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The Holdup – Chapter Three

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The Holdup – Chapter ThreeChapter 3Abbot Balfour squeezed his fat ass out of the confines of the cab. He was sweating profusely and slightly hungover from drinking one too many bourbon’s during the return flight from KC. He was still pissed at the airline hostie who had squeezed his balls and drove her heel into his foot and although he was carrying over one million dollars in mob funds back from KC he stiffed the cabbie on the tip.Inside the Litton Farmer’s Bank, Ray Sullivan and Steve McDonald waited patiently for his arrival; they had been very busy in the half-hour since the Assistant Manager, Michele Bouvier, had taken Abbot’s phone call announcing his pending arrival. They had ceased harassing the three women bank staff; as much as they enjoyed it, it was now time for work.As soon as Michele Bouvier had finished talking to Abbot, Ray had hung up the phone and said,”He’s on his way; it’s Showtime!”The two bank robbers went into action; a well rehearsed drill. They got the other two women to their feet and then they cut the tape binding their hands behind their backs. They both waved their pistols menacingly at the women.”Ladies; as much as you would probably like us to keep fucking you, we have some urgent business to attend to,” Ray began.”This should be quick and easy, and if you behave yourselves, all you will have lost is a little dignity; or in Nadine’s case, her cherry,” he said sarcastically.Nadine Munner blushed and bowed her head; she self-consciously tugged at the hem of her skirt.”So; you just do exactly what tell you; keep your fucking mouths shut, and stay away from the alarms and telephones and no one gets killed,” he warned.”Ok ‘big tits’ you get your fat ass over to the Manager’s office with me. You two; get your tight asses behind the counter and you just do exactly what my partner tells you,” Ray ordered, indicating where he wanted them to go by pointing his pistol.Michele Bouvier walked over to the Manger’s office; when she entered the office her nostrils picked up the scent of recent sexual activity. It had been a while since she had sex herself, but one never forgot the musky smell of semen and vaginal juices. She screwed her face in disgust.”You know you won’t get away this; they’ll hunt you down and kill you,” she hissed at Ray; referring to the Kansas City crime syndicate, the Civella Family, who laundered their money through the Litton Farmer’s Bank.Out of earshot of her two co-workers she was confident she could talk about the bank’s money laundering racket and try to intimidate the bank robbers.Ray reacted angrily and pushed Michele Bouvier up against the wall pressing his body against hers and pushed his gun into her ribs. He dragged the muzzle of the gun up her blouse and jabbed it into her large soft breast. He put his free hand under her skirt and slid it up her thigh, over the welt of her stocking, across the smooth white flesh of her upper thigh and then across the front of her panties.He clutched her pubic mound through the slippery satin and squeezed. Michele whimpered and a single tear ran down her face, leaving a trail of mascara on her cheek.”Bitch! What the fuck did I just say about keeping your fucking trap shut,” he snarled, emphasising his point by squeezing her vulva through her panties.He let go of her and stepped back.”Get your ass over to the desk and sit down; if your hand goes anywhere near the alarm button; by the time you get the plastic cover off it your brains will be in the next room. Capiche?”Michele sat down in Abbot’s executive chair. Her ample heinie settled into the soft leather and puffed and released traces of Abbot’s stale farts and spilled bourbon.”Ok; open the secret compartment,” Ray grinned at Michele.Michele Bouvier was taken aback; someone had provided the robbers with inside information. Only she and Abbot knew of the ‘contingency fund’ that was hidden inside the hidden compartment of the Manager’s desk. The money was skimmed from the monthly deposits made by the KC mob. They only took a little each month; it was Abbot and Michele’s contingency money should the operation fall apart and they need to lawyer up or make a run for it. They both knew that the mob would either ‘hit’ them or leave them holding the bag should the money laundering