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The Preacher’s Wife – Part 6

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The Preacher’s Wife – Part 6Who has not dreamed of being with not just one taboo woman, or a female boss? This story is even larger. Two wives of preachers and my female boss have all met and decided that I am going to be their play thing and pleasure toy for an evening. Would you like to know what THAT would be like? Even if it meant they had you … all locked up?Here is how I see it going down! Please read and let me know what YOU think!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lying on my back on a stout, low wooden coffee table, I listened to the three women talk about me as if I was a hunk of meat. The cuffs on my hands kept my elbows up by my ears as a rope looping over the hand cuffs ran to the leather cuffs that were on my ankles and kept my legs bent to either side of the table at 90 degrees. Lying there naked as they chatted on about what things they had done to me and how pathetic I looked just lying there naked with my family jewels locked away in a stainless steel tube was about as humiliating as it gets.“So what do we want to do with him tonight?” Sarah asked. I looked over at the dark skinned tiny Pilipino wife of the associate minister and thought completely unholy thoughts. The share planes of her face were not quite beautiful, but more exotic. Her small breasts pressed through the thin fabric of her tiny tube top and she wore a pair of cutoff shorts that could easily have been worn as panties for all that they covered!Julie collected the now empty plates of cheesecake and said, “The cheesecake was good but I am really in the mood for beefcake! Unfortunately, all we have is this strapped down piece of meat to work with tonight!” The three ladies all laughed and I watched as Julie’s slightly larger breasts jiggled inside the more substantial light blue tube top she had on. Her blue eyes seemed to shine all the more as she looked at me and licked her lips. My gaze slid down her flat stomach to the flair of her hips and the skintight yoga style shorts she had on that literally were just glorified underwear! She was much taller than Sarah and their contrasts complimented each other nicely as I watched Julie walk over and stand behind the smaller woman and stroke her long silken black hair.Sherry said, “I think we should let him cum for us tonight, but I also think we should make him work for it.” I rolled my head so I could see the mature woman sitting on the other side of me. Old enough to have been a young mother to the other two women, Sherry had dark red/auburn hair that I had only ever seen pulled back against her head into a bun when we were at work. She had removed her skirt and sat comfortably in the chair dressed only in black stockings held up by a waist high garter belt and an unbuttoned white blouse that showed her nursing bra holding her very large and productive breasts. “I read this story one time about a guy that some women found window peeping in the window at their home sex toy show. I think some of the things they did to him might be fun!” With that she walked over to the far side of the room and woke up a computer. The other two ladies stood around her and they read and quietly hatched their plan as I lay there trying to see what was on the screen but only seeing the legs, backs and asses of three women who held me at their mercy.There was a lot of giggling and a few, “Oh that will work, what about…?” comments and then more giggles. They were like schoolgirls with a new toy and the realization that I was going to be their toy had my cock twitching.“Okay, let’s get started then!” Julie said. Then she turned off the monitor, and she and Sarah scampered up the steps as Sherry turned and walked back toward me.“You are going to be a very lucky man tonight! Those two are truly innocents just playing. I am going to use you and your perverted body to turn them into sluts! Once tonight is over, they will be so hooked on the things that you do to them that you will own them, even as I own you!” She leaned over and took the ball gag from my mouth, but I knew better than to speak. She smiled and then pulled her shirt fully open and undid the flaps on her nursing bra so that her dark thick nipples were exposed and the large and ever darkening areolas came into view. “Now, why don’t we go ahead and get started with a little refreshment from Momma!”Sherry leaned over and rested her hands on my ribs cage as she lowered her right breast down into my mouth. She had instructed me earlier in the proper way to suck her so I tried my best to get it right. I opened wide and took as much of those G cup beauties into my mouth as I could. Then as I closed my mouth just a little at a time I felt the solid mass beneath her skin escape until just the front edge of the solid structure beneath the skin was in my lips. I then sucked hard to press the milky mass into my teeth and lips. My tongue pulled and pressed her long nipple to the roof of my mouth and as I sucked. Immediately I was rewarded with those white drops of mother’s milk spraying into my mouth as her low moans filled my ears.