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Subject: The Peach-Pounding Peters of Peterson Hall 5 ===*=== The Peach-Pounding Peters of Peterson Hall Chapter 5: Back to the Initiation Ritual from Hell ===*=== Looking at Lincoln was no longer the same now that we were back in the Peters’ suite. The attraction, intrigue, and interest rolled into a sexy ginger package were gone. Now, he’d blackmailed me into being his boyfriend, someone he’d want to marry one day. Maybe this is karma fucking me in the ass for cheating on Leah, for being a piece-of-shit boyfriend to her behind her back. I had no excuse to cheat. She gave me sex, kisses, attention, and love. I just couldn’t feel the way she did. I loved sex with her, and kissing her was great, but that was as far as it went. I was sure I wouldn’t have cheated had I truly been in love with her, but that wasn’t an excuse. What was done was done. I’d cheated. And now I was paying the price. After Lincoln and I got undressed again, we stood near the rest of the Peters, the seven of us naked and horny. Well, I wasn’t as horny as I normally would’ve been because I had drama to deal with. My dick managed only the occasional twitch from the strong male energy of sexual bonding. “The initiation ritual will begin in a few,” Buff said with much anticipation. “So warm up, brothers. But save your loads for the peach-pounding.” I intended to avoid Lincoln as much as possible, so I focused on everyone else. Hush barely played with his big dick as if lost in thought. Himbo played with his own, his pretty blue eyes gazing into mine for a moment, then switching to Twunky and Fabio who made out while slowly jacking each other off. Buff approached the two and kneeled in front of them to stuff their dicks in his mouth. Himbo walked behind Twunky and Fabio and kneeled to give each of them a rimjob. Okay, so my dick was getting harder now, and I was starting to get hornier. Since Hush was kind of on his own, I stepped closer to him to keep him company until we were just inches apart. My heart rate sped up a bit from being on the verge of touching another guy. It was still unbelievable how much gay action I was bound to have just by being a Peter. “Hey, Chosen One.” Hush didn’t have a hint of sarcasm, so that was promising. I gently sighed and leaned close to his ear, having to lift my heels just a little because of his height. “I swear on my life if I could give you the title, I would. I don’t want it. I never asked for it.” He shrugged. “I’m over it now.” His deep voice travelled down my spine and made me more erect. He tried to smile but managed a weak expression. It was difficult to tell whether he really was bummed or if he was just being reserved and shyish. But he kissed me, much to my surprise, and I returned the soft kiss with tongue. We started frotting, my dick stiffer than his. It was fitting, really. The club’s two biggest dicks getting to know each other better. He smelled like natural man too. In fact, the whole room started smelling more pungent, devoid of cologne or anything else scent-y. Simply man. Hush chuckled. “This is still so weird for me.” I always did wonder why he seemed like the odd man out. “How so?” “I’m trying my hardest to get turned on.” “Oh. I mean, it’s fine if I’m not your type.” I didn’t really care since it didn’t hurt my feelings. “None of you are my type. I’m straight.” I lifted my eyebrows. Though, I remembered when Buff had mentioned sexuality not being a thing here. It made sense now. It explained why the reservation and discomfort that had affected Hush’s mood. “Now I feel like shit because you probably didn’t enjoy that kiss.” He shrugged. “No big deal. I try here and there, and I’ve even met a couple of hot guys off hookup apps, even though I knew I was never going to like dick or guy ass. I’m not like a lot of straight guys who are grossed out by it. I just don’t get turned on at all. No attraction whatsoever, and it’s only frustrating because of me being a Peter and having to fuck around with guys. I don’t even know how I’m going to stay hard enough to fuck Lincoln tonight during the initiation ritual. I mean, it’s a requirement to nut. I can get a little hard from the situation, but it never lasts.” “I see.” I felt bad for Hush because it couldn’t be easy at all. I was lucky that I had the ability to be attracted to men, even though I had yet to label myself. “Pretend there’s mezitli escort a hot and horny goddess looking from above and rubbing her clit at all this gay action.” Hush laughed softly, but it was the first time he showed genuine amusement, and it was because of me. “I like pussy too,” I said. “So I can at least relate to you there. But since you only like women, why join a club like this?” He paused, looking at the others who were busy with warmup sex. Twunky and Fabio still took turns fucking Buff’s mouth while Himbo dined on their asses. Hush looked back at me and blew a big breath. “Can’t say. Sworn to secrecy. Sorry, man. It’s the same with the other Peters. Only Buff knows everything.” Hmm, strange. Buff got up and headed back to where Lincoln was, the only one who hadn’t done anything at all because of standing there like a loner. “Okay, brothers, let the initiation ritual begin!” Buff firmly took Lincoln by the hand and walked him to the center of the living space, the rest of us circling around them. He bent him over, tapping his average-size dick against Lincoln’s pasty cheeks. If only Lincoln hadn’t gone crazy on me so I could still want to eat his ass. “One of you hand me the lube,” Buff said. “The huge bottle, not the little one.” “I’ll get it.” Himbo hurried into one of the two bedrooms. Lincoln panted. “I-I thought you were going last?” If only he’d stop sounding nervous. Buff crookedly smirked. “I