May 30

The House Sitters Ch. 01

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“Oh My! Its huge!” Georgette had never seen one so big. She had seen large ones before but never this close and always with a jealous feeling in her gut. However, Tim’s was Monstrous. This was, by and far, the largest house in which Georgette had ever been.

Ted’s brother, Tim, had done well in the Dot- Com bubble, selling just before it popped. Now he and his trophy-wife were on a half-year world cruise. Tim had arranged for siblings and friends to house sit while they were gone. The house was not too far from Ted’s office. Moreover, since Ted and Georgette had not had vacation alone since the girls were born, (many years ago), they agreed to stay a week. Besides, the girls were old enough to stay by themselves (as long as a neighbor kept watch).

The house had five large bedrooms and two master suites, each with an enormous bath and Jacuzzi tub. Downstairs there was a formal dining room, informal dining room, parlor (with fireplace), library (with fireplace), and two offices (with fireplaces). In the backyard were a secluded, Olympic-sized swimming pool, a sauna, and two inground hot tubs, one that seats 20 and the other built for two.

They arrived, had dinner, and unpacked. While Ted went to the one of the offices to do some work, Georgette went to the smaller hot tub. She set the temperature, took a quick dip in the pool, then settled in the hot, bubbly water. The water and jets of air soon began to relax her, sending her worry about the girls to the back of her mind. She laid her head back and closed her eyes, basting in the gentle, warm currents. She cleared her mind of all worry and it quickly filled with pleasant memories, her and Ted’s first date, their first kiss, the first time they made love, their wedding and honeymoon, and many more pleasant memories.

Georgette began to have a nice warm feeling (and it was not all from the hot tub). She opened her eyes for the briefest of moments, so she could shift positions. As she moved, a jet of air brushed her breast, sending a small but intense tingle throughout her body. She repeated the move and another tingle coursed through her body.

“MMMMMM, Very nice” she thought moving her breast into the stream. She pulled the top of her suit down so that she could feel the water and jets directly against her skin. It felt bahis firmaları as if a thousand small brushes painted her skin. She caressed and massaged her breasts and nipples. The tub jets created an erotic, exotic sensation against her naked skin, exciting her, causing her nipples to harden. Georgette pinched them, sending bolts of electricity through her body. The jets, the caresses, and the pinches soon raised Georgette to new levels and new temperatures.

Georgette was getting hot (and not from the water temperature). She stopped for just a brief moment and reached to reduce the temperature. As she reached for the controls, a strong jet of air shot against her backside, sending more electrical charges through her body. “AHHHHHH!” she gasped, and moved closer to the jet. The hard jet pressed against her womanhood, creating a flood of hot energy through her body. She had to have more. She completely removed her suit and resumed her “conversation’ with hot tub jets, one in front and one in back.

Georgette’s fingers moved to her clit. She was wet (and not only from the tub) and very excited. Her fingers started a familiar, gently swirling motion. She quietly moaned. The faster her fingers moved, the hotter the tub got (or was it the other way around). The jet and her finger worked in perfect harmony, creating a symphony of erotic tension. The tempo increased, the beat got louder and louder until she reached her crescendo, the climax of the movement, and peak of energy. Her orgasm was intense and long.

Georgette relaxed, lying back in the tub, letting the bubbles cover her nakedness. As her suit floated by, she heard the door to the house open and saw Ted emerge, wave to her, and dive into the pool.

“I could get used to this,” Georgette said to herself as she closed her eyes and continued with her nice thoughts.

“Why didn’t I go and soak with Georgette? No I need the stress release,” Ted thought. He always released stress by swimming, and his short time talking with the office was VERY stressful.

“Damn, I could get use to this,” he thought as he performed a perfect flip turn. “A pool in the backyard. Just change and dive in! How good is that? Now, if Georgette would meet me at the door with a martini (shaken not stirred) and my swimming trunks …” Another perfect kaçak iddaa flip turn.

