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The Perfect Woman, Plus (Part I)

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The Perfect Woman, Plus (Part I)This is the 1st part of a 3 parts story. It is not mine but I hope you like it… The week my girlfriend Monica broke up with me, I had to fly to New York City for a convention. I must admit, my mind wasn’t on business, and the first chance I got, I went to the hotel bar to drown my sorrows. The bar was fairly empty, which was O.K. with me, since I wasn’t really in the mood for conversation anyway. I was half-way through my first pint of Guinness when the cocktail waitress brought me another glass.“Hey,” I objected. “I didn’t order this!”“Relax,” the pretty brunette said. “It’s from the lady over there. She said to give you this note.”I glanced across the dimly lit bar and caught a glimpse of a gorgeous, buxom blonde sitting at a corner booth, alone. I blushed. “It must be a mistake,” I thought. “She probably meant this for that tall guy at the end of the bar.”I’m not the kind of guy strange women buy drinks. I’m only 5’7”, for one thing, and I’m pretty average looking. I wear glasses, have a slight “beer belly” and kinda short brown hair. Nothing to write home to mother about. I read the note.“You can either sit there looking hang-dog all evening, or you can come here and keep me company, doll.”Well, my momma didn’t raise any stupid k**s. I finished my pint, picked up the other one and walked across the bar, still a bit perplexed. What could this gorgeous woman want with me? “God,” I thought. “I really hope she’s not a hooker!”“Hello, handsome,” she said in a sultry, husky cigarette rasp. Like an idiot, I shook her hand.She was radiantly lovely. She had a high forehead, long cheekbones, thin nose and full red lips. Her eyes were deep, emerald green and a waterfall of honey-blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders. She was wearing a black leather halter top and mini-dress which really accented her gorgeous, full breasts. This woman could have given Pamela Anderson a run for her money. Her legs were long, luscious and elegant in her sheer black nylons. Even her feet, encased in black stiletto pumps were sexy and perfect.“Hi,” I stammered, almost spilling my drink. “I’m William, but you can call me Bill.”“Amber,” she said, offering her gloved hand again. This time I was smart and kissed her hand. She smiled prettily and said “Sit down, Bill.”We made some small talk. I couldn’t stop staring at her huge, beautiful white tits, or her luscious, curvy legs, which she kept crossing provocatively. She must have caught me staring, because she squeezed her breasts between her hands and asked me if I liked what I saw. I said I did, and she ran her left leg up mine under the table. I was getting a huge “stiffy” just looking at her. I wanted her so bad it ached, and she knew it!“Listen, Bill,” Amber said in that sexy, smoky voice. “I don’t believe in wasting time. Why don’t you finish your beer, and then come up to my room. Here’s the key. Just give me a few minutes to freshen up.”I was stunned. No woman had ever “picked me up.” It was amazing! I watched her lovely, round ass cheeks wriggle as she walked out. Man, this was going to be a night to remember!I hurriedly finished my Guinness, wiping foam from my mustache. I timed out ten minutes on my watch, paid my bill, then very casually entered the lobby and pressed for the elevator.Amber’s room was huge! It was one of the Presidential suites. At the center was a huge, canopied, four-poster bed. Amber was still changing, so I poured myself a glass of water from the wet bar and sat down. I had to admit, I was a bit nervous about the whole thing. Casual sex wasn’t something I was used to. But I knew better than to look a gift horse in the mouth, especially a gorgeous filly like Amber!Amber came out of the adjoining room dressed in a very sheer blue satin robe which left little to the imagination. This woman was so hot the material seemed to sizzle with sexual electricity when she walked! I could see that she was not wearing a bra, but she did have on blue stockings and a garter belt. I waltzed across the room in a trance and kissed her. Her lips tasted like wine and strawberries. We kissed and fondled each other, her hands grabbing my ass and crotch, bringing my tortured tool to full attention. Slowly, she moved my head down to her beautiful, 38-DD tits. I sucked and lapped at the perfect, red nipples and aureoles as she moaned and rubbed her legs against mine. I started to descend her long, smooth chest down to her navel, but Amber stopped me and pulled away. She turned around and slid the robe to the