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The photo shoot (3)

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The photo shoot (3)– Yannicka –My pussy burns from desire and screams for attention. The danger of the sharp blade on my clit made my adrenaline levels sky high and every nerve in my body on edge. When Nina slowly licks my nipple if feels twice as intense as normal. David asks me to close my eyes. That causes all my other sensations to intensify even further. It frustrates me that Nina and David carry on with the photo shoot as if nothing had happened. Nina moves me around on the bed and for some reason is only softly touching my genitals from time to time. She ignores my soft moans and thrusts with my hips if her hand is between my legs. And every time I started masturbating Nina took my hand and stopped me. David still acted as a professional photographer and was just shooting pictures and adjusting the light sometimes. I admired his self-control but on the other had I almost considered it an insult that he did not want to join in. How could he resist the urge to fuck us? Or maybe he was just gay…Finally David asked Nina to go down on me. She moved between my legs and started to kiss them, my thighs, my venus mound and slowly worked her way towards my pussy. My efforts to guide her head straight to my clit were pointless. When she finally ran her tongue between my lips and started licking my clitoris it felt heavenly. She grabbed one my my breast and started to massage it in the mean time. She drew back my clit hood and accelerated her licks. This girl knew what she was doing and I could feel my orgasm come very quickly. I started to moan and tremble, grabbed her buca escort hair and just before I peaked Nina lifted her head and asked “Dave, can you hand me my wine?” What the f***! Couldn’t she wait another second for a drink! My orgasm was ebbing away and I was mad as hell! What a beginners mistake was this! — Nina –As David handed me my wine I gave him a wink. I could see he understood my plan. I took a sip and ‘spilled’ some white wine over Yannicka’s pussy. The cold liquid startled her and made her body leap a few inches in the air. “Oops, I’ll clean up” I said and started to perform my oral arts again. The taste of Yannicka’s juices combined with the oaked white wine was the best erotic blend that ever aroused my taste buds. I started to lick her again, slowly at first but I Yannicka’s bodily feedback told me that I could pick up the pace quickly. Yannicka started to moan again, more of a scream this time and her body started to shake. It was hard for me to stay on the sweet spot because of her motions. But when I sensed the first signs of her orgasm I stopped… again. When I lifted my head, Yannicka hit me in full force right on the cheek with her flat hand. Her dark eyes glowed like coals in her angry face. My god, she was beautiful like this. With my face glowing in pain I moved my head back in position again.– David –I could feel my dick throbbing in my pants and I had to it move upwards because it was hurting. Hell, what a view this was! My wife licking this escort buca gorgeous woman and her ass and pussy in full view of me. I yearned to whip out my boner and plunge it in her cherry but I did not want to spoil her game. As Nina also denied Yannicka her third orgasm I decided that we should release her from her orgasmic misery and said “Nina, finish the job please. Let her have it.” I put my camera on a tripod and started to film. I knew this was going to be perfect footage. Yannicka gave me a thankful glance as Nina maneuvered her on sitting her knees. Nina positioned herself behind Yannicka, with her back against the bed board. She slid her own knees between Yannicka’s legs held Yannicka’s arms and chest with one arm and made her lean back. This time she started to finger Nina’s clit. From behind my camera, I blew her a kiss to wish her good luck on her mission.– Yannicka –My pussy felt like an atomic bomb. I could feel all the energy of previous broken off orgasms pulse inside my loins. All I wanted to do was cum… hard … now… I could feel my own juices and Nina’s saliva running down my legs. It was a mystery to me how Nina could still find my sweet spot in this slippery mess. Nina’s fingers started to rub my clit, I think… I could not think straight anymore… Sometimes she slit some fingers in my pussy to get even more juice and rubbed it all over my swollen slit. She held me tight and I could hardly move. After some time her fingers only focused on my clit and I could feel my orgasm coming. This time it felt different… It started buca escort bayan in my spinal cord, all the way up to my head, moved down my legs, even to my feet. I could feel all muscles in my pelvic floor starting to contract, my ass, my vagina and even my uterus… I think… maybe … I didn’t know this feeling. I moaned out loud, almost grunting but Nina did not stop when I came. The intense sensations did not go away. I felt my body prepare for another orgasm on top of this one. It was harder this time to reach a higher level of my climax but Nina managed. I came screaming for the top of my lungs and my legs caved in. I was leaning into Nina like a broken doll and still Nina did not stop. Her fingers abused my clitoris and the orgasm continued to send waves of warmth and electrifying indulgence trough my body. It was obvious Nina wanted me to reach a third plateau. But after a few minutes of intense full body orgasm I broke off my screaming I told Nina in a hoarse voice “I can’t do it, I can’t come one more time, it is to hard. Please stop”. At that point David stepped in slid his entire hand in my pussy (in retrospect it turned out to be only three fingers) and started to fuck me with it while he curved his fingers upwards towards my pubic bone. Our eyes interlocked and his look pierced through all my layers of emotional protection that I had built up in my life. My pussy started to explode. While I didn’t think it was even possible, the third orgasm was even more intense than the last. I felt lots of warm fluid gushing out of my pussy every time David pushed his fingers in. As it was apparently obvious that I was about to pass out, Nina and David slowed down and stopped. David leaned into us and kissed us. I closed my eyes and just leaned into Nina while she held me and Nina and David caressed my face in silence.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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