Haz 04

The Nanny

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I recently moved to a new flat , and had a wonderful room with en-suite bathroom on the top floor.

My landlady had just had a new baby, but thankfully my room was far enough away for me to not be able to hear any noise from downstairs.

As she found she was getting more & more tired with the sleepless nights, she got a night-nanny in to look after the baby at night.

Saz used to come around the house around 7.30, and stay for the night, before going home around 7 in the morning.

Around this time I used to cycle home from work, and so was regularly just home, in the kitchen or sitting room, wearing my cycling outfit.

Many an evening, Saz used to flirt outrageously with me about the lycra leggings I wore, and made it very clear that she used to get turned on by me wearing them!

The evening I am writing about was a Thursday. When I got home, my landlady was getting ready to go out, and Saz arrived as normal around 7.30.

There was the usual wolf-whistle and flirt before my landlady went out and Saz went upstairs and put the baby down for the night

I finished my supper, and tidied up, before going upstairs myself. On the first floor, I said goodnight to Saz who came out to meet me, and gave me quite a shock. She stood there in a very tight black lycra catsuit.

“I thought I’d return the gesture, and see if I could get a lycra tent as quickly as you’ve got me wet every evening!”

I looked her up and down. Her long, blonde hair cascaded down over her shoulders. The catsuit was unzipped to her belly button, showing off the smooth cleavage between her gorgeous breasts. The suit also showed off her athletic torso & very slim waist, and really emphasised her long legs. But, as I moved my eyes back upwards again, I saw that it also emphasised her lack of underwear!

I was acutely aware of the expanding mass between my legs, and the fact that my swelling mass was completely obvious from where Saz was standing!

“That’s more like it!” Saz said, a big smile growing across her face.

“So, are you happy now?!” I asked.

“Hmm YES!” she laughed.

“Marvellous” I sighed “now I’m going to have to go upstairs and relieve myself..!”

Saz stepped closer, and she delicately ran one of her long fingernails over the lycra and my hard cock…

“If you would prefer, I’m sure I’ve got a few tricks under my lycra to help you out..!” Saz said with a wink.

With that, she turned and walked to the spare room, and I followed behind her.

In the dimly lit room, she looked incredible, the lycra tight on her body catching the light, exaggerating illegal bahis every curve and fold of skin on her body. I ran my hands down her sides, and back up her inner thighs. When my hands reached her crotch, I was amazed at how moist the fabric was. I look up at her and she smiled at me.

“Let’s just say that my fingers and vibrator have helped me pretend that you’ve screwed me several times today already” she whispered. “I even had a vibrator inside me the whole journey here on the bus!”

“So, tell me what you imagined, and what you’d like me to do..” I replied

“Well, why don’t we just fuck the foreplay, strip naked, and then you can fuck and use me however you want..”

We looked at each other for a moment, silently, before we frantically ripped at each other clothing, undressing each other in seconds.

I led Saz to the bed, and she bend right over in front of it, spreading her legs wide apart. I stood behind her and guided my throbbing cock to her damp opening. As the tip started into her, and I felt her swollen labia parting for me, I put my hands on her waist and pulled her to me, forcing my solid cock deep into her crotch,

Saz gasped loudly and my throbbing mass filled her damp cavity.

I slammed in and out of Saz as hard as I could, and my hips slapped off her firm buttocks each time I thrust into her. Saz moaned in bliss at the sensations emanating from between her legs and it was obvious that she was nearing a climax. She panted heavily, and arched her back even more, making my cock penetrate deeper into her each thrust, until she let out a long wail and her body shuddered all around me. I felt her pussy pulsate around my hard cock as a wave of ecstacy flooded through her stunning body.

I slowed down, and slipped from between her legs.

Saz went limp, and I helped her onto the bed in front of her..

“That’s better than any bloody vibrator!” she gasped slowly.

She lay on her back, and I watched for a moment as her breasts heaved with every breath she took. I knelt above her, ready to slip back into her sodden crotch once more, when she stopped me.

“Stay there, and allow me…” she whispered.

Saz then slid down the bed under me, and I then felt both her hands clamp around my cock.

” I want you to pretend that you’re still fucking me like you were just now” she said, before she edged my cock into her awaiting mouth. Her hands then moved to my buttocks, and she pulled me to her, my cock sliding into her soft mouth.

Harder & harder she pulled me to her, and in no time I was fucking her mouth as if it was her damp gash, illegal bahis siteleri and she was moaning in bliss under me.