ground. Her legs and ass were amazing, like a fashion model’s. She pulled her thong panties up karşıyaka escort her ass cheeks. That was enough of a signal for me!I knelt before her and started kissing my way up her left leg, caressing and fondling her soft, silken flesh. As I got to the top of her left ass cheek, I kissed and lapped at her smooth, hairless butt. She bent forward to show me her exquisite, pink asshole, and it was a beacon for my lips and tongue. I plunged in, tasting her exotic musk. I squeezed her cheeks against my face and plunged my tongue deeper as she moaned and gyrated in a hot, a****l rhythm. Then I switched to her right ass cheek, kissing and nibbling every inch, descending her magnificent leg until I was kissing her ankle.“You’d like to eat my clit now, wouldn’t you?” the buxom blonde cooed in a voice that sent needles of fire up my spine.“Yes I would!” I admitted, my cock so hard it hurt as it strained against the fabric of my boxer shorts.“Let me see your cock first,” she demanded. I dropped my pants and boxers quickly.She knelt and fondled my cock and balls, squeezing hard, making me even more erect. She leaned in and squeezed my throbbing rod between her fleshy breasts. Her tits were as soft as silk, and her nipples tickled my balls as she “tit-fucked” me. She slid a gloved finger into my anus, making my penis rock-hard, sending another shudder through my body. I thought she was going to give me a blow job, but she didn’t. She stood up and asked me to kneel.“Now,” she said. “About my clit. If you don’t like what you see, you can leave, and I won’t be insulted. But if you’re willing to try something new, I think you’ll like my surprise.”She slowly wriggled out of her thong and opened her legs. Out popped the biggest, hardest cock I’d ever seen!“You see, my clit is bigger than most girls,” she laughed. “But if you’re good, and please Miss Clitty, you can have my hot pussy.” She bent over to show me her beautiful, round ass, wriggling it in my face provocatively. I had to have that ass, no matter what the cost!“O.K.,” I stuttered. “But I’ve never done this before, so be patient with me.”“Suck!” she ordered. Something about the way she said that nearly made me cum! God, she was sexy! I did what she asked.I started with small kisses on the glans, while I caressed her balls and thighs. Then I ran my tongue down the sides of her huge, glistening shaft. I had to admit, it was a beautiful penis! I kissed and sucked each ball, then tongued the area between them and under the base of her tool. I ran my tongue along the underside and back to the glans, then took the head in my mouth and started to suck. Amber cooed and ground her cock into my throat. It felt amazingly sexy, and tasted good, kind of musky and warm. I didn’t think I could take more than a few inches in my mouth, but Amber proved me wrong.She had me lie down on my back on the floor while she climbed over my face, “mounting” my mouth and thrusting her big horse-dick into my lips. I sucked and licked and lapped at that monstrous, beautiful, sexy organ until she bucked and thrust and said she was going to cum. I’d never tasted cum before, and Monica had always told me mine tasted bad, very salty and bitter, but Amber’s cum was hot and sweet, like an exotic sauce. She held her cock and shot a huge load down my throat. I yanked her balls and put a pinky up her tight anus until she shot another small burst.“Don’t swallow it yet,” Amber commanded. She got up and pulled me up into her arms.“Kiss me, and spit my cum into my mouth,” she purred. This was an incredible sensation and definitely the sexiest kiss I’d ever had, as her own “pussy juice” leaked out of both our lips. I spat some onto her tits and eagerly lapped it off. She held my head, then pushed me back down to her still erect cock, which I sucked again until she was fully hard and beginning to glisten again.“Stop,” she ordered. “You pleased Miss Clitty very well, for a first-timer. You made her very hot. So hot, she wants to fuck you.”I gasped. “You mean you want to…” I stammered, backing away.“Mmm, I can hardly wait!” the blonde goddess purred, and suddenly, I wanted it too. But I was scared. I’d seen a lot of prison movies, and butt-fucking never looked like much fun.“I don’t know if I’m ready for that,” I confessed to my shemale seductress.“Don’t worry,” Amber said. “I’ll make you ready. I’ll be very gentle.”“Won’t it hurt?” I asked, trembling with both fear and anticipation.“Only a little at first,” Amber replied, going over to her dresser drawer. “But you’ll get used to if quickly. Trust me, you’ll love it. Miss Clitty karşıyaka escort bayan is very good.”She took out a package of condoms, a jar of anal lubricant, a small vibrator and some rubber gloves. She started to take her long, blue opera gloves off but I asked her to leave them on.