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The Incubus – Turning Mom

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Jane Oliver was 45 years old but in other respects she was in her 60’s. What do I mean by that? well she was indeed only 45 but over the past few years had let herself go, following the break up of her marriage and spending minimal time on her appearance she looked as if she was in her 60’s.

Jane seemed to have no time to herself. She worked full time as a curator at the local museum and when she was home she had to cook, clean and look after her three children, James (20), Karen (19) and Jenny (18). Of course they were old enough to look after themselves but Jane had always molly-coddled them ever since their father left, to shack up with his blonde bimbo of a secretary three years ago (the bitch queen, Kylie).

The day that changed Jane’s life forever started warm and bright one July morning. Getting up at 6 o’clock Jane spent an hour ironing then cleaning the house, as she was too tired to do it last night. This left her 5 minutes to get herself ready before she would have to leave for work. Throwing on a blouse and some trousers she left in a rush, leaving the children still in bed as usual – all three were students and all showed the usual student tendencies to spend as much time in their bed as they could.

Jane got to work and went into her office. Her office bore all the hallmarks of an academic, being cluttered with books and various trinkets, just the way that she liked it. As a curator Jane spent the majority of her day alone, planning future changes to the museum.

That day started typically, an hour or so on post followed by a review of future exhibitions and time spent reviewing existing exhibits stored in the basement. The basement was air conditioned and quiet, Jane being the only one with keys. Jane enjoyed the peace and quiet in the basement and wasn’t phased by the eerie nature of the exhibits stored in the numerous cupboards and storage

containers. Indeed she tried to spend as much time here as she could as it was a break from the hectic nature of her home life.

It was during these times that she often thought about her private life and how she needed a break but was unable to pluck up the courage to get her children to take some of the pressure off her.

That day, she sat down at the small desk in the basement that she used to unpack smaller exhibits and started on a list of things she needed to do to prepare for the next exhibition planned for October. After about ten minutes she heard a noise. Not knowing what it was but confident that she was alone (she was the only one with keys remember) she got up and went to investigate. Turning a corner she saw that a small box had been dislodged and had fallen to the floor. Annoyed with herself for allowing a box to be stored so that it could fall, she bent down to pick it up. Looking at the box it didn’t have any markings on it to identify what it was – this was odd as she was always careful to ensure that everything was clearly marked with it’s own reference number and details of its enclosures.

Looking over the box again she took it back to the desk. The box was very strange as it didn’t seem to have an opening to allow her to open it, although it clearly had something inside as something was moving against the sides when she moved it. She turned the box over and over again and a couple of minutes later she noticed a very small pin-hole sized gap. Mulling over the hole she realised that she kept needles in one of the drawers which she used from time to time to sew up any rips in tapestry’s, so she opened the drawer and found a needle, which she gently stuck into the hole. Jane immediately felt strange and light headed so she grasped the side of the desk to stop falling over. Shaking her head to clear it she soon realised that she was not alone. Standing in front of the desk was a very large man, a full seven foot tall, with large bulging muscles and completely naked, his cock hanging down between his legs a full eight inches limp.

“Who are you?,” she asked.

“My name is Ra and I am very grateful to you for releasing me from my prison.”

Jane couldn’t help but stare at him, particularly his member which was huge. “What are you doing here?”

“I have been inside that box for a very long time but now I am free, for which I must pay you back.” With that his cock twitched and Jane watched as it hardened and rose from its limp state until it was standing hard and proud in front of him. It now looked at least ten inches.

Suddenly Jane realised that she was naked, her skin cool in the air conditioning. How did that happen? One moment she was fully dressed, the next completely naked.

Ra moved slowly behind her and Jane found that she couldn’t move. She felt Ra’s hands on her shoulders and she shivered at the touch of a man, something that she hadn’t had in a sexual way for a long while. Ra helped her up and he moved the chair away as he gently pushed her down so that her top half was laying on the desk. She then felt his hands open her legs and suddenly she came in a flood. She didn’t stop to think why she had cum so quickly escort ataşehir when she wasn’t really sexually turned on as yet but Ra knew that she would need to be very lubricated to cope with his large manhood so he had made her orgasm. Jane felt her juices running down the inside of her thighs. Then she felt his cock head being rubbed along her slit. There was no way that she would be able to take such a monster without splitting in two but Ra stopped rubbing along her pussy lips and lined his cock up with her pussy opening and slowly pushed. Jane couldn’t believe that his cock was entering her but an inch at a time it did, until she felt him fully inside her. Nothing this large had been there since having her children and then she was trying to push it out, but this time she felt good, full but good.

