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The Lovers Holiday: Episode 3

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The Lovers Holiday: Episode 3You take the elevator down, walking through a near maze of mirror-image hallways before you enter the main floor of the casino. Rounding a strategically placed corner, you walk out onto the expansive floor, and are led directly by a smiling host to the high rollers table. You know it will be a while before your Goddess makes her way downstairs, so you resign yourself to a few hands of uninspired poker. The table is empty as you pull up a seat, with only the ruddy, good natured face of the dealer to welcome you. Lost in thought, as such a lovemaking session tends to leave you, you play a few half-hearted hands before letting your gaze wander aimlessly across the vast expanse of felt covered tables and softly ringing slot machines. Out of the monochromatic black-tie assembly, one figure stands out. Her fiery hair grazes the top of her well formed ass, brushing gently back and forth against the silky, azure fabric of her dress as she maintains an animated conversation with a portly, clearly excited man. You can see him eyeing her hungrily as she converses; her eyes sweep the floor as if in anticipation of an awaited friend, or rescuer. Skimming past you at first, her gaze returns to settle on your newly turned back. Ah, you’ve played this game before!As though she’s heard your thoughts, she turns toward you, her eyebrow arching curiously upon seeing that you’re alone. Observing her from the corner of your vision, you see that she makes a motion with her hand, seeming to excuse herself from the conversation. The portly man’s face casts itself into a bitter frown, and you can’t help but give a rueful smile to the observant dealer as she makes her way towards your table. A predator, for sure. We can smell our own. Her bold stride and practiced sway give her away as a woman experienced with powerful men. Just the kind of woman your Goddess likes to play with, you think to yourself, and wonder how you’ll make it through the night with out straining something. Coyly ignoring her, like a good, taken man, you suddenly become very interested in your losing hand as she seats herself. The cheerful croupier lays her hand before her, and you can see the effect her mere presence has on him. He becomes just a bit ruddier, a bit more jovial. As your red-haired temptress tries to catch your eye and engage you, her mouth parted in an unasked question, you feel a change in the crowd. Like a storm sweeping across the Serengeti, you feel her presence burst into the room, and look up in time to see your Goddess making her entrance. While your Stranger may know bostancı escort the moves that make most men weak at the knees, her face falls at the sight of your Goddess, bedecked in a gauzy suggestion of a dress, moving unassumingly but with purpose towards you. She is the real thing; her hips move like they’re making love with every rolling step, and her smile outshines even the finest of diamonds s**ttered about the room on aging second wives. The seething jealousy rolls off your Stranger palpably, and you laugh inside, knowing that as soon as your Goddess so much as speaks, your Stranger will be just as powerless as you to fend off her lusty advances. In fact, rather than addressing you, your Goddess merely brushes past you, seating herself between you and your Stranger, smiling broadly at her while she adjusts the too-short hem of her dress. The game is afoot!You get up from the table, leaving the ladies to play against each other, and walk around the casino, admiring the large collection of art on their walls. Making your way to the bar, you take a surreptitious glance over your shoulder, and see that the ladies are still at the card table together. Ahh, who can resist your Goddess? Seating yourself in a darkened corner of the lush, aquarium lined bar, you order a martini from the gorgeous young waitress, and settle in to wait. You don’t have to wait long. A few minutes later you see your Goddess leading her prey in to the bar, a guiding arm around her slim waist. Instead of sitting with you, you are ignored. Hmm, this must be a new game! She leads her to the bar, taking seats that set them as jewels in the arched crown of the main bar. Though you can’t hear them, you see your Goddess stroking her prey’s arm, brushing back her hair, and giving various other affectionate caresses. You see your Goddess slip the room key into the Strangers hand, then kiss her cheek before parting. As your Goddess seats herself with you, you watch the retreating form of your fiery Stranger, and recieve a coquettish shrug of her shoulders in answer to your questioning look. Her uncontained smile tells you all you need to know, however.Without mentioning your Stranger through the night, you play several uninspired hands of poker and baccarat, and have a lovely dinner with your Goddess. Your curiosity grows with each passing hour, as does your carnal hunger. You sense a shift in your Goddess’ mood, a subtle air of mischief surrounding her, and a new twinkle seems to light in her eyes. She rises from her seat, holding out her hand purposefully to fatih escort tell you, “it’s time”. You do your best to hide your burgeoning