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The Pregnant Colleague

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The Pregnant ColleagueBeing a software consultant requires much traveling. Every six months to a year you are placed a new assignment with new coworkers. This new assignment was no different. I had landed a development role on a large software roll out project in Jacksonville Florida. Since I had just bought a house in Atlanta I requested that I work Monday through Thursday and flew home every weekend. The company I was working for had contracted to 5 other developers as well, 3 men and 2 women, all of which traveled back and forth between home and Jacksonville as I did.The guys were laid back and I enjoyed hanging out with them each evening. One of the women was a bitch and I really did not associate with her unless I absolutely had to. The other one was nice and quite attractive. Patti was her name; around 5’4” tall, roughly 130lbs, large D cup breast, and fiery red hair. She had a quick wit and fun loving attitude. She fit in well with the group and was usually the first to suggest meeting at the bar. One little problem existed though, she was married and very devoted.I put my lust aside and enjoyed her company and the sexy outfits she always wore. After a couple of months on the project I noticed Patti started putting on a little weight. I knew better to say anything. I had also noticed that she spent less time with us at the bar and when she did she never drank any alcohol. After a couple weeks she let everyone know she was pregnant. This was her first c***d and she was so happy.As the months passed by Patti crew larger and larger. She was still a knockout though and to my amazement even sexier. I had never been around any pregnant women for any length of period before, so I never noticed how sexier they truly are. Yes her abdomen had grown, but so had her breasts and hips. She had a glow about her that sucked all my attention in. I found myself fantasizing about her, it got so bad at times I would have to excuse myself and go to the restroom to jack off.I made every attempt I could to work on things that she would be, when she did not feel like hanging out in the bar I would sit with her poolside and talk the evening through. It was during one of these poolside talks that she started to cry. I asked her what was wrong and she just said it was her hormones out of whack that she would be ok in a minute. Well that minute never came; I continued to press as to what was bothering her.Finally she looked up at me and asked “Steve, do you think I am fat and ugly?”I was stunned for a brief moment; I was not expecting her to ask something like that so bluntly. I quickly regained myself and answered “Patti, you are gorgeous. Why would you ever think different of yourself?”She grinned at me, still crying, and said “You are just saying that, I have gotten so fat.”I quickly stopped her and said with all sincerity “Patti you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever known. Yes you have changed with the pregnancy, but trust me you are still beautiful and to be honest I think even more so than before.”She looked into my eyes and saw that I was being honest. Her tears slowly stopped and then she hugged me, kissed me on the cheek, and said “You are so nice, thank you so much. I needed that compliment, I am sorry.”“Why apologize?” I asked“Oh my emotions are getting the best of me, my husband complains all the time about it. He says I am always complaining that he does not pay attention to me.” Patti explained.I asked “Well if he does not pay attention to you he is a fool. You should be showered with attention all day long.”“You are so sweet, again thanks.” Patti again said, but this time she looked away as if to hide her frustration.I pressed and asked again what is wrong, I told her I was a good listener and would not betray her confidence. She turned and started telling me how her husband had been upset when she found out she was pregnant. Since then he has ignored her and all but refused to have sex with her. She could tell her body did not turn him on, because he never wanted to see her naked. I listened to her vent for about 2 hours. She would cry awhile and then get mad for awhile.At the end she looked exhausted. I told her she needed to get a good night’s rest and that I would be there for her to talk to anytime. I told she was a beautiful woman and her husband should be ashamed of the way he was acting. I told her if she was my wife I would be bathing her in attention.She hugged and kissed me once again and left to head to her room. The next day we all left for the weekend and I did not get to talk to Patti in too much detail. She seemed to be in a fair mood, so I left it alone.Throughout the weekend I could not get the image of her out of my mind. She slowly became all I could think about. I could not fathom how her husband would not have sex with her, I would have given everything I owned to have her in my bed. I could not wait for Monday morning to arrive.I arrived Monday and to my dismay Patti had called in for that week, I figured she was having pregnancy problems and left it at that. I still thought of her all