changed my mind. I realize now that I should go first since I’m the leader.” My heart raced a little. Of course this would happen. Fuck. “I mean, Himbo could go first, right?” Not that I cared about protecting Lincoln anymore, but I needed to cover my ass too. Buff wasn’t stupid. He’d know that deflowered hole had been used even without my cum still in there. I just had a feeling he would. Buff narrowed his eyes at Lincoln, then at me, then at the both of us again. “You guys hiding something, or…?” “No, Buff!” Lincoln said, not the greatest at lying. We were fucked. I just knew it. “Why would you think that?” Himbo returned with the bottle and held it, standing nearest to Buff. Buff paused blankly for a moment while staring at Lincoln’s ass. Then, Buff rubbed Lincoln’s anus, which made him wince and grunt in presumable pain. As Buff continued, he sighed and gave me a knowing look. “You fucked him, didn’t you?” Shit. Think, think. “He didn’t!” Lincoln said quickly. “I fucked myself with a dildo because I needed to practice a little since I freaked out.” “Bullshit,” Buff said. He approached me, his crooked smirk suddenly scaring me because of me not knowing what he was capable. “That’s why you needed an hour, huh? It was enough time for you to fuck him because you wanted his virginity. I was actually going to take it after I changed my mind and decided to go first.” Fuck, he was pissed. Red-faced pissed. “Buff, look. It’s…um…” Fuck, now I was getting nervous like Lincoln was. It was true. Buff had that affect on people because of this intimidation he had, the kind that made one run away out of fear of unleashing the psycho. Okay, so maybe he wasn’t a psycho, but then again, maybe he was. I didn’t know him. And if Lincoln could be crazy… “Why, Chosen One? Why did you fucking do that when I forbade it? Or are you letting your godly status get to your head already? Are you abusing your special role?” I blew a big breath. “Can we talk? Please?” “Anything you have to say to me, you can say it to the rest of us. We’re brothers.” I swallowed, hating this already. I looked down on the floor for a moment. If only I could escape. I missed having a normal life. Granted, I’d had drama back home, but this here was escalating to a new territory I wasn’t comfortable exploring. Lincoln approached me and held my hand, facing Buff as if with defiance. “Okay, fine. It’s true. He fucked me. And I don’t regret it. Why? Because you don’t get to decide who takes my virginity. I wanted Pete to do it because it was special to me. And it was awesome. We’re boyfriends now. We love each other. And we might get married one day.” What. The. Fuck. Lincoln! The room started spinning, and I barely glanced at the others who just stood there exchanging puzzled looks. “I was actually blackmailed into being his boyfriend. pozcu escort I don’t love him because it’s too soon. And I especially don’t love this cultish club.” I scurried away and scrambled for my clothes to get dressed. At this point, I was ready for Leah to know the truth. I could only hide it for so long. Buff gripped my arm to stop me, and he whispered in my ear, “Don’t leave. Let’s talk like you wanted. I’ll listen to what you have to say.” I didn’t have my clothes on just yet, and I stood here eying all of them, the anger rising from within. I’d had enough, and I threw every ounce of care in the world out the window. “All I wanted was a normal college experience. I thought this club would be fun at first. If anything, a way to let me discover who I really am in a sexual sense. I know I’m not straight, and I struggle with that. But I felt accepted here at first. Then came the blackmail. Now? I feel like a fucking prisoner in hell.” I gave Buff a serious look. “Tell Leah whatever the fuck you want.” I looked at Lincoln. “You too. Because I don’t want to be stuck in a one-sided relationship with you. I’ll never love you, so fucking tell her. But I’m done. I’m fucking done. I’m out.” I looked at everyone who now had stunned faces. “Got that, guys? I’m fucking out of here.” I yanked Buff’s hand away, got dressed, and started heading toward the entry door. “You’re making a big mistake, Chosen One,” Buff said in a low-but-threatening tone. I stopped, inhaling and exhaling, feeling desperate for some normalcy in my life. “What the fuck are you going to do, Buff? You’re just a college kid like the rest of us. You don’t have power. You just like to scare us into staying in this club from hell.” The others still looked stunned, and Lincoln could go fuck himself with his phony, sad face. Buff just formed a crooked smirk, but he remained calm. “You’re going to wish you never said any of that.” I ignored my heart pumping because I didn’t know what he was capable of. At the same time, how exactly was he powerful? He couldn’t be. He was just a college student and a club leader, nothing more. I shook my head and rolled my eyes, and I walked out. Never had I imagined the dull hallway would feel so refreshing after being in a stifling room. I reached the enclosed staircase and marched down to the first floor, and I rushed into the lobby and toward the front desk. “Is there any way I can switch rooms?” The clerk gave me a look of concern. “Sure, you’re still within the grace period. Is everything okay? I can talk to the RA and have him work something out for you.” The RA? Wait, didn’t he have ties with Buff? Weren’t they buds? “Well, one of them anyway,” the clerk added. “Oh, I didn’t remember there being more than one.” “Yep. One for each floor. Two women and two men since we have gendered floors.” I sighed. “Is there another way, or…?” “Well, you still kind of have to talk to the RA. He’s in charge of all social and room issues.” The clerk made a sympathetic expression. I nodded. “I