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The Nu Mind Pt. 01

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Alex always liked chasing UFOs. The idea of meeting aliens form another world was wonderful to him if not a little childish but he didn’t care if it was. He had just had his 19th birthday last month and was attending college. He was an average young man in most ways.

One night while listening to the reports on his broadband radio he heard of a meteor coming to his local area that at its current course would impact the surface in a few hours.

He figured out the coordinates and headed to that spot for the right time. He like the ones that would land in forests or fields. The less buildings and away from people the more he could enjoy it. This one was on private property but who would know he was there in the middle of the night in a forest.

It wasn’t unusual for this to be a solitary activity. Most never made impact and those that did were just really hot rocks. So when Alex looked to be the only one there it didn’t surprise him. After waiting only a few minutes he saw something in the sky glowing as it moved. It spurted as it burned the atmosphere from it’s falling. Knocking over a tree and creating a large cloud of dust from the impact, Alex waited until all had settled. He forced himself to count to 120 seconds or as best he could figure despite his excitement. He then walked over to the hole it had made and was surprised to see it still glowing. He held his breath as he bent in to take a better look. Several flashes of light began to swirl around him, he breath in surprise before he remembered that harmful gases could have dispersed from it.

The lights overwhelmed his senses. He closed his eyes and lost his balance. He sat there in pain coughing for several moments until he could see straight again. As he slowly opened his eyes he looked around at the forest just as it had been when he arrived. He swore to himself. If he was caught he could be fined. He pulled himself up and begin to walk at a quick pace pushed on by fear. He got to his car after hoping the fence that he had used on his way in. He started the car up and drove home. The closer he got to home the more tired he felt. He had just barely pulled in the drive way and parked when he passed out in the drivers seat.

He woke up a few hours later to his father telling him to get out of the car. “Common Alex, I need to head to work and you should be in bed if your sleeping.” His father had the suit and brief case he always had Monday to Friday.

Alex dragged himself out of the vehicle. He felt drunk or on something drug related. The world was upside-down and spinning. “I don’ feeee so good.” Alex began to claps. He lost consciousness. When he awoke he was in his bed in his pajamas. Which was funny because he never wore pajamas. Who had dressed him. There was a glass of water on his bed stand and some pain killers. He downed them both. He lay there just trying to get his bearings. He had slept all day as it was night again.

He then heard a sourceless voice. ‘hel.lo.o.’ He screamed slightly as he sat up and looked around.


‘You.. Lang age. Is hard.’ he heard again but not with his ears.

“What… My language is hard?”

‘Confirmed. The greater speak for learning.’

“The more we talk the more you learn?”


“Are you… are you the light from the UFO?”

‘Confirmed. I is harmed. I ne ed ot heal.’

“You’re hurt and you need to heal? What can I do to help?”

‘You body make chem.cal. When procreating. Do so.’

“You want me to procreate so that you can have a chemical for healing. Will it hurt me?”

‘Healing confirmed. Harm to host negative.’

“I don’t want to host an alien. I’ve always wanted to meet one, maybe explore the stars but I never wanted one to live inside of me.” Alex is trying not to sound afraid.

‘Host and Entity are symbiotic, mutually beneficial.’

Alex takes several deep breaths and thinks about his situation. Finally he figures he has no choice if this even is real. He pulls out some pornography on his smart phone and starts to masturbate. The fact that there is an alien watching him or felt like it was, was hard to ignore and made it weird for him but he was able to finish eventually. He was in fact proud of his accomplishment as he stroked his dick. Sleep quickly took him. When he woke next it was still dark out. Sometime around 4 am. He looked around his room. His head was more clear and he hoped it had been a crazy dream.

‘Thank you.’

“Shit. escort kartal It was real. Wasn’t it?” he continued to whispered.

‘Yes. From your brain it is my understanding that you have never encountered a species that isn’t native to your planet.’

“That’s true…”

‘Then you must keep my presence here a secret. Your culture doesn’t portray my arrival as well received.’

“Well that’s also true. Am I the only one who can hear you?”


“So…” ‘Can I just think things like this and talk with you.’


‘Cool, you sound much better. Did my jerking help?’ There is a pause. ‘Hello?’

‘Your self stimulation was helpful as I am now able to better communicate however no significant healing will be possible with out a great deal more self stimulation or an activity that creates more of the hormone.’

‘What you mean like actual sex?’ Alex asked.


‘How I’m I supposed to provide that? We have laws and rules here that mean I cant just \\procreate// whenever I want.’


Alex sighs not knowing what to do next.

‘Two females have been located with in short range. Please choose.’

‘Wait! WHAT?!’

‘Two females have been located with in short range. Please choose.’

‘No I heard you the first time. Are you talking about my mom and my sister?!’


‘Nenenenenenooooooo. You cant! Leave them alone. We have these things here called laws that make it illegal and if they got’ he feels a little disgusted at the idea, ‘if they got pregnant a genetically sick offspring would be born.’

‘Your own definition of Law is not an absolute. Also both are on hormonal suppressants that make impregnation highly unlikely. Please choose.’

