Haz 04

The Moment

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Part 1

Triston and Alexa caught the last bus to their destinations. Alexa was going home to Trilly to her mate. Triston was going home to what he hopes to his mate as well. They both were looking for Jen, Triston’s love. She has disappeared into the night without even a note left to let Triston know what was going on. The first person he contacted after the third day of a no show from Jen was Alexa. He did not expect her to agree to help him and he certainly would have thought she was the last person he would contact but he thought of no one else.


“So she just left?” Alexa asked Triston when he told her what was going on.

“Yes. I did not know who else to turn to. If I caught you at a bad time….”

“No not at all. Actually it was a perfect time. Peret just left town. He won’t be back for two weeks. I already miss him. No baby yet though.”

“Oh sorry to hear that.” Triston said sounding hurt. They both already expressed how they wish they said something earlier about their feelings for each other. Alexa wanted him after their first sexual encounter but she was having issues with Samy, her French boyfriend, at the time and she had others she wanted to be with as well. Triston she never forgotten. He made her laugh and they like to talk. She liked that about him. Peret was someone she was with from time to time to everyday to when times were bad all he did was talk to her and held her in his arms. He told her one day that all he wanted was her and no one else. To her surprise, she wanted no one else as well. All she thought about was Peret. Since the time he comforted her in his arms and all he did was kiss her. Yes she had others but she always came back to him. Yes, she was falling in love with him. Even after he told her he was not going to fall in love with her she almost told him she loved him. Now a friend was in need of her help. She was going to give it to that friend.

Part 2

So it was for a week they travelled here and there and found nothing. Again not even a mere note. They were the last ones on the bus for it was late into the night and it was the only bus going to each of their destination.

“So what are you going to do now?” Alexa asked as she lay back and put her feet up on her seat. Triston sat across from her in the other seat.

“I don’t know. Wait? Or move on?”

“Wait. I’m sure something must have come up. I’m sure there has to be a perfect explanation for all of this. No one just ups and leaves.”

Triston got up and crossed the bus aisle to Alexa’s seat. Alexa sat up and turned to face the seat in front of her. She was wearing a short skirt, a tight shirt that made her bosoms stick güvenilir bahis out for everyone to see and some flat sandals.

“Did I mention you look very nice today?”


“Well you do.”

“Thanks.” Alexa said trying not to look into Triston’s eyes. She controls herself for a week. They slept in the same rooms but she took the bed while he took the floor. She even masturbated one night while he slept thinking of their one sexual encounter. He put his hand on her thigh. He smiled at her. She smiled back. He started rubbing her thigh. She pushed his hand away.

Part 3

“I take it you don’t feel the same.”

“You’re just teasing me. Plus you have someone and I do too. You said you love her and I respect that.”

“Well I want you. We are here. My woman is nowhere to be found. Yours, your mate, is away on a business trip. I know you want me. I can feel it, see it, and want it. Please now.”

“Now? What? This bus? No. Plus that would be cheating. You might regret it. I do not want that on my conscious.”

“You cannot deny that you have me on your conscious right now.”

“Yes. You’re right I can’t deny it. But still…..”

He kissed her. A deep passionate kiss. Her tongue was soft and hot just like he remembered.

“But still what, Alexa?” Triston whispered to her.

“Our loves…this is wrong.”

“Yeah but we are here. We want each other. Just think of it as practice for our mates.”

“Are you sure? I mean regrets?” She pushed him away.

“No. Not like this.” She said.

“Come on. Please I want to make love to you.”

She grabbed him and kissed him passionately. He held her tight. When they finally parted Triston could tell she was crying.

“Why do you cry? If you don’t want this I understand.”

Alexa wiped her face. She then took her shirt off and her bra as well. Her plump tits were still as he remembered. Her nipples already hard.

I had to take this off before both of us changed our minds.”

He came to her and cupped her face into his hands and kissed her. Then he went down to her neck and slowly to her right breast.

Part 4

He suckled on it like a baby hungry. Then to the other one. She moaned. They sat back down and she took off his shirt and kissed his chest. She slowly went down to his belly and kissed it. She slowly went further down and unbuttons his pants. He was already hard. She looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back. She started sucking and stroking. Sucking and stroking. Triston held onto the seat in front of him. He bit his lip as she kept sucking and stroking him. He opened his eyes to see the bus driver was trying hard to pay attention türkçe bahis to the road all the while looking at the mirror to see what’s going on in the back. Triston caught him and smiled. The driver smiled back and nodded.