Ted continued to let his mind wander as he completed several more laps. When he finished, he felt much better and more relaxed. He hung on the side, catching his breath as a pair of soft arms enveloped his chest and a warm pair of lips kissed his neck. “Tag you’re it!” a soft voice whispered in his ear.

Ted turned only to see the splash of Georgette’s kick moving away from him. Ted dove after her, but Georgette had always been the stronger swimmer (having competed in college) and she pulled away. He reached the other side and Georgette was no where to be seen. Suddenly her head popped out of the water about a third of the way across the pool. “Coming old man?” she yelled and dove into the water.

“I’ll get you my little pretty!” Ted yelled back in his best wicked-witch voice and kicked away from the wall after his wife.

The game lasted for some time. Each time Ted got close Georgette seemed to slip away. Finally, Ted caved. “I’m done, you win” he said and climbed out of the pool.

“Quitter!” Georgette taunted.

‘No!” Ted responded, “I know when I’m out classed. You, my dear, are the better of the two of us.”

“I am also naked!” Georgette giggled. “You catch me and you can have me!” she said as the mermaid dove into the water, showing her tail as she descended. Ted was left on the side of the pool, stunned, with his jaw around his navel.

Georgette’s head emerged from the water a little further from Ted. “Awww, is the poor little old man tired and going to bed. All alone?” she taunted. This woke Ted. Knowing he could not catch Georgette in the water, he sprinted to the other side of the pool, dove in headfirst, and caught Georgette’s ankle as she tried to swim away.

“Caught you,” Ted declared triumphantly.

“Cheater!” cried Georgette in mock anger.

“Teach you to taunt me! Tag you’re it!” said Ted as he pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her and kissing his wife passionately, more passionately than he had in years. Do not get them wrong; Ted and Georgette are a very passionate couple, but the passion of this kiss can only be measured against those special kisses reserved for very special times.

The kiss was as if they were on their honeymoon again; kaçak bahis full of life only the unbound energy of youth can sustain. The first kiss lead to another, more passionate than the first, then another and another, each more passionate, more full of energy than the previous.

They disengaged long enough for Georgette to untie and remove Ted’s swimsuit. They embraced again, kissing with the same energetic passion. Georgette was still excited from the hot tub and it took very little to bring Ted to full erection. Georgette lead Ted to the stairs at the shallow end of the pool, sat him down, kneeled in front of him, and sensuously engulfed Ted’s erection in her mouth.

Ted loved to watch his wife suck him. The way her mouth makes that perfect “O” and the way her breasts frame his manhood as she licked him. Tonight was even more special. The pool lights seemed to create a white-golden aura around Georgette. Georgette knew that Ted like to watch and she made a show of it, running her tongue the length of his shaft, placing his manhood between her breasts while she licked his head, and then swallowing him again. Ted smiled broadly at his wife.

Finally, when Ted moaned, a sign he was nearing orgasm, Georgette lead him by his hand to the side of the pool, turned, braced herself against the pool wall, and offered Ted her womanhood. Ted entered her from behind, thrusting completely into her, causing her gasp loudly. He pulled entirely out and again thrust completely into his wife, causing another, even louder gasp. Again, he pulled out and then forcefully plunging deep into his wife causing her to yell in delight and pleasure. Georgette released one hand and started to rub her clit has Ted repeatedly driving his manhood deep into Georgette. Their lovemaking was hotter than the hot tub and created more energy. Waves sloshed against the pool walls matching their rhythm. In and out, Ted plied. Faster, faster Georgette rubbed. Hotter and hotter the water got. Waves splashed with rapid frequency. Finally, Ted exploded deep in Georgette causing her orgasm to erupt in a powerful fountain of energy and gasps.

Ted wrapped his arms around Georgette as her orgasm faded into small spikes of energy. He held her until, completely relaxed, he involuntarily exited her. He floated away on his back, relaxing and laughing. Georgette followed suit. They lazily swam around the pool then, tired, spent, and satisfied, they gathered their suits, turned off the hot tub, shut off the lights, and went into the house.

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