‘Neither, none! I don’t want to. Just leave them alone.’

‘A close female has been chosen.’

‘You can’t! It wont work!’

‘Incorrect. They have all of the female parts required to stimulate you. They should be able to provide much more hormones for healing.’

‘Wait who did you choose?’ Alex shakes his head. ‘It doesn’t matter. Leave them alone!’

‘One was already up to empty their bladder.’

‘oh shit…’

Alex sees his door open slightly terrified at who the entity has chosen. The shadow isn’t the right shape for his sister he thinks as he realizes this. His mother walks in to his room slowly cautiously. He can see her look down at him. She is 5’6″ with dark brunette hair that has been dyed sporadically to look blond giving it two tones. She has large D cup breasts and wide hips. Her night gown is soft and practical.

“Oh Alex, you’re awake” She whispers. “We were going to call the doctor if you didn’t show any signs of getting better.”

Alex is thrown off a bit. This isn’t what he expected. “I’m fine mom. Nothing to worry about. Just a long night.” He then sees her start to blink rapidly as her head shifts as if in pain. ‘What are you doing to her!’ Alex demands.

‘Her mental restraint is quite significant. I am attempting to have her comply’ The entity replies.

‘Fuck off Asshole! Your hurting her!’ She sits on the bed beside him and begins to desperately pull his covers come off, then his briefs. The fear and confusion clear on her face. He wishes he had left his pajama pants on now just for the extra layer of protection. She stops for a moment blinking and her eyes focus on his exposed cock. She puts her hands on either side of his hips and begins to lower her head. Desperately afraid she looks at Alex.

She manages to says, “I can’t…” Before her lips wrap around the tip of his cock. He sees her begin to weep as she gently sucks the head of his cock into her mouth.

Alex’s own face is a mix of fear and horror, “Mom, you have to stop! Please!”

She closes her eyes as tears streak down her face. Alex closes his own eyes but it makes the sensations more potent. His mothers lips being on the head of his cock. He screams at the entity in his head, ‘Listen you alien piece of shit! Stop this right now! Your hurting her! Can’t you see she is in pain!’


‘Wait What?!’

The tears on her face stop as her face relaxes a little. Alex can hear her breathing begin to deepen and quicken. Then to his shock he feels her tongue begin to swirl around his cock head. ‘What the fuck did you just do?!’

‘You were correct. Her pain was adding to her resistance and maltepe escort decreasing your hormone levels. I have increased her pleasure significantly to counterbalance this.’ Alex not wanting to believe it looks down at his mother as she moans very quietly yet with a wanting. He then feels her push her head and her lips down stroking his shaft taking him in to her mouth. Her tongue continues to stroke him all the way down and then all the way up.

‘You want hormones, well this wont do it. I wont enjoy this!’

‘Incorrect. Your levels are already increasing exponentially.’ He lays there flat, spread eagle as his mom sucks his cock, defeated. The sounds of slurping with the occasional soft moan fill the room as he becomes fully erect.

‘Oh god, what will she think of me.’ the Entity responds to his rhetorical question.

‘Would you like to know what she is thinking?’

‘You… You can do that?’

‘Confirmed. Human thoughts are not liner like your language. Her primary thought is to not think of you as her son. The rest are mixed.’

‘OK, tell me a few of the big ones.’ He then hears his mothers voice in his head.

‘Oh my god how could this happen!’ ‘I love my husband!’ ‘This cock is really hard.’ At the last thought he moans and then hears her moan and she think, ‘I’m so fucking horny and wet!’

‘Stop!’ Alex shouts at the entity. ‘She is going to hate me. She is never going to want to see me again. My father is going to kill me.’

‘Your assumptions are incorrect. However I would like to know more about human relationships so that she is-not-trying to sabotage the future. Why do humans stay together?’

‘I’ve only had a couple of girlfriends, your asking the wrong guy. Love? Because they want to maybe?’ Alex then realizes that the question made him think of them and detracted him from his resistance. He tries to stop himself from moaning and fails. ‘Fuck you. I don’t want to think about ex-girl friends that right now.’

Alex hears a whimpering moan from his mother as she continues to suck his cock.

‘Insufficient. I will continue to work on this’ the entity says. There is a loud slurping sound. His mom now starts a pattern of stroking his shaft with her lips while her tongue flicks the underside. When her lips get to his head her tongue circles around it a few times before her lips drop back down and begin the whole thing again.

“Oh god mom.” Her eye go wide for a moment in surprise. She squints her eyes shut while sucking the head of his cock before moaning, gripping his hips and increasing her pace of sucking. Alex thinks it’s like she is trying to suck his seed out of him.

‘What the hell just changed.’

The entity reply’s, ‘You expressed your pleasure and reaffirmed your relationship to her. She had no choice but to think about what was happening.’

‘Then why is she going… with more gusto?’

‘It would appear that since she cant stop herself and it feels good she has decided that if she must do this, she is going to give you the best experience she can. I believe this is somewhat motivated by guilt and wanting a quick end. It is not a fully conscious thought.’

