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The Preacher’s Wife

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The Preacher’s Wife

The following story has many true moments in it. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Not like ANYONE in this story is innocent. But in fairness, one of the parties had been ‘damaged’ by decades of false indoctrination, control, and verbal abuse. She came to understand herself, just a little, in her time of exploration. I hope she has found the peace her soul deserves.

Everyone is well over the legal age. If you are looking for straight sex, you will not find it until well past the half mark. I hope you enjoy the story. Good or bad, it’s got a bit of my blood and soul interwoven.

I hope all of you stay safe in 2021.


Drew was working on his deck trying to get the new piece of glass for his guardrail to fit correctly.

“No, I couldn’t just install pickets like everyone else, I wanted that open look. Tempered glass, that’s the trick I said,” Drew mutter to himself as he slowly and carefully twisted the tempered piece of glass into the flat wooden frame. He was repairing a section that had been destroyed by a falling limb.

The glass work did look great Drew thought to himself. He had gotten many complements on it over the years. It was all by mistake anyway and he gloated over how it turned out. The glass pieces were a miss-order on the project he was completing. He had been on the glazer to get the huge stack of glass out of the ‘F*&king way’ for weeks.

Drew had finished the structural and main platform of his deck, and as normal, he has expanded it twice the original size. It now cantilevered 7 feet above the grass on the slope below, and therefore needed a guardrail. He had played with designs that used aircraft cable, but they were too modern for his wooden creation.

The glass became the answer. At least that was his remembrance of a grand idea as he swung in his hammock between his house and the large maple that grew up through his newly framed deck. Of course, the red wine he was sipping did help his thought process. He just made a deal to dispose of the glass, at no cost to the glazer, win-win solution.

He heard female voices from the neighboring yard. Being raised in Southern California, 6-foot privacy fences were the norm to circle every yard. But living back east in Central Pennsylvania, a 4-foot chain link fence was the most anyone had and that was for keeping the dogs in.

He peeked around the small privacy fence that was originally there when he bought the house. It turned out to be perfect for some version of privacy when he was in the hammock with someone of the opposite sex.

As he peeked around, he spied his neighbor Carri and another female. His neighbor was an attorney that dealt with tort law and her husband Greg was a Petro-engineer that traveled a lot. They were both the type of neighbors that fit into the neighborhood and were generally great people.

The other women, while having the same physical features as Carri, tall, long haired, and classy, had a different look about her demeanor. While Carri had a way of being casual, this woman was anything but. The way she walked and talked and gestured, she had the proverbial corncob shoved up her ass. She was stiff, her clothes were stiff, if she had had the hairnet and lost the minimal jewelry, she could be Amish Mennonite.

Drew’s dog Sassy saw that people were out, which meant Bubba her best bud beagle was close at hand. The two dogs rubbing noses at the fence line brought the first hint of smile to the other female face. That was Drew’s opportunity to swing out of the hammock and go say hello. He slid his carpentry bags over to the side and plopped down on the one section of guardrail still to be installed. His feet dangled over the edge into free space.

“Well good afternoon to you all. Where is Greg on this beautiful Saturday?” Drew asked.

“Istanbul this week but he should fly back by Friday,” Carri answered, “Why? You looking for some help on your project?”

“From your husband? No! No, that’s ok. You remember what happened last time he tried to help?” Drew responded chuckling and getting a chuckle from Carri in return.

Carri turned to her friend and still chuckling stated, “My husband is a good engineer, but just cannot figure out certain practical applications, like what end of the hammer to use,” she just smiled at her friend who tried to do a fake smile and join in the conversation.

There seemed to be a lot of emotion floating around in the austere woman. There was a moment of seemingly terrible conflict and then she finally spoke.

“I am not used to…to the ridicule of my husband in public or having others do the same to their husband. It’s…just…not how I was raised,” and then her eyes became downcast.

Drew was taken back. He had worked around the Mennonite community and various levels from Amish Mennonite to modern Mennonite. While she was not dressed in the Amish fashion, she started to sound like a person that had grown up in a very fundamental güvenilir bahis church. There were many in Pennsylvania.

