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The Office

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The OfficeI work in a IT office where people are coming and going anywhere from 6 am to 9 pm even though the office hours are 8 – 5 and mostly guys. Out of 50ish people there are only 7 women working in the office but most of them are younger good looking guys considering I work in a male oriented business. Some of the guys even come in on the weekends or stay late weekdays to play poker, Wii, or have land parties. I work in the accounting department so at year end I have a lot of overtime. I have the option to of working from home or working at the office to do my overtime. I usually prefer to work from home until recently when I found out a little secret about a couple of the guys at work. Some would say a dirty little secret considering they are doing it at work. One Saturday morning I went into the office to get some work done it is great when no one knows I am in the office I get about double the work done than I do during business hours. My office is right next to boardroom, where the guys hang out when in the office for there extra curricular activities. There is a large table to set up multiple computers and the Wii game is set up in there with the Big Screen. There were cars in the parking lot and the boardroom door was closed. I figured that about of the guys were in doing something, what I didn’t care as long as they left me alone to get my work done. I did get some work done but after a little while I could hear noises coming from the boardroom that didn’t sound like gaming of any sort. Ok it did sound like gaming just not of the “office:” sort. It sounded more like something from a halkalı escort couples bedroom not a office board room with I was assuming at least a few of the guys. I tried to ignore the sounds as best I could but my curiosity got the better of me. The boardroom had a window at one end so the presentations can be viewed from the hall but if privacy is needed there are blinds that can be drawn. Most of the blinds were closed but one set was open just enough that I can see in. Those bad boys were watching porn on the big screen believe me porn on a big screen can be really hot. When I first started watching the guys they were just sitting around watching, as time went on and the scenes got steamer, the odd one would start rubbing themselves. First one, then another would take their cocks out and rub them till hard and then they would wrap their fists around them. I like sex as much as the next girl but this was getting my hot watching the guys jacking off to the movie. I was glad I wore a skirt that day because I was able to start rubbing myself through my panties as I watch the guys getting off. All of a sudden I noticed first one and then another started cuming. One of the guys stood up to come out in the hall I quickly pulled my skirt down and quickly moved off to my office. If nothing else happened today I would never be able to sit in the boardroom again without remembering this day. But that was not all. Brady came out of the boardroom and by this time I was at my desk trying really hard to act normal. Most of the guys that work with me are anywhere from 10 to 15 şişli escort years my junior. As he walked pasted my office Brady said he and then headed towards the kitchen area. I tried to stay concentrated on my work but it wasn’t working well. Brady came back and went into the boardroom. A short time later Brady called from the boardroom for me. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go in I was a little nervous, really horny but a little nervous. I went in and Brady closed the door behind me and motioned me to sit down. I sat down and Brady cleared his throat, “Beckie I am wondering what you might have heard earlier…” I smiled and stood up “Well guys it isn’t what I heard you need to worry about. It is more what I saw and believe me I saw plenty. You see boys or should I say big boys the blinds are partially open and I saw the type of movie you were watching. I also saw, you all stroking your poles while watching the movie. I am a very horny lady now and think there should be something done about it.” I have never seen four guys look so happy. Brady came over and gave me a kiss and soon I had eight hands on me unbuttoning, undoing, and removing my cloths. Then they were caressing with hands and lips almost every part of my body. They laid me on the table with my head hanging slightly over the table edge. I took one in my mouth, another got on the table and placed his cock in between my DD breast and squeezed them together around his cock. Another guy positioned himself between my legs and the fourth one stood to the side and just watched. The one sarıyer escort in my mouth had to set the tempo as I was basically pinned down but with my head at the angle it was it was easier to accommodate him. In and out, over and over. With one hand I was able to message his balls and the bottom underside of his cock. The one on my chest was fucking my breasts and really enjoying it from my view limited as it was. The one between my legs, was sucking and licking my pussy and clit while finger fucking my pussy. The one off to the side was stroking his meat getting off on watching the four of us getting off. I reached over and took his balls in my hand, this made him come almost instantly spraying my tits with his cum. My senses were in complete override. I couldn’t believe how fast I was reaching my climax. Here I was laying on the table naked with four guys all getting off on my body. The one in my mouth withdrew and came all over my breasts making them even more slippery for the guy fucking them. I moved my head up and licked the tip of the cock that was fucking my tits. The guy who had been standing to the side replaced the guy between my legs, who move around and started stroking his cock very fast. He looked like a man on a mission. The guys fucking my tits was getting close to coming I could tell I took the tip in my mouth the best I could and sucked it while licking the very tip. All of a sudden he stopped and released my tits and shoved his cock in my mouth as he came. The one who had been eating my pussy came on my tits and the guys who had just came in my mouth. One of them kissed me the other two start licking sucking and playing with my breasts and the one between my legs sped up all four wanting me to come. It didn’t take long at all and I came with a earth shattering orgasm. I walked out a little weak kneed and let the boys clean up after us. I needed to go home for a shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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