“Why?” she asked, puzzled.“They turn me on,” I said. “Leave your stockings and heels on, too, please.”“Sure thing, honey,” Amber laughed. “I love a man who likes my style.”“What do I do?” I asked timidly.“For one thing, get that terrified look off your face!” Amber chided. “I’m going to make love to you, not **** you!”Amber moved me to the bed and propped two pillows under my stomach. Then she pulled the rubber gloves over her satin gloves and dipped two fingers into the anal lube.“This is going to feel cold,” she said. “Until I make you hot!”Without any further warning, she plunged a gloved finger into my ass and began to wriggle it around. She was right. It felt uncomfortable at first, but then it started making me horny as hell. I could feel my cock growing against the soft pillows as she slid a second finger in, and then a third! She continued finger fucking me for about twenty minutes, caressing my ass cheeks and spreading me wider with those sexy gloves. “Time for phase two,” she announced, switching on the vibrator. “This is to get you used to the motion. Don’t be afraid if it hurts. Just relax.”Well, I tried to relax as she teased my asshole with the vibrator, rubbing it on my ass and along the rim, then gently easing the tip into me. It felt very weird. At first the pressure was almost unbearable as she slid an full inch of the vibrating toy into my anus, but as she carefully moved in another inch, then another, it became kind of sexy. I had a warm feeling in my whole groin, and my ass was on fire! Amber slid another inch of the vibrator in, then another, and started to stroke it gently in and out. My sphincter must have started to relax, because after only a few minutes, she could get the whole six inches of it in and out again. She began to stroke harder and longer, and I began to pant in delight. It felt great!“I think you’re ready for the real thing, angel!” she cooed in that seductive lilt of hers.“Oh…Miss Clitty is sad again. Make her happy, lover.”She knelt by my mouth and I eagerly fulfilled her command, sucking the knob, and then the shaft of the beautiful “Miss Clitty” into my mouth until she was fully erect again.“That was nice,” Amber said. “Miss Clitty will reward you with a great fucking.”She pulled a condom over her eight-inch “clit” and knelt behind me. I could smell the perfume of her hair and the tangy musk of her hot cum, which excited me. She eased Miss Clitty’s glans into my anus. The vibrator had loosened me up enough that it was fairly easy to take. Then she ground her hips to push deeper. I gasped with both pain and delight. It was unlike anything I’d ever felt, and it was sexy as hell feeling Miss Clitty push deeper into me. The feel of her stocking-encased legs against mine as she fucked me made me even hotter. Her gloved hands began to spread my ass cheeks apart as she slid her rock-hard rod deeper.“Congratulations,” she said. “You’ve taken an inch. Do you want another?”“Yes,” I moaned.“Yes what?” she teased, rolling her hips in anticipation.“Yes please!” I begged, sincerely wanting more. “You heard him, Clitty, darling, go deeper!” Amber laughed, rotating her hips so she could drive her cock an inch deeper up my throbbing asshole.“You want more, don’t you?” she purred after the second inch was imbedded in me, feeling like a silk pipe.“Yes, please, baby!” I gasped, on the verge of orgasm. “Fuck me deeper.”“Go for broke, Clitty dear!” she said, really jamming her dick up my relaxed rectum. I nearly fainted from the pressure, but the pain soon abated, leaving only ecstasy as she continued to shove “Miss Clitty” up my pulsating butt. After the fourth inch, it really began to hurt, but I didn’t want her to stop. I grit my teeth and took her power pole deeper and deeper, gasping, panting, covered in sweat as she continued that sexy bump-and-grind until “Miss Clitty” was buried balls deep between my quivering ass cheeks.“There!” Amber said triumphantly. “Miss C.’s very proud. You took her all!”I loved the feel of her hot thigh flesh against my ass. I couldn’t stop myself, and came a huge wad into the pillows and onto my stomach.