week long, making me long to see her. That next Monday I was ecstatic to see Patti walk through the door.I noticed immediately Patti was not the same. She was withdrawn, reserved, and quite. I figured I would not press her and give her some space. Midway through the day Patti stopped by my cube and asked if we could talk that evening, quickly I agreed. I wanted to spend anytime I could with her, even if I had to be a psychologist.The work day ended and I met Patti poolside. She immediately ran to me, threw herself into my arms, and started to cry. I held her tight, both worried for her and enjoying the feeling of holding her in my arms. After a few minutes she regained control and sat down.I asked what happened to create such anguish. She replied “My husband is cheating on me. I got home last week and found a pair of panties in our bed. I confronted him about it and he admitted he had met someone else, someone not pregnant.”I was floored. How could anyone in their right mind cheat on such a beautiful woman? I took her in my arms once again and apologized for her pain. I rocked her gently allowing her to dump her sorrow into my chest. I could not believe what I had heard. How could anyone cheat on her, she was so loving and devoted.Over the next couple of weeks I would sit with Patti each evening, our talks seemed to help her out. During one of our conversations sarıyer escort I suggested she not travel home that weekend, let him wonder what she was doing. She liked the idea of making him wonder, but not about sitting alone in a hotel room all weekend. At home she had her friends to keep her company. I told her I could stay as well. She thought about it for a minute and asked if I did not mind. Hell why would I?We made plans to site see, dinner plans, and to watch a movie or two. I meet her downstairs early Friday morning and off we set. We spent the morning at the beach and ended up that afternoon in St Augustine. We walked from shop to shop, I became her pack mule as she bought something from every store and I had to carry it.It was the first time in weeks I had seen her smile, laugh, and truly enjoy herself. On the way back to the hotel she asked if we could forgo the movie we had planned and just grab dinner at the hotel, she said she was tired and need to get comfortable. I said her wish was my command.I carried everything to her room for her. I had never been in her room and felt a little uneasy about being there at that moment; I did not want to make her feel threatened at all. When I placed everything on the bed I turned and she looked as comfortable with me there as could be. I asked her what time she wanted to have dinner. We agreed 6pm would be good.I turned to leave, but Pattie stopped me. She put her arms around my neck and hugged me close as she had before, but this time she did not release me as soon. She held on for a few seconds more, I did not care, hell I actually enjoyed the extra time. As we separated she leaned up and kissed me gently on the lips. I instinctively kissed her back. I must say lights went off in my head. I opened my eyes and she was smiling at me.She said with a sly grin on her face, “Thanks for a wonderful day. I have not had that much fun in a long time. I am going to get a shower and will see you down stairs.”I smiled back and left. As I walked to my room I noticed the massive hard-on I was sporting. I stopped, had she noticed it when she kissed me? I turned bright red and quickly raced to my room. I was so turned on by her kiss, my cock was raging hard. I had to get some release. As I jerked off I envisioned Patti naked begging me to have sex with her, I literally cummed all over the place.After regaining some control over my libido and lust I took a shower and headed to the hotel restaurant. I looked around for Patti, but she had not arrived yet. I picked a corner booth, so we would have a little privacy during dinner. I had just ordered a drink when she appeared in the doorway.She was wearing a little blue sun dress she had purchased in St Augustine. She looked absolutely stunning. I waved to her and she made her way to the booth. As she sat down I noticed she was not wearing a bra and her nipples where very erect and visible. I could not get my eyes off of them and as usual got busted.Patti laughed, pushed her nipples, and said, “I know they are sticking out, I’m sorry. A bra looked stupid under this dress and they keep it so cold in this hotel. I did not think they would react this bad though.”I laughed with her and said, “Oh I do not mind, I am a typical man.”Patti quickly said, “No Steve you are not a typical man and that is why I like you so much. “I let the topic die with that. She was comfortable and I did not want to do anything to change that. We ate a quite dinner and once again found ourselves poolside. We usually sat in separate loungers, but this night Patti wanted to sit in one of the double loungers. I was ecstatic. I laid down first and got myself situated, this way she could lie down and not be bothered by me.When she got in the lounger she rolled on her side and propped her belly and full breasts on my midsection, threw her leg up over my thighs, and laid her head on my chest. She looked up