scheme be uncovered by the authorities.Abbot and Michele had made a pact that if they not need the money to save their asses; they would split it evenly between them when they retired from the bank. It currently amounted to just over half a million dollars in cash.”Come on honey; we ain’t got all day!” Ray waved his gun around to emphasise his point.Michele resignedly opened the secret compartment and began to stack the bundles of cash on the desk. Ray packed them neatly into the small carrier bag. It was quite surprising how small half a million dollars looked when it was made up of large denominational bills.Meanwhile Steve led Jeannette Hathcock and Michele Munner behind the counter to their teller stations. He watched appreciatively as Jeanette’s tidy ass sashayed when she strutted on her high-heels. The kick-pleat at the rear of her tight-fitting navy-blue skirt was ripped from where he had torn it from her body and he had a tantalising view of her legs all the way up to the top of her thighs. He wanted some more of that before they left the bank, he thought.”Ok ladies; this how it’s going to be. I want the money out of the teller drawers; don’t take the last bill out of each tray; I know that will trigger the silent alarm. I also don’t want the traceable bills you have in trays either.”Michele and Jeanette glanced at each other; this guy had obviously been given good intelligence. Then they went about emptying the cash our of their teller drawers as per his instructions. Steve took out another roll of duct tape from his carrier bag and placed it beside the counter and stacked the bills inside the bag.”Ok; take a seat against the wall,” Steve pointed to the wall behind the counter where they would be out of the line of sight of the front door.Ray joined his partner, leading Michele Bouvier at gunpoint.”Tape them,” Ray said, and Steve cut two pieces of duct tape and stuck them over the mouths of the two bank clerks.He winked at Jeanette Hathcock before taping her mouth and she smiled back at him. Nadine Munner witnessed the exchange and snorted her disapproval. Steve retaliated by pulling her legs out straight and flipping her over on her stomach. He taped her wrists behind her back and taped her ankles together; then he rolled her back over and sat her with her back to the wall. He reached down and tore open her blouse; the buttons went flying across the room and skittered across the floor. Then he bunched her skirt up around her waist.Nadine Munner struggled against the robber but there was little she could do to prevent this renewed degradation. She sat silently sobbing. Her sleek legs clad in tan sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose were openly exposed; the gusset of her hose had a gaping hole torn in them and her little white nylon panties with the pictures of pussycats on them were clearly visible through the tattered nylon.Her small titties barely filled her white lace brassiere which was decorated with the matching pussycat print of her panties, and her skinny ribs expanded and contracted as she sobbed.”How’s the view?” Steve smiled wickedly at Ray.”Nice,” Ray grinned, “love those little pussycats.””Ok; enough fucking around! You; get your ass over to the door. You give Mr Balfour the signal and let him in as usual. This is crunch time and I will not hesitate to waste you if you fuck this up.” Ray said menacingly to Michele Bouvier and hid himself out of view against the wall adjoining the door.Michele was again shocked that the two bank robbers knew so much about their operation. She and Abbot had devised a series signals to be used to indicate that all was well before he entered the bank with the monthly delivery of illicit cash.He would knock on the bank door exactly three times, any more or any less meant he was under duress and she would leave the door locked and raise the alarm. She was to respond to the three knocks by flipping the ‘Closed’ sign to ‘Open’ and then opening the vertical blinds. If she failed to carry out this procedure exactly before unlocking the door Abbot would beat a hasty retreat and raise the alarm. Once Abbot was inside the bank then she was to flip the sign back to ‘Closed’ and close the blinds again.Steve ducked down behind the counter and covered the two women with his pistol. Even though Nadine Munner’s exposed legs and titties were a tantalising distraction, he found