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The making of my wife, the cuckquean, Part 4

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The making of my wife, the cuckquean, Part 4I watched as Mia lay back on my wife’s torso and smiled up at me. My wife reached around Mia’s ribs, found her nipples and rolled them between my wife’s fingers. My wife’s legs were spread wide and Mia’s back was obviously pressed against my wife’s wet pussy providing pressure and heat, yet now intimate contact. My wife’s chin was resting on Mia’s shoulder and she could see everything that I was about to do. My cock stood straight out and was pointing right at Mia. I knelt down, between Mia’s spread thighs and got my mouth very close to Mia’s smooth pussy. Her excitement filled the room… and my nostrils.“Lift your knees” I ordered.Mia smiled and lifted her knees, exposing both of her naughty holes to me and sliding down my wife’s body just a bit.“Grab Mia’s ankles” I told my esenyurt escort wife, “And expose her cunt and asshole to me… to your husband who is about to take her… all as you watch.”Mia lifted her legs more and my wife’s hands wrapped tightly around her ankles. This curled up Mia’s torso more and there she was… a dripping pussy and a tight little asshole. ALL for my taking and pleasure… as my wife simply watched.“I’m abut to do things to Mia” I said, using a strong, committed tone, “that I’ve only dreamed of doing to you.”With those words, I leaned down and gave Mia’s splayed pussy and long, slow lick that had her moaning out in extasy. I repeated this until she was close to cumming and then stopped, raised my head, leaned over to Mia’s face. “Suck my tongue, bitch.” I ordered. Mia opened avrupa yakası escort her mouth and sucked my tongue, tasting her own pre-climax juices. My wife’s face was inches away and she looked both frustrated and excited. Mia and I broke the kiss and I looked at my wife.“Would you like some of this?” I asked my wife.“um… no” my wife replied, seeming very embarrassed.I lowered my head, once again, to Mia’s wet center and proceeded to give her a good tongue-bath – her juices again covering my tongue and lips. Again, I raised up but this time brought my mouth over to my wife’s face, her own mouth still open as she watched me torment Mia’s pussy.“Suck my tongue clean” I told my wife, “Clean off another woman’s pussy juice… the same woman’s pussy anadolu yakası escort juice from the woman that your husband is about to fuck.”Not to be undone by Mia’s earlier performance, my wide-eyed wife opened her mouth even wider and took my tasty tongue into her mouth, sucking Mia’s taste from my tongue. My wife and continued to kiss as Mia watched from below. I then broke to kiss and lowered myself to Mia’s drippy center.“Pull Mia’s legs up and roll her back more” I told my wife, “I want her asshole too.”Mia giggled and my wife blushed, yet I watched my wife roll our friend back more as Mia’s lovely little puckered hole became clearly visible. I leaned down even more and proceeded to rim Mia’s asshole with liberal amounts of my spit. Mia’s little clit was rock hard and sticking up between her puffy outer lips as Mia’s cunt drool ran down to her asshole and my probing tongue. I stopped my oral efforts long enough to make eye contact with my very turned-on wife.“Don’t just sit there watching,” I ordered my wife, “Pull her nipples…. And by the way, after I fuck our new friend, you’ll be sucking my cock clean, just as you sucked my tongue!”To be continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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