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The Handy Man

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My wife, Jessica, and I recently purchased a home in a new state.  We were ready for a change and located a beautiful, one-story home on an acre of land.  The home needed a little bit of work, but nothing too strenuous.  The biggest upgrade we made was to the showers in each of the two bathrooms.  They were original to the house and desperately needed a facelift.We contacted a local bathroom remodeling company, and, within a few weeks, we were scheduled to have our new showers installed.  There was one conflict, however.  I was already scheduled to go on a six-day motorcycle trip with some friends the week the remodelers would be at the house.  The trip had been planned for several months, and I really didn’t want to cancel it, since I was looking forward to it.  Jessica wasn’t too thrilled about me leaving while the remodelers were at the house, so I made her a deal.  Since the remodeling was to take five days, and I wasn’t leaving until the second day of the remodel, I told her I would stay home if she was not comfortable after meeting the remodelers on the first day of the remodel.  Jessica agreed.On the scheduled date, the remodeler showed up at the house.  To my surprise, there was only one man standing at the door.“Hi, I’m Tristan!” he said cheerfully.  “I’ll be doing the shower remodel this week.”  Tristan looked to be about thirty-five years old with a warming smile.  He stood slightly over six feet tall with blue eyes, neatly trimmed light brown hair, and a closely-cropped beard.  His shoulders and arms were muscular, his stomach was flat, and his waist was thin. I looked at Tristan with some confusion. “You know, there are two şişli escort showers that need to be remodeled,” I said.  “Won’t you need some help?” I queried. Tristan’s smile got broader as he assured me that he’ll complete both bathrooms within the five-day schedule.I asked Tristan into the house where I introduced him to Jessica.  Jessica’s eyes lit up as they shook hands.  I noticed she quickly looked at Tristan’s flat stomach, and she may have even taken a quick glance at his crotch.  After a brief conversation, Tristan left to retrieve his tools to begin the remodel.  As he turned to walk through the door, I saw Jessica looking at Tristan’s tight denim jeans and firm buttocks.  I didn’t say anything to Jessica because had the roles been reversed and Tristan was a good-looking woman, I would have done the same thing. As the day wore on, Tristan walked through the house between the bathroom and his truck numerous times.  After a while, it was as if he wasn’t even there.  He kept focused on the job at hand and made quite a bit of headway that first day.  At the end of the day, Tristan left and promised he’d return the next morning to continue the remodel.Once Tristan left, I asked Jessica if she was comfortable with my leaving for the motorcycle trip.  Jessica said, “Yes, I’m very comfortable with Tristan.  He’s very nice and I’m not worried about anything.  Go on your trip, I’ll be fine.”The next morning, Tristan arrived on schedule wearing a tight-fitting T-shirt, which accentuated his muscles, and a pair of tight, denim jeans that showed the faint outline of his flaccid penis.  As I prepared for the motorcycle trip, mecidiyeköy escort Jessica had dressed in a white, button-down shirt that was open to her cleavage.  Her C-cup breasts were accentuated by her white lace, push-up bra, which gave her more cleavage than usual.   Her light brown hair flowed over her shoulders, almost to her breasts.  Jessica’s sexy look was topped off by her super-short, cut-off denim jeans which showed a hint of her bottom. “Damn, girl,” I said. “You look smoking! What’s the occasion?”“I wanted to give you something to remember while you were gone,” she purred as she snuggled close to give me a long, deep, tongue kiss.   As my erection began to rise, she pulled away and said, “You’d better go!  Your friends will be waiting!” “Damn, girl, you’re right.  I love you, and I’ll see you in a few days,” I said as I picked up my knapsack and exited the house.  I strapped the knapsack onto the motorcycle, started it up, and rode out of the driveway. I started to think about how sexy Jessica looked.  Then my thoughts went to Tristan and how fit he was.  Any woman would fall for Tristan.  Maybe even Jessica, I thought to myself.  I pushed the thought out of my mind, even though the thought of my wife with another man was a seducing thought.   I continued my trip.On day four of the six-day motorcycle ride, my friends and I stopped in a small town for the night.  For the past three days, we shared hotel rooms.  As a result, we learned each other’s idiosyncrasies, nighttime, and morning routines, as well as sleeping habits.  We also learned who snored the loudest!  We agreed to each get our own rooms.  One night of privacy was a welcomed and much-needed relief.After checking in, we agreed to meet in one hour at the lobby, so we could go to dinner.  I showered, put on clean clothes, and met the group in the lobby.  We found a local steak house and ate dinner there.  We ordered premeal cocktails, and, as I watched the waitress move through the restaurant, I noticed she looked like Jessica, light brown hair, firm breasts, and a beautiful smile.  This brought my thoughts to Jessica and how sexy she looked when I left.  I also thought about Tristan and Jessica together.  My mind raced with thoughts of Tristan pumping his hard penis into Jessica’s wet pussy, her knees pulled up so that Tristan could easily drive his hardness into her.  I pictured Jessica grasping Tristan’s firm ass and pulling him inside of her with each of his thrustsMy penis was getting hard, and I knew I would masturbate once I returned to the room.  I may as well take advantage of one night of privacy.  Once dinner was done, I’d consumed three cocktails and was feeling just a bit lightheaded.  A few of the group wanted to explore the town, on foot.  I took this opportunity to excuse myself and return to the room.  They all understood as everyone was tired, except for the one who snored the loudest!  He seemed to be the most rested! As I strolled back to the room, I continued to fantasize about Jessica and Tristan having a torrid love-making session.   The visual in my mind made me horny, and I knew I would quickly cum once I began to masturbate.  As I entered my room, I removed my clothing and lay in the bed totally nude.  The cool sheets were soothing.  I closed my eyes and pictured Tristan and Jessica in the throws of passion.  It didn’t take long for my cock to get hard and as I began to slowly rub it my mobile phone rang.  It was Jessica!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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