himself checking out the well-stacked body of Jeanette Hathcock. She sat with her back straight; casino siteleri her nice firm tits thrust against her white cotton blouse. Her legs were bent at the knees and this provided him with a great view of her long legs encased in high-sheen taupe nylons, the dark reinforced bands of the control-top and the lace trim of her boy-leg panties were just visible under the hem of her skirt.Steve studied her face. He guessed she was somewhere in her thirties. She was attractive: heavy makeup: black mascara and eyeliner, blue-green eyeshadow, rouged cheeks, and blood-red lipstick. Her jet-black hair rested on her shoulders. His eyes followed the contours of her body, down her legs terminating at her feet. Unlike the other two women who wore pumps, she wore black high-heeled sandals and he could see the red nailpolish on her toenails through the reinforced toes of her pantyhose. A small gold chain glittered on one of her slim ankles. He began to harden again.Jeanette Hathcock was acutely aware of Steve’s gaze as his eyes roamed her body. She blushed and when Steve saw her face redden he smiled at her. She smiled back with her eyes and then brazenly looked directly at the growing bulge in his pants and then back at his face.Nadine Munner again snorted loudly to indicate her outrage and Steve pointed his pistol at her and cocked the hammer and put his finger to his lips. His cold blue eyes held not a scintilla of compassion and Nadine Munner bowed her head in compliance and kept quiet.After what seemed like an eternity of silence the sound of three distinct raps on the front door echoed through the bank.Abbot Balfour struggled up the steps of the Litton Farmers Bank carrying his briefcase and his suitcase; sweat dripping into his eyes; he couldn’t wait to get inside to the air conditioning. He had become complacent over the years and after a cursory glance up and down the street he knocked three times on the door.”Come on; open up you stuck-up cunt!” he muttered under his breath, cursing Michele Bouvier even though she was only following the correct security procedures.He mopped his forehead with a crumpled handkerchief and while Michele Bouvier went through the routine to indicate that it was safe. The door opened and he strode into the bank ignoring Michele Bouvier, and was halfway to his office before he realised the something was wrong.Ray pointed his pistol at Michele Bouvier’s head and nodded at the door with his chin and she changed the sign to ‘Closed’ and closed the vertical blinds. He put his free hand on her shoulder and frog-marched her; following in Abbot Balfour’s footsteps.Abbot dropped his suitcase and briefcase and turned around.”Hello Abbot,” Ray smiled wickedly locking his forearm around Michele Bouvier’s neck and pointing his pistol at Abbot.Abbot’s face paled and he unloaded in his pants, pissing himself at the same time.”Jesus Christ Abbot!” Ray scowled as the stench of Abbot’s shit permeated the bank.Abbot clutched his chest and sank to his knees. Ray pushed Michele Bouvier towards Abbot.”Get the fat bastard into the washroom and clean him up; fast!” he ordered.”Me!!!” Michele responded indignantly.”Yes you; you fat cunt!” Ray replied.Michele didn’t know what was more insulting: being called fat or being ordered to help clean up Abbot Balfour’s shitty ass. Fat! She was large framed yes; but well proportioned, not fat!She screwed up her face and breathed through her mouth as she helped Abbot to his feet. Abbot was recovering from the shock of seeing the gunman, and as his faculties began to return and he realised the day that he had dreaded had finally arrived. The bank was being robbed.Ray searched Abbot’s coat and took his cell phone and keys from him.”I ain’t touching those shitty pants; drop em!” he ordered.Abbot unbuckled and then dropped his pants and stepped out of them.”Ok; get cleaned up; quickly. You have him back here ASAP!” he said to Michele.Still a little bewildered, Abbot followed Michele Bouvier to the men’s room. He locked himself in the stall and flushed his shitty underwear down the toilet bowl. He came out of the stall to see that Michele had filled the basin with soapy water. She looked at the basin pointedly and turned her back. She had no wish to see Abbott Balfour’s shit-caked fat ass or his cock.Abbot cleaned himself and Michele pulled repeatedly on the handle