Ra pulled back until his cock was nearly fully out. Jane felt an emptiness and almost cried out to Ra to push back in but he was soon doing so of his own accord, setting up a slow but steady fucking rhythm.

Jane was in heaven and in her heightened sexual arousal came again within a couple of minutes, further lubricating Ra’s cock.

The fuck continued until after what seemed like a day but was in fact only an hour, Ra came. Jane felt as if her insides were being cleaned out by a fireman’s hose with the huge amounts of Ra’s cum which entered her.

After a minute, Ra’s cock slipped out of her battered pussy and gobs of his cum dripped out of her onto the floor. Jane stayed this way was a while, catching her breath until she slipped back down onto the chair. Ra was standing in front of the desk again.

“I believe that I have repaid my debt to you. Through the power of my seed, anything you want will now be yours.” With that Ra disappeared.

“Wait,” Jane’s voice echoed around her.

Looking down she found that she was fully dressed again. Was it a dream? Had she been working too hard and dreamt what had happened?

It was only when she stood up that she realised it had actually happened, when another glob of Ra’s seed slipped out of her pussy into her knickers, which were already wet and soaking the outside of her trousers. Cleaning herself up as best she could, she left the basement and returned to her office.


In her office she spent some more time cleaning herself up in the small sink she had in the corner of her office. The small stain on the crotch of her trousers was now drying so she took them off to fully dry. Her knickers were still very wet and she also removed them. Grabbing a box of tissues she removed as much of the cum from her pussy as she could and then realising that her knickers would not dry in time decided to leave them off so she put her trousers back on. Before leaving she sat down and tried to make sense over what had happened. She clearly couldn’t so locking up she left for the day.

For the first time ever, all the traffic lights were in her favour and she got home in record time. Even more of a surprise awaited her, the house had been cleaned. Puzzled she went looking for the children. Karen and Jenny were in one of their bedrooms listening to music, not loudly for a change. James was on his computer.

“To what do I owe this pleasure,” Jane said to Karen and Jenny. “Who’s cleaned the house?”

“All three of us mum. A couple of hours ago we realised that you do everything in the house, so we thought we should pull our weight,” Karen responded.

“Blimey, it must be my birthday. But thanks anyway. I’m going to have a bath.” With that Jane left to go to her room, shouting ‘Hello’ to James as she passed his room.

Once in the room, she closed the door and peeled off her trousers. The insides were coated with dried semen as was her pussy and thighs. Taking the rest of her clothes off she went to have her bath.

Luxuriating in the bath, Jane thought back over the events of the day. She still thought it could be a dream but the dried semen stains on the insides of her trousers and her panties told a different story.

She had however thoroughly enjoyed the sex with Ra and her hand slipped down to her pussy whilst she was daydreaming. Her fingers went through her bush and found her clit which she rubbed gently. As she got more and more turned on she increased the tempo before she came for the third time that day. Not bad she thought to herself, three times in one day, can’t be bad.

As the water was cooling, she got out of the bath and dried herself. Slipping on her pyjamas and a dressing gown she went to find the children to see what they wanted for dinner. It was another surprise therefore when she found the three of them cooking the meal, seemingly without any arguments.

“We’ve done you lasagne, mum,” Jenny said as Jane neared the kitchen. “And there’s a glass of wine on the table that your idiotic son sorted out for you.”

Jane was gobsmacked. She had been craving lasagne and wine for most of the day and here it was just about to be delivered to her by her children.

“Wow kadıköy escort bayan I don’t know what to say. First you clean the house and now dinner. Who are you and what have you done with my children?,” Jane joked.

“Funny mum, real funny. It’s strange really but it was a collective decision that we all seemed to come up with earlier today. We just want to help out,” James said. “You go and sit in the lounge and we’ll bring your dinner in.”