It didn’t take long until I felt a sensation welling in my groin, and moments later I jolted, my body going blissfully rigid as my balls contracted, and I injected my thick cum into Saz’s mouth. I heard her swallow hard on my warm, thick fluid, and as I relaxed, I moved and lay down next to her, gasping for breath,

We lay there for some time, silently, listening to each other breathing, and just revelling in the orgasmic sensation we had both just experienced.

Whilst I lay there, enjoying the moment, Saz got up and slid off the bed and went out of the room.

She was back in seconds, and she lay back down next to me She sat up a little, and started rubbing a cream between her legs.

“Sorry, are you a bit sore after that?” I asked.

“No…” she said with a twinkle in her eye “I’m just making sure that you can get inside every part of me!”

My cock instantly rose to attention, and spotting it, Saz rolled onto her stomach next to me.

I moved above her, and she spread her legs, parting her buttocks with her hands.

My cock rested at her delicate arsehole, and she sighed. I probed my cock at her a couple of times, before giving a slight push, and I felt her arse relax a little, allowing the tip of my cock into her.

Once inside, the rest of my cock slid right up her backside, and Saz groaned. She flailed her arm around over the edge of the bed, and reached for her bag. Whilst I slowly slid in and out of her tight hole, she fumbled around in her bag, before pulling out a huge vibrator & putting in on the bed. I raised up a little, letting her lift of the bed, and Saz slid the vibrator under her. Moments later, the cool plastic was buried in her cunt, and I could feel the vibrations pulsating through her, and into my cock.

Saz bit into one of the pillows, to stop herself making any noise, and I started to fuck her backside hard.

Again, it wasn’t long until Saz went rigid and shuddered beneath me, gasping aloud, even with the pillow in her face!

The sensation of her arse tightening & squeezing my bulbous cock was enough to push me over the edge too, and I too shuddered my way through another climax, pumping my thick fluid deep inside Saz’s tight cavity.

I slid out from her, and again lay next to her. Saz rolled onto her side, and slowly withdrew the large vibrator from between her legs. As it slipped out she gasped, and then she went limp..

We rested for a bit before getting up. We had a nice long hug, canlı bahis siteleri and then walked slowly to the bathroom.

I started running the shower, and once it had got warm I got in. Saz had gone to check on the baby & then got into the shower with me.

We held each other in a limp hug, before slowly washing each other all over. Bit by bit we woke up, and I washed every millimetre of her soft skin, before kneeling down and focussing on her pussy. Her lips were still very swollen, and I leant forward, planting a kiss on her hard clitoris. Saz shivered, and held onto my shoulders for support.

Casually I slipped two fingers between her lips, and then slid them into her. The tip of my tongue delicately flicked at her hard bud, and Saz groaned. I moved my tongue all around her clitoris, exploring every fold of the skin, and Saz started breathing erratically.

I speeded up my movements, and whilst my two fingers moved in and out of her pussy, I slid my little finger up her arse. This, combined with my tongue’s actions had Saz quivering at the knees above me.

She let out a couple of short gasps, before she shuddered and I felt her finger nails dig into my shoulders. Her body jolted and she let out a loud groan as the sensations between her legs made her lose control & once more she climaxed.

Very slowly I withdrew my fingers, and I slowly stood up, holding onto her as I did so.

Before I could do or say anything, she followed suit, and dropped to her knees in front of me.

With both hands she started stroking my rigid cock, and she looked up at me, through the spray of water. She then sunk her head over the end of my cock and gently sucked on the end of my cock, edging more and more of my swollen organ into her mouth.

Whilst sucking on me, she rubbed the rest of my hard shaft, and stroked my balls with her spare hand.

I held onto the walls for support, and I couldn’t believe how good it felt. Very quickly I was nearing another ball draining climax, when she very gently slid one of her slender fingers up my backside. I couldn’t believe the sensation. My cock grew yet harder, and in moments I reached my peak. As I held onto the walls to stop my knees collapsing under me, I pumped yet more of my creamy cum into Saz’s mouth, and again I heard her swallow it down avidly.

We then turned off the shower and staggered out onto the tiled bathroom floor.

We each took a towel, and spent a long time rubbing each other down gently. Every inch of each other’s body was caressed and patted dry.

We both reluctantly got dressed, and after one more lingering kiss I went downstairs. It wasn’t a moment too soon, and as I got to the bottom of the stairs, my landlady arrived back.

I sat in front of the TV, as if nothing had happened, but the ache between my legs kept reminding me of what had happened!

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