plant.

I headed off to the left into the indoor plant greenhouse. How I loved the scent of fresh flowers and plants. The heady aroma of a thousand bahis siteleri different species of foliage blending in to one uniquely clean and erotic scent. It had always been a fantasy of mine to make love in a greenhouse. I wandered the aisles rather aimlessly looking for bags of fertilizer.

I must have appeared forlorn as from behind me I heard “Can I help you?”

I turned around and before me was a handsome man appearing to be in his late 30’s who stood about 5″11 or so. He wore jeans, black shoes and a blue sweater that was topped by a green apron, store issue. He was by no means gorgeous but certainly caught my eye and a flush spread over my cheeks. I explained to him the reason I was there and asked for his advice. He guided me to some shelves containing various bags and bottles and began describing the intricacies of choosing the correct fertilizer for each plant. There were liquids and granules forms. Some organic, some not. All came with different levels of phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium in them. He talked about soil PH and lectured me on the impaction of precipitation on soil quality. I began to feel like I was in a chemistry lesson as opposed to a nursery. All I wanted was some good soil, fertilizer and a pot so I could get on with my day. He must have sensed this as he relented in his lecture, apologized and looked embarrassed.

“I am sorry. Sometimes I get carried away. It’s just plants are my passion. It’s why I opened this store.” Feeling bad he felt awkward I just shook my head and laughed. I told him I know what it was like to be passionate about something.

“Look he said, I have a fresh pot of coffee made in my office and you seem like a nice lady and it’s been a pretty quiet day. May I offer you a cup?” Flattered and feeling very attracted to this man I agreed.

His office was large enough to hold a standard size desk, two comfortable chairs and a table resembling a butcher’s block where he repotted his plants. The room was windowless save for a small window over the door that permitted light to filter in.

We sat and chatted for a while mainly about plants and got to know each other a little better. He was easy to talk to and made me laugh a fair bit. We talked about our careers and our interests and enjoyed fluid conversation as we got to know each other over too many cups of coffee. For those couple of hours my friend was completely forgotten.

Noticing significant time had passed via the clock on the wall, I drained my cup and stood, a trip to the gym on my mind. He came around the desk and extended his hand to me shortening the distance between us.

” I would really like to see you again. You are a stunning woman”

I felt warm and flushed at the sudden closeness. Instinct must have taken over as I reached for his hand and placed it on my hip so that he would pull our bodies together.

Rough hands grabbed my ass causing my hips to be brought to his. Our faces met and we deep kissed for several moments pelvises grinding into each others. One hand stroking my cheek while the other held my face tight to his. My hand slipped under his shirt to find his chest already slightly damp. I traced his hard back reveling in the feeling of having this man pressed against my body. My hands reached for his shoulders kneading them along the way. His hands left my hair and found my breasts. Gentle at first he tentatively rubbed and kneaded both breasts through my T-shirt teasing me. It was sweet torture. I ached for this man to find them beneath my shirt and bra.

Taking matters into my own hand I brazenly lifted my shirt and exposed myself. The grin on his face said it all and he lowered his mouth to my nipple. Licking and sucking with abandon, he alternated sides for what seems like a blissful eternity. Each breast getting equal attention from both his mouth and hands. Feeling weak I reached for the table behind me to steady myself. My head fell back as I groaned with the exquisite pleasure this man was providing me.

Instinctively my left leg rose to wrap around his right hip. My pussy leaked and throbbed and I was aching for more. I had endured so much sexual frustration over the past few weeks with my friend and could not hold back any longer.

I looked at the man sucking on my breasts and said “I need you to fuck me and make me cum hard. My pussy is soaked.” His naughty grin told me it was all he needed to hear.

Without further hesitation we peeled off each other’s clothes as if in a frenzy. Socks, sweater, jeans and tees landed everywhere in his office, on chairs, floor and desk. Once again we embraced and when I tried to lead him to the floor he stopped me. I looked at him puzzled and he said “Get on your knees on the table. I am going to fuck you from behind.

He quickly lifted me to the butcher’s block where I assumed the position, my ass in the air for him to claim. Thinking ahead, I spread my legs wide. He approached my slowly and I could feel his hot breath nearing my sodden cunt. Sunlight gleaned across my ass and bahis şirketleri I wondered if it lit up my pussy. Cum started to drip down my thighs and his tongue reached out to catch the falling drops. The sudden exquisite feeling of his tongue on me caused me to cry out. His hands held my hips as his tongue slithered back and forth from front to back, from my clit to my second opening, stopping briefly each time he hit this forbidden spot and then back up to my swollen clit.