Jane took the glass of wine and went to sit in the lounge.

Dinner was a pleasant affair, made all the more pleasant by them sharing a couple of bottles of wine. The children even insisted that they were to wash up.

Jane went to put the washing on, she wanted to wear her trousers to work again tomorrow but they needed to be cleaned.

When she returned from the utility room, only Karen was in the lounge, James had gone out and Jenny had gone back to listening to her music in her room. Karen was watching television.

“Not really much on mum,” she said.

“Well turn it off and we can talk.”

Karen got up and turned the television off, sitting back down at the other end of the settee to Jane.

“What do you want to talk about mum?”

The mother and daughter chatted for a while with the conversation at one stage turning to boys.

“Anyone you are seeing at the moment?,” Jane asked.

“No not really mum.”

“Playing the field, eh?”

“Hmmm. Mum, can I ask you something?”

“Of course you can love. Anything at all.”

“When you were my age did you have any, eh, feelings for, how can I say this, like, other women?”

‘”What do you mean feelings?”

“Well I do like boys but I have even stronger feelings for a girl in my class at college.”

“That’s fine Karen dear. What does this other girl think?”

“I haven’t told her anything mum. It is Lisa by the way.”

Jane knew Lisa and her family.

“Lisa’s a nice girl. Do you know if she has any feelings for you?”

“Don’t know. You haven’t answered my question, mum.”

“What question?”

“Whether you had feelings for women before you settled down with dad.”

Jane paused before responding. She was thinking about the fumbling she and an old friend of hers had had many years ago. The fumbling had turned into sex and whilst they both thoroughly enjoyed it, unfortunately the other woman had to move a few weeks after and they never got to repeat the sex. Then Jane had met and married Karen’s dad and that was an end to her times with other women.

“Eh, well I did do something but it was a long time ago.”

“Tell me mum please. I think it would really help me.”

“Well when I was about your age, I had a good friend from work with whom I would go out after work for a few drinks. Anyway one day she had broken up from her boyfriend and was crying, so we went back to her house and one thing led to another and we ended up in bed.”

“And what happened?”

“Eh, well we had sex.”

“Really? And what was it like.”

Jane thought back. “It was fantastic. A woman knows how to look after another woman’s needs and we had an incredible time, so you shouldn’t worry what people will think. If it feels right, go for it.”

“What happened to her?”

“She had to move away soon after so we had to stop. Then I met your dad and got married.”

“Wow mum, I wouldn’t have thought it of you. Thank you for telling me and for the advice.” Karen kissed Jane on the cheek and hugged her mother. Soon after, she left Jane alone with her own thoughts.

Jane had put that period of her life to the back of her mind. She had had feelings for her female lover at the time and her leaving had left a big hole in her life. As she thought back to the lesbian sex she had experienced, she felt a stirring in the pit of her stomach. Should she look for a female lover rather than another male? Looking around to check that she was alone, she undid her dressing gown cord and slipped her hand inside her pyjama bottoms, aiming for her pussy. As she remembered the time way back when she had had lesbian sex, she gently rubbed her pussy. She was soon cumming for the fourth time that day.

Tidying herself up, she retired to bed, shaking her head at her antics that day.

Jane slept really well that night and woke up fully refreshed. Getting up she climbed into the shower. As she lathered herself up, on a whim she picked up her razor and spent an extra ten minutes removing all of her pubic hair. She recalled that her lover had been completely bald in the pubic region and for some reason she wanted to be the same, some twenty or so years later.

Drying herself, she liked the feel of her now shaven pussy, then she got dressed and went to work. Unbelievably the traffic lights were all green again.

She then had a brilliant day at work, where everything went very smoothly.

Returning home and only one of the traffic lights was red.

Nothing much happened that evening other than the children escort bostancı had cleaned up again but didn’t make dinner.

That night Jane slept naked, enjoying the feel of the sheets directly on her skin. Before falling asleep Jane frigged herself to a blinding orgasm.

Over the next few days the good mood that she was in disappeared as everything that had gone well was now starting to unravel. At work the forthcoming exhibition suffered a hitch and at home the children returned to their old slobbish ways.