“Mmmm, you are so very good to Momma! That’s it, Bryan, suck my big old tits and I will show those girls how to serve a man like little whore sluts! That’s it baby, suck me good!” I felt the “let down” of her milk rushing to the front of her breast and the volume of milk suddenly increased to where I was swallowing and sucking almost like working on a thick milkshake with a straw. It was incredible and my dick was crying out for release!“Don’t drain me too much, you will spoil my surprise for you. Yes, Momma Sherry is going to take your precious preacher’s wife and I am going to teach her how to suck from my tits! And while she and her little friend are finishing me off, I am going to stick my fingers inside of them both and give them such orgasms that they are never going to look at those pathetic pricks that they are married to ever again! And you are going to have a front row seat to the whole thing! You are going to see how the magic of Momma’s big titties can turn those two little church mice into back street whores even more than you already have!” With that she shuddered as a small orgasm shook her and the milk poured freely from her breast. As she recovered, Sherry withdrew her still heavy and dripping breast from my mouth and had me start sucking her other breast. Within minutes of talking about how good a tit sucker I am and how much I was going to enjoy the evening, Sherry came again! With both tits dripping she looked down at me and said, “Now don’t spoil the fun by saying anything! Who knows, if you are really good maybe I will even let your cum in one of them before the night is over!” She then put the ball gag in my mouth and smiled down at me and began stroking my body lovinglyA few minutes later as Sherry had nearly lit every nerve in my body to a blazing inferno of sensitivity by lightly stroking, pinching and prodding me, I heard the other two women laughing as they came down the steps. I craned my neck to see what kind of lingerie or outfits they had found to torment me in and I have to admit, in the dim light of the candles they both looked hot. Not only did they look hot, but my heart nearly stopped as they stepped into the light and I saw them more completely.They were dressed in conservative, knee length dresses and tops that I recognized as clothes that Julie wore to church!!! What’s more, their hard core makeup was all gone and they were made up with just the light makeup that they would wear if they were going with their husbands to church! The only things that looked out of place for a prayer meeting about the way they looked was they each wore high heel “hooker” platform shoes!“I guess we are ready to start!” Julie said as the three ladies looked at each other “I have been very bad, church ladies. I have been enticing boys to suck on my tits and it makes me all wet down between my legs.” Sherry said as she stood up and stared at the other two women acting like a little girl who had been caught stealing candy. Sarah walked around Sherry and said, “You are the spawn of Satan! A Slut and a whore! I bet you are wet now just looking at his privates in that metal tube, aren’t you!” Sherry stopped right in front of the older and taller woman and looked every bit the condemning authority figure!Julie stepped up beside Sherry and without any word of warning, avcilar escort reached out and slapped the round soft globes of my boss’s ass in a way that made her yip and jump toward Sarah. Sarah grabbed hold of the shirt that was only partially covering her breasts and said, “We have ways of making loose women like you learn to be prim and proper ladies like us!!” Right before my incredulous eyes, Sarah grabbed the front of the shirt and nearly ripped it as she pulled it open and back off of the shoulders of Sherry. Julie immediately grabbed the shirt from behind and jerked it down and off of her arms before wadding up the garment and throwing it into the sofa.Sarah’s jaw dropped. Clearly she had not expected to find a woman the age of Sherry to be a wet nurse! Drops of milk pooled on the hard nipples and ran down the underside of her breast and across the curve of her belly as Sarah just stared. Julie slapped the bare ass cheeks again and I watched as Sherry again gave a little jump, only this time, with no shirt to intercept the milk drops, tiny droplets flew up and one landed on Sarah’s incredulous face!