of the paper towel dispenser and handed him a bundle of paper towel which he used to dry his ass and genitals. He had now almost fully recovered from the shock of what was happening in his bank and he glared at Michele Bouvier.”What the fuck is going on?”Before she could answer, Ray stuck his head around the men’s room door.”Ok k**dies lets get your fat asses into the bank now shall we?” he said sarcastically.Michele’s face turned crimson with anger.”I do not have a fat ass!!!” she screeched.”Come on; get the fuck out here, I don’t have time for this shit!” Ray replied, opening the door and gesturing for them to leave.”I have no pants!” Abbot huffed officiously.”You’ll have no face if you don’t get your ass out here!” Ray responded exasperatedly and pointed the muzzle of his gun directly at Abbot Balfour’s forehead.They shuffled out of the men’s room; Abbot wearing his shirt, jacket, tie, shoes and socks; his ass and genitals were covered by his shirttails but his lily white legs were on open display. Ray took the two of them behind the counter and had Michele Bouvier sit down next to the other two women.Steve ripped the tape off Nadine Munner’s mouth but he was careful to remove the tape from Jeanette Hathcock’s mouth without causing her any pain. He pulled Nadine Munner away from the wall and cut the duct tape binding her wrists and then cut the tape securing her ankles.She reached down to pull down hem of her skirt and Ray slapped her hands away.”Whoa, whoa, there princess; Daddy like’s the view just as it is,” he grinned.Nadine blushed with embarrassment and anger; her anger intensified when she noticed that Abbot Balfour was taking in an eyeful of her legs and titties.”You disgusting man; how could you?” she spat at Abbot.Abbot blustered and tore his eyes away from Nadine’s private parts.”Ok enough of this shit; were nearly done here,” Ray said.”Ok Abbot; make the call,” he said, looking Abbot Balfour coldly in the eyes.Abbot looked at Michele with astonishment and Michele gave Abbot a look as if to say ‘they know everything!'”What call?” Abbot replied.Ray whipped his pistol under Abbot’s shirttails and grinned evilly.”The call you have to make to KC by five o’clock to assure your bosses in the Civella Family that their money has arrived safely at your shitty bank.”Abbot reluctantly picked up the phone and dialled a number from memory. With Ray Sullivan’s pistol held against his head he spoke the requisite phrase into the mouthpiece and hung up.”Good; now I’ll take your suitcase and you take my partner over to the vault and open it up for him. Then you come and sit down here with the ladies,” Ray said.He pointed his gun at Michele Bouvier.”You will take Steve into the vault and show him which stacks are fitted with dye packs and which ones will trigger the alarms if they are moved.”Michele was no longer surprised that the robbers knew all of their security procedures. After Abbot opened the vault and returned with Ray she followed Steve over to the vault. It took less than five minutes for Steve to fill his carrier bag with cash.Ray had Abbot sit with his back to the counter facing Nadine Munner and Jeanette Hathcock. As a committed perve Abbot couldn’t help staring at Nadine’s exposed thighs and breasts. Despite the desperate situation he was in, Abbot started to become aroused and his fat stubby cock began to engorge.When Steve returned with Michele Bouvier he made her sit down beside the other two women. Steve and Ray began to talk to each other in whispered tones and the four captives sat silently on the floor of the bank, Abbot facing the women, ogling Nadine’s titties and legs and alternatively looking up the skirts of the other two women.Michele couldn’t take it any longer.”Oh my God Abbot you are pig! Even with all of our lives in danger, you can’t help perving!” she hissed.”Shut you overbearing cunt!” Abbot hissed back.Abbot blushed. The head of his stubby penis poked out from his shirttails and he tried to cover it up. Ray and Steve heard the exchange and looked on with amusement.”Hey fat-ass has got a stiffy,” Ray said, laughing.Then he addressed the captives as a whole.”Ladies and gent; it’s like this. We don’t want to leave the bank until dark so we have an hour or so to kill.””My friend here has taken a liking to you,” he pointed at Jeanette Hathcock.”So get up canlı casino and get your ass into the Manager’s