Alex lays back and watches her sucking his cock. ‘Dad’s a lucky guy.’

‘Incorrect. She finds this to be work. Only on very special occasions does he experience this.’ Alex places a hand on her head and strokes her face. She moans with desire.

‘So this is a choir for her?’

‘Correct.’ Now Alex feels guilty.

‘Why does she feel that way?’

‘A: She is not keen on the taste, B: She is not well stimulated, C: Her jaw often gets sore before the male can ejaculate.’

‘Can… you… I’m not sure I should say this but, can you fix those? I mean I don’t want her to hate it…’


Alex watched as his mothers eye lost focus for a moment as she swallows a little more of his cock. She then returns to the slurping cock-worshiping and begins to quietly moan almost constantly with every exhale. Her hips began to shift back and forth as her thighs rubbed together. Alex had to take a deep breath as his mothers cock-sucking shifted from work to pleasure.

‘Oh dear god’ he thinks, ‘She is really turned on. I’m not going to be able to hold back.’ Alex stares at his cock-sucking mother for a few moments realizing how much pleasure he is feeling right now. ‘Would she want to cum as well? Leaving her unsatisfied doesn’t seem right but maybe she pendik escort bayan will hate me even more if she does… shit. What do I do.’

‘My current understanding of your race is limited but most adults experience agitation, frustration and aggression when denied a sexual release.’

‘So your saying she should cum too?’

‘The agitation and frustration will not be helpful for your future relationship.’

Alex sighs in his head. His own breathing has become heavy as he watches his mother continue. ‘OK, can you make her cum when I do?’ A few moments pass as her lips and tongue skillfully demand the release of his seed. ‘The females of your species have several types of orgasms based on mental and physical states.’

‘Is that a no?’ Alex asks.

‘I am not familiar enough with these physical and mental variables to give her a specific kind,’ the entity responds.

Without thinking about it Alex just thinks, ‘Then just give her a really good one so she is satisfied.’


A moment later Alex’s mother is no longer quite. Her whole body writhes while her hands move from his hips. One hand now at the base of his cock for stability and to better focus on the tip. The other drops below her night gown with her knees now clearly spread as she lays over top of him on his bed. Her moaning becomes long and desperate while her hips rock back and forth quickly. The only thing keeping her quiet is her mouth being full.

His head goes back for a moment from the intensity before looking back to her. ‘Oh god. What is she doing, what is going on?’

The entity answers, ‘It appears she is experiencing part of an orgasm. She is both orgasming and not.’

Alex thinks, ‘I don’t understand.’ The entity explains, ‘Her body is properly stimulated but her mental state is not.’ Hearing that Alex loses his self control.

And his cock began to fill his mother’ sucking mouth with semen. Her moans switch to high pitched muffled screams. Part of her is thankful for her mouth muffled to keep her quiet. Her back now arching and her hips and thighs are trembling. Alex could see her cheeks stretching before he heard a large gulp. And then another. And another. Much to his horror he couldn’t help but think her swallowing his seed was exciting. Much to her own she continued to moan, somehow her son had none of the unpleasant issues of oral sex that she had come to expect from any man alive.

She didn’t wait until he was soft or until she was sure none was left. She waited until his pleasure started to decrease. Alex assumed that was the alien’s release of influence. In half sucking sounds and half panic she sat up. She began to look around frantically. Fear spread across her face and just before she could scream Alex asked for help in his head. Her panic quickly drained as she got a dopey tired look on her face. She smacked her lips together a little and swallowed before saying, “I’m, reaally tired. I’m going to bed.” It was clearly a struggle for her to get those words out. She turned and stumbled down the hall. As she left Alex could see the large wet stop on her night gown at her crotch.

When he heard her bedroom door closed be began to think at the alien, ‘Oh my god what have you done! Oh shit what have I done!’

The entity adds, ‘You are close to a psychological break yourself if you can not calm down… Would you like me to do so for you?’

‘No. I will deal with this. You have done enough.’ He takes several deep breaths. He waits several minutes. ‘OK. Now what do we do.’

‘Sleep. Both of you will require sleep to processes what you have experienced. After new definitions have been built we can assess and go from there.’

‘What your saying makes no sense. Are you basically suggesting we sleep it off?’

‘Not off. To process. Your species and your own understanding of your own mind is limited.’

‘Fine.’ He thinks for a moment at the pleasure he just had. ‘Shit, I don’t want to think about that. Your going to leave my life a ruined mess!’

‘Incorrect. I will, attempt to leave you with a better life than the one you had when you met me. It’s the least I could do for your assistance in my recovery.’

Alex sighs before thinking, ‘Great, now I have an alien brain in my head.’

‘Not brain, mind.’

‘I didn’t really need a new mind either. I hadn’t really figured out my old one.’ Silence. ‘New mind… That’s what I will call you N.U. mind.’

‘That is not accurate according to your own rules of communication.’

‘Well it works better then hey you or Mr. alien. So for now your name is Nu.’


With a deep sigh Alex slowly drifts off to sleep trying not to think of the pleasure he experienced.

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