get it. Thanks anyway.” “No problem. Good luck.” I walked away, feeling more fucked than ever. I didn’t want to go back to my dorm room, so I decided to stay in the lobby where the TV area was. No one was sitting here, so I took a seat in one of the couches and lounged in deep thought. What was I going to do? I was on the verge of losing Leah, and while I’d eventually move on, I couldn’t be sure if she’d rat me out to Mom and Dad about me not being straight. Minutes after barely paying attention to some reality show, my phone rang with an unfamiliar number. I answered, “Hello?” “You lied, Pete.” I furrowed my eyebrows. “Buff?” I looked around the lobby and lowered my voice, even though I was the only one sitting here. “How did you get my number?” “Never mind that. I heard the recording of you making love to Lincoln. You weren’t blackmailed. You’re in love with him too.” What?! Lincoln had recorded us fucking? I swallowed. “That was roleplay, I swear. He told me to say those things to help him get off.” “You sure? Because that’s not how it sounded like to me when I heard it.” I got an incoming text from Mom. I quickly checked it while I was on the phone with Buff. |||I’m not sure if you’re out with Leah or your new friends. So I’m texting you instead. escort bayan Someone called my number and told me there was proof about you and a guy being involved together. But he wouldn’t say much and just told me he would get back to me about it later. Pete…I’m choosing to believe you over him because I know you. I know you’re not gay. Because you know exactly what would happen if you were. Call me when you can.||| My heart pounded. All that money saved for my future: over a million dollars. It’d be gone just like that if Mom and Dad knew a thing. I’d be homeless because they’d throw me out, unless I could find a relative who’d let me stay for a while. And my tuition here, all paid for by Mom and Dad. Cut in an instant. All because of not being straight. They’d said all of this in a hypothetical conversation during a social news report on LGBTQ rights. They were deeply religious and ultraconservative with politically-motivated conspiracy theories taking over their heads, and they were members of a social cult that they’d tried to get me to be a part of at one point. Nausea hit me hard. “Fuck,” I whispered without thinking. “What happened?” I’d just remembered I was still on the phone with Buff. “You’re fucking me over, aren’t you?” “What are you talking?” “Don’t pretend. I know it was you who called my mom and told her you had proof about me being involved with a guy. I could fucking lose everything, Buff, what the fuck?” “You’re starting to worry, Pete. First you get all crazy on us and rebel against the club, then you try to gaslight me about the recording with Lincoln. Now this? What’s going on, man? I thought we were good. I thought we were brothers.” I didn’t buy Buff’s sympathetic tone. “I mean, yeah, I’m sure your mom will find out about stuff soon, but that doesn’t mean it’ll come from me.” I swallowed. “Is that a threat?” “Oh, Pete, Pete, Pete. I think you need to come back and let us take care of you. I can make all your problems go away if you just put your trust in me.” There was almost a coo in his tone. “Sleep with me tonight.” My eyebrows rose. “Are you serious?” “Why not? The other four sleep in two bunkbeds in the other room, and I have my own room with a queen bed. I can even take care of Lincoln for you if what you say about the recording is true. I just…you know…I’d hate for you to lose everything and live in poverty, in the streets, no chance of a future.” I was fucked. I’d had an inkling of hope that I’d been free. My gut told me Buff was behind the threat, the blackmail, the fearmongering, even though I had no proof. “Come on, Pete. Come back. No more rooming with Lincoln. You can live with us from now on. Maybe I can help you blow some steam and release all that tension, just me and you in my room with extra privacy.” Why was dick twitching and growing? Watching him give Twunky and Fabio a blowjob earlier made me curious as to how his mouth felt on me. “We’re brothers, Pete. Not just for four years. But for life.” I needed some fresh air. I couldn’t think much anymore. “I need to go outside for a minute.” “Sure, of course. In the meantime, I can help put a stop to this threat over your parents finding stuff out. Anything you want, Pete.” “I’ll get back to you, Buff. I need some air right now.” “Yeah, sure, go ahead. I’ll be here waiting.” “Bye.” I ended the call, got up from the couch, and left the building. The cool and crisp air made me shiver, but it also felt alleviating. I decided to sit in my car for a moment and turn the radio on low. I was stuck being a Peter. There really was no way out. I walked across the parking lot in search of my car. As I came closer where an outdoor lamp shone, my eyes widened in horror. I started breathing hard. Who the fuck had done this to my car?! |||BUTT SNIFFING FAGGOT||| in glittery-pink spray paint, along with roadkill laid against the cracked windshield, the wipers bent and broken, and all four tires slashed. What the… There was a sticky note on the bottom of the windshield. Trembling, I grabbed it and read it. |||Try leaving again and it’s your life next.||| ===*=== To be continued… ===*=== AUTHOR’S NOTE Thanks for reading. Want more free stories, published books, and the latest news by Marco May? Visit: ess Please show your support and help Nifty out by donating whatever you can so that these free stories can continue to stick around for a long time. Copyright � 2021, Marco May. All Rights Reserved. DISCLAIMER: All character names/details in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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