office.”Jeanette Hathcock stood and silently started walking towards the Manger’s office.”Slut!” Nadine Munner called after her.”Shut up! You’re staying here with me,” Ray instructed.Abbot Balfour interrupted.”What the fuck has been going on here?””What the fuck has been going on? These pigs have ****d Jeanette and Nadine; that’s what!” Michele Bouvier spat back at him.”They didn’t **** you?” he asked incredulously.Nadine Munner interjected.”They might be r****t philistines who are going to spend eternity in hell; but why would they m***** her when they have me and Jeanette!””Oh shut up you silly girl! We can keep this to ourselves; no one need know about the **** if we don’t want them to; we can just report the robbery,” Michele had had enough of Nadine’s catty remarks.”That’s ok for you to say! You haven’t been touched!” Nadine contended.Ray listened to the bickering with amusement and then he interjected.”Well I suppose we should be equal opportunity employers,” he said sarcastically.”Get up fat boy,” he ordered.Abbot scrambled to his feet, the tip of his glans poking out from under his shirt.”Now you get up!” he said to Michele.”Oh no! There is no way that this going to happen!” she protested.Ray put his pistol to her head and cocked it.”I’ve had enough of you; you get up now or I’ll shoot you; then I’ll shoot the witnesses. Time for you to decide who lives and who dies,” Ray said icily.Michele reluctantly got to her feet and Ray dragged over a stool and sat down where he could cover the three of them and watch the action.”Kiss him; and make a good job of it!”Michele closed in on Abbot and tentatively pursed her lips and leaned forward. Abbot; deciding that he was going to make the most of a fucked up situation and flung his arms around Michele and pulled her tight against his body and smashed his lips against hers and drove his tongue inside her mouth.Michele struggled but even though she was a big woman she was no match for Abbot.Abbot hugged her tight relishing the feel of her big soft tits against his body whist his stubby cock stabbed at her thighs, leaving little silver stains on her dark skirt. Michele pushed and wriggled, unsuccessfully attempting to break Abbot’s embrace.It had been years since Michele had had sex with a man, and if she was going to break the drought she didn’t want it to be with Abbot Balfour, but in this case she had no choice. Michele snatched her lips away from his and whispered in his ear.”Ok you disgusting pig; I’m only doing this to keep us all safe. If you tell anyone that it happened I’ll deny it right up to my deathbed.”Michele Bouvier crushed her lips against Abbot Balfour’s and slipped her hand between their bodies and squeezed his hot hard cock. She was determined to get this over with as quickly as possible. Then she pushed Abbot away and looked him in the eye.”Let me take my clothes off at least,” she huffed.Abbot needed no more encouragement; while Michele stepped out of her skirt and unbuttoned her blouse, Abbot tore off his jacket, shirt and tie; then he kicked off his shoes so that he was naked except for his argyle sox. His skin was white and flabby; his gut hung down exposing only the tip of his stumpy penis.Abbot took in the magnificent sight of Michele Bouvier. She was heavy but well proportioned and her attractive face was heavily made up with dark mascaraed eyes, rouged cheeks and ruby red lips. Her face was framed by a brunette bob with burgundy highlights through it. Her large soft white breasts were barely contained in the cups of her red satin bra and they thrust out the front of her unbuttoned white satin blouse.Her legs were thick but well defined, proportional to her large frame. Now that she had discarded her skirt Abbot had a magnificent vista of her tan thigh-high hold-up stockings with lace trimmed elasticised welts and her full pubic mound encased in a pair of red satin full-cut panties with a small bow in the centre of the waistband. She wore black high-heeled pumps; and to Abbot Balfour, she was the sexiest thing he had seen for a very long time without having to pay for the view.Abbot licked his lips and then grasped for Michele Bouvier pulling her down on the floor. Michele allowed herself to be pulled down and she manoeuvred herself so that she was sitting on top of him. She squatted over him; he ample ass resting on his belly and her high-heels planted on the floor. Michele