Late afternoon on the Friday and Jane had had enough of the constant problems, letting fly with an expletive heavy exclamation. Thankfully as usual she was alone so no-one heard her.

“What the fuck is the matter with people,” she said. “You ask them to do one thing and they fuck it up. Stupid bastards.”

For some reason she remembered the final comment that Ra had said before he disappeared. He had said that anything you want will be yours, perhaps that is why things started so brightly after he had fucked her but why were things now unravelling?

On a whim, she picked up the basement keys and went downstairs. Stopping at the desk, she located the box and said, “Oh mighty Ra. Please may I talk with you?”. Of course nothing happened. She tried again but similarly without success.

Locking the basement back up she returned to her office.

That evening, all the traffic lights turned red as she neared each one. Her drive home took another 20 minutes.

Returning home, it was quiet. She found a note from Jenny saying that she was staying round a friends and that she would be home tomorrow. She found Karen in her room listening to music through her headphones. When Jane came into her bedroom, Karen removed the headphones.

“Any idea where James is?,” Jane asked.

“He said something about going down the pub.”

“Ok. You ok love?”

“Great thanks mum. Really needed our chat yesterday, thanks.”

Jane made dinner and Karen and she ate it. Jane cleared up afterwards.

After clearing up Jane went into the lounge to read the paper. After 20 minutes she felt that she wasn’t alone. Looking up she saw Ra standing before her and that again her clothes had melted off of her.

“You called for me,” he said.

“Yes mighty Ra. You said that anything I wanted would be mine but whilst that happened initially, things have gone backwards.”

“The power that my seed gave to you is finite.”

“Please mighty Ra, I would like more.”

“Ah but it is not that simple. When I bestowed the power onto you that was in payment for releasing me. If I was to do it again, I would need other payment.”

“Whatever you want mighty Ra. Use my body again as payment.”

“Not enough”

“What else do you desire?”

“Follow me,” Ra left the lounge and headed towards the stairs with Jane following.

Ra walked to Karen’s room and opened the door. Karen was laying on the bed listening to her music, her eyes closed. Suddenly Karen was also naked.

Jane was now very worried. What had she done?

“I’m sorry Ra but I have made a mistake. I don’t need your gift any more.”

“You summoned me. I am here. Now you must make the payment. Your daughter needs relief, so hands behind your back and service her. Don’t worry she can’t see me yet.”

Jane felt that she had to obey and with her hands clasped behind her back, she climbed onto the bed and knelt between her daughters legs. Bending forward she nuzzled her daughters legs open more and placed her mouth onto her pussy.

Karen was engrossed in her music but she felt someone on the bed and then someone was sucking on her pussy. She opened her eyes and saw the top of a head between her legs and that both she and the mysterious woman were naked.

Jane was starting to enjoy herself. Her daughter tasted lovely and was already soaking wet. She felt hands on her head driving her deep into Karen’s pussy. Suddenly she also felt hands pushing her own legs apart and a large cock forced into her own pussy. She gasped but continued sucking Karen, driving her daughter close to her first lesbian orgasm.

Ra was fucking Jane hard. He felt her orgasm but this didn’t stop his hard and fast rhythm. When he came it triggered another mighty orgasm inside Jane.

Ra removed his still hard cock from Jane and seeing Karen was coming down from her orgasm moved Jane away and inserted his cock into Karen’s pussy, starting to fuck her as roughly as he had fucked her mother.

Karen was still enjoying her orgasm when she felt a large cock at the entrance of her pussy. It was soon inside her and fucking her. Karen couldn’t quite believe what was happening to her but was enjoying the sensations and within a couple of minutes she was cumming again.

Karen opened her eyes and saw a large man with a huge erect cock standing at the foot of the bed. Next to her she was surprised but not disappointed to see her mother, also naked and looking a bit dishevelled. Suddenly the man disappeared, one minute he was there and the next he was gone. Karen looked at her mum who was looking back, searching for a response to what had just happened. Karen smiled and opened her arms in encouragement. Jane responded with a watery smile of her own and moved up into Karen’s embrace.

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