“My apologies, there was no intent to making you uncomfortable. I love Greg like a brother, but we all have things we are good at…and some, not so much.” Drew looked down on her over the fence and noticed that she was looking up his shorts. Drews feeling was, that ‘if she wants to look, let her look.’ He was in his yard and going commando in his cut-off Levi work shorts, but that is how he ‘swung’ while doing DYI projects on his time off.

“Greg is the world famous Petro-engineer, jet-setting around the world to help us live with our insatiable desire for gas. I on the other hand, grew up in the trades and am now a lowly project manager running local construction projects,” He stopped with the speech and added.

“I am Drew by the way.”

“Oh, my goodness, I am sorry. Elizabeth, meet Drew. Drew meet Elizabeth.” Carri looked at Drew with an odd expression as Elizabeth sipped her white wine while letting her eyes drift up his shorts again and then to his roses.

“Did you plant these or were they here when you bought the house?” Elizabeth asked.

Drew hopped up and then walked around the deck, down his natural slate steps and over to the fence, with his dog Sassy spinning circles because there was a new ‘friend’ in her pal’s yard.

“Yes, they are all mine. When I bought the house there were two large pine trees that blocked the southern light. I had them cut down and the acidic soil is perfect for the roses.” Drew responded, “I love roses. They are the prefect juxtaposition of love and life. Beauty, aroma and sharp thorns.”

“I always wanted roses, but there was always the need to feed the congregation. So, there was never time for pleasurable items such roses.” She commented, “Maybe if I become more worldly, there will be time for pleasure,” she said to herself more than anyone standing there as she slowly walked away from Drew like he was not standing there.

That seemed to be Drew’s clue to wander back to his wine and carpentry.

Later that evening he heard Carri call out, “Drew you still on the deck?”

“Yes, I am, what’s up?” Drew yelled into the backyard.

“Can I come over?” Carri asked.

“Of course, back gate and front door are unlocked, pick your poison. I think my guard dog likes you better than me anyway. “responded Drew.

A few moments later quite the commotion was heard at the front door. A lot of dog yipping and the scrabble of nails on hardwood floors. From the dog door mounted in the rear porch came two furry streaks that seem to levitate across the deck and down into the grass.

From inside his house, he heard a human voice. “Do you have more wine?”

“There is that rose’ you like in the fridge, just grab a long-stemmed glass from the rack for me too, please.” Drew asked and then got up out of the Hammock and moved two Adirondack chairs to face each other. With a low small table in between.

They got all settled, wine poured, and seated in the chairs…all in silence.

Carri was watching the hummingbirds feed and stared off into space. Drew had about enough of the silence.

“So…what the hell was she all about? Friend, family, or client? Friend or foe?” Drew asked a bit less properly, but then several glasses of wine had stomped down his limited political abilities.

“So, is she some version of strict Mennonite?” Drew asked trying to get something out of the litigator sitting beside him.

Carri let out a deep sigh and chugged her glass of Rose’. Not a norm for her. She was a wine connoisseur and the rose’ she just downed was $60 a bottle. She refilled her glass and just continued the silence.

Let us just say, that Drews normal stock, for himself, was $20 a bottle, give or take. But he kept this bottle for a friend who casually would call up for a booty call every so often. That vintage was a guarantee of a good time from that other friend. It was being downed like it was old school Boons Farm.

Carri knew she could talk to Drew, but her lawyer sense made her hesitate.

“She is a family friend of my sister. While my brothers-in-law family is ‘normal,’ his uncle broke off from family years ago and formed a fundamental church. They are very backwards and very…demanding. Their grandfather was a fire and brimstone pastor back in the 1920’s and up to WW2.”

“So, this woman escaped from the bounds of her marriage. Her father is a deacon, and she was married off at an early age to another Deacon. A much older deacon, who is now the main preacher for this congregation. So, she found out she cannot have children so ‘they’ decided the ‘good lord’ wanted the Deacon to have a second wife that could provide for the ‘growth of the church.” Carri became quiet.

“So, something snapped, and she ran. The only ‘worldly people’ that she could trust was my sister’s husband and his mother, who she had met a couple of times.” Carri finished and chugged türkçe bahis the second glass.

