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The Middle Sister, Part 2: Sibling Rivalry.

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Sometimes I’d fantasise about Izzy, her suddenly in my arms, the pair of us spiralling into a moment beyond consequence. And when I imagined that instance, the clutch of lust’s grip around my heart, I could hardly contain the dizzying voltage of it. Undressing her, my tongue louche and uncompromising. Carpetbagging fingers to strip her flesh of assets, cradling her bare buttocks and pulling her against my erection. On her back and naked, two sodden fingers immured to the knuckles, the curl of my wrist hard against her mons. But I’d never get as far as fucking her. My cock would erupt long before I could author such an improbable lie, unable to imagine the unimaginable.God! If Hester ever knew I had such thoughts about her sister! Talk about fouling the nest! Unlike Hester, with her blossoming hunger for sexual adventure, Izzy kept her libido on a tight rein. Izzy-in-the-Middle. That’s what the family called her: three sisters, three years between each girl. Hester and Samantha, yes, but you’d never guess Hester and Izzy were related, not even if you coloured Izzy’s flaxen crop Mephistopheles red. Hester was open-hearted and sexually combustible, a smile for everyone. Izzy, demure, fretful and evasive. A girl who wore an air of nobody’s business but her own. Samantha just sixteen, a problem sure to happen.That time back from the pub, round at ours with family and friends. Izzy’s stoic decorum undone by Beefeater Gin, easing herself on to my knee, her warm backside settling with flagrant disregard for opinion or consequence. Her head against mine, her boozy breath on my neck.Taking familial boundaries for granted, she felt safe with me, never imagining for a moment that her lithe beauty in my lap would conjure a storm of lust in my cock.  But my recalcitrant cock had no training in decorum. Izzy’s riddling for comfort in my lap cooked up a storm. Her skirt’s hem rucked high over thighs, me trying not to stare. She hadn’t an inkling — no idea of the sexual undercurrents that swirled beneath my crumbling facade of disinterest.”You’d never be unfaithful to Hester, would you, Nathan?” she exhaled, all breathy in the gin-slurred voice of a thousand wronged soap opera wives. She saw only safety in me, a storm-port of refuge from her suspicion of every man’s motives except mine. I kept my hands to myself, gripped the chair arms to keep shameful impulses at bay.She nestled her cheek against my shoulder, exhaled air tickling my neck. The rise and fall of her body, mumbling to herself before raising her head. Then an inner skip of resentment abruptly dumped on the world, an incandescent flare of anger she could not contain. She looked about, seeking out her boyfriend Harry and giving him the evils. “Not like him over there,” she spat out, the word him receiving a double dose of invective. A silence laden with implications echoed across the room as all conversations stalled, every eye looking our way. She rested her head again, closed her eyes and emitted a sad sigh. A shower gel sweetness mingled with some darkly expensive scent. The rise and fall of her, breasts shifting gently against me as she breathed, eliciting inappropriate thoughts. I wanted to kiss the crown of her head, place my cheek against hers, breathe the air she exhaled. Then, the really shitty thoughts arrived: undressing her, touching her breasts before licking her cunt and then fucking her this way and that. I would not be accountable. I needed to get bahis siteleri her off my knee before I ruined too many futures. And even though I bridled the urge to grope and slather all over her, the last thing she needed was my burgeoning erection burrowing into her buttocks. And so I gently shook her by the shoulders while calling her back, “Izzy, luv.” I know — blah, blah, blah — I’m a hulking beast of a man. Six years of daily training has delivered a physique on which I pride myself. If I’d had the mind, been halfway sober and focused, had gathered only a quarter of my strength, I could have shifted her easy enough. But her shampoo cleanliness and the treacherous musk redolence cooking beneath the satin of her top conspired to sap my resolve. I looked over at Hester with imploring eyes, willing her to come and rescue me from myself. She gazed back with a look of, Why-the-fuck are you just sitting there?”I raised an eyebrow, a plea of, it’s not my fucking fault! Hester stood up and came over but not before giving me a last look of, It serves you right for being a fucking doormat for her self-pity. She resignedly took hold of