erection as you follow her back to your room, trailing just behind her and watching her delicious ass sway hypnotically. She pauses in front of the door, waiting for you. With a laugh you realize she obviously doesn’t have her room key, and she steps aside to let you open the door.As you swing the door open, the sight that opens up before you causes you to inhale sharply in surprise. Laid on the king size bed, surround by roses and with a chilling Magnum of champagne at hand, is your Stranger. But not just your Stranger. It seems she brought a friend as well; the gorgeous young barmaid. Your Strangers long, ginger hair lays over the spread thighs of the Barmaid, her pearly flesh a contrast to the Barmaid’s deeply bronzed body. Their bodies make a T-shape, with your stranger crouched parallel to the Barmaid as if she were a feeding lioness. Neither look up as you enter the room. The Barmaids eyes are closed in ecstasy as your Stranger works her pussy. Your Stranger thrusts two delicate fingers in and out of the Barmaids shaven cunt, eliciting deep moans as she flicks her tounge serpentinely over her clit, and up and down her engorged lips. As you stand there, stunned, your Goddess walks casually to the bed, letting her wisp of a dress fall to the floor. She looks back briefly over her shoulder, giving you a wink, before taking up position opposite the Stranger to join the feast. Unwilling to end this sensual play just yet, you simply pull a chair to the foot of the bed and settle in to watch. Your Goddess spreads the Barmaids legs further to give you a better view, and runs her fingers through the Strangers mussed tresses, grasping the nape of her neck and forcing her face down to work the Barmaids clit harder. Pushing the Strangers hands out of the way, she takes over fingering her pink depths, playing with her petaled lips, causing the Barmaid to buck her wide hips harder onto your Goddess forceful fingers. You release your straining erection from your slacks, unable to keep it sheathed any longer. Your cock is dripping and achingly hard, dying to penetrate any of these lovelies, but your better judgement tells you that whatever they have in store is worth waiting for. Your Stranger flips herself around into a 69, straddling the Barmaids waiting mouth. Your Goddess seems a little left out, so you make yourself of use by crossing the few feet between you, grabbing her by the hair as you kneel on the bağcılar escort bed, and thrusting your aching dick into her mouth. You play with the Barmaids pussy as your Goddess sucks you hard, running her tongue across your cock before slamming it to the back of her throat over and over. You know you can’t hold back any longer, and grab the Stranger by the chin, lifting her mouth to recieve your pearly load. She has a concerned look in her eyes, afraid that it’s over, so with a laugh you show her your prowess by promptly inserting your still-twitching cock into the Barmaids tight little twat. As you pound yourself deep into the Barmaid, you pull your Stranger close to you, ravishing her breasts, tongue r****g her mouth, fingering her dripping cunt. Your Goddess tends to the upper-half of the Barmaid, lightly biting and sucking her breasts, giving them little slaps just to let her know her place. Suddenly, the Barmaid begins to cum, crying out and bucking against you as your Goddess savages her breasts, licking and biting them like an a****l. Your Stranger plays with the Barmaids clit, bringing her to new heights of ecstasy with the three of you attending to every inch of her skin. As her last shuddering gasps subside, you pull yourself from her achingly hot depths. You turn your attention to The Stranger, seeing the hunger in her eyes.You lift her off the bed, and put her up against the wall, facing you. She clings tightly to you by wrapping her legs around your waist. You tease her dripping pussy with little half thrusts, her knitted brows and tightly shut eyes driving you crazy for more, but you hold back. Finally she begins to buck against you, and you give it all to her. Using your shoulders for leverage, she bounces on your cock, slamming herself down harder and harder. Just as you feel that you can’t hold back anymore, she begins to cum. She’s loud, this one, and she throatily voices her pleasure in screaming gasps. You pound her pussy until you feel her legs begin to tremble and go weak, then you gently lay her on the bed, next to the Barmaid, who is already curled up and half asleep. Feeling a bit spent yourself, and look at your Goddess with head cocked, eyebrow lifted, questioning whether you can summon the energy to please her. She simply smiles, pushes you down and the bed, and straddles your face. You strain to reach her with your mouth, but she lifts her hips away from you each time, preferring instead to play with herself, fingering her clit and pinching her swollen lips. Her breath starts to come quicker, and she finally seats herself on your waiting mouth, letting you lap her honeyed juices as she cums, grinding her self against your face. She slides down your chest, lowering herself to lick your face clean. Letting out a little sigh, she curls up next to you, the four of you snuggled in together. With a smile, you fade off to sleep.

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