“ Since you enjoy letting boys play with your tits, maybe we should just let them see all of them!” Julie laughed and before Sarah could say anything to stop her, Julie undid the heavy duty maternity bra and the ponderous milk laden breasts fell forward as Julie then shoved the straps from her shoulder and stepped around her to stand next to Sarah.It worked out perfectly, in that I could see all three of their faces. The two stunned spouses of ministers and my boss stood there frozen in a role playing scene from hell! With one of the most lecherous and triumphant smiles I have ever seen on a woman’s face, I saw Sherry reach up and free each of her melons from the cups that still masked their full flesh. She tossed the bra onto the sofa where it rejoined her blouse. “I’m sorry, my fine ladies. I am truly a woman who is not worthy to walk the same streets as you. Please punish me!”Sarah stepped to the side and began to pull her over to me. Julie grabbed her other arm and also began guiding her toward me. “Lie down across our worthless…”Sarah started before being interrupted by Julie.“Hang on. Let’s give her a different type of spanking.” Julie said looking from one to the other of us. Both of the other women looked at her questioningly and then my sweet little demure preacher’s wife stuck a hand under the breast of Sherry’s that was closest and held it up and out then brought the other hand down across the top of the breast with a solid slapping sound before then following it up with a firm stroke down toward the nipple.Sarah’s mouth dropped in shock and Sherry squeezed her eyes closed tightly and then sighed as Julie’s hand finished the first stroke of a milking motion. Julie raised an eyebrow at the small girl from the Philippines who took a deep breath and lifted the breast closest to her and followed the example of the other woman by slapping high up almost above the breast before sliding her hand down and squeezing the full breast she held.Before Sarah had finished her stroke, Julie was striking her target and again and this time squeezing and pressing harder. Taking her lead from Julie, Sarah rapidly finished her stroke and struck again. It was on Julie’s fourth slap that a stream of milk began spraying out of the breast, falling down across my hips. Sarah likewise was soon applying more and more pressure to the firm breast nearest her and getting in return thin streams of milk spraying out in random directions but in general, falling onto me!Before long, the two primly dressed church ladies, who were beginning to breath heavily, stopped slapping the heavy breasts. Even so, they continued manually to press on Sherry’s breasts while she stood there with her eyes closed and a smile across her face that was like a beacon proclaiming she was nearing a bliss to rival heaven itself! Then with a cry, Sherry reached up and grabbed the top hands of each woman and held them for only a moment before guiding them to her nipples and I heard her softly beg, “Milk me! Please pull on my nipples! Oh God, please!!”Neither woman could ignore such a sincere request from a penitent woman and they each pulled until their fingers were slippery with milk and Sherry gave a loud cry and nearly crumpled to the ground as she barely managed to hold herself up by leaning on my chest.!I could see the shock and arousal on the faces and in the eyes of the two church women who had never before witnessed such an orgasm brought about without even a touch below the waist. They were both amazed and intrigued, even if a little amazed at their own wicked delight at what they had just done. Julie found her voice and she said thickly, “You are a wicked woman. Go stand in the corner and watch as we educate you on the proper use of a man. And just for the record, the proper use of a man is not as a milkman!.” Sherry stood up smiled before stumbling over to the nearest corner and looking back at the rest of us before sinking to the floor as she rested there!“As a slut, I bet you think that the best way to enjoy a man is something like this, don’t you?” Julie asked as Sarah moved to the foot of the coffee table and knelt down and then leaned forward, allowing her soft hair to d**** over my thighs before she leaned down and took the infernal cock lock into her mouth and made as if she were sucking and licking my cock and not the prison cell he was locked firmly into! I felt her fingers on my scrotum as she weighed and rolled my heavy sperm factories in her hands, tormenting me with frustration! “Whores like yourself like to rub your big tits on a man’s cock and suck him into your mouth. It is disgusting! He pisses through that thing and yet you want to suck it like some bitch! Look at how low Sarah has to stoop to tongue his nut sack and blow across his cock. You have to admit, you truly can’t sink much further than that! I bet you even lick your lips like she is wanting him to shoot a hot thick load of life giving sperm down your throat instead of where God said it should go!