her sister by her limp hands and began gently coaxing her on to her feet. Then both Hester and Harry encouraging Izzy up the stairs to bed. Above me, in the spare bedroom, Izzy’s muffled complaints, her undecipherable fish-wife verbiage. I imagined Hester undressing her sister, kneeling to undo her strappy heels, unclipping her skirt at the waist before peeling it down over bare legs. Izzy as a comatose patient; Hester as her carer, struggling to slip a borrowed nightie over girlish bare breasts. Such thoughts and others did nothing to discourage my erection. And when everything was quiet above, I moved the fantasy on, frame by frame, imagined Harry fucking Hester with Izzy passed out at their side.The next day at the table over breakfast, I looked Izzy in the eyes and asked her, “You okay this morning, Iz?” A blank yet offended look. “Why wouldn’t I be?” She turned and looked at Harry. It was as if there were secrets in the air — as if no one was sure who knew quite what was proper any more. And then Izzy turned back to me and smiled, asked, “What you and Hester got planned today?”And then I knew I was, and always would be, just family.That’s when thoughts of Izzy began to drive me a little insane. She was no longer just one more fantasy I could dip into, one of the many women from my everyday world I pressganged into the service of my sexual interior. Purely non-sexual thoughts of Izzy began to fill my days, thoughts I was powerless to evict. Her name would trip off my tongue with inappropriate frequency, trite Freudian slips hanging in the air to condemn me.And Hester noticed. “You’ve been looking at Izzy in that peculiar way you have,” she told me one night after tea. “I hope you’re not hatching stupid ideas.””What peculiar way?” I asked.”The way you used to look at me.””It’s my astigmatism.””Haha.” She gave a wry smile. “There’s nothing wrong with your eyes, but your head’s not been right since you let Izzy onto your knee.””That’s utter bullshit — and you know it.””Just you watch yourself, mister. That’s all I’m saying. You don’t know Izzy like I do — what she can be —””— I’d prefer not to find out,” I said, interrupting her and desperately wanting to believe my own lie.                                             ********And then Barrington came into our lives.            canlı bahis siteleri  Oh, now it’s backstory time about our young Izzy. Izzy studied theatre at RADA, now acted, sang and danced, was desperate for the whole package: theatre and film. Last Christmas she landed a season in panto. Initially, just another girl in the chorus line, she became understudy to the actress playing Peter Pan, taking on the role proper when Becky from The Street came down with the flu.We went to watch her first matinee performance. She had chopped off her hair, wore it pixie style, a look she adopted for her everyday life. In fetching green tights and leather jerkin, she cut a lithe and boyish figure suspended by wires. Leading Mrs Darling’s brood off to Neverland, I thought her never more beautiful, watched her as if Tinker Bell jinxed, hardly believing feisty Peter the same neurotically insular Izzy I knew. Since panto she’d landed no parts, made do by teaching dance part-time at community centres. When people asked, she would ham it up and tell them, “Resting, darling!”  Barrington was some guy from Narnia — that’s what Hester and I called Izzy’s theatrical world. He was a producer, maybe a backer or somesuch, or so Harry told me when I asked, “Who the fuck is Izzy talking to?” I’d spotted her at the bar chatting to a six-foot-four, impeccably tailored, middle-aged stranger. “That’s all I fucking need,” he had groaned after saying Barrington’s name.It irritated me to see the diminutive Izzy hung on this slab of a bloke’s every word, a need in her eyes I had never seen before. When it was her turn to speak, her hands moved like small caged creatures newly escaped from their hutch, fingers reaching out and touching Barrington lightly from time to time to assure herself the moment was real. Only five minutes and I had the measure of Sebastion Barrington, saw how his attention wandered from Izzy whenever an attractive girl squeezed past. And this is not me retrospectively projecting. He could not let a young woman pass him without checking her out. It made no sense to me; he had the prettiest girl in the room mere inches away.Another girl snagged his gaze, and Izzy reached out and gently touched his chest to fix his attention. She pointed to our table and Harry raised his hand. I was twenty-four, assumed life held no further mysteries. But when Izzy introduced Barrington to our group that night, how could I have known that long-standing friends and family were about to become the enigmas I had never know they already were. There were eight of us at the table, and Barrington nodded to each person in turn as Izzy called their names, concluding with: “Sebastion, you’ve already met Harry.” Then turning to Hester and me, “And this is my big sister, Hester, and hubby Nathan.”  