May 31

The Hotel

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I arrive at the hotel, irritated because they are still doing roadworks on the way, turning what should have been a nice, quiet two-hour drive into almost three hours of frustration. Thank God I had my iPod plugged in — listening to music always brings a soothing quiet to my aching soul.

I check in and put my things upstairs in my room. I get out of my jeans and top into a cool shower, and then into an even cooler summer dress. I know they’ll have the air conditioning on in the bar but I love the feel of this silky dress against my skin. Grabbing my purse, I head downstairs for a drink. I order from the bartender and choose a seat at a table, the one in the far corner, where I can sit quietly and observe the other patrons. As I sit there I take out my notebook and jot down a few ideas that came to me on the drive up here — ideas I had better get down on paper before the sponge that is my brain leaks them out into the ether, never to be thought of again.

I’m busy writing when I sense, rather than see, a figure standing beside the table. I look up and my breath catches in my throat. It’s you. I had hoped to see you here, but had not expected it quite so soon. You kiss me on both cheeks and casually take the chair beside mine.

“How are you?” you say, and I smile. That voice, the way you say those words, brings back some memories.

“I’m doing well, thanks. It’s nice to see you again.”

“It’s nice to see you too, sweetie.” I pick up my glass in a trembling hand and take a sip from the straw, feeling your eyes on me as I do so. I feel a blush starting between my breasts and moving up my neck.

“So, you’re wearing a dress today. Tell me,” as you lean closer, “are you wearing panties under there?” Almost instantly, I feel myself flush even more warmly, and an accompanying wetness starts between my naked thighs. You grin. “I didn’t think so,” you continue, fixing me with those eyes. You lean back, relaxing in your chair, as your hand creeps over my leg. “Pull your skirt up for me, go on.” I do as I am told, gathering the silky fabric between canlı bahis my fingers and pulling it up over my knees and my thighs. Here in our little corner no one is going to notice.

I gasp as I feel your fingers at the juncture of my thighs. One finger instantly finds the swollen nub of my clit, and you rub it gently as I squirm slightly in my chair. Emboldened, you slide your finger down over my parted lips. You can feel my slick wetness, and your eyes widen, even though you are not even looking at me. I feel you slip a finger right inside me and I gasp; then you slide two fingers into my tight, wet sheath and fuck me with your hand. I am on the point of moaning when you slide them out of me. I let out a soft groan as you do so.

Then — as I watch, you turn to me, and you put your wet fingers to your mouth and lick my juices off them. That is about the sexiest thing that I have ever seen, and it makes me whimper with need. You smile, lean close again and whisper in my ear.

“I want to fuck you. I wanted to fuck you the last time we were here, you know.” I nod. You’ve told me that before.

“Room 12, five minutes,” I whisper back. You nod, and stand up and leave the table, disappearing through the door into the lounge. I hear you joking with someone on the other side of the door, your voice full of laughter. I hear an answering laugh and take another sip of my drink, trying to appear nonchalant even as I am quivering inside. I finish my drink and gather my notebook and pen back into my purse. I smile at the bartender and give him a friendly little wave, before I leave the bar through the back entrance and walk up the stairs, trying hard not to run. I reach my room and insert the key, fumbling with fingers suddenly become nerveless with anticipation. Once inside, I am at a loss as to what to do, and I first sit on the edge of the bed, then jump up and pace over to the window. I am so wet that I can feel moisture running down the insides of my thighs. I want to wipe it off but before I can do that the doorknob turns and you enter the room, locking bahis siteleri the door behind you.

We look at each other for a moment, before you cross over to me in several long strides. Your arms come around me and you press me close to you, so close that I can smell the scent of your skin.

“Are you still wet?” you ask, and I swear I could cum just at the sound of your voice. I nod, not trusting my voice. “Let me see,” you say teasingly, and you pull my dress up over my thighs, one hand going between my legs, the other wrapping itself in my hair. You kiss me deeply as your fingers enter my body again, rubbing against the slick wetness.

“Fuck,” you say softly, “when I watched you finger yourself on video I had no idea you would feel so tight!” I moan into your mouth and arch my hips against your hand, frantically rubbing against you. Once again you take your fingers out of my wet pussy but this time, before you can bring them to your mouth I take hold of your hand and bring your fingers to my own lips, licking them and then sucking them into my mouth. I watch your face as I do so, and I can tell exactly what you are thinking. I slide my hand over your groin — you are already hard, and that pleases me.

I kneel down in front of you and slowly slide your zipper down, pulling your clothing down as I do so. Your erect cock springs free and is tantalizingly close before my face. I reach out for you and take you in my hand, softly stroking the veined shaft, before I move my fingers to your balls, followed by my lips. I softly kiss and lick your balls, then take them into my mouth, softly sucking on them. You groan and I love the sounds you make. I start flicking my tongue over the sides of your cock, loving the taste of you, and then settle my mouth over the head, softly enveloping you in the warm wetness, my tongue laving the sensitive underside and tasting the pre-cum that is already oozing from the tip. You make a restless sound and fist your hands in my hair, urging me closer, and I gratefully envelop more of you into my soft mouth as you bahis şirketleri begin to slide your length in and out. You are so big but I try to take all of you and I am amazed to find that I am able to. You moan as your cock slides in and out of my mouth, and I gasp for breath and stroke you, taking just the head into my mouth and flicking my tongue over it.

You pull back with a gasp. “I need to taste you again,” you say, and kneel in front of me, burying your face between my thighs, your tongue already moving against my aching clit, then sliding down into my wetness. “Fuck, you taste so sweet!” Your tongue is working my clit again, your fingers sliding back inside me, and I’m close to cumming when you tell me you need to be inside me.

“I want to feel you inside me, fucking me hard with your gorgeous cock, ” I say, and with one quick tug you pull my hips towards you and sheath your full length inside me with one swift, heart-stopping movement. I fall back onto the bed with you still inside me, the sensation of being so filled up incredible. You start moving inside me, setting up a steady rhythm that makes me moan as you pull my dress down, exposing my breasts, my nipples hard beneath your sucking mouth. You kiss me again, deeply, as you thrust yourself in and out of me. I can taste myself as our tongues dance together. I wrap my legs around your back to let you deeper into me. The delicious sensations build as your full eight inch length reaches places not reached before, and I quickly start to peak. My pussy clenches around your cock as I cum with a new flood of wetness and you start cumming too. You groan loudly as I feel your cum spurting inside me and that makes me cum even harder. My hips arch beneath yours as our bodies tremble together in an intense orgasm, before you fall heavily onto me, pinning me to the bed with your weight. You want to move, afraid that you are too heavy, but I love the feel of you on me, in me, and I wrap my arms and legs around you, pinning you in place. I don’t want you to pull out of me — I want to keep you imprisoned with my arms and legs until you are hard again, and ready to pleasure me as you do so well….

“Well,” I tease, “was that worth waiting almost a year for?” You smile back at me.

“Even better than I imagined…”

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