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The Group

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The GroupIt was an obscure three story office building in a forgotten little office park. This little road was adjacent to a much larger, much more well known office park with 10 and 12 story modern buildings that overlooked picturesque ponds filled with swan, geese and ducks. This place was older and run down, in a grove of trees. The road was a connector from one park to another. You had to know this building was here in order to find it. I will call him Dan. Three times I had bumped into Dan at events organized by someone else. GB with a military wife, he was there. Mid day GB in an upscale hotel with 10+ guys and one girl, he was there. Then he answered a CL add I posted at 3:00am looking for someone to fuck a hooker with me. He answered the add. To say I knew Dan is to say I have fucked at least three women with him. Dan texted me at 11:00pm on Friday asking if I were available for Saturday at 6:00am. He said he had an event planned and wanted to know if I were interested. He said we would be meeting Mary. I said yes. Now I was at this funky old office building. It was a three story square, the front of which was all glass, exposing the stairs to the second and third floor. It looked like it was designed and build in the late 1950’s. He had directed me to park in the lot, and go to the back door. I had sat in the parking lot across the street and had watched four other cars come and a total of 6 guys go around back. Then I saw a fucked up little sedan pull up and watched a strikingly beautiful woman in heels step out. Her hair was messy and she had on a big coat, but the heels… I have a fetish with women in heels. My taste is fairly slutty, with ankle straps, stiletto thin heels and peep toe being my triggers. More than once I have propositioned women on the train and ended up in a hotel because of their shoes. But that is for another time. She was shorter, thin and walked quickly in heels that were at least 5″ tall. As she walked around back, canlı bahis şirketleri I started my car and pulled across the street. As I parked Dan texted me “Are you coming?” I texted back “I am walking in.” The back door had no window. I had no idea what I was stepping into. I was in a room with six guys. Some of them taking off clothes. It was dark and smelled of old sweat and bad perfume, like a strip club. This was a fuck club. Dan’s fuck club. I smelled weed. A low thump of electric house music plays. There was not much talking. Dan and I bro-hugged. We smoked. Then I heard her heels. The sound of a woman’s heels walking across a hard surface always grabs my attention. It is a sexual sound for my shoe fetish. Ca-lip, ca-lip, ca-lip… Mary appeared from another room. She was 5’2 and maybe 130, athletic shoulders and a round but firm ass. Red lingerie that was a bra/ g string connected by red lace that covered her abs… it looked like a cum target. Her black thigh highs and those shoes. I wanted to rub my cock on her shoes. I was fully stoned and my cock was growing stiff. Mary walked over to where I was sitting and took the little glass pipe we had been smoking from. The thick pink and purple eye shadow curled back like a cat across her face. Oh fuck this was going to be good. Two naked guys began to touch her and I watched her nipples became erect as she blew a cloud of weed at me. Now there were three guys touching her. I stepped aside and started to take my clothes off. Mary was kissing someone while another guy was now behind her, pulling her hips toward him, grinding his hard cock against her g string in her ass cleavage. Dan was smoking to my left, Mary stepped to a little leatherette sofa that had large rolling arms and she pushed one of the naked guys into the seat. Putting one knee on one side and then the other on the other side she straddled him and then guided his hard cock into herself and she sat down quickly. Everyone canlı kaçak iddaa was naked, cocks hard and stroking, watching this tiny Mary ride this big guy’s cock. I could see the bottom of her heels and how scuffed they were… that is a primal trigger because it means she wears them often. Her hands were on his shoulders and she was fucking him pretty hard. His hands were around her waist pushing her down with some force. He was moaning pretty loud with each thrust. The other guys were al breathing heavy and cocks were hard. Couch guy grunts and we all watch him quirt cum into Mary’s pussy. It oozes out as he continues to thrust into her. Approving sounds and moans from the other guys… Mary rolls her weight onto her left knee and sits down against the rolled arm of the couch. She spreads herself open with her fingers and with a push a glob of cum runs out and down her ass cheek onto the sofa. Quickly another guy steps into Mary’s spread legs and pushes his cock into her. His thrusts are quick and we can all hear how wet she is. We are all compelled to move closer to the sofa. I can smell sex now. Guy #2 has his hands under Mary’s ass and he is thrusting fiercely into her. It doesn’t take long until he arches his head back, and clenches his ass cheeks as he squirts his hot cum into her pussy. He steps aside and another man takes his place. Now the sound of fuck slop is prevalent. The musty funk of cum is filling the room. Dan turns on a small fan. I am stoned but I am taking in the surroundings. Mary’s black thigh highs and heels are up in the air, a man is fucking her, and a second man has straddled her torso and has mashed his cock between her tits. She is licking the head of his cock when it pops up from between her tits. He mashes her tits together and cums hard, four and five heaping globs into the red lace. That guy moves and almost the instant the man who was still fucking her sees the hot oozing mess he stiffens and cums hard canlı kaçak bahis into Mary’s now sloppy cunt. Mary is breathing hard, wild eyes open. Dan sits beside her on the sofa scoots down and reaches for her waist. He pulls her up to straddle him, reverse cowgirl. Her heels dig into the sofa, and her hands are on his chest. His cock quickly finds her now sloppy fuck hole which is oozing with other men’s cum. She pounds her ass down a few times onto his abs thrusting him in deeper and deeper. Her pussy lips are swollen and covered with sticky fuck slop. Her pink and purple cat eyes, cum covered red lace and black thigh highs all call to my fetish and I can wait no longer. I step in between Dan’s legs and put my hands under her knees. I push her knees back, spreading her legs wide, with Dan’s cock still in her pussy, I press my diamond hard throbbing member into her nasty cum lubed cunt. It is so fucking tight. her wild eyes are piercing into mine and her wicked little mouth is sneering, bearing her teeth at me. Sliding in and out I can feel the veins on Dan’s cock rubbing against mine. The sound of us fucking her wet pussy fills the room. A man steps forward on my right, standing on the sofa and squirts cum across her tits, some landing on her stockings. I am holding her waist and Dan is pushing her hips into his. We are fucking furiously. I don’t want it to ever end, but I can feel the moment approaching…building like a crescendo… I’m now moving my hips side to side, forcing mine and Dan’s cocks to snap over one another, rubbing the spongey ribs together. He tenses, and yells “Goddamn!” I feel his cock convulse and squirt blazing hot cum into her tight pussy. His cum envelops my cock and thrust in and out once or twice feeling the sticky, hot fuck lube pumping against my cock. I cum almost instantly. It hurts I cum so hard. Squirting my orgasm into her and all over him, pumping over and over. My head swims, I feel dizzy and I step back… another man steps into my place and begins to fuck Mary with Dan’s cock still buried in her. I have met with this group a few times. Mary is not the only girl we have entertained. Our flavor of fetish may not be all that unique, but it is on fire.

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