“I do. I love taking a thick prick like Bryan’s in my mouth, especially if I have just put lipstick on. I like to see how far down my throat I can stick his cock! If I roll my lips just right, I can usually leave a red ring of my lips at the base of his shaft and then I can smile knowing I am slut enough for him!” Sherry said back from the corner. I glanced over and she had pulled a square footstool into the corner and was sitting there, leaning back into the corner, slowly stroking her wet pussy as she watched.“I bet you also like to put your filthy wet woman parts on his face to get off instead of being content with his cock in your loose pussy!” As Julie hurled those words at the other woman she lifted the hem of her own conservative dress and then lowered herself so that her pantiless pussy descended right onto my chin. Without hesitating I could just hear her saying, “I bet you push your wet cunt onto his chin and across his lips and over his nose just like I am doing!” And indeed that was exactly what she did as she rode my face and Sarah continued fondling my balls!Talk about torture! Mentally it was one of the most intense moments in my entire life! Three women, all sexually primed, all needing sexual release and me lying there naked and more horny than I have ever been! And yet physically I was kept just far enough from being able to enjoy the moment that it was almost enough to make me break down into sobs! I slid my lips and tongue up and down in vain attempts to capture the elusive clitoris of Sarah while my hips twisted and raised simply begging for more from Sarah than what I could get! All of this made even more intense knowing who the three women were that were around me!!!It did not take Julie long before she stood up and turned around. My face was still beneath the tent of her dress and I could just hear her saying, “I bet you are such a slut that you even ask men to lick your ass, don’t you? I bet you dream of having them stick their long wet tongues into your neglected puckered back door and you never get it! Or do sluts like you get this from men?” she asked as she squatted down and her ass cheeks parted and slid to either side of my nose and mouth!Call me sick, twisted or perverted şirinevler escort and I probably will not argue with you. But the truth is, I have tried for years to get my wife to let me lick her ass and every time I catch her coming out of the shower and try to entice her, I get the same, “No, that’s disgusting!” line. So my only regret when Julie losered herself down was that the combination of only having candle light for the room and her long dress shutting out even most of that light meant I did not get to see her wonderful body descending upon my face!I could hear her squeal with delight as I worked my tongue into her bottom and she slowly rotated her hips in small circles so that my nose was now brushing the pouty lower lips over her pussy and my tongue was exploring her ring of death! I could just hear Sherry begin telling her what a horrible girl she was, behaving so shamelessly putting her ass on my face and mouth and letting me do such naughty things to her shitter. It was such a rush!!Then Julie collapsed onto my head and I seriously thought that I might die for a moment. Her ass and pussy had my mouth completely covered and she was cumming hard and squirting her juices into my eyes and nose! I kept trying to turn my head one way and then the other to get a breath, but that only seemed to push her higher and further over the edge! Her hands went into my hair and then I felt her intentionally grinding herself into my face. Fortunately, as she did I was able to just catch quick gasps as I know she came repeatedly on my face for the next several minutes.Julie collapsed to the floor and I looked over at her. The top of her dress was open and her breasts had been pulled out and they looked darker or maybe more red than I had seen them before. Then I saw movement above my head and I saw Sherry, standing above me putting lipstick on as she looked down at the still panting preacher’s wife at her feet. “It is such a shame you are taken by a preacher. You would make a perfect hooker or pornstar. Personally, I like girls with bigger tits, like my own, but I have to admit, yours were quite tasty and watching you cum all over Bryan was a truly exquisite experience!” With that, she tossed her lipstick toward the clothes s**ttered on the couch and smiled down at me. Seeing the tears in my eyes from the salty burn of Julie’s orgasmic flows, Sherry tsked her lips and said, “Well, Mrs. Preacher, you damn near killed your old man here!” She reached down and gathered the closest corner of Julie’s dress and