and asked if I minded and told me it was so comfortable to lay like this for her. I was not going to protest at all, the only problem was that her leg was resting extremely close to my stirring cock. I was scared to death she would feel it getting hard.The wind blew slightly and she snuggled even closer to me, this moved her leg over my cock which jumped at the touch. I just knew she was going to feel how hard it was getting and freak. Here she was in need of a friend and I was sporting a major woody. To my surprise she said nothing, but her leg did not move. There was no way she could not feel my hard cock, I felt it pressing against her leg.I was lost in my terror when Patti asked me a question, “Steve, do you have a girlfriend?”I was at a loss at first, I could not think of what to say. I blurted out a quick, “No”“No one of interest?” she asked.“Well not really, I mean there are a few that I would like to get to know but things stand in the way” How could I tell her that she was all I thought about?“Well you are a really nice guy and you should not let things stand in your way, if you want her let her know it. The lady will be very fortunate to have you.” Patti said looking deep into my eyes.I reached up and brushed some hair from her face. She pressed her face into my hand and closed her eyes. Her action intrigued me, could she want my touch? I moved my hand down her face to her neck and onto her shoulder. Patti let out a slight moan and u*********sly opened her neck and shoulder to my advance.I continued moving my hand down her arm and onto her waist. At this point I was at a crossroads, do I proceed to her hips and possibly cross a line or stop here. My mind was racing with indecision, as I pondered my next move Patti made it for me. I felt her soft hand take mine and move it slowly onto her hip, to which she raised.I rubbed up and down her hip a few strokes and was consumed at this point. I had to feel her lovely ass. I slowly moved my hand back to her ass and was rewarded with a moan as she pushed her ass up higher. My cock filled with blood and at this point was erect like never before. I had forgotten about it until that moment and knew that Patti had to be fully aware of it as well. I looked down just as she moved her leg off of my hard cock and slowly slid her hand over it.I could not help myself as I moaned and thrust my hips up, driving my hard cock into her hand. She tightened her grip around it and started to stroke it through esenyurt escort my pants. I leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead; Patti quickly raised her face and pressed her lips into mine. Our tongues were engaged in a dance, one trying to control the other.After making out for a good five minutes Patti pulled back and asked if I could spend the night with her. I thanked the heavens above for blessing me with such a gift and quickly responded yes. With that she slowly made her way off the lounger, she said she was getting cold and would rather be in a warm bed. I followed her to her room.Once inside she excused herself as she went to the bathroom. I sat in a chair next to the bed, I did not want to be like an over anxious pervert and be on the bed when she returned. When she came out she had removed the sun dress and had a robe on instead. As she approached me she asked if I was sure I wanted to spend the night.I grinned and said, “Patti, I have dreamed of spending the night with you so many times. I am yours.”With that she closed the gap between us and dropped her robe. My mind had not done justice to her beauty; her breasts where large and full with dark brown puffy areolas and hard nipples. Her belly was round and sexy the way it rested. Her pussy was shaved bald, except a little red strip of sparse hair.She reached her hand out to mine and pulled slightly so I would get up. Once up she kissed me fully again on the lips. She pulled my shirt over my head and quickly undid my belt and zipper. It was as if she was possessed. She tore down my pants and boxers and I quickly stepped out of them. Her eyes became fixated on my hard cock. She reached down and cupped my balls in one hand and grasped my shaft in the other.She stood there for a few moments like a c***d with a new toy; she did not know what she wanted to do with it first. I slowly moved toward the bed and pulled down the covers. I gently laid her in the bed and circled to the other side. She pulled the covers down so I could enter. The look in her eyes was that of pure lust. This beautiful woman’s desires and sexual needs had been ignored for way to long. You could feel the desire coming from her.I lowered myself into the bed and moved slightly over her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her lips into mine. As we kissed I let my hand roam her naked body. Her full heavy breasts, down her lovely belly, and onto her love mound. As I pressed forward I felt her wetness. Her pussy lips were wide open and soaked in anticipation of pleasure.As my fingers explored her sexual warmth she pressed her lips further into mine and moaned deeply. The feeling traveled straight to my hard cock, which was pressed deep into Patti’s thigh and hip. I slowly started to press it hard into her, making