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The In-Laws Chapter #2

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The In-Laws Chapter #2Liz (Wife) Barbra (Mother In-Law) Ken (Father In-Law) And me Todd.So after a nice little relaxing nap and a shower for us all, we all made our way outside to our little closed in awning. The bug net was down and the breeze was nice and cool. We sat down on our lounge chairs talking and having a few adult drinks. After like our third drink my mother in-law spoke up “I think it is time for some special needs to be taken care of it has been years sense I have had them taken care of” looking right at my wife. Liz stood up and approached her mother. She leaned in and they kissed passionately. Tongues entangled hands exploring each others body, biting of lips just so sexy and hot to watch. I glanced at my father in-law who seemed to be in his own little world. I glanced back at Liz and her mom, Liz had one of her moms boobs out sucking on it and biting on her nipple. Again I glanced at my father in-law who again was not paying attention to the action. I heard Barbra tell Liz “That’s it baby suck mommy’s tit, bit that nipple hard make mommy want more” I watched as my wife did just as she was told and I saw Barbra’s enjoyment of the pleasure her daughter was giving her.I noticed my father in-law get up from his seat and go into the motorhome. I looked at Barbra and asked “Is Ken alright” She looked at me and smiled and said “He is fine and wait until he returns” I sat back watching my wife now sucking and biting her mothers breast and nipples. Just then Ken stepped out of the motorhome with a suitcase in hand and placed it next to his wife. At this point Barbra asked my wife “Do you remember what is inside” my wife shook her head in acknowledgment “Do you remember what your mommy likes you to do with what is inside of the suitcase” Again my wife shook her head in acknowledgment. Barbra looked into her daughters eyes and said “Who is in control of your needs and wants right now” my wife looking at her mother replied “You are my mother you are who is in control of my needs and wants mother” Just then Ken leaned down next to the suitcase and opened it and as he did he spoke “Mother your gifts await you and your control over our daughter and I are what we want and need” I was thrown back a little but was turned on from it all. Barbra hen leaned over reaching into the suitcase and pulling out a dildo looking at Liz “Take it suck it and then rub it on mommies pussy” I watched my wife open her mouth and take the dildo’s mushroom head into her mouth. she sucked on it for a good 5 minutes and then removed kocaeli escort it, you could see her saliva all up and down the shaft of it. She pulled her mothers skirt up exposing her bare pussy. Placing the mushroom head against her pussy and started rubbing it up and down. Her mother arched her back and moaned in pleasure. “Yes my little girl that is it baby rub mommy’s pussy rub it baby” I watched my wife continue rubbing the dildo up and down on her mothers pussy all the time my mother in-law arching her back and working with my wife’s motions, moaning and sighing all the while. Just then Barbra spoke “Stop” “Now push it in my pussy but you know not to fuck mommy yet or have you forgot” “No Mother I have not forgot” as my wife eased the dildo into her mothers pussy slowly and until it disappeared deep into her mother’s pussy as the little balls rested against her mother’s ass. “OH YES BABY THAT IS IT” my mother in-law moaned. “HOLD IT THERE FOR MOMMY PLEASE HOLD IT FOR HER” My wife held the dildo in her mothers pussy just as she was told. She held it there for like a minute or two and then Barbra spoke again in a hot sexy voice “LICK MOMMY’S CLIT LICK IT BABY LICK IT” My wife leaned in and slowly licked her mothers clit while still holding the dildo in place deep in her mother’s pussy. I was so hard I reached down to pull my cock out and Barbra saw me “NO STOP” I froze in place. “YOU ARE NOT TO TOUCH YOUR COCK THERE ARE PLANS FOR THAT, NOW JUST ENJOY WHAT YOU SEE” I pulled my hand away and went back to watching my wife work her tongue on her mother’s clit. She never stopped not even when Barbra was scolding me for touching my cock. Barbra told Liz “FUCK MOMMY’S PUSSY SLOWLY BABY” my wife slowly started working the dildo in and out of her mothers pussy and never lost rhythm with her tongue on her moms clit. “KEN PLEASE HELP OUR DAUGHTER OUT” My father in-law moved next to Liz he placed his hand on the back of her head and pushed her face hard into her mothers pussy “YES BABY TAHT IS IT MAKE HER EAT HER MOTHERS PUSSY” “SHE WANTS TO EAT IT NOW MAKE HER” Ken then pulled Liz’s head back by her hair and then shoved it back down hard into her mothers pussy. “DO IT AGAIN YOU SON OF A BITCH MAKE HER EAT MOMMY’S PUSSY” Again Ken pulled her head back and shoved it back into her mother’s pussy, and then again until he had a rhythm of motion as if she was fucking her mothers pussy. Liz never lost rhythm with the dildo going in and out of her mother’s pussy. I watched Barbra’s body tense as she arched her back and Ken kocaeli escort bayan shoved Liz’s mouth down hard and deep