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The Last Family Vacation Pt 10

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The Last Family Vacation Pt 10By the time that Tim and Tammy stumbled their way back into the house and into bed, downstairs, David was securely strapped spread eagle to the king sized bed in which Anne occasionally entertained men who were willing to allow her to do anything to them. Anything.In truth, Anne would have been happy to just crawl in bed and go to sleep, but when she and Diane, her sister emerged from drying off after their shower David was sitting on the edge of the bed with her “Toy Chest” night stand open. She had straps for securing her guests to the bed hanging from the door and to one side of the cabinet there were short paddles, floggers and whips hanging. On the shelves were various gags, cuffs and clamps. David was holding a fleshlight male stroker in his hand when he looked up at them with a wicked grin.It took her less than 10 minutes for her to teach Diane how to secure her husband to the bed and by the time he was, none of them were sleepy! “Most people see these whips with all of the leather tails and assume you swing them at your slave hard, like the Romans did a run-away slave in the movies. But the best way to use these in the bedroom is to twirl them like this.” Anne said to her sister who held the red version of the same black whip she held. “That’s it. Now, you stay on this side of him and I will go to the other side and follow my lead.”David watched the two naked women in the candle lit room. The shadows hid what might be considered flaws and accentuated their beauty. He really did not need any of this to get off again. Hell, fucking either one of the women would have been sufficient…at least before he found Anne’s stash of toys. When Anne told him to open his hands, he did. And then she started twirling that little whip and letting just the tips touch the flesh of his palm. It was a rush of adrenaline and sensations like he had never felt before!Diane tuzla escort heard the lengths of her whip smack into her husband’s fingers and hands louder than her sister’s and Anne told her to pull away from him a little so the tips only caught his flesh. She did and David looked at her and seemed to smile… if you can smile around a red ball gag!Slowly the women worked their whips up over his wrists, the inside of his forearms, elbow, biceps and shoulders. David felt as if his skin had never truly been awakened before and as if parts of his body were alive for the very first time! When the tips began striking his nipples he groaned and Anne smiled across his body at Diane and said, “Your husband is such a good pain slut! I could teach you how to make him worship your every thought and have him begging for more!”“Who says he doesn’t already?” Diane quipped back though she wondered if her sister might be right. A moment later, Anne moved them down to the soles of his feet and they repeated the slow teasing process up David’s strong, heavily muscled legs. By the time they had risen to near his manhood, a puddle of pre-cum had formed on his stomach, over flowed and begun running down his side to the bed as his cock stood out like a flag pole! Anne instructed Diane to suck on his cock and lather up all of his balls and cock well with her spit. She did not ask why, but obediently took her husband’s leaking cock into her mouth and slowly lick and suck his cock. Anne came back to the bed a moment later with a candle in each hand. David watched in a near panic as his sister-in-law gave him a wicked grin and leaned over him. She spit twice on his chest before advising Diane to back up. “This might sting a little David,” she said with a laugh and then she said to her sister: “With candle wax, height and moisture are everything.” She then dribbled a little wax into the first puddle of spit tuzla escort bayan on his body from a good three feet up. “From up here, he barely feels anything. But when you pour it from less than a foot up.” She tipped the candle over from a few inches above his skin and spikes of heat and pain slammed into his brain. “And that becomes much more intense.” She then moved the candle back to high up and said, “Now watch this!”Anne knew that the beeswax candles she held melted at a much lower temperature than commercial candles and that from high up, the wax essentially was cooling and congealing before it touched his flesh. Still, the shock and newness of it all was what she was after. She started pouring up near David’s nipples and ran a trail down his torso and just below his navel before stopping. His reaction was to strain against the restraints! He had just learned he was indeed helpless and his instincts were going to heighten everything for about the next 15 minutes!Diane watched as her husband’s body rippled with his efforts against the restraints. He was strong from years of coaching and working out. He looked fabulous. She wanted him and Anne had asked how she wanted him. She had told her sister she wanted to ride his face and she had told her that would be her gift to them. Now she wondered though if the price for the gift was too high.She took her husband’s throbbing cock in her mouth and he groaned and thrust up at her wildly. It was safe to say that David did not see the price as being too high! Anne was holding onto the headboard and slapping her dangling tits across her face. A pang of jealousy swept through her. Not that her sister was teasing her husband, oh no. She was jealous that those luscious tits were not in her face!Anne wanted to climb on David’s face and have him eat her cunt, since her sister had been bragging about how talented a tongue he had, but escort tuzla smiled at the thought of having his beer can thick cock up her pussy too! She reached down and released the ball gag by it’s safety latch and pulled the ball out of his mouth. There was something erotic about watching a man move a freshly released mouth and tongue….”Diane, he’s ready” Anne said still watching his face and his eyes locked on hers. He was damn near feral at the moment and would have fucked a single tooth street whore with a glass eye she realized. But there was a flame in those eyes for her and she appreciated it … greatly.Diane started to straddle her husband’s face holding onto the big padded leather headboard, but Anne had turned her around. She felt her husband’s tongue flickering and delving into her now boiling cunt and she clutched her own breasts and squeezed her nipples hard. She watched as her sister put a cream on his cock and when she asked what it was, she smiled and said it was something to keep him from cumming in the next 20 seconds!She then watched as her sister locked eyes with her, but straddled her husband and started shoving his fat prick into her pussy. Diane reached down the familiar line of her sister’s fit body to the top of her pussy and felt the big fuck stick invading her. She pulled back the flesh from Anne’s clit and slowly began circling the pleasure nub. Her shudder was what Diane wanted to see, feel, know once again and it sent thrills through her as well.The three of them fucked for what seemed like forever but in reality barely lasted 10 more minutes before David unleashed his boiling seed into his sister-in-law at the same time his wife came on his face and tongue. Minutes later, he was freed and they cuddled together for the rest of the night.************Thank you for reading this series. It has been a blast to write. If you enjoyed it, let me know. Maybe I will come back to these characters after I get back from my Hedonism Resort trip this week… who knows! Thank you for all of the comments and votes! It really gets me hard knowing I am helping you want to fuck!

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