her press back letting me know just how much she wanted it inside of her.I pulled my face from hers and told her to lie back and relax. I wanted her to enjoy this and not have to worry about doing a thing. She smiled the most genuine smile I had ever seen in my life and laid back. I kissed my lips down her neck, nibbling slightly. She bucked upward with each nibble. I reached up and cupped her left breast and lowered my lips to its nipple. As I engulfed her breast into my mouth she raised her chest to meet me. I gently nuzzled and sucked her breast. As I did so I felt a warm sweet liquid squirt into my mouth. I had not expected her breasts to be producing milk yet, but was pleasantly surprised to find they were.The sensations from her breast had traveled to her pussy, as she was constantly bucking up and down as I milked her with my mouth. I rose up and took the right one in my mouth and emptied it as well. I looked into her eyes and saw a woman in full lust before me. The look on her face was screaming for me to please her, she totally belonged to me at that moment.I kissed quickly on the lips and moved between her legs. I took my time as so not to hurt her. Once she had situated herself I lowered myself down the bed until my face was level with her swollen and wet love canal. I felt her hand brushing the top of my head, attempting to guide it to her most sensitive region. I moved forward and kissed the lips of her pussy. She jolted from the contact and took a deep heavy breath. I slowly began to flick my tongue around her juicy pussy, opening it completely exposing her heavenly hole and swollen clit.I took my tongue and started to lick up from her hole to her clit, circle the clit and work my way back down to her hole again. While doing this Patti started to move her hips in the same rhythm I licked her pussy, pushing my head farther into her. After about 5 minutes her quite moans had turned loader and her moving hips had started to buck my face wildly. I knew she was close to exploding her first orgasm in god knows how long.I slowly moved so I could touch her pussy as I licked it. I circled the hole with my index finger, getting it nice and wet with her juices. I moved my mouth over her clit and applied slight suction to it, she immediately rose up and moaned and I pushed my index finger gently into her hot tight pussy. I could not believe the warmth and how tight she was. Her pussy immediately started to squeeze and suck on my finger.She began to pat me on the back of my head as she was bucking into my face. She started repeatedly saying “Oh god yes, Oh god it feels so good.” My finger by this time was at max depth and her clit felt as if it was going to explode.After just a few seconds Patti pushed the back of my head forcefully into her clit and pressed up screaming “I’m Cummmmmmmmmming” over and over. Wave after wave of orgasms hit her. Her legs started to shake and her pussy was pulsating on my finger. She was trapped in an orgasmic wave for about 30 seconds. I removed my mouth from her clit, giving her some relief and allowing her to calm down.I slowly removed my finger, rolled out from between her legs, and moved up in the bed. I asked her if she was alright, she quickly rolled toward me and said she had not felt this good in years. She laid her head on my chest, still breathing heavily. As she rested she took my extremely hard cock in her hand once again. The feeling was awesome. She slowly started to stroke it, causing me to buck slightly.She looked up at me and told me it was my turn now and moved up on her hands and knees. She slowly kissed her way down my chest avrupa yakası escort and stomach, the whole time never loosening her grip on my cock. Once down to my cock she rose up and looked at it up close, her warm breath teasing it. Without any coaxing she leaned forward and engulfed about half of my cock in her mouth. My cock is not the longest in the world, about 7 ½” erect, but is wide and thick.She slowly started to work her mouth up and down on what she had in there. As she would go down on it she would work a little more into her mouth. After about 4 or 5 strokes I felt her lips wrap around the base of my shaft. She held it there, just inside her throat, and rocked her head back and forth while her tongue worked up and down and all around my shaft. The sensation was unbelievable, in all my years I had never felt a blow job this tremendous.I was in sexual bless. I laid my head back and enjoyed the sensations Patti was providing me. Without knowing it I placed my hand on top of her head, I was about to explode and I guess she sensed it as she increased her rhythm of fucking me with her mouth. I told her I was about to cum and she looked at me her eyes saying it all. She wanted to feel me cum in her throat and mouth.I could hold back no longer, I pushed upward to meet her rhythm. She never took her eyes off of me as felt my cum enter the shaft of my cock and work its way upward. I grabbed a handful of her luscious red hair and pressed upward shooting what felt like a gallon of cum down her throat. I felt her throat swallow as she was trying to keep up. She pulled back slightly just as the second blast started and I filled her mouth full.She continued to swallow not losing a drop and never pulling my cock from her mouth. She continued to suck it even as it started to go limp. Once it had stopped pulsing she let it go and moved back up and laid her head on my chest yet again. I was still trying to catch my breath as she giggled at me and asked if I enjoyed myself. I told her it was the best feeling I had ever experienced in my life. She grinned and said I had not felt anything yet.I discovered Patti was a sexual dynamo. She loved sex and had been cut off once her husband had found out she was pregnant. I asked “How long had it been since a he had had sex with her?”