cleared her head and reminded herself that she was doing this to save her life and the lives of the other employees.Without any further ceremony she reached down and pulled the gusset of her panties to one side and lowered herself down onto Abbot’s stiff little cock. He slid inside her vagina with no resistance whatsoever; Michele’s cunt was loose and despite the humiliating circumstances she was well lubricated. She slapped his hands away when he reached up to grasp her tits.”Wait Abbot; let me get comfortable,” she ordered.Michele wriggled her ass around until she had Abbot Balfour’s cock positioned exactly where she wanted it so that she could maximize his penetration and stimulate her clitty with the base of his penis.”Ok fat boy; help yourself,” she said resignedly and began to rock and forth.Abbot reached up and scooped Michele’s breasts free of her brassiere and tweaked and stroked her swollen nipples. They were as big and sweet as raspberries and Michele accommodated him by leaning forward so that he could reach up and suck one tit into his mouth whilst he fondled the other with his greasy fingers.Abbot sweated and groaned as Michele rode him; he pawed at her titties and pushed his groin up to meet her as she bucked and fucked him; her cunt was now sopping wet. Despite her dislike of Abbot Balfour; Michele couldn’t stop her body reacting to the first cock she had had inside her for years and she had positioned herself so the her flabby cunt was receiving the maximum stimulation from Abbot’s cock.”Hell Abbot; you better make the most of this because it ain’t ever happening again,” she whined as she squatted over him; the engorged lips of her labia enfolding his shaft.”Hot damn Michele! Just shut up and fuck me!” Abbot replied, huffing and puffing as he slammed into Michele’s sloppy cunt.Michele actually laughed out loud and then she concentrated on fucking Abbot Balfour; she could feel the beginnings of an orgasm approaching and she wanted to get off before Abbot shot his load.Ray stood up from his stool and looked over into the Manager’s office. Jeanette Hathcock lay on the desk fully clothed with her skirt hiked up and with her legs wrapped around Steve McDonald who was banging away at her. They were kissing and fondling each other and looked to be enjoying every second of their lovemaking.Ray had a raging hard on; he looked down at Michele Bouvier riding her boss, her face contorted with pleasure as her climax approached.”Everyone’s getting laid but me!” he griped and leered at Nadine Munner who was sitting against the wall, her eyes screwed shut, praying.He reached down and dragged her to her feet.”Nooooooooooooo!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she begged; but there was no one in the bank that cared.Ray pulled her roughly over to one of the desks and wrestled her down so that she was bent over the desk. He lifted her skirt and opened his flies and pushed his hard cock against the struggling girl’s buttocks. He held her down with one hand and tore her panties from her body with the other.”There go those pussycats!” He laughed and stuck his sleek hard cock in the folds of Nadine Munner’s cunt.Nadine howled as Ray’s cock pushed against her recently deflowered pussy. Ray rubbed his cock up and down her labia, lubricating her with his pre-seminal fluid. Nadine bucked a little when the head of Ray’s penis rubbed against her clitoris. Those vague feelings of sexual pleasure returned and she began to moisten involuntary.Ray slid his cock into Nadine Munner’s tight cunt until he was buried up the hilt and his scrotum rested against her pantyhose sheathed ass. He could feel Nadine secreting vaginal juices despite her cries and pleas. He pulled back until just the head of his cock was in the folds of her labia and then thrust forward again. Nadine wheezed as he slammed himself inside her.He fucked her with long steady strokes as she wriggled, cried and prayed. As he felt his orgasm approaching he increased the pace until he was jack hammering himself in and out of Nadine’s snug snatch. She had given up fighting and she held onto the edge of the desk to maintain her balance which caused her to push her ass up nicely.Ray had in inkling that the girl kaçak casino was getting off but he didn’t care; his own orgasm was approaching and he gripped her hips and slammed himself in and out of her as fast as he could; his