while holding it there as Barbra screamed “OH GOD YES I AM CUMMING OF FUCK ME YOU LITTLE SLUT WHORE FUCK YOUR MOTHERS PUSSY SUCK HER CLIT YOU SLUT MAKE MOMMY CUM YOU BITCH” Then Barbra went limp but my wife did not stop until Barbra spoke “You can stop and pull that dildo out and show mommy how much you like it” Liz eased the dildo from her mother’s pussy and slowly eased it into her mouth and cleaned her mother’s juices from it. Barbra then looked at me “Di you enjoy the view Todd” “Oh I so enjoyed it I am so hard and about to explode” Barbra looked at the bulge in my shorts and looked at Liz “Go take Todd’s cock out and let it be free” Liz crawled over to me and pulled my shorts and underwear off and my cock sprung free. I thought she might start giving me head but she crawled back over next to her mother. Barbra spoke again “Todd I want you to relax and let what happens happen you will not regret it trust me” “You will trust me right Todd” I looked at Barbra and shook my head in acknowledgment not sure what to expect now. “Ken go to Todd and help him” My father in-law crawled over to me never looking at me just my cock. He wrapped his hand around the shaft and slowly started stroking it. I have to admit it felt so nice and he had the right touch no woman to include my wife had this kind of touch. It felt pretty amazing to me. “LIZ GO HELP YOUR FATHER” Liz then crawled over and was next to her dad. She reached in and slowly started playing with my balls with one hand while reaching up behind her dads head and slowly pushing his head down to my cock. I watched as Ken opened his mouth wide and my cock disappeared deep into his throat. I let out a moan of pleasure “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM YES” “Todd do not cum to soon we have a special use for your cum” Barbra said to me. I was not sure I could hold off but I was willing to try. Ken was now fulling sucking my cock with Liz working his head up and down on my cock while she played with my balls. Ken still had one hand on my shaft and his other was now playing with his dick. “Todd do you want to cum my son” I shook my head in acknowledgement. “When you are ready to cum fill Kens mouth full of your hot cum” As soon as she said that I grunted and let go of my load deep into Ken’s mouth and throat. I could tell he had not swallowed my cum yet and just as I thought that Barbra spoke. “Don’t you swallow all that cum you hold it there until I tell you izmit escort too swallow it” “Liz kiss your father like old times you little slut and share with your dad your husbands cum” Liz moved in for the kiss I could see my cum dribble from Ken’s mouth as they kissed. “Share it with each other and clean up what you let spill out” I watched as they both swallowed my cum and then licking up what dribbled out. Damn it was hot and I thought the fun might be over but was I wrong. “Liz get ready for your father’s cock” I watched Liz get up and move to one of the lounges and she bent over the back of it. Ken stood up and moved in behind her “Ken did I tell you to move” “No you did not tell me I could move” “Get back to where you where NOW” Ken scurried back to where he was in front of me and as soon as he was there Barbra said “No move over there you son of a bitch” There he went right back to where he was. “FUCK YOUR SLUT DAUGHTER NOW AND FUCK HER HARD AND GOOD” I watched my father in-law go to pounding on his daughters pussy. Then Barbra reached in and grabbed a strap-on dildo out of the suitcase. I was not sure what she was going to do with it but it did not take long to find out. She strapped it on herself and eased in front of Liz. “SUCK IT YOU LITTLE SLUT SUCK MY COCK BITCH” Liz took into her open mouth and sucked on it and Barbra started fucking her daughters mouth with it. Then she pulled it out and screamed at Liz “SPIT ON IT WHORE SPIT ON MY COCK” Liz did as she was told and spit on the mushroom head a couple of times. Barbra moved behind Ken and I watched as my mother in-law eased the mushroom head of the strap-on dildo into Kens asshole. I saw a little grimes come across Ken’s face but he never complained. Once she had it all the way in his ass she slowly started to ease it in and out and then she picked up the pace. Looking over at me and seeing my cock had she said to me “Liz is a cock hungry and cum sucking slut” “go get your cock sucked off by your slut wife and let her eat your cum like the cum eating whore she is” I jumped up and moved in front of Liz and like a trained slut she went after my cock. With in a few minutes I heard Ken grunt stiffen up drive his cock deep into his daughters pussy as he convulsed and filled her pussy full of his cum and my wife moaned as she was cumming too. I felt the need to let go as well and I shoved my cock deep down Liz’s throat as she gagged I shot my load in her throat. I watched Barbra slow her pace down fucking her husbands ass and the slowly pull het dildo out and Ken did the same thing with Liz and I slowly removed my cock from her mouth.We all showered and went to bed, the rest of the trip was pretty much the same way and now well lets say we spend more time with the in-laws.

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