“If you are going to treat good wine that way, I’ll go get one of my cheap bottles that we always use after all of us are half wasted.”

Carri giggled, “I’ll buy you a case, quit whining.”

“It’s not the money but the afront you are giving to the wine,” Drew said trying to sound like a wine snob he was not.

“Oh, fuck off,” she said and laughed, but Drew could see that this was really bothering her.

“So why has this bothered you so much? You do Tort litigation. Bad things happen and then land on your desk all the time.” He commented knitting his brow trying to figure out what he was missing.

“You do remember I was born and raised in Brazil, right? I don’t look it to most Americans with my red hair, no ass and barely B cup breasts.”

“Well, I will not discuss your ass or breasts without Greg present, but of course I remember. How many times have I commented on you zipping off into Portuguese when you are on the phone with family? I love the sound of that language.” Drew commented.

“Do you know how many girls are trapped in arranged marriages each year to pay off family debts, to procure land, to buy favors? It is disgusting. That is why I have been traveling down there for family, to help with legal issues. I have too many uncles and cousins that treat their daughters or nieces as cattle.” Carri commented and then at least sipped her wine this time.

“And here in the grand Los Estados Unidos, we have the same shit going on…unbelievable.”


Drew did not hear much about Elizabeth. She was not a client of Carri’s, but every so often he would hear of something the family tried to do, to the level of kidnapping. To bring her back into the fold, to bring her back into the blood of the lamb.

Drew, being a Deist, thought all of that was pretty much claptrap. They just wanted their plow horse back.

Months later, a party was held in honor of Carri’s 50th. Drew had had his, the month previous and it did not go well, so he was still in the “I’ll go for Carri’s sake and then slither home.” Greg did not know shit for wines, so Drew and Carri planned a wine tasting of California wines against East coast wines. A price point was set, and Drew had found some amazing wines. It still aggravated him he had to order from the PA state wine store and not go buy them direct or at the grocery store like he could do in CA.

He was pouring the second round, when of all people, who should arrive? but Elizabeth. She was dressed a little more casual. The skirt was not ankle length, but just below the knee. Her shoes were low 2-inch heels, but heels. The blouse was form cut but only the top button undone, no cleavage showing but there seemed to be quite a bit more of her, than he originally thought. Her hair was done up tastefully, demure makeup, but makeup none the less.

“You look very nice. More relaxed than the last time I saw you. would you like red or white?” Drew commented.

“I have no idea. I am not used to imbibing in alcohol. Carri, recommend I come because this was some type of contest between California and Pennsylvania. How do you have a contest over wine?” asked Elizabeth.

“Well, you missed the contest, that was earlier. OF COURSE, the CALIFORNIA wines came out victorious” Drew commented loudly so others could flip him off and grouse about unfair advantage, “It was a BLIND tasting you ungrateful heathens”. He said with a laugh.

“Let’s let them grouse and let me give you my 2-minute elevator speech on wines.” He commented and then saw a blank stare. He breathed in and reminded himself that she lived in a different world that the rest of this medium sized group of business professionals, “I meant that I would provide the short version. If I gave you a longer version, we would d be having the same argument I had with this group when they ‘LOST’ he ended and smiled. More grumbling was heard from a few of the local hardliners.

Drew poured a series of wines from his selection and grabbed a series of artisan cheeses he had found locally, to pair with the wines. He led her over to his Adirondack chairs and table he had brought over in the morning for the visitors, but since it had been just vacated, he helped her down. His dog came over to the fence. He fed her some cheese by a quick toss over the fence.

“First and foremost, if you like it, don’t listen to anyone. Price does not define a good wine. My favorite bottle in the world was 2006 KJ Syrah that retailed for $20. But I had a tasting of a wine once, just a taste, and it was heaven. The bottle sold for $1200. Some people like reds, like me. Some like whites. Just find out what you like, and if you’re in the mood, experiment. It should always be about what you like, not want someone tells you to like.”

She was quiet for a bit.

‘Did they tell you about me?” Elizabeth asked.