groin slapping against her tight ass.He unloaded streams of hot jism deep in her cunt and damn if she didn’t push back against him and wriggle her ass. Ray felt Nadine’s cunt spasm and grip his shaft as her own orgasm washed over her. Involuntary or not; she was enjoying it!Nadine felt disgust and betrayal as her climax approached and then drown her in the most intense pleasure she had ever experienced. She knew that what she was experiencing was a cardinal sin but she couldn’t help her body’s response. She allowed the waves of pleasure to ripple through her body. No one would ever know anyway. Michele and Jeanette were certainly not going to admit to being ****d and neither was she.Nadine pushed her ass back against Ray as he ground his groin into her soft ass cheeks; squirting his seed deep inside her pulsating pussy. Their orgasms began to subside and Ray pulled his cock from Nadine’s stretched cunt and a puddle of creamy semen pooled in her pussy. Ray reached down and picked up her torn panties and dabbed at the puddle of come, cleaning her cunt as she lay over the table panting.”Thank you,” Nadine Munner whispered when she felt the robber clean her vagina and then pull down her skirt.Ray helped Nadine up off the table and she looked away; her face reddening with shame and humiliation. Ray took her chin and turned her face towards his and leaned down and kissed her; she tasted of Juicyfruit bubblegum. She kissed him back and then looked up at him tentatively.”They don’t have to know do they?” she whispered.”The only people who will know are the people you elect to tell. I can’t see the other two women saying much; Jeanette seems taken with Steve and the fat old lady ain’t going to admit to riding Abbot Balfour’s poor excuse for a weenie!” Ray smiled.Nadine Munner laughed at Ray’s joke despite herself. She straightened out her skirt and closed her button-less blouse.”I have a clean blouse and a change of underwear in my locker in the ladies room; can I go and change and fix my face,” She asked sweetly.”Sure k**,” Ray replied, and sat back down on the stool watching Michele and Abbot rutting on the bank floor.Michele pistoned her ample ass up and down as she squatted over Abbot’s sweaty body. Her high-heels sk**ded on the floor; such was the intensity of the pace with which she slammed her cunt up and down on Abbot Balfour’s pole. She was wracked in the throes of orgasm and she panted and moaned as Abbot Balfour held her by the hips and lifted his flabby ass off the floor to meet her thrusts. He was also climaxing and Michele’s cunt was making sloppy sloshing noises as her emptied himself inside her and his semen mixed with her vaginal secretions to create soppy soup in her cunt.Michele moaned and drummed her heels on the floor as the last of her climax pulsed through her body. Abbot lay flat on the floor; gasping for breath, his body covered with a sheen of sweat. Michele leaned over Abbot’s exhausted body and kissed him quickly on the lips.”Well you always wanted a piece of me Balfour; was it worth nearly two million dollars?” she grinned.She carefully stood up and slid her panties back into place and stepped into her skirt and buttoned her blouse.”Can I go to the ladies too?” she asked.”Sure honey; but I’m coming too. Get your fat ass off the floor Abbot and follow us,” Ray said.The ladies room was crowded but Nadine Munner managed to clean her pubis and put on a fresh blouse, a clean pair of panties and a new pair of pantyhose from her locker. Michele Bouvier cleaned the cream-pie from her fleshy vagina and touched up her makeup and combed out her hair. She dabbed at the little silver trails of pre-come that Abbot had left on her skirt and Nadine Munner saw her do it and dabbed at the stains on her own skirt. Nadine fixed her makeup too.Ray watched with interest but kept checking his watch; it was time to go.Abbot Balfour got dressed back in his suit and straightened himself up as best he could. He didn’t have any underwear and his pants were wet and stained where he had shit and pissed himself. Ray waved his pistol around.”Come on ladies; time for us to leave,” he said, bending down and taking Nadine’s tattered pantyhose from the trash and slipping them in his pocket.The three captives traipsed back into the bank and saw Steve and Jeanette just finishing a passionate kiss. Jeanette smiled up at Steve and then joined the other captives