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The Legend of Super Dick #Nastyjournal entry 6

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The Legend of Super Dick #Nastyjournal entry 6The Legend of Super Dick #Nastyjournal entry 6Diamond part 1I’ll call her diamond since I’m not using real names…i first saw her dancing in one of Atlanta most popular strip clubs,this was in 2014.i was in a private booth smoking a blunt when i saw her walk by,as I’ve said i like women of all races and sizes,but my weakness is a blonde with a big ass,When I see blonde hair i get a feeling over my body like a naughty sensation,but when i lay my eyes on a blonde girl with a big ass i can’t control myself from lusting,when I looked up i saw my favorite view blonde hair and a big white ass walking around,i glued my eyes on her and watched her until she turned around,”omg” she was beautiful her makeup made her look like a movie star rather than a stripper she had on black matching thongs and bra,her titts were bouncing in the bra,as a waiter walked by i stopped her and gave her a $100 bill and told her to “give to the blonde goddess”and ask her to join me,i poured another glass of moet and looked up to see her approaching,every man in the strip club was looking at her,here’s a secret every black man loves big white ass.rather they admit it or not,this club had black girls who looked like video models most of them I had already fucked ,but I promise u 9 of 10 black men in strip clubs would pick a dancer over the black ones if they could have their pick,her smile was amazing,i had about 800 or so ones left from the 1000 i got earlier along with my moet bottle,she sat down and said “thinks for tip.im diamond” I introduced myself and she asked if i wanted a dance ,i gave her what was probably 200 ones and say “please” she stood up and removed her bra,her nipples teased me as she leaned in and shook them in my face,she sat down on me and seconds later i was hard as cement,she felt mt hard one and smiled and begun grinding on my dick,she turned around and grabbed her ass cheeks,and let them go,she bent down and starting shaking,and my my that white ass was amazing,she dropped in my lap,her ass felt so soft,i leaned in and smelled her hair,she found my hard dick in my jeans and starting grinding in my lap,i whispered in her “you are amazing” as the istanbul escort song with off she sat back beside me,we conversated for a couple songs every minute or so i would give her more money from my stack,when finally i asked “so what are my chances of taking u out sometime?” She smiled and said “you seem cool but im seeing someone right now..you might know him he’s ……….. He plays for the Atlanta falcons” I replied “I do..i respect that” we conversated until the night ended and the lights came on,i gave her the rest of money i had left,along with 5 $100 I took out of my pocket,i stood up grabbed her hand and kissed it and said “if yo man ever fumble ill be here to recover” she laughed as she caught the football reference with him being a football player..i left out thinking about her..i went home and found her on ig she had 200k followers,i scrolled down to a video of her making her ass clap,seeing her white ass again instantly got me hard,i kept scrolling to see she had lots of the videos shaking her ass,I took my clothes off and dived into my bed and starting jerking off to her videos on ig,i started talking to her as i stroked “shake that ass…that white ass amazing baby” I switched back and forth from her videos until i nutted. No porn just her walking and shaking her ass. The next week I returned to the club just to look at her,as soon as she saw she came over and hugged me,i tipped her to dance and sit with me all night again.Fast forward to about 2 months later im attending a private party thrown by a famous Atlanta rapper that i know personally,I’m in a vip booth with this Atlanta record producer when i see her walk by,he saw her also and said to me “damn thats diamond i been trying to fuck that since forever” I got up and walked to her and tapped her on the back she turned around and to my surprise she immediately remembered me she grabbed me and gave me a hug,I couldn’t resist i grabbed her right ass and palmed it,she didn’t say anything,i asked her to come to my vip when i returned my producer friend looked stunned that i knew her,she greeted him by name as she sat my friend said “ima go to bathroom” that was his way of leaving us alone,we begun izmir escort a conversation,when finally I said “where is the boyfriend” tonight she replied “in Tampa playing the bucs tomorrow” she went on to explain that he was married and how she was getting tired of hiding their relationship,he had stopped her from dancing and moved her into a house,he stopped by once a week to give her what she called 5 to 10 minutes of bad sex,we talked more and poured more drinks,every man that walked by double taked at her,i held out my phone to check the time,she leaned over and said “take my number call me when u leave this party if you wanna hang out” she went out to say “let me go find my girls” as she stood up and walked away her ass jiggled in her skin tight dress,i said to myself “game on!”About 30 minutes later i left on my way home I texted her “this is ….. I’m headed home” a couple seconds later she replied with “address?” I returned home to one of the houses i was renting,about 10 minutes later she texted “on my way”I sat and lit a joint waiting for her arrival at 3:44 am she arrived,to my surprise as soon as i opened the door she kissed me,i pulled her in and closed the door,we continued kissing as i grabbed her ass and held it,seconds later i was fully hard,she pushed me down on the sofa and start to take my pants off I pulled my shirt off as she pulled my pants down to my legs and grabbed my hard dick she started jerking me off and said “You dont know how bad i need this dick” she licked it from side to side and layed me back on the sofa she climbed in front of me I said “let me look at your ass in the air while you suck me” she did as she dripped a glob of spit on my dick and begun to suck it while she was shaking her ass,i reached behind her and slapped her ass,she deep throating until i felt the back of her throat,thats when i said “i can’t take it,turn around” she jumped up and turned around and started shaking her ass,she was still dress in the skin tight dress from earlier,i grabbed the bottom of it and ripped it up pass her ass “Don’t worry ima buy plenty more dresses” she looked so hot with her big ass hanging from up under the torn dress,i stuck escort bayan a finger in her pussy and she was soaked,i grabbed my dick and shoved it in raw with no condom,i pushed in balls deep as she screamed out “shittttt” I grabbed a hand full of her blonde hair and pulled her back,i begun to pound,i looked down and saw her big white ass bouncing as i pounded “more more!!” She yelled out. I could here her pussy talking to my dick,it sounded like macaroni and cheese being stirred,thats when i pulled out and dropped my face down in her cheeks,when my tongue hit her ass hole she jerked and said “oh baby I never had that” that’s when i stood up and grabbed her hand and led her up stairs as she walked into my bed room I swirled her in front me damn she looked hot with that big ass hanging out of her torn dress,once inside she squeezed out of what was left of the dress,I said “lay on your smotach” and when she did i fell in love with what i saw before me was a blonde hair goddess,I layed my face in her ass and starting to suck her ass cheeks,then I buried my tongue in her ass and started to tongue kiss it,i worked my tongue around inside her ass hole in a circle motion,she started moaning and tried to move away “I cant take it it feels too good” but there was no escape she was pinned down on her stomach and was eating and licking her ass hole like my life depending on it,i dropped spit in her hole and continued eating,the way i ate her ass was filthy nasty,finally i pulled my face up she quickly turned around and spread her legs,I quickly jumped in between dick first,i pounded until she screamed “God im about so hard!” And she did,I pushed in balls deep and held it while she came,thats when i dropped my face down and licked the cum juice off her and started eating her out minutes later she yelled “I’m coming again” I didnt quit seconds later she came on my face i licked it and said “see how nasty you make me” “fuck your boyfriend you mines now” “yes baby” she replied and threw me back and climbed on me and started riding I said “damn look at them titts baby” and then I started slapping them,she layed down and start kissing me still bouncing on my dick,i said “turn around and let me watch that ass bounce..all i wanna see is your blonde hair and ass” when she did i couldn’t believe all the white ass bouncing in front of me on my dick,”fuck!!” I screamed out as i grabbed her and pulled her off me quickly i turned her over on her stomach a busted my load on her ass

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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