“I heard you lived a tough life, full of control and lack of freedom.” güvenilir bahis siteleri Drew paused. “No details and no judgements. I promise you that. I grew up in a Pentecostal family as a teenager. I had the chance to break free and I did. But what you have lived, makes that look easy.” Drew finished.

They sampled wines talked of more demure discussions. She liked her whites. She preferred the sweeter varieties. He could see her shoulders drop. She had started to relax.

She knew less of the world than he could imagine. Her whole perspective of history was twisted by the teachings of multiple generations of bias bullshit. She was fascinated that he had a black friend. She was over at Carri’s for another meeting and saw him in agitated conversation with Drew through his kitchen window.

His blackberry vibrated and he pulled up a picture from his security system. His blackberry and a security still of limited quality were high tech at the time. There were men behind his garage, not 100 feet from where they sat. He spun his head looking for Greg. It took a moment but when they made eye contact, Greg knew something was up. Greg’s reaction to Drew brought Carri to the table too.

Elizabeth was oblivious to all the actions that had just taken place. Carri came up and without discussion, told Elizabeth to go to the restroom with her. Greg came up and opened his arms in a question of ‘what is up.’ He showed the security picture and made one statement.

“Give me 10 minutes,” and then did a motion with his hands that would provide Greg with the needed information. When he saw the blank look on Greg’s face, he asked something else, “Do you have a weapon…a gun?” he shook his head, “No but a few of Carri’s friends are Deputy DA’s…I bet they do.”

With that said and few discussions later, Drew went in his front door, went to gun safe and retrieved his pump 12 gauge and his Sig 45. One of the few times Drew stated, “Thank god for the Commonwealth of PA and ease of getting weapons”.

He made sure he was loaded for bear, and then quietly slipped off his high-end cowboy boots and slipped on his checkered vans. Once a California boy, always a California boy, no matter the age. ‘Much quieter’ he thought.

His dog, seeing the weapons, slinked away and hid under the bed on the first floor. He quietly left the house and walked in the shadows to his back gate by the detached garage. He quietly opened the gate and then closed it to the edge of the latch. He skirted behind his truck that was parked beside the garage and then quietly looked past his tailgate at three men.

The men were at the edge of his garage jockeying for position to look at the party. By the look of the truck and the men, he knew he was right. They we some sort of Kin to Elizabeth. While they all looked at the party, he snuck up to the corner of his garage and waited for reinforcements. He heard the interlopers start to panic when two men and woman came through the party heading for Ana and Greg’s back gate.

Drew stepped out into the alley and did the one thing that stops all arguments and discussions.

He wracked a round into the 12 gauge in his hands. There was nothing else to be said. That sound is a universal signal of pending death. The world stopped spinning and three male adults were facing a small cannon.

Drew heard the other back gate opening and heard the crunch of footsteps. But he did not look away from the eyes of the three men trapped between their truck and the masonry walls of his garage. A perfect kill zone.

“Gentlemen, in case you want to do something stupid. The rounds in this gun are zero ought. 9 pellets that will cut through anything that is made of flesh. Please, I beg you, please, don’t do something stupid.” And by that time the calvary had arrived.

When all was said and done, Elizabeth never knew what happened nor 90% of the rest of the party. The redneck church members were sent packing, sans weapons that were not registered and were home built. We now call them ghost weapons, but back then, they were simply good-old-boy-guns built with parts from the newfangled internet.

The Deputy DA’s took a few and Drew found room in his gun safe for a new looking AR hybrid. They were all made in PA, and the rules were a bit different than where he grew up. A couple of local PD uniforms rolled up and quietly escorted the good old boys out of town and back to the woods.

Drew was continuously fascinated by the gun culture of the East Coast and especially his ancestral home of PA. He had left California with zero weapons, but now had a safe with several. His parents had both been from PA, but when he moved here with his ‘then wife,’ he had no idea he would spend so much time on the range.

Whenever he thought about the subject, he would just shake his head in wonder. He was also entranced by the dual standard of where they lived. He had a home in a mostly white area, high scale and professional. Across the river was the state capital and a much more urban environment.

He knew, and everyone involved knew, that these boys got to walk free that night because they were white. If they had been people of color…well, let’s just say things would have become more involved.

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