Nis 10

The Long Awaited Return

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Author’s Note – All characters are consenting adults that are of age, 18+

I’d been gone for too long. I had promised her, told her not to worry, and yet look at me. Months have passed. Is she still waiting for me? Is she being patient? Does she know her daddy is coming home?


Everything about the return felt right. The familiarity of the roads and houses, the front steps to his house, and the warm light glowing from just past the window panes washed over him in waves. He fit his key into the hole and turned gently. Upon hearing the lock click, he presses against the door and it swings open to reveal a gentle home, comfortability was clearly the main focus when decorating. A hum comes from the kitchen, along with the wafting scent of hot cocoa. Following his nose, he enters the kitchen, finding before him, a beautiful slim figure. He has returned home and his Princess awaiting him.

He cups her into his arms and cradles her, holding her close to him. She squeals with delight and happiness as her daddy, her protector, her lover has returned to her. She strokes her fingers against his face, looking up at him. She is amazed at his rugged attractiveness, how he feeds the flames, her internal hunger, hunger that has been forced to simmer while he has been gone. Now that he is back, the furious need for something, anything, comes to the forefront. Her body moves without thought, her thighs begin to rub together, she knows she can’t touch herself without Daddy’s permission. Even after all this time, there are some things that cannot be unlearned, and the way daddy bostancı escort bayan taught was very persuasive. The warmth spreads all over her body, she shivers in his arms, shuddering with happiness and pleasure. A very miniscule erupture just from her daddy coming back to her. She bites her lip, alive with curiosity and apprehension at what’s to come.

His lover’s tribulations are not unbeknownst. He smiles wryly at the devotion and loyalty of his Princess, her need for him gives him happiness beyond reason. They look at each other and know in that moment, the need for explanation can wait, though she deserves an explanation. But, the carnal need, the desire, that has been building needs out, and it needs out right now. Their mouths meet, and their tongues dance once more, starving for each other.

He walks into the bedroom, still kissing, and sitting down on the large bed, he sets her upon his lap, his erection prominent beneath his pants. She wears only panties and a large oversized t-shirt, one of daddy’s. The feeling of his cock once more pressing against her tight lips, sends electricity shooting through her spine. For a moment he lets her sit, feeling his cock pulse beneath her, her sharp intakes of breath every time his cock jumps. Her hands are behind her back just like he commands and she will not do anything unless he tells her to. If she does, she gets punished. But right now, he wants her, needs her, all of her. He knows she will break soon enough, but he won’t punish her. A few minutes was all he needed. On top of him, she was panting, ümraniye escort her panties were soaked through and her body ached for him. She looked at him and shifted back whipping his belt off and unzipping his pants, pulling both briefs and jeans all the way down and off. Her shirt came off and so did her daddy’s. Her panties were the last thing, Daddy ripped those right off. He picked her up and set her down on her back. Daddy looked at her in the eyes and grinned. Holding his cock in his hand he began to rub his head against her lips,

“Please” she whimpered. “…I need you Daddy”

He pushed himself in, all 8 inches of his cock slid deep into his Princess’s sweet pussy. After months her body felt complete and whole once more. They lay there, her daddy fully inside of her, his devoted Princess taking every inch of his cock. After a few minutes, he began to pull out, her lips trying to hold onto him, keep him inside of her. He pushed immediately back inside, filling her up again once more. Again and again he pulled out, and pushed back in, their minds full of pleasure and bliss as they returned to each other again and again. The way he curved inside of her, hitting the spot over and over and over again until she felt as though she might faint. Her eyes rolled into her head as an orgasm rocked its way through her body, the fire grew and spread, encouraged in the throes of passion.

He pulled her up, holding her into his arms as if she was a toy. He pushed himself back in, at this angle, he hit so much deeper. Again and again he pounded into her feeling escort kartal her cum dripping down his dick, her moans, saying his name, how good he felt. He didn’t hold himself back. He sped up before abruptly pulling her off his cock. He laid her on her stomach, her legs dangling off the edge, her ass presented to him. Her pussy glistened with cum and desire, seemingly inviting him to penetrate her. He couldn’t resist, and knew his orgasm was close. He pushed his cock into her once more, and immediately brought his hand down on her ass. She gasped and he felt her pussy tighten around his cock. Again, he brought his hand down, this time on the other cheek. Once more, her pussy tightened around his cock. Reaching forward with his other hand he grabbed her hair and pulled up, arching her back and causing her to yelp. He spanked again and felt a flood of cum pouring out of her pussy. His dirty kinky slut was as masochistic as always. He began to pull out as he pulled on her hair and pushed himself right back in. Quickly they settled into a rhythm. 10 minutes passed and he felt the familiar tightness in his balls. He yelled loudly and flipped her onto her back, forcefully pushing himself back inside of her, and continued to piston his cock in and out.

“More. . . More. . . More!” she screamed.

He roared and fucked her pussy until an orgasm overtook her, slowly starting in her core before abruptly casting bolts of ecstasy. As her body convulsed, cum rushed quickly up his shaft. Rope after sticky rope of hot cum shot out of Daddy’s cock, reaching his lovers tits and painting her white.

They collapsed into one another, basking in the warm feeling each has been craving. Daddy’s cock began to rise again and his Princess shivered with desire and anticipation.

The night had only just begun and Daddy had many plans for his Princess.

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