I pushed my ass and cunt harder into this man’s face letting him know how exquisite his touch was. His tongue entered my pussy and fucked me he had done to my mouth before. At that moment I wanted to cum more then I ever wanted anything. Reaching down I fingered my clit in a fast circular motion. My groans increased the faster I rubbed and the faster he tongue fucked me.

Needing more I breathlessly asked him to use his fingers on my G-Spot. Two were tight but my pussy graciously relaxed and accommodated this penetration. Over and over again my lover’s fingers pumped inside my soaking and contracting fuck hole while his tongue lightly teased my other opening. My thighs trembled as I neared my relief. Together we pumped and rubbed until the tension built up strong enough and I finally exploded. Streams of fluid spewed from me dripping down his hands and landing in small puddles on the table. Panting, I moved forward and lay flat on the table in a fit of exhaustion. Eyes closed, head spinning and belly wet from lying in my own cum. After a few moments my friend gently rolled me over and placed me on my back, tenderly asking me if I was ok.

“Oh yes, I am perfect” I stated.

“That’s good” he said. ” We are not through yet.”

My lover gently kissed my forehead and led a trail of kisses down to the damp spot on my belly. He lapped up my fluids cleaning my stomach and made his way back towards my damp pussy. There, he repeated the same motions, licking me clean. The attention on my now sensitive clit was too much to bear. I winced in pain and moved my hips away from their source of discomfort.

Gently withdrawing my lover left the foot of the table, approached my head and began kissing me slowly. A few moments passed before I drew back and asked to take him into my mouth. He complied, leaning over my face his hard cock just barely touching my lips. My hand reached out and brought his freshly shaved balls to my mouth taking them in one at a time sucking and licking and the sucking again. I firmly stroked his dick as I made love to his balls using pre cum that was leaking from the tip to ease the strokes. Using an up and down motion I was determined to milk every last bit of seed from this man’s body. I used fast and furious movements while my tongue and lips massaged him causing him to moan and call my name. His hips bucked as he fucked the back of my throat.

” You gotta stop before I cream all over your face” he exclaimed.

With that he withdrew and climbed upon me straddling my hips. Leaning towards me he whispered, “I am going to made you come so hard you will see stars”. With those words I spread my thighs wide, mentally willed my inner walls to relax and he slid his large member into my tight cunt. Lying still briefly I waited for the first few tentative strokes to open me up.

Now able to accommodate him, I wrapped one leg around his and used my other leg as leverage on the table to meet his every thrust. Clearly skilled he alternated between fast and deep, shallow and slow. His hard cock wept and mixed with my juices helping greatly to ease the in /out motion of our frantic coupling.

Wanting to cum, I begged him to fuck me hard. Over and over again his cock slammed into my tight pussy causing waves of pleasure to fill my insides. My cunt contracted around him in pre orgasm spasms and I grabbed his ass pulling him even deeper into body. Knowing what to do from past experience I pulled my legs back and told my lover to aim high. Ecstasy hit as he fucked my G-spot, an action that provided the most exquisite pleasure ever. Familiar sensations were rising in my pelvis and I knew my orgasm was eminent.

“Don’t stop” I begged in a hoarse voice.

With those words it hit like an explosion inside my body. Electrical impulses ran from my head to toes while every muscle in my body tensed uncontrolled by me. I cried out wordlessly as pleasure seeped through every ounce of my body. Red-hot fire shot through my groin and both tunnels had multiple spasms simultaneously. Clear pussy juice spewed from me hitting my lover in the stomach as he continued to fuck me with abandon.

Hearing my cries and feeling the pools of juice around his cock was all he needed. He drew himself up into a more upright position and with one final deep, hard thrust he shot his hot fire deep into my center. Pools of hot fluid lapped against the walls of my pussy coating me with hot, thick cream. On his face was a look a pain/pleasure, the same one I had seen in others before him. My lover collapsed on me and we lay panting in unison. A few moments passed I came back down to earth only now becoming aware of how hard the surface of the table beneath me was. Slowly we drew apart from each other and found our clothing, dressing in silence.

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