“Enough foreplay,” Amber purred. “Time to fuck!”She began to piston her cock in and out of my ass, slow at first, then faster and harder. Finally, after about half an hour of reaming escort karşıyaka me, she pulled the pillows out, pushed me flat down on the bed, arched over me and plunged Miss Clitty straight in, all the way. It felt like having a silk jackhammer up my rectum, but it was so hot I thought I’d faint. I felt her penis pulse once, twice, three times as she came in my aching, satisfied ass. She lay with her cock, still fully engorged and ready for another round. She asked if I wanted more, and I said yes. This time she turned me over so I could see her face, and suck on her great tits as she drove her skilled shaft into my anus. She came more quickly, and with less volume, then fell across me and kissed me, “Miss Clitty” still buried deep up my butt. I wanted more, but she said it would take her a while to build up enough “pussy juice. “ “Now it’s your turn!” she said, withdrawing “Miss Clitty” with a wet pop. My ass stung and pulsated for hours!She started me off with a blow job that could only be described as “heavenly.” She started by licking the dried jism off my stomach, the brought those ripe, red lips down and teased my cock with them. She rubbed her tits over my dick and I felt the blood rushing to engorge me for her eager throat. Just like her gloves, which cupped and caressed my balls, her mouth was like liquid satin. She kissed and nipped at the glans, then slowly descended on my straining shaft, licking and sucking. She repeated my performance, kissing down the sides and along the underside, then took each of my six and a half inches into her receptive, willing mouth hole. I turned over and “mouth fucked” her as she’d done to me, careful not to gag her or hurt her pretty face.“I’m ready to be fucked now,” she announced, releasing my rampaging rod from the lovely kiss of her luscious lips. She lay face down on the bed and handed me a condom and some of the anal lubricant.Before lubricating her luscious asshole, I plunged my tongue between her cheeks and gave her a long, sensuous rim job. Her ass juices began to flow and I could tell “Miss Clitty” was being rejuvenated by my anal ministrations to her gorgeous mistress. Her ass cheeks were so silky! I loved the feel of them on my face, and couldn’t wait for them to engulf my cock. Like my lovely lover, I started off slowly, lubing her asshole and probing with my fingers. Amazingly, she was able to take four at once! She moaned and ground her gorgeous, curvy ass under me. The sight of those marble-white cheeks perched above her blue stockings really got me off. I rubbed my cock along every inch of her ass, teasing her, feeling her skin grow warm and supple. I reached around and mauled her luscious tits, and then I slid the head of my cock past her pearly gates. Oh, man! To describe the feeling of her tight, hot, creamy asshole as I fucked her would be almost impossible! It felt like better than any “pussy” I’d fucked before. Unlike me, she was no anal virgin, and was able to take the whole length of my shaft easily. We skipped the foreplay and got right to the hard core action. I buried my dick deep between those heavenly ass cheeks and pumped for all it was worth, arching my back as I came. I felt like my whole body had exploded out the head of my cock and shot up that smooth, satiny hole! Unlike hers, my cock quickly grew flaccid after I shot my load. I kissed her tenderly and we cradled each other, exhausted, and fell asleep, drained and thoroughly sated.In the morning, I had a lecture at nine, so we only had time for a quick round of love making. “Miss Clitty “ had recovered her amazing powers during the night, and I let Amber fuck me “spoon style” and then “cowgirl,” and finally “doggy style.” It felt even better the second time, and I was able to take her whole incredible length with more pleasure and less pain. I nearly screamed as she came in my ass. I turned around and gave her lovely cock “Miss Clitty” a long, loving “kiss goodbye.” I felt her cum in my mouth, and this time I yanked hard on her prick and squeezed her balls until I’d drained every drop of that strange, wonderful tasting “pussy juice.” This time I swallowed it all.“Something to remember you by,” I explained, kissing her hot lips. We both dressed and I got ready to leave. “My flight is in a few hours,” I said. “I’ve got the seminars all day. I don’t think I’ll be able to see you again. But I’m coming back to New York in two weeks, and I’d love to see you again.”“Miss Clitty and I will be waiting,” she purred, giving me one last, deep, passionate kiss.I wanted to say the hell with work and stay in bed all day with Amber, but I knew I couldn’t.“Meet me in the bar two weeks from Saturday,” I begged my shemale love goddess.“I’ll be there, Bill,” she promised.When I got home, I had another big surprise waiting for me, which would affect that second trip to New York City. More erotic delights awaited me, but that’s another story…To be continued…

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