grouped around the cashiers counter.”Ok we’re leaving; here are the rules,” Ray began.”Were going to sit you down and tape your hands behind your backs and tape your legs together. We figure at least an hour before someone finds you.””Now what you tell the police, the Civella Family, and your friends and family is up to you. If we get caught, the **** charges won’t make any difference to us because we’ll be dead men walking anyway. But there’s no reason why anyone outside of this bank needs to know what went on here besides the robbery,” he finished.The three women looked at each other questioningly. Michele Bouvier and Nadine Munner nodded ok to each other; their clothing was a little mussed as would be expected after being held captive for hours. Jeanette Hathcock’s skirt and blouse were stained with dried semen and she looked like she had just been ravished.”I’ll clean up ok; don’t worry,” she said to the other women, who nodded their silent consent.Michele turned to Abbot Balfour.”If you ever want any more pussy from me you better keep your fat mouth closed Abbot Balfour!” she whined.”Sure,” Abbot smiled and shrugged his shoulders in response.”But I don’t think we are going to be around Litton long enough to tell anyone anything; what do you think the Civella’s are going to do to us for losing their money!” he said.”Ok folks; party’s over,” Ray interrupted and pointed to the wall.The four captives sat with their backs to the wall and Ray and Steve moved amongst them taping their hands securely behind their backs with the heavy duty duct tape. Then they bound their ankles and positioned them so they were comfortable; backs against the wall.”Well I guess this is goodbye,” Ray smiled and hefted up his carrier bag.Steve bent down to pick up his bag when Jeanette Hathcock cried out.”Wait! Take me with you!”Steve looked questioningly at Ray who shrugged his shoulders and smiled.”Fuck Steve; we’re out of jail a couple of weeks and you already got yourself a missus!”Steve sauntered over and cut Jeanette’s bonds and helped her to her feet. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him passionately, her nylons hissing as she rubbed her leg up and down his jeans. She looked up into his icy blue eyes and saw him break into a smile.”You better take care of me buster!” she smiled back at him.”You tell that pecker-wood husband of mine that I finally got fucked by a real man and I enjoyed it so much that I ran away with him,” she said to the incredulous faces of her fellow bank employees.Ray bent down and picked up Nadine Munner’s little nylon panties with the pussycat pattern on them. He lifted them to his nose and sniffed them and then stuffed them in the pocket where he already had her discarded pantyhose.”Thanks for the souvenirs sugar,” he smiled at Nadine Munner who blushed with embarrassment but she also had a wry smile on her lips.Jeanette Hathcock looked through the blinds to see that the darkened streets were clear. Steve McDonald slapped her playfully on the ass as she led the three of them out of the bank; closing the door behind them.Two days later Michele Bouvier and Abbot Balfour skipped town and disappeared. It was rumoured that they were somehow involved in the bank robbery and were on the lam. In fact they both knew that their only hope of survival was to go into hiding from the Civella Family. Besides the ‘contingency fund’ Abbot Balfour had been squirreling away large amounts of money in an overseas bank account and the couple were currently fucking their brains out in the cabin of a luxury ocean liner bound for the south Pacific. By the time they arrived in Tahiti, Abbot had lost ten pounds and gained a tan. Michele was surprised that Abbot was able to change so radically. She was also surprised at how much she suddenly liked to fuck!Nadine Munner left the Litton Baptist church a month after the robbery; she couldn’t take the hypocrisy. She boarded a Greyhound headed for Las Vegas and settled into her seat and started reading her book: ‘How to be a Successful Blackjack Dealer’. At the next stop a handsome man sat in the seat beside her and was rewarded when she surreptitiously stretched her legs and the hem of her skirt slid all the way up her slim pantyhosed legs.The man was amused to see that her nylon panties had little pussycats printed on the fabric.The End

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