“Ahh damn I love it when you do that.” Triston said as he felt Alexa start sucking his balls. She kept stroking his hard cock. Then she finally did it. She went to that place between his ass and his balls. This time she did something different. She nibbled on it slightly.

“Fuck!” Triston yelled out. Alexa felt his cock jerk and quickly deep throat his cock. She swallowed the precum that came out. She came back up.

Part 5

“God your good.” Triston said to her laying her down on the seat. He wanted all of her with nothing in his way. He took off his pants and lay on top of her. With her short skirt and no panties on having her will be no problem.

“Do you want me, Alexa?” Triston asked as he put his middle finger in her pussy.

“MMMM, you’re wet. I think that is a yes.” Triston said as he saw her crying again.

“What’s wrong? I’ll stop.”

“No please don’t stop. I do want you, Triston. Please don’t stop.”

“Ok. Just please stop crying. It hurts me.”

“No I am crying with pleasure. I will stop.”

So she did realizing now all three of his fingers were inside of her and he was nibbling her neck. She groaned with pleasure.

“I think you are ready for me Alexa?” Triston asked. Alexa said nothing.

“Alexa, do you want me?”

“Please take me. I can’t take it much more.”

He slowly slid his cock into her hot wet pussy.

“OHHHH!!” Triston yelled out as he slowly went in and out of her. Alexa groaned with pleasure. Triston started going faster in and out of her. His mind dizzies not wanting to stop. He missed her and hated himself for not saying something sooner.

Alexa mind was full of thoughts. Thoughts of the moment. Thoughts of the “what ifs.” Nonetheless, she was enjoying herself. Finally having Triston in her arms again.

“You drive me wild, Alexa. I have to take you from behind.”

He stood up and then stood her up. He put her in the bus aisle and bent her down slightly. She held on to the chairs on front of her. He couldn’t help it but he slapped her ass. She groaned as he put his still hard cock into her still hot pussy. He thrust into her harder and faster.

Part 6

“OHHH!!!” she yelled out. She started thrusting herself back at him. He slapped her ass every time she did that.

“Fuck Alexa. Why the hell do you do this to me?”

He licked his thumb and slowly put it in her tight ass hole. She moaned loudly. He took it in and out. He wanted güvenilir bahis siteleri her in this way too. He took his oh so wet cock out and wet her tight hole. He put his dickhead in slowly. He grabbed her breasts because once he is all the way in he want to give it her hard. He slowly put his dick in until her ass seems to have swallowed it up.

“Oh fuck. Damn it, Alexa. Damn it. Why?”

He thrust into her at first slowly then faster. She was calling his name out. Her one hand was feeling on her hard clit while the other hand was holding onto the seat. Triston suddenly came out of her.

“Shit. Why? Why are doing this to me?” Triston yelled.

“You want to stop?” Alexa asked knowing she didn’t want to.

“No.” Triston said as he sat down on the chair he was in originally. He patted his lap and she knew what that meant. She went on top of him and straddled him sliding his now very hard cock in her still wet pussy. She rode him, went up and down on him. They did not realize the bus stopped until they heard the bus driver tell them, “Just getting a quick bite to eat. Be back. Enjoy!”


“God Alexa I’m going to cum.” Triston said as his body stiffened.

“No I am cumming!!!” Alexa yelled throwing her head back and yelling out his name. Triston felt all of her juices on his cock trickling down to his balls.

“Shit! Damn it” he groaned as he came after she did. He held her tightly. He was out of breath and dizzy. She looked at him and kissed him passionately. Her tongue making love to his.

“Thank you.” she told him.

“Your welcome.”

They heard paper rustling. They realize the bus driver was watching them and eating at the same time. They both looked at him and smiled. They looked at each other. Inside they knew that what they did was wrong but they both felt so right. They were right for each other but they both belonged to someone else. Alexa got up and gathered her clothes from the other seat. Just then Triston’s cell phone rang. She got it for him and gave him the phone along with his pants.

“Hello? Hey where have you been? I’ve been looking for you. Oh ok. I understand. We all need space sometimes. You could have left a note.” Triston looked back at Alexa who was in the back of the bus about to go to the bathroom to wash up. He winked at her and she smiled. She went into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Yes it was wrong. Why is everything so wrong feel so right? She washed up and started dressing up. Her cell phone startled her. She answered it.

“Hey baby.” it was Peret.

“Hey honey. How are you?”

“Fine. So what have you been up to?”

“Helping a friend out.”

“You are so lovely. I love you soooo much.” he said.

“I love you too. So when are you coming home?”

“Let’s just say that I’m making you breakfast in bed.”

“Oh baby I would love that. I cannot wait.”

The End

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