“I am 6 ½ months pregnant so it has been at least 5 or more months” Patti said in a discussed tone.“What the hell is wrong with him? If you were my wife you would never get any rest.” I said as I rolled her over and kissed her.For the next few minutes we laughed about how stupid her husband was, we kissed, we caught our breath. Patti reached down and grasped my cock once again; she looked up at me and asked if I was going to give her pussy some of it. I do not know if it was the way she asked me or the way she was stroking my cock, but it came right to life. I had never been able to recover that fast before.The look on Patti’s face showed how surprised and anxious she was about it. The look in her eyes fueled the fire in my cock; I could not wait to slide it in her hot pussy. She must have been thinking the same thing as she stared to pull on me to get between her legs. As I did so she started to move her hips in anticipation.Since she had never let go of my cock as I moved over I let her line it up with her pussy. I pushed forward and felt the head push into her opening. Patti removed her hand and put both of them behind her head. I moved up slightly so I could get more leverage and put her legs so they rested on my chest and shoulders. I thrust forward, slowly sliding my cock into her moist tight hole. The feeling was indescribable, so hot, so tight, every sensory in my cock was being energized.I pushed until my full length was engulfed in her warm pussy. I pulled her legs forward and thrust my cock in and out of her in a slow deep rhythm. With each thrust Patti would let out a deep erotic sigh. Her pussy sucked and milked my hard cock as it pushed in and out of her. We both were caught up in the sensations we were providing each other.Patti started to plead “Fuck me Steve, oh god fuck me harder. “I increased my pace and force I was applying. Patti’s response was immediate, her eyes rolled back in her head and her pussy gripped me even harder. The feeling was so intense; I had never felt anything grasp my cock so tight.Patti was grunting and moaning by this time, repeated yelling YES. She had lowered her arms and had hold of my waste pulling me into her and controlling the tempo. All of sudden her eyes widened and she started to pull me into her with all her might she repeated yelled for me fuck her.I started to drive it harder into her, but still held back as I did not want to hurt her, but the motion was enough. She erupted in a shower of orgasms, her pussy sprayed cum everywhere. Her body began to spasm and shake, she continued to groan, grunt, and moan as loudly as she could. The site was more than I could withstand.She knew I was close and started to beg for me to cum in her. She reached up and took me by the face and begged “Fuck me baby, that’s it fuck me deep. Cum in my pussy baby, I want to feel your hot cum all inside me.”I could not hold back any longer. With one last push I exploded into the back of Patti’s hot pregnant pussy. Wave after wave of cum spewed from my cock. I was completely lost in my orgasm. I was shaking as I feel back and to the side, trying to catch my breath. Patti rolled over and started kissing all over me, telling me she had never felt a man cum so hard for so long. Through my deep breathes I told her it was because of her and how great she is.We both took our time to recover holding each other close. Patti started to cry as her head lay on my chest. I rose up and asked what was wrong. She told me “I have never felt anyone so in tune with me before. You seem to know what I need, when I need it, and give it to me exactly on queue. I do not want to scare you but I could easily fall in love with you. Actually I was already starting to and after what I just experienced I feel I will completely.”She lowered her head, obviously not wanting to see if I was freaking out over her bold statement. I reached down and lifted her head. Her eyes were full of tears and hope, hope that she would hear what she so longed to from me.I smiled at her and replied “Patti I have been in love with you since the first day I saw you. I want you to be a part of my life; I want you to be my lover for life.”Patti started to glow. We spent the weekend enjoying each other’s company in and out of the bedroom. We have been together ever since. She gave birth to a beautiful little girl and later a little boy and another beautiful girl. I enjoyed those months of pregnancy sex just as much if not more than when she was not.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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