used it to wipe my face. And I blew my nose into it so I could breathe again much to Sherry’s joy. I glanced over and saw that Julie was naked from the waist up and she was now almost breathing normally, though as she gently touched her breasts I could see her heart was still pounding!I felt two hands on my knees and I raised my head to look down and see Sarah was beginning to crawl up and over my body. She was naked and had pulled her hair back. Looking down into her dark features, her white eyes seemed to glow with an intensity and a need. Once she saw she had my attention, she bent her head down to my thigh and licked a four inch long section of the top of my thigh while staring up at me with great meaning.Over the next couple minutes, she slowly worked her way up my thighs, alternating legs and kissed, nibbled and outright bit me over and over again, all while looking in my face. She then proceeded to use her ponytail to further inflame the sensations in my legs as her silken strands flowed over the course hair of my thighs with electric results!Within a couple of minutes she had worked her way up to her face hovering over my cock. Now, if you have never been in a cock tube, let me explain a few things. First, the tube I was in was just large enough to accommodate my shaft if it were straight and I got hard with it around me The head of my cock is significantly larger when I am erect than my shaft, so this was like having someone lightly squeeze my shaft and really squeezing my little soldier’s head! What’s more, my body did not know about the device that was meant to keep me from getting erect. It still was doing all of the work to make me as long, hard and thick as possible! This meant that my cock head was jammed into the furthest part of the tube, the shaft was bent into a somewhat uncomfortable angle and as my cock tried to grow longer, it was pulling my balls further and further down the scrotum that it was dragging up the shaft of my cock! All in all it was not terribly painful, just a completely different set of sensations and ones that made certain I was not going to be able to reach an orgasm while in that thing!But that did not stop Sarah! She gently cupped my balls and slowly rolled them in her hands. Very lightly she d**g her fingernails over the tender stretched flesh that was trying to constrict so I could orgasm and caused the tug of war among my family jewels to jump into a higher gear! That was when she first took a testicle of mine in her steamy hot mouth and lightly ran her tongue over the round contours! Then she did the same to the other and I knew without a doubt that had I not been locked up I would have been shooting streams of white semen filled fluid through the air!Sarah smiled up at me and said, “You like that? You like it when I suck your balls? My husband likes it when I suck his too!” She smiled up at me and then the smile began to change into something much more wicked. He also likes to shove his filthy pig cock into my mouth and try to make me gag on it! Just once I’d like to take his nuts and bite them!” With that she opened her mouth and bared her teeth and with obvious malice, ran her teeth over my super sensitive scrotum, occasionally biting down firmly but not enough to do any real damage. Yet the feelings that thundered through my nervous system and crashed into chaos in my mind were spectacular!So it was that when Sarah began licking my balls and blowing into the tip of the cock hole (the pee vent) and playing her hair across my most sensitive parts, it was not as if I felt nothing. To the contrary, is some very basic ways the sensations were even more intense as the unforgiving metal seemed to tighten around my penis as it tried to expand and I could feel every throb of my heart as the pressure inside rose! Sarah also could not help but notice that much of the tissue that normally would have made me hard as granite, had hardened within my lower torso instead of outside it. So she squeezed in and rubbed and stroked this tissue that extended into me instead of out now and the net effect was that I was being pushed ever further, ever harder toward an orgasm that was simply not going to be attainable while I was locked up!!Kneeling down next to me, Sherry looked at Sarah and whispered. “You have always wanted to ride a man of steel; to know what it was like to feel the cold smooth strength of a hard man slide up into you. Now is the time! Mount him, Sarah! Use his captive cock to give you the pleasure that so many men have failed to give you in the future!”I did not have a clue as to what she was going to do. My penis was firmly locked inside a steel tube that honestly I was not certain I could escape at this point even if she unlocked me, I was jammed in there so tightly! But as Sarah rose to her feet, walked to the