Barrington stretched out his hand for Hester to take while intently looking into her eyes. “So much beauty in one family,” he told her. Then turning back to Izzy, “You must introduce me to your mother, darling.” Hester gingerly lifted her hand for him to take, her eyes bemused, bright with ironic unease.  “Truly delighted, my dear,” he said before kissing the back of her hand, his lips lingering long enough to arouse my concern.He did not immediately relinquish Hester’s hand, kept her fingers cupped between both palms while giving her a searching look. The usually indomitable Hester looked strangely disconcerted — as if he now presumed history between canlı bahis them.  “Why don’t you join us, Sebastion?” Hester suggested, delighting in the first use of his name.”I’d hate to impose,” he said, reaching for a stool from a nearby empty table and placing it between Hester and Izzy’s seats.For the next half-hour Barrington held court, talked loudly about his new theatre project, his interpretation of Priestly’s Time and the Conways,  due to open the following week up at The Vic. The others listened, hanging on his every word when he told how the BBC was interested in his work. His voice was a mouthful of plumbs, public school nasal at its most obnoxious, and it began to grate on my nerves. I resented this ocean-going fish who had swum into my stagnant pond of a world. When Hester went to the bar to get drinks, I followed and asked, “What do you make of this Barrington bloke?””Sebastion? He’s certainly a charmer,” she said while waving a tenner to get the barman’s attention.”I think he’s a pretentious dickhead!” After she’d ordered, she turned to me and said, “You’re always going on about meeting new people, Nathan. Sebastion is new, and he’s interesting — and better still, he’s actually someone. Not like those loser friends of yours. And oh, I forgot to say, good looking too! What’s not to like?”  “Have you noticed how Izzy is with him?””You know how much her acting means. It’s her life, so please give her some slack!” She saw my expression: “Oh-my-fucking-God! You’re jealous.” She laughed out loud, picked up her drink and marched back to our table.At first, I thought Hester was laying it on thick with Barrington to annoy me. Little by little, Izzy was relegated to the reserves. If she tried to join in the conversation, Hester would talk over her, would touch him lightly to retrieve his attention whenever politeness demanded that he pay Izzy her due. By last orders, Izzy was glaring at Hester with something close to hatred. I’d never seen her that way before, how her eyes never wavered, fixed on Hester as she and Barrington laughed and shared hushed intimacies.Later, back at home in bed, I asked Hester if she fancied Barrington.”There’s something unique about Sebastion, don’t you think?” She was silent for a moment. Then “— Something almost supernatural.””You mean like, psychic?” She wasn’t into all that shit. It was such a strange thing for her to say.”Something superordinary then.””Do you want to sleep with him?” I asked, already knowing she did.”Is that a bad thing?” “He’s not what I had in mind when I said I’d like to watch.” “Shame,” she said, turning away to flick off the bedside light. “He’s exactly what I had in mind.”                                       **************Six months later, I ran into Barrington again. In the toilets of a club in town, already a little high and powering a diminished cake of fluorescent yellow around porcelain laid on by Armitage Shanks. A figure loomed at my side, and I turned to see who was stealing my light. A moment to recognise him, suddenly unnerved by the intensity of the look he returned when our eyes met. “Nathan, isn’t it?” he eventually offered, his eyes settling on certainty.”And you’re . . . — Sebastion, right?” “The very same, old chap. And is your lovely wife accompanying you on this fine summer evening — Hester, if memory serves?””Can’t seem to shake her off,” I said, simultaneously catching sight of his penis from the corner of my eye. For a moment I thought he had a boner. He held his cock with such intent; as if readying himself to give some wannabe starlet a damn good seeing to. “I know, old boy — the bain of our lives. And that mousy creature — her baby sister, I believe?”

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