May 23

The Office

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“Good luck today Aleira” says Jack, my roommate and best friend.

“Thanks” I say, smiling at him. I give him a quick wave before I run out the door and get into my Audi S3 Sedan.

In the car on the way to my first day of my new job, I can’t help but remember the day I found out I got the job; I was so happy.

I mean, sure, I didn’t actually get a modelling job, but I am working as a secretary at one of the most prestigious modelling agencies in the world!

Pulling up in the parking lot I try to dull my excitement. I don’t want to look too eager. I grab my things and start my new job.


“Aleira, can you get me a coffee?” My new boss Miss Roberts asks me around lunch time.

“Sure, what type of coffee do you like?” I ask as I grab my handbag and jacket.

“Cappuccino, one sugar and skim milk. Oh and get me a bagel as well” she replies.

“Got it” I say, as I turn and walk out.

As I stand and wait for my order to be made, an attractive man walks into the cafe. The kind of man that makes your heart beat fast and stand still at the same time. I’m so busy toggling him, I almost don’t realise that my order is ready.

“Oh, yes, that’s me” I say, as I step up to the counter and take the coffee from the waitress. I take one last glance at the man as I walk out the door.

For the rest of the day I am confined to my desk, occasionally retrieving things for Miss Roberts. In my down time I sit and think about the man from the cafe; his long dark hair, bright blue eyes, chiseled chin, the scruffy stubble on his chin; his tall muscular body and the considerable bulge in his pants.

I feel myself get wet as I think about all the naughty things that I would let him do to me, so I head to the bathroom.

I canlı bahis hide in one of the stalls as I start to play with my pussy, slowly bringing myself to climax.

Once satisfied I fix up my clothes and walk out of the bathroom, only to run into someone.

“Oof” I say, as the weight of him knocks me down.

“Shit, sorry” I hear a deep voice say.

I open my eyes and am surprised to see a pair of bright blue eyes looking back at me. The man from the cafe!

He slowly helps me to my feet. “Thanks” I say, as I let go of his hands.

“No problem, hey, have I seen you before?” He asks, looking me up and down, a look of appreciation on his face.

“I started here today, I think I may have seen you at the cafe around the corner earlier though” I say.

“Thats it!” He says. “So you’re new? How do you like it here so far?” He asks.

“It’s great, I just wish I got the modelling job instead of a secretary position” I say, unsure as to why I am being so honest with this guy.

“Yeah, there is a lot of potential down here for modelling jobs, the higher ups don’t know what they are doing” he replies, shaking his head.

“Aleira?” I hear Miss Roberts yell. I turn around to see her standing at my desk, arms folded and an annoyed expression on her face.

“I got to go” I say to him. As I turn around and rush back to my desk.

“Apologies Miss, I was in the bathroom” I say.

She waves a hand at me. “It’s fine” she says “I just need you to take some files up to floor 23 for me” she adds. She walks into her office and comes back with a huge pile in her hand. She dumps them in my arms and shoos me away.

I stand at the elevator and wait for it to come down from floor 28, 27, 26 until it finally reaches my floor; bahis siteleri floor 6. The door opens and standing there alone is cafe guy.

“Oh hey Aleira” he says “what floor?” He asks.

“23 please” I say, as he presses the button. “Thanks, I’m a bit full handed” I add.

“No problem, I’m Ollie by the way” he says, smiling at me.

“Hi Ollie” I smile back at him.

He then looks down at my chest, at first I think he is just looking but when I look down I realise that my top buttons are undone. My bra is on full display and I don’t have the free hands to do my buttons back up. But I kind of enjoy him being able to see my bare chest.

“Like what you see?” I ask him, looking him straight in the eye.

“Very much” he says, he steps closer to me and to my surprise, takes the files from me. He puts them on the floor before pressing the button on the elevator to make it stop. It stops suddenly with a jerk.

“What are you doing?” I ask as he steps close to me, so close I can feel his breath on my face.

He runs his hands up and down my arms, making them tingle.

He leans forward and our lips meet. At first I am reluctant but then I get into it and I open my mouth to let his tongue in.

I am suddenly pushed against the wall of the elevator and he pushes on of his legs between mine, pushing them apart. His hands streak down my back, cup my arse but keeps going.

He grabs the bottom of my pencil skirt and pulls it up to reveal my long legs and small black lace panties. I feel liquid pool between my legs as his eyes graze over me.

He reaches down with one hand and grabs my thigh, he lifts it up, wrapping my leg around his waist. This pulls him closer to me and I feel his erection pressed against my groin. bahis şirketleri His other hand reaches into my panties and starts to play with my pussy.

“Fyck you’re so wet” he whispers.

“Mmm” I moan as his hand rubs against my pussy.

He stops suddenly and pulls his hand from my panties. I start to protest until I feel him pull my panties to the side and his cock against my pussy. Ollie slowly enters me, stopping once he is fully in.

“Fuck it’s so deep” I say, as he starts to pull back. He pulls so far back that he is almost all the way out, but then he slams all the way back in. I moan in pleasure as he fucks me.

“Yes like that” I say, biting my lip. He quickens his pace and I start to move against him, rotating my hips in a circular movement. I feel my pleasure building and can tell I am close to cumming.

“Yes, Fuck, yes!” I yell as he slams into me one last time as I climax and he shoots his hot cum into me.

He pulls his semi-hard cock from my pussy and I drop to my knees. I take his length in my mouth and start to suck all my juices and his cum off it.

I feel it get hard again so I start to suck harder as one hand runs up his shaft and the other fondled his balls.

“Like that” he says, fisting his hands in my hair.

I soon make him cum, he shoots it into my mouth. I lick it clean off him then swallow.

I stand up, fix up my skirt and shirt then I pick up my files off the ground. Ollie fixes himself up, putting his cock back in his pants and zipping up.

“Well thanks for that” he says casually, as he reaches over and presses he button to make the elevator go again.

We reach floor 23 and step out, waiting at he door to the elevator is an old balding man.

When he sees Ollie he perks up. “Ah, there you are Mr Johnson” he says.

I stop, Mr Johnson? Surely not THE Mr Johnson who runs this agency?

I look up at Ollie and he half smiles at me.

“Oh my god! You’re…” I start to say.

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