other side of me from where Sherry knelt, I began to understand and I prayed to God to be free so I could experience this more fully. From the corner I heard Julie laugh, “Fuck him Sarah! Fuck him good! See if you can make him shoot while he is still locked up!” I looked over and saw that she had removed her dress and was now slowly stuffing her vibrator into her wet pussy as she watched us.Then Sarah threw her short, perfectly tapered and proportioned leg over my hips. She was almost too short for her legs to keep her up off of me, which was fine with me! Then she laid across my chest and whispered in my ear. “I have been thinking about screwing another man ever since my wedding night, when my husband came in me in less than five minutes and was asleep within three minutes of that. I have wanted to make a man wait to orgasm. I wanted a man to have to wait for me to take my pleasure from him before he had any! Tonight, you are going to give me that experience. Over and over again!”With that taksim escort she wiggled down my chest, kissing and licking my flesh. Then I felt her bump into the top of the curved metal with her pussy. Her eyes took on a faraway look as she reached under herself and between us and adjusted her lower parts to fit on and around the smooth steel. That was when I felt her start to hump the curved top of the cock lock. She raised her hips just a little, slid down just a little, and then she began humping my bulge in a very real and meaningful way!Every time she thrust into me I felt the part of my erection that was still lodged inside me move up and down just a little. It was an odd feeling but one that quickly became erotic and then steadily caused me to become even more and more excited! Meanwhile, our eyes locked as she looked down at me with a look of lust and vengeance mixed in her features!“Ride him Sarah! Take and get your own from him! He is just like every other guy, only wanting to get off, and leave you alone again! But this time you get to cum! You get to be the one that explodes and coats him! That’s it! Show him who is in charge!” On and on Sherry implored the small woman as she lay against me, gnawing on my nipples and digging her fingernails into my flesh as she rubbed herself over my steel encased cock!Then she pushed herself upright and began bouncing the sheath into her wet pussy. I could feel her juices leaking down onto my balls and thighs. More than that, her efforts to impale herself was now driving my cock back into me and it hurt like hell! Tears came to my eyes, but there was no way I wanted this to stop. She was grabbing her nearly non-existent tits and squeezing and pulling on them and then reaching down and frigging her cunt in the most lascivious display of hedonistic pleasure I have ever hoped to see! When I raised my head, I could see her split pussy sliding over and around the down turned steel prick as she pounded herself against me time and again!Then Sherry leaned up and into her and started sucking the nipple closest to her. Sarah gasped and wrapped her arm around the much bigger woman’s head and clutched her to her. “Suck me, you lesbian bitch! You think you know so much about sex, well be my bitch tonight! Suck me you bald cunt!”My jaw dropped. Sweet little church girl Sarah, the one I would have sworn would not have cursed had she struck her finger with a sledge hammer was swearing like a sailor and using her body in ways that no Biblical harlot or other woman ever dreamed of doing!Sarah suddenly lifted both feet so nearly the entirety of her weight was trying in vain to shove my desperate cock into her! Smashing Sherry’s face into her bony chest, She shuddered and her mouth worked wordlessly for a few moments before she quietly uttered, Jesus God, Son of Mary oh My God!!!”Julie was suddenly right there, kneeling on the side opposite of Sarah from Sherry and she slid her hand under the hand of the younger woman and then she let the other women start to move her fingers over her pussy!I needed to cum so very badly that even the pain of having been ridden by the small woman I was still horny and as needful as ever!Holding onto the ladies on either side of her, Sarah began recovering from the mind bending orgasm and stood on shaky legs. “That was fun, but after seeing Julie get licked, I want to ride his face! You won’t mind drinking my wet snatch will you?” She asked as she walked around Julie and then stood over my head. Her nipples stood out proudly on the tiny rises that passed as breasts on her. I could see her lower lips looked puffy and abused and very wet, but that did not seem to deter her in the least Without any further comment, she parted her skinny legs and lowered her angry wet cunt down on my face with the single command of, “Eat me, bastard!”I felt Julie get up and before I could reason out what was going on she was sliding my now aching member up and down her slit as she sat facing Sarah and I did my best to kiss and caress every fold and valley that I could reach!! This went on for only a couple of minutes and I could not begin to guess at what Sherry was doing, nor did I really care. Julie’s rubbing of my steel wrapped cock was more gentle and somehow more arousing so my cock was pounding at its metal walls all the harder than it had before. Likewise, with Sarah’s snatch already sopping wet, sucking, licking and drinking her melting core reminded me of trying to capture every drip of an ice cream cone on a 95 degree day!Then there was a subtle shifting by both of them. Sherry sat side saddle on my chest and I just heard her saying, “Okay, darlings. Time for you both to suck on Momma!” I felt her legs part a little and then I heard her moan, “Oh God yes my two holy sluts! Suck Momma’s milk! Commune on me! Use my milk on your slick little pussys! Oh God yes!! Do it c***dren!”I started bucking my hips up into Julie about then and doing every nasty deed I could to Sarah as she slid her wet gash over my mouth and offered her little firm clit to my mouth. I finally caught her little hard little flesh in my lips and pealing back the hood with my lips, I danced my tongue over her bared pearl! It did not even take a minute after that for her to start screaming and juices to start running out of her, down her thighs and across my face.She fell to the floor just as I felt Julie slam herself down onto my pubic bone and rub her brazen little clit against the edge of my steel cage. She was soon tumbling down to lie a naked sweating pile next to her friend and I heard them kiss. Sherry said, “That leaves me!” And with breasts almost streaming mother’s milk, she stood up, retrieved a small key from the table,she bent to unlock my cock! Fortunately, the pre-cum I had been leaking for what seemed like hours allowed me to be set free rather quickly and as I looked down I thought my cock had never looked larger, harder, redder or longer in my life. When she reached down I knew one other thing as well, I had never been more sensitive either, as circulation was restored!Sherry then took my tingling rod, aimed it at her wet bare cunt, with those thick rubbery lips of hers and she said, “Oh I wish you could last hours in me, but you won’t. You won’t last long at all! But you let me know when you are about to cum!” I nodded and then she lowered herself down slowly and smoothly in one smooth motion that sent liquid fire burning from my crotch up my spine and erupting into my skull!! It was heaven! I heard her grunt as the tip of my cock poked her cervix. She looked down at me and her breast were now freely flowing with their fine sprays of milk onto my chest, face and to parts beyond!Slowly she began grinding, rotating and undulating motions with her hips, hardly allowing any in and out motion on my shaft, and yet the walls of her vagina pulsed, squeezed, massaged and pulled me ever closer to the brink of the abyss. I never wanted it to end, but finally I could hold back no longer and I looked up at Sherry as I realized she was pressing out the last drops of milk from inside her much less firm breasts, I said, “Oh God, Help me now!!!”Sherry nearly vaulted off of me and on the first stroke of her milk lubed fist, I fired a rainbow stream of white cream! She aimed my stiffened member at the ladies who were kissing and loving below me and by the time the third jet was arcing through the air, they were squealing and laughing as my cum splashed in their hair and on their flesh.When Sherry had milked the last drops from me, she licked her fingers and then kissed me on the mouth. “I think I need to become a member at the church you all are members at! She whispered as the other two stumbled and laughed their way into the bathroom. I heard them running water and wiping each other off as I felt the tension of my bonds relax and I looked down to see Sherry undoing the rope and going over to retrieve the handcuff keys. She helped me sit up and then sat on my lap and we kissed while the others finished cleaning up. “Seriously, that was some of the craziest and best sex I have ever had, and believe me when I say, I have done some crazy things in my life!” she said quietly looking into my eyes.“It really was incredible, wasn’t it?” I agreed. ~~~~~~~~~~~So talk to me. Was it worth the read? Was it worth a vote? Will you re-post it? Did it get you off?I like writing porn and probably always will. But what makes it worthwhile is hearing that you enjoyed reading it! Won’t you take a moment to send write a post, send me a PM or at least click the vote button?I greatly appreciate your continued reading and encouragement!!

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